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Tech nostalgia thread plz

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opps, meant to post this

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Isn't much slower when you think of how much time is spent rendering and downloading JS and all the other bloat.

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For every case, "nostalgia" can be replaced with "failure".

>I can't accept living in the current time because I don't have a tech career because I've failed and want to pretend it's still a time when I hadn't yet failed

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>porn at 56k

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Actually nostalgia means "home sickness."

Everyone feels it for something, whether it's a style of music, a particular web site, a magazine, whatever.

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That was only like 19 ago. Now think about where we're at with VR porn, and think about where we'll be in 19 years.

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1 generation off
>whopping 528 Meg drive
>glorious 16mb ram
>full 65,535 colors
>blazing fast 75mhz

This is the first machine I assembled from pieces and hadn't taken apart first.

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Stop exaggerating. Even "bloated" websites load fast for me, mostly because I'm intelligent enough to block all the bloat from being downloaded.

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>be in 19 years.
Maybe you'll get laid by then

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>the websites load fast because I don't load most of them

Nothing was blocked in the OP webm. Of course I'm talking about the websites under the intended environment.

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I have; I'm done with it. VR porn is better already.

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>this was supposed to be a nostalgia thread

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what thinkpad is this

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I haven't had to type win.exe for a looooooooooong time

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Toshiba Satellite 105cs

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>sit down in front of pentium 4 era pos machine
>matching brand keyboard, mousr and monitor
>all that round silver trim
>lots of bright blue indicator leds
>boot up windows xp
>imagine being a kid in school in front of these
>playing online flash games and runescape
>back in real life
>cry in front of your desk

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>deep keyboard
>clit mouse
Good times.

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made my childhood

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