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Anyone else actually prefer membrane/scissor-switch keyboards to mechanical?

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Which keyboard is that?

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I will as soon as they come without the extra keys like mechanical form factors

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Lenovo KB4721

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mechanical keyboards are for hipsters

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How do you deal with having Fn/Ctrl swapped?

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Normally. I'm not retarded to have a problem with that.

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my nigga.

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yes, I like chicklet

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The only one I have enjoyed was the Dell RT7D50.

I am perfectly happy with my buckling springs,. though.

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fuck wrong layout. i have ANSI.

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switch them in the BIOS, you fucking moron

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can't do that with the standalone keyboards

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I use this one plus pic rel when my thinkpad is docked
It's old, has only USB 1.1 ports but it's comfy and reliable as fuck

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I prefer scissor switches to cherry switches, buckling springs are better than both though.

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>I'm too poor to afford thing
>Therefore it sucks
I'm quoting you underage poorfags btw.

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I own two mechanical keyboards. I still prefer my membrane keyboard.

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Anyone else actually prefer 128kbit mp3 to chiru.no?

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Touching textured PBT is much nicer than the worn and slippery keys of most keyboards.
Not that I think mechs make people better at vidya but they do come in a lot of nice layouts.

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I like the fact that they're compact and more quiet. The disadvantage is that the keys break easily. Mechanical keyboards are more robust and you can clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

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what about mechanical scissor switches?

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bloated deprecated shit

opus master race

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Nah, I don't like the extra pressure my fingertips have to endure.

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yes, mainly becase they're more silent(generally speaking) and also because you can type much faster on them.

That being said i would still buy a das keyboard.

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Can anyone list the keyboards with scissor switches?

I have a Cherry StreamXT.

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apple makes some excellent keyboards

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Apple''s scissor switches are great

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Daily driver is a Pok3r MX Brown. I fucking hate rubber dome keyboards. Scissor switches are not too awful but still subpar.

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took this fucker from the trash pile at work a few years back. rubber dome but each key has its own isolated somewhat deep box around the membrane and it feels pretty damn nice to type on. i bought a cheapish zalman with kailh switches and maybe it was just the actuation/me being a fucking scrub but it seemed like the slightest tap on a key would register as a press. kinda got used to it and then the keyboard out of the blue just died so im back to old faithful. when this dies ill probably switch to a proper cherry mx board

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I unironically prefer typing on a tablet.

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One of my favorite keyboards was my X220T's scissor board. Then it broke. RIP.

I like my blues on my desktop though.

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My mom had a Thinkpad T60 that she used to ask me to "take a look at." It had a pretty good keyboard. Like you, I prefer Blues, but they're loud. If I lived on my own, I'd probably use it, but I don't (tfw neet)

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Quality scissor switches are actually superior to mechanical.

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Switch them through the OS.

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By continuing on like nothing's changed

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This. Shame they break pretty easy.

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the shallow key travel actually fucks up my typing more than ever and it's kinda annoying

on the other hand, the cherry reds that I have is also fucking up lots of my typing as the keys are too 'high' for my fingers to travel

either that or I'm just really bad at typing and I feel bad about it cause I would never look cool typing fast at work and impress the cute grill I chose to sit beside every single day

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Picture related for comfy.

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but anon-they already do and in those mechanical keycap colors too

here is 3$ example

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>chicket keyboards are laughed out of the industry and rightfully so
>buttmad makers bide their time and wait for a stupid generation to come along to dump their garbage onto
>makers swimming in pools of money thanks to idiots
Reminds me of the comeback of the fucking clitmouse. How fucking retarded is that.

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Yeah, expensive mechanical keyboards are kind of something that people buy when they're bored and don't know what else to buy. There's no benefit, and it's actually less comfortable to type with. Any normal membrane keyboard is fine, even the really cheap ones since all you're paying for when you buy keyboards is build quality.

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But the TrackPoint is actually wonderful, it was much better than laptop trackpads till clickpads with decent drivers became a thing (and is of course the best option on laptops without decent clickpads)

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