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quick rundown

>LLVM Compiler Infrastructure and Clang
> Recognized as one of Wired's "25 Geniuses who are creating the future of business" in 2016.

Shit is about to hit the fan.

Lattner: "I joined the Tesla Autopilot team - helping to make the dream of fully autonomous cars a practical reality."

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wtf I hate fans now.

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>tfw they also have the certified shit wrecker
This is going to be good.

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Good, self driving cars can't come quick enough, most people barely pay attention to the road these days anyway.

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But who will make sure that Macs have good development tools now?

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Shame that Teslas suck for now and the forseeable future.

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Macs aren't for developers any more. They're for DJs who need the intuitive and beautiful touchbar interface at the top of their new Macbook Pros.

Keep up with the times bro.

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Ted Kremenek.

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Who makes the app for the DJ ya dingus?

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The autopilot videos they have released so far have been dogshit. The car just randomly stops in the middle of the road or way behind other cars. They try to hide it by speeding the video up.

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