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I want a 0 decibel gaming pc, help me out 4chan, point me in the right direction.

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Put your tower in another room and use thunderbolt to power your USB and display port connections. See Linus video series "personal gaming rig"

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>I want a 0 decibel gaming pc,
Literally impossible unless you do something crazy like that one fuck on /jp/ that spent THOUSANDS on a custom passive cooled case and then stuff it with SSDs.
>moving parts=sound
>no moving parts=no sound

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Just put the PC in a different room.

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What if I have a fair amount of money saved to spend on this kind of thing? I know it won't be cheap.

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How would that work exactly, with wires stretched across to the monitor and keyboard? You haven't thought this through.

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Put your computer in the basement and remote connect with a shitty laptop

t. person who uses a server as a desktop

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That doesn't make it 0db anon.

There's several companies that will do 100% custom PC cases but for something like integrated heatsinks prepare to spend a fortune.

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Being in a 0 decibel enviroment is freaky as fuck. if you just want the computer to not make noise then just have enough noise cancelling padding between you and the computer.

just build a different room for the computer suspended in noise canceling fiber. you don't need to worry about air flow, just have it water cooled with a fan on the other side of the building.

he has tons of money, he can just have a custom wall with holes for the wires and then 5 meters of noise cancelling padding

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This seems like overkill, I kind legally mess with the walls or be drilling holes in anything.

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Closest i've gotten is with noctua meme fans.

For absolute silence, a big-ass heatsink with a shitty gpu should do. Watercooling might also be an option but you'll still have pump noise.

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Correction: can't not kind

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>I can't legally mess with the walls or be drilling holes in anything.

Buy the house, bribe the cops

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Can't do pump noise, has to be 0 decibel.

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Can't do.

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Even if you remove all fans, and use passive cooling, there is coil whine.

Dynamt your case, build a muffler on the fan exhaust ports

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>I kind legally mess with the walls or be drilling holes in anything.
meaning your parents don't allow you to drill holes into their basement walls ? because otherwise thats bullshit, even if you just rent the place

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There is a world outside of America, I know it may seem shocking.

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so, where are you from where you aren't allowed to drill holes into your wall ?

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get over the ear headphones you will never hear it

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The UK, it's like the US... but not. I know it's shocking, but yes America isn't the only country in the world.

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get tinnitus, you won't care anymore, infact you'll probably purposely crank up your fans

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Buy an extra large heatsink for your CPU. Take the fans off. Think noctua nh-D15 huge.

Get a passively cooled GPU. If you can find one with a large enough sink from the factory, buy the Morpheus universal GPU heatsink and slap it on your video card without fans.

Put everything inside of a sound dampened case like the fractal R5 with no case fans. Buy nothing but SSDs. You can remove or buy a fanless power supply.

All in all this is stupid money for a stupid reason. If noise is that bad, put the PC in another room. Buy noise canceling headphones. Change your fan curve. Buy quieter fans.

Anyhow. Pic related is the GPU cooler I was talking about.

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He never mentioned anything related to your nationality. You are the one with the inferiority complex and O B S E S S E D

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>0 decibel gaming pc
can't have it. you can have a silent pc, you can have a barely audible gaming pc, but you can't have a silent gaming pc. unless you don't mind compromising rather heavily on the hardware. your main problem would be the gpu. you might get away with one of those giant cpu heatsinks, but nothing like that exists for the gpu, far as i know. and you'd still need a case fan or run caseless.


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aio cpu/gpu cooler, noctuas, psu with no/load activated fan and only ssds in a heavily sound dampened case

if price is no object theres a LTT vid on a fully silent workstation go find that.

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Rx460 and 1050 have passive heatsink options.

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enjoy yer ded vrms

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Another idea: put a CPU heatsink on your GPU, like this guy:
Or get watercooling, get long-ass tubes, and put the heatsink in another room, like they did in the linustechtips video. The waterpump may still make some noise, but you may place that in the other room too and still get good water circulation.

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that's not bad, but still a compromise. and would definitely need a case fan.
the whole thing is a little silly really. any game with audio would drown out a quiet pc. a properly build quiet gaming pc is only audible if you put your ear right to it.
this has some good resources.

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>get a fuckhuge copper heatsink
>remove all fans
>onboard gpu
>passively cooled psu
remove the heatsink fans, underclock/undervolt the cpu, keep your room freezing cold.
you now have a shitty low-mid settings gaymen pc without noise.

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This. Tom's hardware had an article recently about passively cooled 1050ti performance. It's workable if you dial down the settings so it's not constantly thermal throttling at the GPU level but the VRMs still got hot as fuck. Well, maybe not hot as fuck but like 90 C when pushed, which is pretty fucking hot for a GPU that's not really designed to be pushed that hard. They still also needed a case fan or two at 300 RPM moving some air around. Not loud but not dead silent either.

The bottom line is that a passively cooled GPU is still limited to like 40W power draw to be truly passively cooled. That severely limits your performance.

Best bet is unironically putting it in another room and operating it remotely OP.

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>the uk
found the cuck.

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If I ever get a job (NEET4Life) the first thing I will buy is a new silent PC. I hate the sound of fans, I hate the sound of hard drives, I hate the sound of vibrations, and I hate the horrible high pitched sounds that sometimes come from my case.

I also have to buy a new mouse because it makes a high pitched noise too.

All I want is quiet.

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>Another idea: put a CPU heatsink on your GPU
that's dumb, doesn't cover the vrm nor the memory chips, both of which get hot enough to break without any cooling.

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What about just idle Temps, what would I need for that?

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undervolt/clock the gpu.

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>I hate the sound of vibrations
so you hate the sound of.... sound....

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If the VRMs aren't cooled properly the card is going to get fucked after a while.

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take a laptop
replace the shit cooling with fuckhuge heatsinks

maybe then you could play latest games comfortably, but at ultra low res/settings.

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I mean my computer vibrating. For awhile my case would make this annoying vibrating noise and the only way to make it stop was to set 3 thick books on top of it. Eventually it stopped doing it, so I don't have to have the books there anymore.

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Okay so let's say I have a msi gs40 6qe Phantom and I want to seed shit in the night using utorrent, but the damn thing won't keep cool even on a low power setting, what would I theoretically do?

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do you not understand how disk drives work?

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Have a fan blowing air on it? The thing can't even keep cool enough to seed fucking torrents? It's a piece of shit.

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if you're going for passive cooling you need an open case. otherwise you're just letting it all cook inside like an oven.
apply better thermal paste/heatsinks

if that's still not enough then i encourage you to buy something that isn't a piece of shit

but really if you just want to seed torrents use your phone. it's silent.

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What does any of that have to do with disk drives?

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What the fuck do you think is vibrating?

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The easy (and cheap-ish) answer is use thunderbolt for cabling and put the computer in a computer in a closet.

A more complicated solution would involve crazy cooling systems like people are talking about.

Peltiers might get you sufficient cooling for max settings/no fans. You'd use peltiers on the CPU/GPU, water loops from the peltier hot side to the cooling component.
The cooling component might involve another smaller peltier and huge radiators.

That heat is still going somewhere though so the room could get toasty, you might want to have the radiator outside a window.

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lel ok I'll play along. Your fans vibrate? They are like $2.99 to replace.

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rubber fan mounts. google it.

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Whether it was fans or the hard drives that were vibrating, it doesn't matter. They were making parts of the case vibrate which was making all the noise. Having the books on top for several months must have bent the case enough to make it stop.

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>Whether it was fans or the hard drives that were vibrating, it doesn't matter
It really doesn't matter.

You can get rubber mounts for both fans and harddrives, they go on the screws. Once you're dampening vibrations, everything will be much quieter. Then the loudest noise is the fan blades.

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>Whether it was fans or the hard drives that were vibrating, it doesn't matter.
It sort of does matter if you want to know what you're talking about and like to fix things properly instead of rigging up some temporary solution to deal with a constant annoyance. Then again, you are NEET so I don't know how much initiative you have to do or learn much of anything. PROTIP: It is (was) the hard drives vibrating.

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>put the computer in a computer
>use water loop!
pumps and swooshing liquid sounds aren't 0db anon.

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>it doesn't matter
>vibrations don't matter
>in a thread about 0 vibration gaymen pc
you have access to the internet, but are still too stupid to know what sound is?

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I built a silent PC once, only used water cooling with the quietest pumps, quietest fans, sound proofed case, placed in boiler room next door in basement, etc

it was really cool, but became annoying sometimes because I couldn't tell what it was doing, if it was posting correctly

overall though it was a huge waste of money

I have a fury x with coil whine and some shitty 120mm watercooler from newegg that is okay and its fine.

Some background noise is a good thing, sometimes if I've been on the computer for a long time and I zone out and hear the humming and realize how long its been running, I shut it off and go do something else

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I'll keep that in mind for my next build but currently the vibrations are fine so I'm not going to mess with it.

It worked, so it was good enough. I try to work with what I have before I buy something.

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>Literally impossible unless

No need for the unless.
Electronics will always produce noise, you don't even need a fan. Turn all of your fans off and you can still hear the PC. Yes, even without an HDD present.

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>Whatever the books fixed it
Fair enough, but this is /g/ and this is a thread about building a silent PC. The approach of "putting heavy books on it until its quiet" is not going to further the intellectual discussion of helping OP run a silent computer, but maybe you learned something for your next build.

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I wasn't aware this was the case, I thought if you eliminate hdds and switch to an ssd and eliminate all fans, then no noise. However prove me wrong.

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How has no-one asked this?

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ULV CPU with large passive heatsink
Passively cooled GPU
Fanless PSU

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could've been a cd/dvd tray seeking whenever it turned on.
later drivers could've fixed this issue which is why it's stopped now.
but who knows.

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>He never mentioned anything related to your nationality
>where are you from[...]?

Are you retarded or something, senpai?

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your cpu is secretly just a bunch of little asian men working hard. the harder they work the more noise they make, the more workers the more cores.
don't you know anything anon?

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maybe technically, but in practise, a pc without moving parts is going to be silent, short of coil whine issues.

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100 posts too late.

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Someone mentioned that earlier and it's going to be horrible at "gaming." That's a setup for working in a quiet office or library.

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VRMs in your PSU, motherboard and GPU WILL make noticeable amounts of noise if you had no fans or spinning disks and a really quiet room

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>All this passively cooled stuff in a case with 0 fans
just no

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How do I build a 0db music production PC?
My request seems much easier to accomplish

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How loud are mineral oil computers?

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About as loud as an aquarium. Get a quiet pump to circulate the oil and it should be just about 0db.

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What to do then?

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Use a rasperry pi 3, it's powerful enough to watch videos and browse 4chan.

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Just deal with it or move your computer away from you with thunderbolt
Fan noise isn't annoying anyway, remove all spinning disks and it'll be much more pleasant

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>0db anything

Derp. I suppose you also want a 0 Kelvin freezer?

The ambient noise in your room is well above 0db. Maybe measure that first and use it as your baseline.

Passive cooling will just restrict your part selection. Get a Fractal Design R5 and some quality case fans. Limit your CPU/GPU fan speeds to whatever it takes for you to never hear them (shouldn't be much of a limitation, the R5 is well insulated). Unless you live in a cave, this should be enough.

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just like the post falcon made...

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Not quite as autistically informative as his post but it doesn't matter because
1) no passively cooled PC will pass as an actual "gaming" PC and
2) there are better solutions using home networking if you want to game in silence

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Next time educate yourself before trying to be a nitpicking smartass. Decibels are logarithmic and as such, absolute silence is -infinity decibels. 0 decibel means 10^-12 watts per meter squared.
I understand that OPs post did imply absolute silence, but that doesn't justify your shitpost.

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first person ITT that understands how decibels work
jesus fucking christ, this board is full of uneducated faggots

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>computer uses hundreds of watts
>is less than half a meter squared

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Just put a 50lb copper heatsink on everything. Wala!

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>using home networking
no there aren't
latency issues are real as fuck.
>no passively cooled pc will surpass an actual "gaming" pc
ftfy mr.icanreadthefuture, that's irrelevant anyway considering the question at hand...

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>latency issues are real as fuck.
Pretty sure if the guy is concerned enough about noise that he wants a completely silent setup he's willing to sacrifice a few hundred milliseconds of input lag. Most people are too casual to notice that anyway.

>that's irrelevant anyway considering the question at hand
Yo are you ESL, bro? I said "no passively cooled PC will pass as (meaning be comparable to) an actual" gaming PC. I didn't say surpass. Who knows what will happen 10 years from now. All I know now is with a 1050ti your options are extremely limited for non-throttled gaming on current titles.

So that's not irrelevant. This is what the guy wants right now.

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pass does not mean "comparable to".. you illiterate bro?
.. and it is irrelevant considering there are passively cooled gpus you can play games on, just like there are low tdp cpus capable of running games.

you wont be running at max settings but it's certainly possible.

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I bet you think it's "doggy dog world" too

>> No.58477974

Impossible. Even if it's totally solid-state without moving parts, there will be coil whine.

>> No.58477987

He used "pass" correctly.

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>point me in the right direction

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I said "pass as" meaning "can basically be compared to" or "is almost equal to" in plain English. Step it up, son.

>there are passively cooled gpus you can play games on, just like there are low tdp cpus capable of running games.
When did I say there aren't? They just fucking suck ass. That's all I'm saying. The best you can do is a thermally throttled or undervolted/underclocked 1050ti, which I'm sorry, that fucking sucks. Yes, it can technically play games but actually investing money in this setup is fucking retarded. See VRMs in pic related. Enjoy your graphics card for the 5 months it will last.

Passively cooled GPUs should still be relegated to quiet office work or HTPC movie watching where fan noise is going to be a distraction.

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>that one fuck on /jp/

plz tell us more.

>> No.58478112

>only 0dB
Why stop there? See how far you can push it.

>> No.58478128

Just buy a SNES or something. It's a quiet gaming machine.

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these jokes are a diamond dozen
im off to eat now
bone app toe teeth!

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I think he was from /jp/, this was years ago. Guy spent like $3000 on a passively cooled case. It was like that tiny one at CES last year I think but full tower sized. Had a figurine of Saber in it IIRC.

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>1) no passively cooled PC will pass as an actual "gaming" PC and
You're just not using a big enough heatsink.

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dBA refers to the amplitude of pressure, which is referenced to 20pPa (said to be the hearing threshold)
nothing to do with power when it comes to audio

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This thread is retarded. Just put the computer in another room and use thunderbolt for your I/O. Linus did it. Go find the video.

>> No.58479169

um, no
you can't hear psu transformers or anything unless it's terrible psu, you can't hear ssds either.

soundless pc is entirely possible, but passive parts require amazing airflow, and you can't have amazing airflow in case without fans. so, best one can get is mid tier "kinda gaming" pc with something like gtx1050 (75w tdp?), and even then it will still be wiser to put two case fans on very, very low RPM just to force any airflow other than "warmer air is higher", which is probably too slow for 24/7 run.

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Give the owner a couple of million dollars to be allowed to drill into the wall. Or just drill into the wall and pay whatever fine you might get

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I'm somewhat brain-dead and just rode this as
>Put the computer in a loo

>> No.58479601

i missed the "as"
my apologies anon.

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another uk anon here. i would argue that we arent cucks. but we are desu. just let our country get infested with disgusting foreigners. at the point where romanians are starting to steal our polish peoples jobs.

tbf you can drill holes. you just have to fill them in when you move out.

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bench build
passive psu
passive cpu cooler
passive 460 xfire

there may be aftermarket passive coolers for better cards. I've never looked into it.

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Just listen to everyone here OP and don't be stupid in spending money, just use extension cables and place the system in the corner of your room, try building a shelf or something.

Just stick in a large heatsink and add some quiet fans and a quiet PSU and it will be fine.

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Wear headphones and listen to music.

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>infested with disgusting foreigners
that's not why you're cucks you stupid fuck.

immigration is great for a large number of reasons. ofc it has its drawbacks but aside from taking in thousands from enemy states the issues are minor.

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Install Gentoo

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