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Why everyone like this piece of shit?

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It's intuitive, it's highly customizable about what apps you want, it works well with macOS quirks (like showing what programs are open even when all windows are closed), the autohide works well if you feel it occupies too much space (even though you can also adjust size to the milimeter) and you need some app launcher because the menu bar is for menus (duh).

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is this the new desktop thread

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Minimize that shit now so I'll can see what happen then.

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Windows bar is better than this shit.

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>needing an app launcher
Just drag the application folder into your dock

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It's all about taste. Personally I prefer the benefit of having unified menus throughout all the apps, so the dock becomes a necessity.

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desktop thread
no time for love
mods mods mods

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>t. mactoddler

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It's a pretty decent quick-launch / task management hybrid. But I always moved mine to the left (Ubuntu style) where the pixels seem much better utilised.

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It's pretty good

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I've literally never used macOS, how does that dock work? what's the behaviour?
Is it like the Windows 7/10 taskbar?

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You can make it smaller, you know...

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Why everyone like this piece of shit?

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Ever heard of autohide? You can hide it and make it show up when you move your mouse down.

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For some reason the name macOS really triggers me. I have nothing against the OS itself and had no issues when it was called OSX.

Maybe it's related to the recent influx or macOS anime posters. I can't put my finger on it.

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Much more professional and aesthetic than a bunch if Fisher price tier logos.

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>Not using Spotlight

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>botnet shit

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But it's useless

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That's why I like Chrome OS

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Yeah, it's similar to the windows taskbar.

It shows all the applications that are either pinned to the dock or are currently running on the left side. Any windows that you've minimized are on the right side.

By default, it's always at the bottom of the screen, but you can have it only appear when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, to maximize available space.

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>maximize window
>blank space on left and right of it

Someone got paid to design that shit

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>not setting the dock to the side
>not setting the dock to automatically hide/show

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Macos is a fucking joke.

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You objectively have shit taste then

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I don't like that the window manager is behind either, but you're an ignorant retard for preferring your bootleg desktop that undoubtedly took longer to install and assemble for the benefit of less functionality and "more efficient use of space".

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Taste is inherently subjective, you mong.

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>literally too retarded to configure the settings in the simplest OS ever made

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i do find their maximising thing incredibly weird, dunno what they were thinking with that

I like to just full screen all my windows and gesture swipe between them, it's a pretty nice way of working

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>holding down an extra modifier key to get non-default behavior just so you can complain about it

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>t. mactoddler

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>t. gaymer

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It's the most advanced operating system. yet
also, you can hide the dock or shrink it and move it to the side to the screen, all while looking good unlike window$, which is an ugly, buggy piece of crap
M$ really did a number on the PC business with their monopoly

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>t. mactoddler

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I don't Windows 10 > OSX, by far.

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No matter how shit W10 is, at least it's salvageable by installing ClassicShell. Macos is a steaming pile of irredeemable unusable shit.

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yea i agree and plus I can still play the latest games on my nvidia gpu pc masterrace

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>t. mactoddler

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this webm is a joke, you have to hold down the control button and click maximize to do this behavior. Maximize works perfectly fine.

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It has worked like this since the 1984 Mac. Same with other oddities like the single button, dragging drives to the trash to eject them and the folder merge behavior.

And anyways I'm pretty sure the default action from El Cap and up is to fullscreen it; a concession to Windows.

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>t. winbabby
I'm glad not being a mactoddler is the only reason to not use some of the greatest personal computers on the market today

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>t. mactoddler

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>some of the greatest personal computers on the market today
>worse than acer shit


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>comparing Apple build quality to cheap chink knockoffs
lmao at this delusion
too poor to invest in a good computer?

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>comparing appleltrash to real computers
lmao at this delusion
too retarded to invest in a good computer?

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>buying overpriced garbage that throttles to $300 walmart craptop level performance makes me not poor

Whatever helps you sleep at night mactoddler. :^)

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this is just sad

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>>buying overpriced garbage that throttles to $300 walmart craptop level performance makes me not poor
>this is just sad

Indeed it is.

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t. mactoddler

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lmao, calm down buddy
You'd be a lot happier if you bought a mac and got a trouble free computing experience

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> Buy generic PC
5 years later its worth nothing

> Buy Mac
5 years later it can still hold resale value

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>t. mactoddler

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iirc he opted into some stupid cloud thing and didnt read the instructions.

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Doesn't it have a hide option that it only shows when you move mouse to the bottom of the screen? (no I don't have a mac)

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>t. mactoddler

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I'm using a PC.

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>t. mactoddler

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set it to auto hide dipshit.

it also bugs me how many mac users keep the dock flooded with OEM software you know damn well they never use. throw in what you need on a daily basis, and/or open everything else with spotlight. Do the same for Windows.

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>t. mactoddler

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it's supposed to be context sensitive but doesn't work half the time

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OSX is a joke that girls and liberal arts faggots took seriously.

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I'm legally retarded so I have the menu bar and dock auto-hide in OS X and the task bar auto-hide in Windows.

Then I put each new set of windows in a separate desktop. Usually no more than two or three windows per desktop. Or one full screen one. Then I swap between the desktops as needed. I do this so that there is very little difference between the two environments.

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>day 736342 of our lord
>not using a dock and a taskbar, both of them set to autohide

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>Not using ubuntu, the less shitty OS known to man.

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it's objectively not. the dock is more functional. I don't really like docks much though so I keep it hidden and use alt-tab.

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I agree so fucking hard

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Please drag and drop yourself into the trash, and proceed to Secure Empty Trash

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> Sorting through 100 apps instead of 10 most common

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suck my fucking dick you fucking retard

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>that resolution
you couldn't even afford a six year old laptop lmao

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>8GB (Apple)


>> No.58446395

>laptop in 2011 came with 8gb of ram
>this is a bad thing

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>double clicks
>selects "hide dock"
>selects "magnify icons"

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Yet again, I've witnessed a truly enlightening and engaging discussion from the learned users of the best technology forum on the internet, /g/.

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how much vertical space do you need to shitpost with anyway?

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You are objectively wrong. The Taskbar gets the same job done while taking up less space and giving you more control. How is that not better?

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>and giving you more control

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The classic Windows taskbar, with the setting "Never collapse" is by far superior to the dock. At a glance you can see all your open windows, not just open applications. You can select the precise window with one click.
Compare this to macs, where you have to first click the icon, then click the window.

If you collapse your Windows windows then they're basically the same though

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>At a glance you can see all your open windows, not just open applications
you seem to fundamentally misunderstand why macs work that way (open/close applications not just windows). not surprising considering you've likely never used macos for longer than 10 minutes.

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>t. mactoddler

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I've been unfortunately forced to use a mac for nearly a year now at work. Their reasons don't really mater at all, the fact of the matter is that it's more difficult to work with many windows in OSX than Windows.

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i am a faggot and I need attention

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I launch using the keyboard since my balls dropped, lad

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>struggling to configure toddlerOS

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>less shitty OS known to man
Wut syntax

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can you tell me whats running in your status bar?

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>Secure Empty Trash
That feature was removed.

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>local search feature is a botnet
you can go to settings > spotlight and disable the online suggestions, retard

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>minimized windows on the right side
I throw up a little every time I see someone using this feature. I wouldn't be able to stand all the arbitrary icons of different windows in different states filling up my dock.

Pic related is my dock, only apps on there are ones I use at least every other day

>> No.58451022

>dock AND taskbar
isn't that super messy, having 2 features that do most of the same things?

>> No.58451039

>go to settings, change desktop zoom to maximum
>shitpost and get 200 replies

And I'm one of the (you)s. Fuck you.

>> No.58452504

Basically, I use only chrome, a file browser and the screenshot tool. That's what I have the dock for, it's a quick launcher for these 3.

The launcher on the other hand has very low reveal sensitivity and only in the top left corner, nearly impossible to open with the cursor,
so it only opens with the win key, and when the launcher is open it kinda blurs the screen and it's more like the app drawer in android, you can't even see the open apps on the taskbar.

And when I have to change the application I don't do it on the taskbar neither the dock but I have set the bottom left hotcorner to show all windows or i hit the touchpad with 3 fingers and it swaps the focused app with the last used one.

>> No.58452574

>click folder icon
>scroll through dozens of apps
>click the app you want to open

also, anyone with common sense uses spotlight to open apps. the dock, or cmd-tab, function as a way to see what applications you have running, and to occasionally access minimised windows.

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>what is alt+shift maximize
stop being retarded

>> No.58452626

>nobody saying a word about Unity DE
One thing it does right is hide the dock if you want it to

However it's placement is odd in its own right

>> No.58452627

I don't. I put it out of the way on my secondary monitor, turned off magnification, and forgot it existed.

>> No.58452638

That looks quite nice anon. What are you using? Icon pack, theme, and etc.

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>muh windows explorer

>> No.58452740

>the dock is more functional


>> No.58452745

What is? Space gained from hiding it?

>> No.58452752

do you not minimize windows?

>> No.58452764

it's better than finder, that's for fucking sure

>> No.58452772

make it smaller? make it auto hide? turn it off?
its not set in stone

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>2 windows


>> No.58452877

lmao at those thumbnails
Where did *nix go so wrong?

>> No.58452888

>search bar in the middle
what cancer

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Okay, it's meant windows explorer don't have?

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>> No.58452985


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I do, but I've fiddled with the settings. My minimized windows just look like any other open application on the dock, like pic related. The dot means the applications are open.

>> No.58453440

ah, fair enough. I see the meaning

>> No.58453477

> he doesn't use Alfred to automate literally everything

> Safari
cmd-spc s

> Emacs
cmd-spc e

> send current file to documents folder
cmd-alt-\ doc

I've never seen my dock in months.

>> No.58453492

> scroll bars


>> No.58453501

thank you

>> No.58453532

not who you replied to, but that anon has enabled the "always show scroll bars" feature in settings. you can set them to never show, show when scrolling or always show.

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Post dem docks fags

>> No.58453562

Indeed. Hence my question.

No reason for scrollbars in 2017.

>> No.58453568

ah, i thought you were trying to start shit over operating systems


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Looks pretty neat and tidy. Are you a successful app developer, or are you just getting into it?

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File: 1.91 MB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 12.13.32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just use Alfred, cmd+tab, and other keybindings to navigate. No issues here.

>> No.58453636

Pretty much the first thing I install after a clean-wipe.


>> No.58453640

Never heard of this before. Did you "Buy the powerpack" or are you using the free version? (assuming that it's actually free)

>> No.58453684

Yeah, I've been using Alfred since the 1.0 days. The Powerpack is essential for settings sync, and snippets management.

Possibly the best software purchase of my life.

>> No.58453685

Got a job as a normal rails webdev, just making android apps with rails backend in my spare time.

Mine is on autohide, as you can see chrome going behind it
Are you enjoying your empty space at the bottom?

>> No.58453687

Not the guy you were responding to but you have to buy the powerpack to automate shit.

>> No.58453707

I'm sorry for asking this retarded question, but what do you mean by automate? Can I use keyboard shortcuts with whatever I like without buying it?

>> No.58453789

You can use the MacOS keyboard shortcuts without Alfred, but my automate I mean that Alfred has thousands of workflows that connect to basically any web service/third party app/etc.

Think automator.app on steroids.

>> No.58453815

>Think automator.app on steroids.
I haven't used that, either. Unless it's that jailbreak thing where you could make almost anything trigger custom shit

>> No.58453819

Can you give a few examples of something you use it to accomplish?

>> No.58453838

Automator ships with MacOS, you can even make really rudimentary apps with it.

>> No.58453860

Holy fuck. I just opened it and I have no idea what I'm doing.

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Kept mine hidden for a while but I like the look of it.

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>944 mails

>> No.58453920

Sure- I usually use it to quickly send commands to a Pi that controls the lighting, temperature, security cameras in my house. I'll also use it to check bitcoin prices quickly (Cmd+space+'bit')

>> No.58454297

I use it for work setups.

For example, typing 'code' might open a terminal, Emacs, and Stack Overflow (for example), and arrange the windows thanks to a Hammerspoon plugin, all at the same time.

I also use it for online dictionaries: type 'enfr book', and it'd spit out 'livre'.

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