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>he unironically uses vim

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whew, thanks friend. i almost fell for the b8.
but thanks to your definitely not shit post, i didn't.

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Vim is the best unbloated, non-mainstream, minimalist, old-school editor. i find IDEs quite shallow and pedantic.

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vim is slow + the plugins are terrible
sublime 4 lyf

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Trying to hard OP.

Give up, you will not win this. No one knowledgeable of the subject will ridicule Vim.

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The most important thing vi, and by extension vim, has brought to the world is the idea of modal editing. Its really fantastic and works really well all sorts of writing.

But that whole method of interaction isnt unique to vim. Emacs can do it. Visual Studio can do it. IntelliJ's shit all does it. Atom. Eclipse. Nuclide. If it has a plugin system, someone has brought modal editing to it.

Vim, the program, is great but if you're dumb enough to think its the ONE TRUE WAY™ then please end yourself.

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>current year

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indeed, that's why I use 38mb sublime instead of 100mb+ vim with plugins

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e m a c s

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