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Linus isn't a Nvidia fanboy faggot and realises that AMD succeeding is better for EVERYBODY, unlike the babbies that want AMD to fail.

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its not shilling its a paid advertisement. its his job. its how he gets paid

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Who cares.

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Is that a bad thing?

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tbqh I'm looking forward to whatever the new vega card is. 70+ fps on maxed out 4k seems pretty good to me.

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Titan X gets 120 FPS AMD is finished

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If it costs twice as much it doesn't matter

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delete this

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why is this meme so low quality now?

May as well be a liveleak video now.

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Just watching all these Nvidia/Intel fanboys freak the fuck out across the internet is amazing. I can't even rember when they were shitposting this hard.

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Ok time for summary:

Vega is the biggest fundamental architecture change since they switched from Terascale to GCN 1.0
The new NCU means a massive boost to efficiency in the shader core and a much easier ability to fully saturate the GPU with work.
The biggest problem with Fiji(furyX) is that its 4096 shaders didnt mean very much because of large bubbles in the pipeline and large ammounts of shaders idling and doing no work each cycle.
Even with a low Level API like Vulcan which is best case scenario the FuryX is still not running with all cylinders firing because Vulkan only solved the Driver overhead problem. There is still bubbles in the workload because of the fundamental design of the GCN architecture itself.

AMD is switching from standard 4x16-bit blocks of a normal GCN CU(compute unit) to This new design of a variable 8+4+2+2 block and either four of these or a mix of these and standard 16-bit blocks in this new NCU(next compute unit)

They could not Do this in the past because they did not have the technology to build a Hardware Scheduler and Memory Scheduler Complexed enough to run this kind of architecture.

We have test samples of Vega with NCU's disabled and with very low clockspeeds and its beating a 1900mhz overclocked gtx 1080 in DOOM. Now there is a gain from using Vulcan over DX11 and OpenGL for AMD but thats on the Driver Overhead side not on the fundamental shader operations side. IT just means the CPU is feeding draw calls to the GPU at peak efficiency.

Alot of people dismiss the test because its vulcan but they dont know what they are looking at. The Vega sample is running FIJI 1.2 drivers Which means the instructions are running through the Vega NCU's like they are standard fixed 16-bit blocks like you have on a FuryX card.

So you need to look at it from this perspective.

This New architecture is more advanced than Maxwel/Pascal. You are going to see unreal performance from Vega when its finally released. Poor Volta

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>Poor Volta


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So AMD is not dead (?)

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>yfw, nvidia shills don't even know what a CU is
Also, trips don't lie, Volta is fucked.

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I replied to you in the other thread you posted in. Might as well put it here too.

You're acting like you're an insider, but it's not coming off well at all. It's clear you've read US 2016 0085551, but the rest seems like speculation.

You then replied with more drivel and my opinion lessened of you.

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>Titan X gets 120 FPS

Um no it doesn't

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>vanilla Fury
What the fuck. Other devs can't code for shit. Thanks, """gaymers""".

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Is it shilling when he's just stating facts?

All these things are well known and published about the chipset.

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I think most probably want AMD to succeed its just we go through this NVIdIA finiSHeD!!1!1one1!! every year and AMD always disappoint us.

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I just want a board with 8 or more SATA ports without having to pay $300+ for it. Make it happen AMD.

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I can't tell if it's shilling or just b8 because it's just the same copy/paste over and over.

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>I just want a board with 8 or more SATA ports without having to pay $300+ for it.
Nigga Asrock makes them already unless you mean E boards. My current Z77 board cost $120 or $130 and it has 8 Sata ports. There are some limitations, but it has worked great for 5 years now.

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>not realizing that competitive products from AMD are going to be beneficial even for retarded nvidia/intel cucks such as yourself
competition in the market drives the prices down, always has, always will

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holy shit I thought that was a joke
im not buying that shit

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