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So now that the dust has settled, are they any good?

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who? what?

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>grown, military aged men
>office full of children's toys

makes me want to puke

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waaaaah stop enjoying things

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>grown, military aged man
>complains about inane shit on the internet

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it's calm and competent almost unintentional asmr levels of relaxing, mostly useful info and little to no bs

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someone give me a name or link

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Yep, Its awesome actually.
Also, I never heard Wendel curse before It's kind of funny every time he does it for some reason like the guy is finally relaxing in front of the camera.

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i only watch joanne tech-lover to fap at her lil chink voice

idk who these other scrubs are

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Yeah totally, its refreshing seeing someone with healthy outlook on privacy and state spying stuff
and the guy on right totally visit 4chan

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Forgot how to edit, lazy.
Anyways, I thought I'd add it's not as vibrant as it was when Logan was running it (Mood, style, some of the personality; They're a bit more laid back.), however the information Is much denser so it's a worthy trade.
Kind of wish Quain was with them as well, or would collaborate threw the inter-buts via video.

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My only grief with it is the news shit doesn't really get down to the nitty-gritty tech talk as much as it did on teksyndicate. I feel like is just alot of skimming over boring basic news stories that are tangentially related to tech.

I want 20 minute offshoots where wendell bullshits about some niche technology he worked with 10 years ago and where it is now.

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yep. It's everything I always wanted. Dude with knowledge giving knowledge unto others. None of this lowest common denominator shit that everyone else does.

Also, they're definitely 4chaners.

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>visits 4chan
they can't even understand waifus

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yeah, they are finding their voice now and are becoming pretty solid. it's refreshing to see a youtube channel that isn't just paid shills with no tech industry experience. now we can have paid shills with tech industry experience. granted they get their money from their reviews and crowd source funding.

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is the weirdo tranny fucker still there? if so, I'm not watching

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Nope, Wendell. Left teksyndicate because logan was jewing people for donations.

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so wendell has his own shit? link me up fampai

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It's better than it ever was with that fraud logan around.

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>they know their stuff
>can go deep into discussed subject
>actually funny anecdotes
>correct own mistakes in next episode
Yes OP.

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>on suicide watch

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