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What went wrong

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Over-hyping their products.

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Letting pajeet in

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buying ATI

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Not doing a fucking live stream of their latest and greatest at one of the biggest shows of the year.

No one outside of CES what they're showing off.

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Intel paying off OEMs not to use the suoerior product in laptops.

Nvidia stealing hoardes of data and IP from former AMD employees.

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If it's not ready for a public showcase then I don't fucking care anymore. Ryzen is supposed to come out in Q1 and Vega shouldn't be too far off.

nvidia literally blew their brains out on stage a few hours ago and AMD proceeds to choke like every time in the last 10 years.

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A retarded marketing department that doesn't realize that making a countdown that doesn't actually countdown to anything exciting makes you look like a jackass

Other than that not much, Zen and Vega seem like they're gonna be good.

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what went right.

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dubs doesnt lie

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>nvidia stumbles and offers AMD an open goal at CES
>AMD just looks at the ball and decides to wait to see if conditions improve

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sad thing is they gave the /v/ kids so much ammo

it's going to be at least two weeks of non-stop poo poo shitposting

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intel and nvidia being anti-competitive swines

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Neither Intel nor nVidia forced AMD to do a countdown to literally nothing.

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How do you they didn't?

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This is why everyone makes fun of amdrones.

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So you're saying that intel bribing OEMs to not use AMD CPUs in their pre-builts, which hurt AMD the most, isn't actually intel's fault, but AMD's?

The rest is also AMD's fault? Could you please go more in-depth to explain how exactly?

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nvidia would have done the exact same thing and nobody would have given a fuck

3/4ths of this board is /v/ fanboy trash, deal with it

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See: >>58337781

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Do you want me to feed (You)s to you, or what, tripfag?


Don't spend them all in one place!

(If you want an answer: That's not what this thread is about, and the countdown lead to youtube videos, which isn't "literally nothing", but what else to expect from a retard like you, throwing 'literally' everywhere.)

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FYI , the professional market, where the real money lies, is dominated by Nvidia, and even more so in the future with all the cooperation of companies like Tesla.

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When nVidia's CEO held up a mock card with woodscrews, we laughed at nVidia for a YEAR!

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The result is that game developers can't release games with any real use of physx so their games remain compatible with AMD's hardware.
Keeping physX to themselves (note they did not invent it, they bought out the company so they could use it as a marketing gimmick) means that physX will never be a thing.

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You're just embarrassing yourself at this point and your new is showing. Just gtfo

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I feel like you're not happy, anon. Someone hurt you? Don't worry, it'll be alright.

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>What went wrong
AMD got x86 license and now this shit everywhere

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amd created the 64bit extension to x86 lol

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Hmm I wonder why the architecture is called AMD64.
Not like AMD themselves created it or anything...

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sure, but at the time, AMD was just better.

immediately after Fermi, Nvidia got the tech lead and hasn't given it up since. so needless to say public perception is strongly in their favor now.

and fanboys will treat any minor hurdle like a fucking disaster if it means their favorite console, I mean GPU manufacturer wins

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If Physx will never be a thing why do you care so much about it?

sour grapes

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I understand that you're 16 and don't remember K8. but the only reason Intel is good now is because AMD was better.

you only need to look at Babby Lake to see how desperately the industry needs Zen to be good.

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>Vega releases
>15% faster than a 1080 for 12 months more waiting
>Raja swamped by sex offers from all the rejoicing AMDfriends
>after a month Nvidia introduces Volta
>back to square one

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Because I like using it on my nvidia card, and wished games could make better use of it without reducing their sales by AMD marketshare%

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t. 17 year old who can google

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It's barely faster than 1070.

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Yes, the golden age of 2002 - 2006.
I liked my Athlon XP and Athlon 64 a lot, but let's not pretend AMD was really anything more than a second rate CPU vendor.

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Good thing, you can just do that if you have an Nvidia GPU.

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[citation needed]

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All the videos. It's hilarious. And i though Nvidia was hilarious.

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Not really, judging by the couple demos it's roughly on the 1080 level, a bit ahead even. And the final silicon will be faster yet.
Still, if the big chip can't at the very least match a TXP it's a disappointment in my book, since it took them so long.

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more like
>Vega releases
>great 1070/1080 counterparts
>bad DX11 good DX12/Vulkan as fucking always
>no answer to 1080 Ti and Titan X
>it's OK I guess
>Volta comes out, Vega prices plummet, same fucking status quo again

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Where the fuck are benchmarks or ryzen prices or anthing. It's fucking CES, they should have done at least anything.

>> No.58338108

If they can only offer 1080 level of performance it will be a disaster launch.

>> No.58338110

>roughly on the 1080 level
1080 doesn't dip to 36fps in 4k doom which is already amd favoured game

>> No.58338119

>GPU throttles itself when action is not going on to reduce energy consumption
>a feature available on all GCN GPUs since driver 16.12.1

wew my lad up senpai

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>expecting competent marketing from AMD instead of the usual shitflinging cringefest
You set yourself for disappointment.

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Why? If it is priced competitively, it will sell well.

But it is AMD, and their marketing department's collective IQ is comparable to a peanut.

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I don't get why people are so pissed


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No, everything is a fucking cringefest with qualcomm topping everyone. The point is they showed nothing.

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y'all keep saying this shit with zero explanation as to why. very few people buy HEDT shit.

sure it's a marketing advantage if you can claim you have the best flagship shit but in the end people are going to compare the products they can afford. Polaris is doing much better than previous GCN gens and that's because it shits on lower end Pascal.

>> No.58338164

To clarify - it will be really disappointing in my eyes, because of the 10 - 12 month delay over Pascal.
Merely offering an alternative with roughly the same level of performance and a bit lower price is not enough after so much time. The 300 series did that and while it sold decently it wasn't exactly a stellar succes.
I just don't think they can afford to perpetually be number two.

>> No.58338178

>it shits on lower end Pascal
[citation needed]

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>By my rough estimate, that puts the early Vega card inside somewhere between the performance of a GTX 1070 and a GTX 1080 in Doom
You can laugh now

>> No.58338188

nah it dips to 40, that's pretty swell ain't it

nevermind the fact that it gets 20 less average FPS

>> No.58338199

It means nothing and we can throw shit at each other until the actual benchmarks arrive.

>> No.58338203

You're talking about a millisecond frame-dip on an engineering sample with likely very rough drivers. Besides, the demo of Battlefront shows it's at least on par with a 1080 too.

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if it costs 400jewbucks it's bretty gud

>> No.58338208

>What went wrong
they pooed in it

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Sorry anon, I was just excited today about finally hearing some news about Vega and once again nothing.
Excuse me if I'm a bit more shitposty today.

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Everyone waited something that''s actually BETTER than nvidia. Market desperately needs competition, never were gaymen cards so overcosted. And, well, nothing happened.

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>Besides, the demo of Battlefront shows it's at least on par with a 1080 too.

yeah, the """demo""" of someone running around an empty server shows it's on par with a 1080.

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every review released after november

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I will wait for proper benches.

More $$$ is made in the $200-$300 region than in the higher brackets, as less people can afford the high end stuff. If AMD wins the middle tiers, it does not matter if they do not have the "top tier" crown.

...but again, it is AMD. Chimpanzees laugh at the stupidity of AMD's marketing department.

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Intel scumbag tactics. Really. The amount of shit Intel has done and keeps doing makes me puke.

And people buying Intel even when AMD was the superior product back then.

>> No.58338268

Marketing, as always for the past 15 years.
Seriously, someone needs to fire the whole marketing department or whoever is interfering with their decision making.
There is no fucking way any competent marketing person voluntarily allows this kind of campaign.

>> No.58338273

hi, pukefriend

>> No.58338285

Yeah, we need competition.
This one site with PC builds in increments is starting to look like an Intel/Nvidia advertisement.

>> No.58338296

Ah wait, so you guys are talking about the event?, i thought this thread was about the company.


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>immediately after Fermi
Kepler and GCN came out in the same generation, and they were both relatively close in performance and power consumption.
What really set Nvidia ahead was Maxwell.

>> No.58338412

>Yeah, we need competition.
We do. Look at Kaby Lake.

>> No.58338448

yeah but at the time Nvidia's drivers were just much better, which tipped the scales in their favor.

>> No.58338452

You mean Skylake: 2017 edition?

>> No.58338486

Please do not call it Skylake. Cannot you see that it has 1% extra performance!?!?!? And in some cases, up to 2%!

>> No.58338503

I'm sorry Mr. Krzanich, please don't optimize my family.

>> No.58338506

even if amd are better then nvidia, even when they were, no one fucking bought them, so why the fuck would you put out a niche?

Honestly, I would be shocked if this wasn't the last big gpu they make, and instead go full speed ahead to mcm gpus.

>> No.58338513

Keep moving those goalposts my man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNTAMApSlz4

Endor, the same map used in the Vega test. In that video the game frequently dipping below 60 fps even when there's not much happening around him. He also isn't using FXAA, which the Vega setup was.

>> No.58338540

FPBP , this is the fan's fault though. AMD promises X and people go around claiming it's going to be XYZ, then at release they cry that AMD didn't deliver whilst they get memed to death by nvidia fans. I'm pretty glad I got a 1050 instead of a 460 since AMD on linux a shit.

>> No.58338553

AMD promised something and showed nothing? It's literally worse than nvidia meme conference.

>> No.58338580

no, honestly the whole driver thing has been kind of bullshit for the longest time.
no games ever failed to work, and the only real sticking point was dual gpu solutions that had to wait for profiles.
If a game was fundamentally broken, it was fixed in short order

Had a 4850 computer, a 5770 and a 280x and have yet to really experiance a game that is truely fuced by drivers.

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I know, but IMO AMD just needs to stay alive and something will actually go their some day.
I think nvidia is tackling a very niche market for a huge payoff as well, but I'm not a businessman.

>> No.58338600

>I think nvidia is tackling a very niche market for a huge payoff as well
Cars? Google will murder them the very second they try to pull proprietary bullshit or patent scamming.

>> No.58338645

I mean, you know google isn't developing their own hardware right? (don't quote me on this) They can benefit from the memes nvidia is selling if they are better than what Chrysler is providing for them. I agree that Google will break nvidia in half if they try scamming them

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because games don't use it due to intel and amd not being supported

would be amazing if games actually used it.


you want to know the funny thing, at this point nvidia could release an open source amd compatibility for it, nvidia is so far ahead in market share, amd is not growing in the gamer demo, and they could use physx as a 'look at our cards doing it so much better' approach, because if everyone could use it, it would be a feal feature to sell their cards... why don't they?

Im betting money they have test beds with amd cards to see if it would work, and nvidia comes up on the shit end of the stick.

I cant really think of any other reason as its only relegated to tech demos anymore.

>> No.58338662

My point is, that nvidia has to come with open standard for ONCE if they want to get into cars.

>> No.58338673

Agreed, if nvidia started opensourcing their drivers and software suites the world would be a better place.

>> No.58338691

And they need to spot gimping their older fucking cards. Poor 780/780ti users.

>> No.58338692

honestly them showing nothing would be better then showing facebook integration with new hardware with the ability to triangulate where you are in your home along with renting gaming hardware for obscene prices.

amd showing nothing honestly isn't that bad in comparison.

>> No.58338703

>something will actually go their some day.

this aint no anime neet

>> No.58338704

>renting gaming hardware for obscene prices.
That was new levels of hilarious. Truly The Way It's Meant To Be Jewed.

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>september 12th

what does a 4 month old benchmark have to do with it? the game has been updated and optimized multiple times since then.

christ, at least try kid.

>> No.58338743

No? It's EAfront, not Battlefield 1.

>> No.58338766

I know right? Isn't the 290x destroying the 780ti in every way possible?
I mean, they just have to be half successful at signing deals with console makers until they can appeal the PC market. Apple uses AMD as well if I'm not wrong.

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absolute garbage drivers

>> No.58338774

>I expected that they'd host a live stream from Vegas at 6 AM but they didn't deliver

>> No.58338809


Female Asian CEO and really, REALLY sordid marketing

Jews don't like the "people first, profits will follow" motto

>> No.58338821

Nothing wrong with Su. Amd needs to gas their marketing team again though.

>> No.58338849

>but I'm not a businessman.
>but I'm not a businessman.
>but I'm not a businessman.

>> No.58338871

None of their driver releases since September mention any changes regarding Battlefront. It's been over a fucking year since release, there's hasn't been any major performance improvements in the last 4 months. But by all means, continue being retarded.

>> No.58338992

Am I though? I'm just speculating

>> No.58339110

Nvidia is already getting into cars


>> No.58339127

And it's proprietary shit.

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Marketing Bulldozer as a consumer cpu.

>> No.58339157

Is it worth waiting for Vega and GTX 1080 Ti at this point? Planning to do a new build since this computer is a shit and old.

I don't mind waiting 3-4 months, but I don't want to wait much longer than that but I don't want to waste money on something that will be obsolete within a month.

>> No.58339174


3 patches since september 12th.


2 listing stability improvements, 1 major update.

like i said, you gotta at least try.

>> No.58339191

I don't get the rabid hate for Kaby. If a 7700k can indeed average 5GHz+ OC compared to like ~4.5GHz on Skylel and Haslel, it's probably going to be a bigger jump in practical performance than Haslel > Skylel with the same clock but 5% better IPC.

>> No.58339214

Why have the countdown ended at 6am pacific? If you knew that, why would you think they would have a live stream at 6 am during CES?

>> No.58339249

You need to do a magical trick called delidding to have even remotely decent temps when OCing.

>> No.58339276

nothing yet

they'll be in business long after you and your family are dead.

>> No.58339288

I feel like 1080 Ti may not even be a thing unless NVIDIA needs it to be. As in, if Vega ends up competing around GTX 1080 level (instead of Titan XP level) they might not even release a 1080 Ti and would go straight to Volta.

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That's an incredibly vague description that could mean anything from "the game doesn't crash as often" to "your fps should be slightly higher". Doesn't tell me much. Not really the trump card you think it is.

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File: 1.32 MB, 720x1280, AMD ZEN.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>nvidia drivers
>non-nvidia gpu

>> No.58339373

I've seen a few reviews reporting those kinds of numbers, I take it they're inaccurate?

>> No.58339399

It's in situations where you're using the Nvidia card specifically just for Physx and a different brand GPU for the actual rendering.

>> No.58339402

mexican ceo happened.
build that wall

>> No.58339418

Babylake has hands down the worst TIM intel managed to shit out. You absolutely need to delid it to not let it burn a hole through your mobo when OCing.

>> No.58339455

>i only read headlines: the post

nVidia bought Ageia, made PhysX proprietary and only available on their cards. So people with Radeon cards went out and bought a cheap nVidia card to be able to use PhysX. nVidia of course doesn't like it when people buy any but their cards.
So nVidia once again goes out of their way to disable PhysX if you have anything but nVidia.

>> No.58339457

Does it? Pretty shit then. I'm probably only upgrading from my Haslel when I can get something with more cores and at least the same single-threaded performance.

>> No.58339484


People with Radeon cards used the cheap nVidia card ONLY for PhysX, it didn't need to be powerful or anything. The Radeon card was still the one doing all the rendering. Basically you had 2 graphics cards, one used the 'normal' way, to render vidya, and the other solely to simulate PhysX.
This doesn't make people jump the ship and stop buying competitor's products, so nVidia disables PhysX completely if you have competitor's GPU installed.

>> No.58339486

You'd better wait for Ryzen. At least ayymd still solders their fucking CPUs.

>> No.58339513

AMD fucked me, I used to play altis life on the daily using a toaster laptop, quad core processor with dual Radeon intergrated graphics.

Averaging 17fps on standard settings:( it sucked but I had grown used to it)

After blatantly ignoring a driver update for my intergrated graphics I decided to see if an update may do a thing or two to my fps, this is after doing everything else I could think of.

Catalyst control centre took me to a driver install page, I install correct drivers but there's an error.. This error leaves me with completely dis functional graphics and in turn, a non playable game.

After many hours of installing, reinstalling, uninstalling, reinstalling etc I finally fixed the issue... Of my non functioning graphics, the driver update was still there.

So I decided to leave the update knowing the hell it had caused me and went back on my trusted altis.

This is only to find that somewhere in the chaos the window key bind, which is critical to the game had been unbinded. So, I deleted and redownloaded, which should work? Nope.
So I reinstalled the game completely, surely that will work? Nope.

So my issue is not to do with the game, nor the game server.. It's the fucking drivers.

I'm not going through the hassle again, time to get a PC, fuck you AMD I'm getting an intel and GeForce combo

>> No.58339515

I am, it's not like there is anything worth buying anyway. I'd like at least 32 PCIe 3.0 lanes too, the "cheapest" Intel option would be X99 with a 5930K, which is hardly cheap and probably won't hit 4.7GHz like my quad core Haslel unless I get quite lucky.

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you people disgust me

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delete this!

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>n-next year we're gonna blow intel and nvidia away, just you wait! anyday now!
>marketers and fanboys building hype
>thing comes out
>it's a piece of shit
>"actually it was meant to be a piece of shit and I'm glad they are giving us affordable pieces of shit in the first place, nobody said it would have been good and anyone who thought differently is clearly stupid", said marketer and fanboying pajeets
>n-next year we're gonna blow intel and nvidia away, just you wait! anyday now!

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>There ain't no Poo on my Intel CPU

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>AMD is garbage
>Intel is jew garbage
>Nvidia is jew garbage
>Microsoft, Applel, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Every major PC manufacturer is now garbage

>> No.58342045

it's actually frightening how many nvidia/intel shills are around today.

>> No.58342060


>> No.58342088

Holy shit the obsession. I knew amd owners was the minority but I didn't know they're all conspiracy theorists too.

>> No.58342113

I swear they started paying people to shit up social media.

>> No.58342144

So if it's getting about ~1070 performance in doom which we all know plays well on amd gpu, this means in dx11 games and non amd sponsored dx12 games it will be significantly slower.

>> No.58342265

>Intel 10:1 amd
>nvidia 8:1 amd

Gee, I wonder why there are more intel/nvidia users than amd users in discussion threads.

This just goes to show the state of /g/. If a thread isn't totally dominated by amd users it's considered a shill thread.

Funny how amd owners are the massive minority yet all you see are them shilling in youtube comments and on forums everywhere. Just goes to show how cancerous the fanbase is. They'd rather shit post on 4chan and YouTube comments than play actual games.

>> No.58342282

Conspiracy? Just exactly how retarded are you?
>Intel bribes OEMs
>Intel goes to court
>Intel pays 1.4 billion fine to AMD
define: conspiracy theory
>a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event.
>a belief
>unexplained event

>> No.58342371

>i-It's all a conspiracy against amd
>t-they're trying to stop the beast that is amd because they're scared of amd having global domination!

This is what you believe, right? It's what adoredTV believes at least.

>> No.58342848

Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

>anti-competitive practices = conspiracy against the victim
That is THE definition of conspiracy, anon.

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