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whats the comfiest piece of tech you've ever had /g/?

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My phone

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Motorola Droid 1.

Why can't decent slider phones make a comeback.

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This fucker right here might have been the most perfect piece of tech I've ever owned

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Will you fucks stop throwing around this word to the point where it becomes meaningless?

What is that even supposed to mean?

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Nokia E72

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a trimmer

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fuck off normie

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note 7, best phone i've ever phone

it was literally god tier for everything from note taking to youtube

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motorola droid razr was awesome, especially the wind noise reduction from the 3 microphones and the hdmi out which made it a complete linux desktop.

no windnoises on any video, best fullhd cam I've ever had because you can hear everybody that's getting filmed.

fuck >8 megapixels, multimic array is way more important in my opinion

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my dad just got me a little fan that plugs into my usb port
it's pretty comfy but it scared my doge

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