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Holy fuck, how did she write all of this code?

Does this make anyone else feel inadequate?

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She paid people to do it for her

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These women did more for computer science than any of you neckbeard shitlords ever will.

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is each page like, multiple lines of code?

Or is each page a punch card or similar, so there's only 1 or 2 commands on each page?

Still impressive if it's just punch cards, it's just that if that's all lines it seems like _a lot_ for 60s computers.

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Margaret Hamilton didn't write a tower of computer code taller than her head.
Grace Hopper didn't invent the "compiler" as we currently understand it, nor was she solely responsible for COBOL.
Ada Lovelace's contributions to computer science are heavily disputed but everyone agrees that she didn't write the first "computer program".

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>ywn have a cutie nerd gf who can program assembly then make you breakfast in bed

fuck this earth

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Impressive for its time (and for the huge milestone), not so impressive anymore given that codemonkeys write 10x what she wrote, all within an hour.

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Those are printouts from running simulations. It's not actual code.

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>Holy fuck, how did she write all of this code?
she didn't.

she was just an office manager.

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you need to take the fucking black pill morons

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>yfw all male accomplishments will be overshadowed by the secretary at the workplace

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``Hamilton standing next to the navigation software that she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo project.''

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>[x] pill
ugh just buy yourself a fleshlight loser

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ITT: Javascript faggot who will never develop anything as meaningful as long as they live.

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>instead of faggots, black dudes from america

Welcome to Burgerland, get your pack of doritos and get ready to get cucked.

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nu-male detected

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black pill? Is it another one of those cringey pill things, like red pill?

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that one on the right is (((THICC))

> figure is not hidden at all

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Gorilla mindset. Google it. Buy it. Get informed.

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She looks like pepe.

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Jesus, is really that hard to put ego aside and acknowledge an achievement. You're looking at a woman standing next to pile of information written by her that is as big as her, and your first thought is to dismiss all of her accomplishments as if she didn't even work at NASA for all those years. All this jealousy/denial really is not healthy mental state for anyone.

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yeah she makes my dick feel small

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my programmer teachers taught me, when your program code its getting bigger, then you are doing something wrong.

looking to the OP image, i wonder...

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She was the lead programmer for the Apollo mission. That stack is all code.

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Please stop misrepresenting the accomplishments of women, you're only hurting their cause.

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Example #1:
>Bill Gates made Windows.

Example #2:
>The MALE Bill Gates has a PENIS and with his TESTICLES and MALE TESTOSTERONE made Windows. Do any of you feel inferior to the MALE GENITALIA of Bill Gates? I bet you feel inadequate when you compare your accomplishments to the MALE Bill Gates and his PENIS and TESTICLES.

Having someone contribute to a ground-breaking science program is great. For us at /g/ who like programming, it is more inspirational that it is for the average Joe.

...turning an awesome person into a gender issue is degrading. You can expect backlash.

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Why are you using a tripcode?

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The Apollo 11 source code is on GitHub and there's only like 100k lines.

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I wrote that much in my first semester of computer programming, Introduction to Structured BASIC.

The next semester I wrote at least that much in Introduction to PASCAL.

What makes me suicidal these days is that "computer programmers" don't write their own code anymore. They just copy what someone else already wrote, make a few edits, call is Mission Accomplished.

The days when you were expected to compose & type every single character of your own code, no "collaboration" with any other programmer(s), are long, long gone. I fucking laugh when basement virgins claim they write all their own code in interviews. 3 or 5 minutes in google and I can find most or all of their source code, some of which I read and graded 20 years ago when the original authors submitted their personal, unique work to maybe get a "B" out of it.

I lost my ability to be appalled anymore. Universities today teach children how to re-compose and recycle 30-year old code and award them an "A" for (you) Particpated because they're terrified of a lawsuit if Pajeet Sockshucker doesn't get his 3.95 GPA for sometimes showing up for class and occasionally handing in assignments.

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that's not code you retards
even if it wasn't already pointed out that it's data readout, if stack of paper that big was all code it would be thousands of larger than even the biggest programs around today

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I typed some stuff into google:
> how tall is Margaret Hamilton? - 5'0"
> how tall is a ream of paper? - 2 inches
> how many lines of text fit on a page? - 50
60 inches / 2 inches * 500 pages * 50 lines = 750,000 lines

That's a lot, especially for the time, but it's nowhere close to "the biggest programs around today".

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yeah I was off by alot, but still, there's no way you have that much code back then, especially on something that critical, you cant just copy and paste a bunch of javascript and expect the debugger to catch all the problems

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Programming was traditionally a women's job.

That's why I laugh at computer-niggers who think they're STEM. You're not. You're paper pushers who no longer have paper to push.

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Wouldn't computer-spics be a better term as they study CS and basically end up being janitors of others code?
You should work on your racism.

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why are they black?
isn't one OP's image?

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Are you new here or just mentally retarded?

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Is it really that hard to put political correctness aside and admit that people's abilities are defined by their biology and that you can tell what kind of person someone is just by looking at them?
It's nice that she worked for NASA. However, as a woman, she did not write any code.

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Those are actresses. They haven't done anything for anyone, shit for brains.

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Not code, this is the program result from something that someone else (a man) wrote. 40 years later you casually count her as a programmer because she worked with male programmers.

you know what you're doing, you aren't a sjw since this is 4chan, you probably just got denied from entry level programming job because you are a piece of shit.

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It looks like a woman's transformation from start to finish of her CS degree.

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Those legs tho

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Is computer-niggers a term people use so often we are set on using it?

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Wasn't a lot or most of that printed test data output?

Mind you if I had to print all the code I have written in the last decade or so it would probably be around that height too. Just one project I had to do for web design in college was over 100 printed pages A4 pages and that was about 12 years ago.

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>source: my ass
your next comment: Guy who wrote "Apollo 11 Owners' Workshop Manual" was a retroactive shitlord too

I read about this phenomenon 13 years ago, there was this supposedly famous picture of an american soldier in iraq holding up a giant desert spider, someone put the caption "SOLDIERS FOUND THIS INSIDE ONE OF THEIR OWN" or something. You really can morph people with captions.

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Old fucker here. My freshman Pascal final project was a shoebox full of punched cards.

I threw them off the roof of my dorm after scoring 104/100 on the final test in 15 minutes, but failed to turn them in on time because the fuckers changed the rules of turn in mid semester. Got a B- in the class because of that. I guess blowing off the class for 10 weeks has consequences.

I graduated with a 3.5 because I quit giving a shit about grades after that.

We have $3 million in the bank now. i can't decide if I want to retire or give it to some young fuckers at the Uni with a C average just to tell them "fuck you from me" to the academics.

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If it wasn't it should be!

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Programs back then also tended to have much shorter lines of code. Many simple operations in a higher level language take many more lines in the lower level languages so even if that is all code you can still question how much of each page is actually taken up by code.

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kek jesus how warped is your view of women

I'm sorry you've only ever met one type of woman in your life

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There is only one type of woman you bluepilled SJW satanist liberal cuck.

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/pol/ fell for the jewish trick of hating women, playing into the death of white people and the fall of their countries

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A guy from Reddit contacted one of the Apollo programmers and asked them. Google it.

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She was the lead programmer for the Apollo mission. She wasn't the only programmer though, if you look at the source code on github there are many that have the author stated in them and she isn't in most of them.
And there is maybe enough code there to take up half the height of the very bottom block once printed.

It just doesn't add up that all of that is Apollo code and all of it was coded by her, unless she went and printed every revision and shit.

I will not dispute that she was a talented programmer but there is no evidence that the stack is all code she wrote.

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>A guy from Reddit contacted one of the Apollo programmers and asked them.
Sounds reliable.

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don't waste all your buzzwords in one post friend, now you have nothing to reply to me with, except maybe a coherent argument, but we both know that isn't going to happen.

Yes a very large majority of women are uninteresting and mindless, maybe even larger proportion than men, but you sound like an idiot when you claim not a single woman can do anything of value.

Time to face facts, you know damn well you won't do anything as great as Margaret Hamilton, so your dismissal of her achievements really doesn't mean shit.

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earlier I contacted einstein about it and all he said was
>aye yo fuck dat hoe, poop dick muddfafukka lmao

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Let's look at the evidence on both sides

>Some guy's word on reddit
>"My dad worked for nintendo"
>Dr Christopher Riley is a broadcaster and film-maker specializing in history and science documentaries. Dr Christopher Riley, a former planetary scientist, is a historian of human space flight and director of over 100 TV programmes on his subjectW. David Woods has studied the engineering behind the Apollo programme for nearly 20 years, and edits and curates NASA's Apollo Flight Journal (AFJ).Phillip Dolling is a multi-award winning Executive Producer at the BBC, responsible for many of the corporation's flagship factual strands.

both males so they must automatically be lying

The problem we're having here is what is commonly known as the "vagina award". 1001 men on the team, but one random female happened to be there. suddenly, women took us to the moon.

All the other commonly cited bullshit examples, grace hopper, ada lovelace, are you serious? working on a system made entirely by who? men.

You know exactly what you are doing, you aren't a sjw, you are just pissing in the pool for posts.

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No one is claiming she was the only programmer.

Google it. You can even email the programmer if you don't believe it.

>> No.58203560

Your refusal to actually provide proof is solid evidence that your claim is a lie.

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Is the black pill the one that gives you autism?

>I don't have an argument so I'll just attack his masculinity instead

>buy it

You'd have more code in those days probably, languages and libraries handle all the routine stuff for you these days, you couldn't just type in print "Hello World" back then, you had to write a whole function for iterating over an array and sending bytes one by one to the output device and so on.

>Hey guys! I'm pretending to be retarded on le 4chinzz!
Go shitpost on /r/circlebroke2 or something. Then at least somebody might fall for it.

Playing prominent programmers in a movie is at least giving positive press to the computer science field. Which is a lot more of a contribution then you've ever done.

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I'm a C average in Uni studying CompE who is in much debt

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I am so glad I'm not the only one who notices this.

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my dads (I have 15 of them) were all programmers at nasa who worked on apollo 11 and they tell me that this isn't true. Also they worked at nintendo and you can get the triforce in oot if you beat it 1,000,000 times, trust me. My mom worked at nintendo. Btw, everyone who ever worked at nintendo and nasa adopted me all at once, so all my dads and moms worked at both places.

>walk up to graves
>"Will u retroactively adopt me???"
>Didn't hear no
>My dad worked at nasa

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The proof is series of images on imgur. There's a picture of the emails and one of the pages of code from the Apollo.

>> No.58203673

>google it meme
talk is cheap prove it faggot

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so link it already is it that hard?

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i'll bite, I'm not anyone you mentioned but..
>rule cuck
>Which is a lot more of a contribution then you've ever done.
What have YOU done,eh? Not an argument.
now kill yourself nigger faggot

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she's just doing her job over the course of a decade, it's not that impressive.

literally a person doing their job.

>> No.58203708

Behold the power of google.

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I just invented a religion wherein everyone who has ever lived indirectly adopted me. Even if you don't believe in this religion, or are an atheist, my beliefs still affect you, and you are now my father or mother. I have 6+ billion fathers and mothers, and they all worked at Nintendo, and NASA, because that's what I remember them all saying. Even if you disagree with me outside of the religion on what I want to prove, you are still my father or mother. Therefore, everything I say is right.

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I wasn't arguing about if that stack of paper was code or references i was arguing if it was all of her CODE she wrote by hand which is find highly unlikely

>> No.58203830

I never claimed she wrote all of that code dummy. I said she was the lead programmer. That clearly means she was part of a team.

>> No.58203847

the images you posted never proved she was the lead programmer either...unless i missed something.
im taking this as fact until proven otherwise

>> No.58203867

>What have YOU done,eh?
I haven't done anything other than write a few trivial programs. But then again, I never CLAIMED to have made any sort of significant contribution to the field of computer science.

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well you can fug right then
>telling people what have they done when you havent done anything worthy yourself
sad desu
>pic related

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Yes, it was confirmed by her coworkers that it was done by her manually. I don't know why, but /g/ is pretty much the only place it's still disputed since it was officially confirmed.

>> No.58203927

>That clearly means she was part of a team.
No it doesn't. People invent titles for themselves all the time. You didn't say she was part of a team, and that other anon replied by clarifying that point. You replied again saying "nobody claimed she was the only programmer" but still not clarifying that there was a team involved. Moreover, LOTS OF PEOPLE CLAIM SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE. The photo itself implies that; the photo isn't authentic in that it doesn't show the actual number of people involved with the project.

Since you seem to think you know so much more than everyone else, perhaps you can help me on that front; how many people worked on that project with her?

>> No.58203932

>- Margaret Hamilton, lead Apollo flight software designer.

>> No.58203971

>wall of text
T-thanks for wasting your time on me to research, kinda cute desu :3

It also says on the wiki page of she was the lead dev btw

>> No.58203980

No problem. Correcting the record helps me ignore how shitty my life is.

>> No.58203984

Okay then, have you written any non-trivial programs or made any kind of meaningful contribution to the field? If so, maybe I'm wrong. But /g/, myself included, is generally not known for getting things done, and in comparison, even merely drawing positive attention to the field is a worthwhile accomplishment.

>> No.58203986

>software designer

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Yes i have made non-trivial programs since im the lead dev in my cyber-sec team at my uni

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Dude don't fuck with FALCON he has probably been here way longer than you and is one of the best anons around

You wanna fite the FALCON you gotta go through ME

>> No.58204004

>so your dismissal of her achievements

such as?

>> No.58204007

No one cares your shit is old and slow

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> how shitty my life is.
tell me about it fampai :^(
l-l-lets go back to >>>/r9k/ to feel

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>>wall of text
It's a fucking article. What are you complaining about? You can search for things in it.

>> No.58204029

similar to the wage gap meme that's been repeated for the last 15 years, ranges from 70 - 78%, all citing each other in circles.

>> No.58204036

wow i can't believe how long it's been since i've seen this.

>> No.58204041

>as a woman, she did not write any code

nice and easy to spot

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Bil Gates didn't make Windows.

>> No.58204351

I can't imagine the discrimination and harrassment she through as a woman in tech in the 60's.

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>that photo

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

>> No.58204405

Assuming nasa was publicly funded at the time, I doubt it. Government organizations have ragingly large HR departments and people get fired over nothing. this is why sjw has infected all types of public sector jobs, whoever runs to the teacher first is the winner

>> No.58204427

Same. I came to this thread just to save it.

>> No.58204431

Us women are conditioned to be timid, so many women do not report their harrassment to HR, heck most women dont even report rape. I have worked in many tech firms and nerdy men constantly hit on me and see me more as a romantic oppurtunity than a developer. In school, most of my classmates who were my "friends" actually had romantic intentions. its hard for us :/

>> No.58204443

If you are not a troll you need to seriously re-evaluate what's important in this life.

If you are congratulations, you triggered me extremely hard. I have goosebumps from cringing.

>> No.58204491

>Us women are conditioned to be timid

lol, no. You've never met one, have you?

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American women don't count because they're the only ones in the world that have higher testosterone than their own country men

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Trannies always have this bizarre concept of women and they always end up becoming a satire of women.

It's so strange.

>> No.58204528

>It's so strange.

Not really. They're almost all autistic.

>> No.58204538

I feel like it'd be fun, but a pain in the ass to program with those

>> No.58204539

I don't care about whether or not she actually wrote all that code. She's pretty cute.
Anyone who cares about the coding stuff and not about how cute she is is just a homosexual.

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So, it's okay to show photos of Stallmam, Gates, Poetterig, Satya, Jobs, Torvalds or any other guy in a thread, but when that someone is a girl the entire threads turns into "OMG, who cares? Stop oppressing me with your clit you SJW cuck le le le XDD"?

Like, damn, she and her team really accomplished and contributed something to various fields and what are you doing? Nothing. Just a waste of bandwith and energy. Throwing noise into an anime forum.

So yeah, fuck y'all. I hate the current SJW current just like any other non-retard, but your autism is too much for me sometimes.

>> No.58204547

this """""""""""women""""""""""""""" BTFO

>> No.58204550

Shouldn't you be at a gender studies meeting or something?

>> No.58204567

>what are you doing? Nothing. Just a waste of bandwith and energy. Throwing noise into an anime forum.
Isn't that what you are doing you stupid faggot
Like i told that other anon
What are (((YOU))) doing?
What have (((YOU))) done?

>> No.58204574

>She's pretty cute.

LMAO, she looks like a man. Obviously you are the homo here.

>> No.58204582

People get understandably angry because all those "women invented programming" posts are blatant lies cooked up by the feminist agenda.

If women were actually worth a damn in this field, they wouldn't need to resort to revisionism to prove it.

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>> No.58204649

>What are (((YOU))) doing?
>What have (((YOU))) done?
You first.

>revisionists accusing others of revisionism
top kek

>> No.58204671

see>>58203993 its me

>> No.58204686

no, u: the post

>> No.58204724

im actually bill gates. come to reddit with me.

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>> No.58204769

>>I don't have an argument so I'll just attack his masculinity instead
yeah because this:
>>>[x] pill
>>ugh just buy yourself a fleshlight loser
is totally an argument that warrants a response

>> No.58204777

Who are you talking to?

>> No.58204786

>unless she went and printed every revision and shit.
That's exactly what that image is, along with a bunch of program output.

>> No.58204790

Imagine back then she had to write all that code in vim on a CRT monitor thats just black and green.

>> No.58204830

He's an old man on a chinese cartoon image board for teens. Let him have this moment at least if this is what his sad life has become.

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>> No.58205279

>she did not write any code.

But she did lol

>> No.58205306

>that jaw
Boys who dress like girls really do make the best programmers.

>> No.58205445

(underappreciated post)

>> No.58205847

It's assembly, she was director of a team that wrote software for the Apollo 11 guidance computer. It all got copied onto github this year: https://github.com/chrislgarry/Apollo-11

>> No.58205873

She lead the team that wrote all that.

I could probably write that much code in just under a decade too, if I wanted. It wouldn't be anywhere near NASA quality, but hey.

As a software dev I look up to the all the programmers that made the moon landings possible. Some of the greatest work our field ever did.

>> No.58206010

>For us at /g/ who like programming
I agree with most of your post; turning it into a gender thing is disrespectful.
That said, the backlash in this thread at the idea that a woman could code is comical, and I'm guessing OP was just aiming to rustle some jimmies.

>> No.58206026

That means she didn't write it retard.

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Wanna give her my full stack.

>> No.58206056

>>Do any of you feel inferior to the MALE GENITALIA of Bill Gates? I bet you feel inadequate when you compare your accomplishments to the MALE Bill Gates and his PENIS and TESTICLES.

Windows users, amirite?

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File: 16 KB, 300x300, MTE5NDg0MDU1MTUzMTE2Njg3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Computer science wasn't invented by women, it was invented by a gay man!

Compilers were invented by women

>> No.58206190

It's actually not code but test output data.

>> No.58206294

This thread made me vomit. Thanks neckbeards of /g/, I can always count on you for this..

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This is an actual photo from one of the pages. It's all code.

More here https://imgur.com/gallery/Dp23C

This triggers /pol/cucks and /g/ neckbeards

>> No.58206311

Which book

>> No.58206352

was vim even out back then? wouldn't it be vi?

wait you got me - pretty sure there wasn't even unix back then

>> No.58206356

you mean it literally made you sick?

>> No.58206408


Nobody gives a SHIT about her/his gender.

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>massive tumblr invasion
what the fuck

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thats documentation not code retard

and she did none of that

>> No.58206780

Wtf that makes no sense.

>> No.58206970

So many underage here.
Why it's so hard to accept that woman can program?

https://youtu.be/ecIWPzGEbFc (8:50)

Almost half of the programmers were females back in the day.

>> No.58206999

This doesn't confirm /pol/ nor /g/'s mindset.
Get out of here with your "evidence".

>> No.58207022

no it's code, at least try to google next time

>> No.58207048

wasn't that the output not the documentation?

>> No.58207195

I was going to write a lengthy post but then I realizes you're a tripfag so you're only here to seek attention rather than discuss anything.

Example #1
>rms is that computer freedomist guy

Example #2
>rms spends most of his time advocating for free software, as well as campaigning against software patents, digital rights management, and other legal and technical systems which he sees as taking away users' freedoms, including software license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, activation keys, dongles, copy restriction, proprietary formats and binary executables without source code. Here he is looking at his ThinkPad in an African village.
>>58202056 (OP)

The reason people turn this into a gender "issue" is that women were rarely allowed that sort of work and now that the society has moved forward, people like to celebrate the heroes who seemed like they were pushing the circumstances and calling forth change for the better.

They knew you'd never get that much further than hello world and tried to encourage you to do something else with your life.

>> No.58208281
File: 9 KB, 401x367, 1440487541618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>software designer

> You men do the work, I'm just the idea lady!

>> No.58208307
File: 21 KB, 353x251, 1445472277744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good little goy! 2 shekels have been deposited into your Newegg account

>> No.58208702

Ayo hol up. U finna say
n sheit

>> No.58208725

I'd fuck the shit outta her, she's a qt

>> No.58208856

"Hamilton standing next to the navigation software that she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo project." not just her

>> No.58208956


neck yourself

>> No.58208969

>made the moon landings possible
what a pleb

>> No.58209041

Moon landing was faked, therefore all these people are fake as well.
That girl is probably some prop hand from Kubrick's moon landing set.
And that stack of papers is probably an itemized list he wrote detailing everything he found inadequate about her performance.

>> No.58209071
File: 55 KB, 450x410, Apollo_16_site_from_LRO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is the apollo hardware still there (photographed), on the surface of the moon

all the lunar buggy tracks

it's all there

is that fake too

>> No.58209082

nice try globalist we've broken the conditioning.

>> No.58209851

Occam's Razer. This photo was faked

>> No.58210154

>untold story

then how did the writers know how to write this show???????????????????

>> No.58210626

>piling up a stack of blank paper and keep it from tipping
>huge accomplishment

>> No.58210674

Post video of her writing the code. If there isn't any, it didn't happen.

>> No.58210678

fuck, you made me spill my drink.

>> No.58210939

A man could have optimised that code down to one book.

Pick two

>> No.58211012
File: 308 KB, 799x1098, taraji-p-henson-as-cookie-in-foxs-empire.-Henson-as-Cookie-Lyon-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Taraji Henson gf


>> No.58212016

>all black
>one fatass
Typical SJW movie

>captcha: cure mexico

>> No.58212528

Genuinely curious, why so few women in programming fields nowadays?

I only watched about 20mins of the talk

>> No.58212711

Dunno what the video says, but I'd argue it's culture. It's not that we don't want them being programmers; most just don't want to BE programmers.
Investing into programs that get women interested in programming isn't gonna do anything productive. The best course of action would be teaching computer courses in school, and offering programming classes.
They use to teach BASIC at the worst of schools (source: my mom), so no idea why that's changed.

>> No.58214805

Who knew Daniel Radcliffe was a time traveling cross-dresser.

>> No.58214838

She and her entire team of engineers over years of work.

>> No.58214849


I've been trying to think of who that thing reminded me of since this thread was posted, and you fucking nailed it.

>> No.58214869

1000% probability that OP is an angry sjw.

>> No.58216477

The stacks shown on the image are code listings, which doesn't contain much code per page.
The apollo guidance computer (AGC) code listing was 1751 pages. (Source: Ibiblio.org/apollo/ScansForConversion/Comanche055)
There are 17 binders on the picture, but 1751/17=103 pages, and those binders clearly contain more than 100 pages each. So most likely there are several print outs in this image stacked on top of each other.

According to wikipedia, at the peak some 350 people working on the AGC software ( and it required 1400 person-years of effort total to code it).
The rom of the AGC could hold 36864 words = 73728 bytes. If 1 byte can store 1 character, that's 73728 characters maximum. 1 A4 page can hold roughly 4000 characters. 73728/4000=~18 pages or real code.

>how tall is Margaret Hamilton? - 5'0"

So, we know her height, and can find out the height of the stack of papers. If someone can find out what the thickness of that paper is, we can find out how many sheets there are, and thus how many copies of the code listings there are.

>> No.58216614

They had no libraries for what they were doing. They wrote everything from scratch, in all likelihood.

>> No.58216621

To sum it up:

>The code for the Apollo guidance computer amounted to 18 pages

>The stacks of paper are copies of code listings (verified by reddit by emailing her), and each copy is 1751 pages of a few lines of actual code on each page

>It took 1400 person-years of effort to make the code, so even if she spent every day for many years contributing to the project, her effort amounted to less than 1% of the total effort spent on it

>She was one person in a 350 person team who created the code.

Game over, SJWs.

>> No.58217006

Progressive cinema.

>> No.58217294

How does this shit work? Did they have an ENIAC on board or something and it did all the beep boops?

I'm in medicine, I don't talk to computers so all of this is a mystery to me.

>> No.58218126

Brings back traumatic memories from group projects in college.

Another one - only girl in group: "I'll be the project manager because I'm not good at coding but I'm good at """"""people skills""""""."

Does jackshit all semester except booking library rooms for meetings. We mostly end up managing ourselves.

>> No.58218205
File: 50 KB, 604x453, 1421616303489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


those are error printouts caused by loops and fuckups, she's smiling because errors caused that much return when the program ran, it's kind of a picture of a joke, of a ridiculous error not documentation of her handwritten code

>> No.58218207

>He doesn't know how to code

Why live?

>> No.58218269
File: 35 KB, 700x525, 1359852306651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


deal with facts bros

>> No.58218527

Her only really good work was as the "Wicked Witch of the West" in the movie "The Wizard of OZ" (1939, MGM Studios).

Scared the shit out of me as a child.

>> No.58220000

>everyone agrees that she didn't write the first "computer program".
i'm pretty sure everyone agrees that she published the first one

>> No.58220018

post video if you writing that post. If there isn't any, it didn't happen

>> No.58220068

So they learned nothing from the ghostbusters bullshit?

>> No.58220097

>Don't know what to do

Donate to my CBD research on armadillos
[email protected]

If you're ACTUALLY rich, prove it

>> No.58220138
File: 32 KB, 738x335, sdfvsd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boi...

>> No.58220197

That's just for the hello world class

>> No.58220235
File: 171 KB, 1298x568, yvdT0nQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, it's code. this has been debunked multiple times.

>> No.58220679

If men are so good at programming, why don't any work at Microsoft?

>> No.58220726

Where are you getting the 18 page figure from? There's no fucking way the entire AGC software fit in 18 pages, even if equivalent code was written in a modern language it would be way more than that, and assembly is way more verbose than what's used today.

>> No.58220807

thread still up?

For the sake of argument, let's pretend your gay little claim is true and she's a programmer.

You are still missing the central point, about the vagina award. You spout for hours about equality but you cherrypick only the girl and pretend no males were on the team at all.

She didn't lead anyone, and certainly didn't "take us to the moon". It wasn't "her team", she was part of a team. Just like every other female programmer, she is overhead for other males who've already done the heavy lifting. What about the engineer who made the language, the engineers who made the computer, and everyone else? it's just like jerking off about ada when you live in this retarded parallel universe in which babbage just didn't exist at all.

But she didn't even get that far, because she's not a programmer, it's failed code output. As a female you don't even get to handle working code output. Girls suck at programming and will continue to do so until you invent a programming language that can be created with feelings, otherwise they just make vagina software.

Please stop posting and find a shooting range, they let you rent guns for less than $20. It is the quickest way.

>> No.58221022

>But she didn't even get that far, because she's not a programmer, it's failed code output. As a female you don't even get to handle working code output. Girls suck at programming and will continue to do so until you invent a programming language that can be created with feelings, otherwise they just make vagina software.

So some programmer gave her his failed code output, just because? What sort of contrived scenario are you imagining here?

>> No.58221040

look at all those (You)s

>> No.58221712

back in those days being the "lead programmer" was the same as being a "human computer".

>The term "computer", in use from the early 17th century (the first known written reference dates from 1613),[1] meant "one who computes": a person performing mathematical calculations, before electronic computers became commercially available.

>"The human computer is supposed to be following fixed rules; he has no authority to deviate from them in any detail." (Turing, 1950) Teams of people were frequently used to undertake long and often tedious calculations; the work was divided so that this could be done in parallel.

>For some men, being a computer was a temporary position until they moved on to greater advancements. For women the occupation was generally closed, with some exceptions such as Mary Edwards who worked from the 1780s to 1815 as one of thirty five computers for the British Nautical Almanac used for navigation at sea. This changed in the late nineteenth century with Edward Charles Pickering.[3] Many of the women astronomers from this era were computers with possibly the best known being Henrietta Swan Leavitt, who worked with Pickering from 1893.

>Human computers played integral roles in the World War II war effort in the United States, and because of the depletion of the male labor force due to the draft, many computers during World War II were women, frequently with degrees in mathematics. In the Manhattan Project, human computers, working with a variety of mechanical aids, assisted numerical studies of the complex formulas related to nuclear fission.[7] Because the six people responsible for setting up problems on the ENIAC (the premiere general-purpose electronic digital computer built at the University of Pennsylvania during World War II) were drafted from a corps of human computers, the world's first professional computer programmers were women. These were Kay McNulty, Betty Snyder, Marlyn Wescoff, Ruth Lichterman, Betty Jean Jennings, and Fran Bilas.

>> No.58221729
File: 135 KB, 1150x900, Human_computers_-_Dryden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's an actual pic of the NASA high speed computer room

>> No.58221833
File: 17 KB, 480x360, tripfag life of one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you can filter his dribble out.

>> No.58221887

for a woman, yes.

>> No.58221947

CompSci student on academic probation here. Donate it to me so I can buy anime figures.

>> No.58222256

>otherwise they just make vagina software.
You should download some.

>> No.58222290

Top kek.

>> No.58222465

Top fucking kek

>> No.58223806

The ROM in the computer used could only store 73 kilobytes of text. That's 73K letters. You can store 4k letters on a shert of A4 paper. 73K/4K=18 pages.

>> No.58223819

That is code listings. Read the post again dipshit.

>> No.58223823

oh my god lost

>> No.58223840


>> No.58224244

Boohoo no one today writes code they don't need to write

>> No.58224343


>> No.58224355

Big sweeping general statements like these help me not buy into the zeitgeist of this website. The one government job I worked was the most sexist place I've ever worked. I had one guy admit he used to Bill Cosby drug women. I now work a startup with no real HR and it's the most SJW place I've worked. Shit depends a lot more on the industry, not dumb shit like HR because you can easily get around that shit.

>> No.58224368

I can't want to fuck someone and have them be smarter than me.

It causes an unhandled exception error in my brain.

>> No.58224406

Note everybody gets picked up by the PHOENIX program either, blowhard.

>> No.58224589

Quads confirm

>> No.58224601
File: 685 KB, 500x500, 1459987755197.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Epic trolling m80

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