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Post your component list, rate other anons', ask questions in general.

Always state the purpose of your PC, your budget, AND YOUR COUNTRY if outside the USA.
If you are asking for improvements, clarify whether you want to lower price or to improve specs or build quality.

>Assemble your parts list with price comparisons by vendor and compatibility filter.

>Gaming builds based on purpose or display resolution / Hz
>To activate the Description, select build from sidebar then click on the title over the parts list
>Description contains notes, other options, and build skeleton for easy customization / cost savings

>Have a budget, but don't know where to start? This will recommend you a parts list based on price.
>Consider substituting an i5 6500 for the i3 in any RX470/480 or GTX 1060 tier build
>Consider stock fan+heatsink for any i3 or locked i5 build
>Consider a B150 mobo for any i3 build
>Add a 240GB SSD to the "Very Good" tier build

>General build advice including chipset compatibility, power supply advice, Windows activation information.
http://pastebin.com/9Pbm4nHL (embed)

>Information about how to assemble a PC, how to select components, etc.

If you see any other build advice or part list threads, direct them here with >>>/g/pcbg

Previous thread >>58153901

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First for zen hype

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First for zen skepticism

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It's Ryzen you fool!

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Third or fourth or whatever for i3 7350K hype and i3 6100 overclocking

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Daily reminder that 90% of you first time buildniggers are better off with an H110 mATX or mini ITX motherboard than a B150 or higher chipset.

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why is mini smaller than micro?

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Hey /g/, got a question.

Is there a benefit to plugging in a case fan into both the mobo's sys_fan header and the PSU over just plugging it into the header?

Also, how does my first gaming build look so far? Pic related.

I still need to improve my cable management and get the 1060 and a few other things but it works and I'd say it's about 85-90% complete.

Components: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zHMTM8

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Because I is smaller than A

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GTX 1050 2GB or RX 460 4GB?

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Depends, but I would say 2GB 1050 or 4GB 470

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RX 480 4GB

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Hey /g/ Im going to be getting a Dell optiplex as a base for my brothers gift. It has everything in it already(i5,HDD,fan,windows7) except a GPU (Which I checked and it can support the one I bought Sapphire7870) and a PSU(Which I am planning on buying a 430W). He mainly plays Total war games. Will this build satisfy?

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But RX 470 is almost twice the price of those

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Should I get a second NF-A14 and run the CPU cooler in a push/pull setup?

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How big does my power supply need to be?
>GTX 1060 6GB
>i5 6500

Is 450w enough? Or should i go for a more powerfull one?

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So I have a shitty FX 6300 that I'm ready to put to pasture. Should I wait for Ryzen or get an Intel mobo+cpu?

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Excellent build m8. Adding a second fan in push/pull will give you like... 2°C or so, imho not worth the extra 20 bucks.

>i don't know what a PSU calculator is and i can't google it
I could tell you the answer but for fucks sake don't be a lazy prick. Go to be quiets website they have a good calculator.

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My current rig is an i7 4770 with a gtx 1060 6gb

16gb ddr3

my psu is 480w, so I think you'll be alright

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Let's see ...
GTX 1060 = 120 W
i5 6500 = 65 W
Motherboard + SSD/HDD + RAM = 25 W

Peak SUM = 210 W

A non-shitty 300 W power supply should be enough. If you want to have a safety margin get 400 W.

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>Should I wait for Ryzen or get an Intel mobo+cpu?
You got the same problem as i do. I suggest you'll do what i do, if you get an insane deal on an Intel CPU (if you're from EU this can be bundled with Asus cashback), pull the trigger, otherwise it's better to wait for Zen.

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It should be coming up Q1 2017 which gives me plenty of time to save some money.

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Only the 8C/16T version from what i've heard. The other ones will be released later in Q2 or even Q3.

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At least it's good for the price range?
How much longer will it last?

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Please, How can I tell what the speed of this ram is?

It is 4gb ddr3 module obviously, but I don't know which of these things is supposed to tell me the speed?

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In other words: DDR3-1333.

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Thank you so much anon, I legitimately didn't know

I was thinking 1600 mhz lol

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Even if the RAM were faster or slower than the rest of your system RAM won't all of it just underclock to the lowest speed RAM?

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No, 10600 is just the module name, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR3_SDRAM#JEDEC_standard_modules

Depends. It will either run at lower speeds or don't run at all. Also, please don't mismatch RAM, just don't.

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Not going to be mismatching, have the other module right here with me

its going on ebay

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How hard will my AMD Phenom II X4 960T BE bottleneck a GTX 1050?

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Maybe where you live.
Over in the states the lowest priced 470 is 160/170, not as much as you think.

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Cheapest 470 is 200 euros here

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Is it even worth upgrading from a 6790?

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Hey /g/ I never built my own machine but I wanna get a rig powerful enough to play Dota 2 and Doom without any problems for about 900 bucks

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>H110 mATX motherboard
>8GB of DDR4-2133 RAM
>240GB SSD
>maybe a 1TB HDD
>$40 case
>$50 semi-modular PSU
>a GTX 1060 6GB

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Any updates on Zen and Vega? I'm planning an i7-6800K + GTX 1070 rig in pic related for the end of January. If AMD are going to deliver I might switch to a full AMD build

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Since there's a couple i3 overclockers here, what's a safe package temperature, since the OC disables core temp?

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Looks good. Don't know about the fan though. As long as it works.

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I'd recomond a higher PSU desu.

>> No.58169736

for what purpose?

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How the fuck are you going to fit it in that box?

>> No.58169763

Zen is supposedly shitting on Shekel Lake i7s but that's AMD's selected benchmarks

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If you're asking about the cpu: Asrock X99E-ITX with a Dynatron T318 radiator + Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM fan. As for the graphics card, there's plenty of space for it.

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Any ETA on it?

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Gonna be noisy m8

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Okay, so I just built this thing. How did I do?

Also there is a buzz coming from somewhere and I can't figure out where it's from, it's somewhere around the VRM area.

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Why is your fan backwards?

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Looked smaller on the picture, but imho this isn't a good idea. you won't be able to put a good cooler on the i7 and the combo of i7 + shit cooler + reference design 1070 is going to cook for good.

>> No.58169883

It's not. It's spinning, so you're seeing through.

>> No.58169915

Well if I push all cores to the max, probably but I don't plan on doing that all the time.

I agree that the cooling for the CPU will be less than ideal but it's about as good as I can fit in that case. Also I'm probably going to use a MSI Gaming X 1070, which does fit, not a reference design.

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I bought a rx 480 and my asrock b75m-dgs r2.0 doesn't recognize it. I can't see on the bios, neither on speccy or GPU-z. I have the latest bios firmware and my old 7770 works just fine. Can i ship it back already? What else I can try?

I think the motherboard is compatible since in the site userbenchmark there is a lot of builds with 1070,1060, 470 and 480.

>> No.58169969

does the card have a bios switch? If so, you might have it set to the UEFI vbios

>> No.58170004

Yes, it is dual bios, it is a XFX RS. Sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about, can you be more specific?

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Finna pull the trigger on 1050 ti. Should i ?

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i fucked up and bought something i didn't need. The glass panel on my 901 won't close because the pcb on my 290 only barely fits in the case. I payed close attention to all the dimensions before getting the case but i guess i didn't think about the extra length the pci-e connectors would add. Any of you guys know of any low profile extenders? All i can find are the ones on moddiy for $30 a piece.

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File: 219 KB, 1527x1114, 480_RS_BIOS_SWITCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I'm saying is shut off your pc, flip that switch on your graphics card and see if that fixes your problem

>> No.58170148


I'm not really sure about the motherboard and psu. Are there better options that would match the rest of the build more?

>> No.58170157

It doesn't work, unfortunately, I already tried to run in both states.

>> No.58170173

could be DOA then. Unless you have a second system to test in just RMA it.

>> No.58170182

Q1 2017

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>One inch passive heatsink
Just get a 6700k and Z170 and save yourself the imminent memes
If this build comes together as it look right now you're going to have a bad time with temps and noise

>> No.58170362

You SHOULDNT use and MSI card in that case, that's basically the one and only situation where a reference card will be better
I'm telling you, that 6800k and weak cooler is gonna be hot, and you want to add in all the gpus hot air too? Get a different CPU, a different chipset, and a blower card depending on whether you want worse GPU cooling or worse CPU cooling

>> No.58170390

No cant you see he's got a noctua to zip-tie to the CPU so he can't overheat at all

>> No.58170399

Why not a different case? This year I bought a Mastercase 5, and I'm absolutely in love. It's better than the actual pc inside.

>> No.58170417

What's the best number/size/position of case fans for maximum cooling in a standard size case?

>> No.58170425

Consider a locked quad core CPU and a B150 board
You're not gonna be able to overclock that 6800k worth a shit and you'll never ever SLI. So by switching to B150 you lose overclockable ram but gain at least $100 by switching parts

>> No.58170437

If you want a different case go ahead and get one, but from what I've seen, anybody seriously suggesting they need a dancase meme like that usually isn't willing to get a different case to have better performance

>> No.58170449

Cover every panel 100% in fans blowing outwards

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While I'd generally agree, apparently the guy designing this has this shit figured out and has the airflow for the gpu and the cpu/mobo completely separated and apparently it results in pretty good temps

Well I'm looking at the 6800K for the cores not so much high clock speeds and lots of lanes. Nevertheless, I am considering switching to a Z170 + i7-6600K @ 4GHz combination for better temps

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Hello /g/ents.

Was on vacation last week and left the window open. Rained on the compy. Need to figure out what parts I need to replace. New CPU/mobo? Or is everything trashed.

Pic related is current condition of CPU

>> No.58170496

adding to that, is there any real-world difference between an overclocked 6600K vs a 6700K?

>> No.58170506

Would a 430 suffice though? He isnt into anything other than RTS games and totalwar.

>> No.58170509

take a pic of the socket without the cpu

>> No.58170514

almost certainly mobo,
plug hdds into other desktop to see if they still work
stick paperclip into psu to see if it still works

>> No.58170522

That is and has been the only difference between the 6700k and 6600k

>> No.58170542

I know, but does it actually make a meaningful difference in real-world usage (ex. gaymen, rendering, transcoding, etc.)

>> No.58170548

Looks good, but should have gone for i5 6500

Personally I'd leave room for a 300W gfx card, but if you know you're never getting that then it's fine


It's ok, not great. 2GB is on its way out, but for a weak card like that, it's fine

You have the PCIe 6-pin or 8-pin connected?

If you have a prebuilt with out a 6-pin, yes, otherwise get the 470

>> No.58170561

Work programs

Gaming doesn't mean much, unless the game takes advantage of the hyperthreading.

In some cases, it can hurt it.

>> No.58170588

Depends if your program of choice is a multithreaded monster that can take advantage of the extra threads. Generally games don't use more than 4 cores well, if even 4 cores at all, and don't benefit from hyperthreading. This could change with DX12 (a well multithreaded api) becoming bigger.
Most other high-demand programs are coded to use all the threads they can grab, so that's why the "i7 for productivity" meme is a thing
So yeah, you will see benefits, but it completely depends on the program, and games are usually not that kind of program

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Roger that

>> No.58170686

Thanks guys, will probably go for an i7-6700K then.

>> No.58170724

if everythings dry and you cant see any obvious corrosion, you should be good for a test run when you replace the paste on that cpu

>> No.58170757

How good are Zotac cards compared to other brands?

>> No.58170812

B150 is the right chipset for Skylake locked CPUs right?

>> No.58170813

Zotac is a very good and reliable company, only downside is the usually higher power consumption on their AMP! cards compared to OC cards of other brands.

>> No.58170843

H110 - minimum, for i3 or if you can't afford more
B150 - usually everything you need
H170 - for SLI and extended features
Z170 - only if you OC

>> No.58170905

which chipset would support 2400MHz+ DDR4?

>> No.58170918


This a good SSHD for the price?

>> No.58170947 [DELETED] 

Hey /g/ wondering if I should replace my cpu or gpu first.

Gpu: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series
Cpu: AMD Athlon (tm) x4 760K Quad Core Processor

Thanks for the help

>> No.58170970

you should replace all your computer first

>> No.58170997

Skylake only supports 2133 MHz DDR4 so you will need to OC which means you need Z170.

>> No.58170998

I need a single slot (can have two slot cooler) low profile gpu that would pair well with a 775 pentium 4 system
I know theres the msi 750ti but that would be bottlenecked as fuck by the cpu

Any pci power only cards that wouldnt be bottlenecked by something like that?
Really not looking for much more than a fun project, ricing shatever optiplex i can find on amazon for undet 60$

>> No.58171011

Z170, but don't think that ram speed is more important than a good deal

>> No.58171012

what kind of oc is usually needed for those kinds of frequencies?

>> No.58171023

Im looking at aomething like an r7 240 and upgrading the cpu to a pentium D ot old xeon if the mobo can accept it

>> No.58171024

2133mhz is stock speed ram.
To overclock ram you enable xmp in the bios.

>> No.58171052

I meant what kind of core clocks do you need to reach for 2400mhz and above ram?

>> No.58171061

1050ti 4gb

>> No.58171064

...................... X M P

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>> No.58171187


I built this mainly for gaming (at 1680x1050), but also for light photoshop.

I'm running a 1680x1050 monitor that I got off my sister for free (60Hz), and the 3GB card seems perfect for that resolution (the local store that I bought my GPU from weren't stocking any RX cards at the time and they discontinued the 900 series).

I got the CPU, RAM, Mobo and PSU from a friend for $400 (AUD). I saved about $20 on the case because it was an old display model.

I got a completely legit version of Windows 10 for free ( :^) ).

All-in-all I spent ~$1100 AUD on the system. The local store I go to is a little overpriced, but it was still a hell of a lot cheaper than shipping, even if I got standard delivery.

Headset is the Logitech G430, mouse is the Thermaltake black v2 and the keybaord is some old Acer boad with membrane switches (also got for free from my sis).

Anything that I should have done differently?

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File: 58 KB, 1200x1017, cucked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need help boys. I fucked up and went with AMD when I built my PC. Have an FX-8350. Need to upgrade my GPU from an R9 280X, what should I go with?

>> No.58171208

any recent nvidia gpu, lower driver cpu overhead

>> No.58171229

1070 or RX 480

>> No.58171251

>overpriced meme cooler
>shit SSD
>PSU that isn't made for OC
>Headset is the Logitech G430
>keybaord is some old Acer boad with membrane switches
One wants to puke.

>I got a completely legit version of Windows 10 for free ( :^) ).
>t. xXxTheH4xX0R1337xXx

>> No.58171404

You should have gotten pussy from your sis.

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File: 436 KB, 1280x1024, 1481498010178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What case is this?

>> No.58171710

Personally I'd suggest the gtx 1060

>> No.58171732

Currently looking at creating a new setup, specs include:
CPU: Intel i5 6600k quad core 3.5GHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170X 5 Socket
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4
Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper
PSU: Corsair HX750i 750W 80+ Platinum
GPU: AMD RX480 8GB OR GTX 1070

Games I frequent include Rust, Fallout 4, Overwatch and Witcher 3 and I live in Australia.

At the moment I'm torn between the 2 GPU's listed and would like any other opinions on the rest of the build, I'm a bit new to this.

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I hope you have a fire extinguisher.

>> No.58171767

You got a non-k CPU so I assume you won't overclock it, so you can cheap out on the motherboard a lot. Also that windows looks pricy, why do you need both 64 and 32?

>> No.58171781
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I have pic related sitting around and would like to gut it and turn it into a mid/good tier sleeper pc... rec me some parts?

>> No.58171815
File: 91 KB, 1024x576, arch-chernobyl_sarcophagus_2016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fire extinguisher
More like having a sarcophagus because that core's going to melt and you don't want to be right next to your EVGA 1070 when that thing goes nuclear.

>> No.58171925

I think I am going to go with the 1060.
Thanks anon :^)

>> No.58171966

People usually compare the 480 to the 1060, the 1070 currently runs laps around the 480 but it also costs more. The 480 wont have problems playing anything in 1080p and you'll be able to pick up a monitor with freesync cheaper than you would for a 1060/1070 and a monitor with gsync.

Make sure you clock that 6600k to (at least) 4ghz so you dont get fps drops when you're getting 50man zerged in your stone hut on rust tho.

>> No.58172196

what >>58170970 this guy said.

>> No.58172243

the fan should only plug into a single power source. use the motherboard as it probably has speed control and monitoring.

>> No.58172290

For anyone curious about deleted post-
Guy asks which he should replace=
>Gpu: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series
>Cpu: AMD Athlon (tm) x4 760K Quad Core Processor

>> No.58172337

>Shekel Lake
You wish. It's barely up to par with Haswell-E. The benchmarks show that it's behind Broadwell-E and even further behind Skylake.

>> No.58172356


Should I go up to the 1060 6gb version or an i5 6500?

Would the zotac mini 3/6 gb be better for $20-40 less than the evga?

It's a small gaming build that I am gonna hide behind my monitor because my desk is too small.

>> No.58172375

Also I play on a 29" 2560x1080.

>> No.58172512

Is there a website where I can statistical analysis on every component. I want to find out myself which component performs the best.

>> No.58172530

>anonymous poster literally rewriting benchmark results on the fly

>> No.58172542
File: 201 KB, 708x733, kek'd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See pic related. Zen is behind the comparatively clocked i7-6800K

>> No.58172588

Supermicro SC750-A

>> No.58172629

I think having 32 and 64 might be standard for the usb based releases. The OEM DVD 64bit version was the same price so I just went with the usb release.

>> No.58172634

Wait at least until it's out.

>> No.58172698
File: 62 KB, 480x640, 13817337_490448391155020_576220822_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's mine.


I have everything except the 960 Pro and case. I'll likely sell of the HDD once I get the 960 Pro. I also didn't choose a case because I'm waiting for the release of a few cases, and then I'll decide. Deciding between the Phanteks Enthoo Elite, In Win 909, and Lian Li PC-O11.

Picture somewhat related.

>> No.58172706

That's the saddest damn thing I've ever seen.

Got access to an industrial vapor degreaser? That shit would clean right up.

>> No.58172941

Hey guys I just bought an Rx 470. But I got a problem. This power requirement needs an 8 pronged power connector. But I have a Cooler Master 500 which only has 6.

Is there anyway around this? Do I have to buy a whole new PSU or is there like some conversion cords?

>> No.58172971

There should be a two pin next to the six pin. If not, then there's molex adapters a well.

>> No.58172998

>go on pcpartpicker
>no guides below 472 USD
top kek

>pick own parts
>try to stay on the cheap side
lol i can buy a pc in a store for cheaper than that and not waste hours building it. what a bunch of cucks

>> No.58173109

post it.
chances are its either an AMD setup or a G4400.

>> No.58173216

Would two 1070s in SLI be better for gaming than one 1080?

>> No.58173324

SLI 1070s is potentially faster, but games don't always support SLI properly. Because of that, in general you're better off going with a single more powerful car.

>> No.58173331

There are 6 to 8 adapters, you could buy one of those. But it's recommended that you buy a new power supply instead, 8-pin requires more power and your PSU might not be able to supply that much.

It's probably some kind of cheap AMD processor and a fire hazard PSU combination. At that price point you should be looking at used builds or walmart's bargain bin.

No. SLI never scales as well as you hope it does. A better card is almost always better than two cheaper ones.

>> No.58173400

Could get a new PSU or return the 470 and get one that only requires a 6-pin (reference)

>> No.58173427

Is 1440p & 144hz too much for a 6700k & 1070?

>> No.58173449
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Ehh it's good

>> No.58173457

Yes to the 6GB 1060, yes to the CPU if you have the money

Not really every component, but there are lots of gaming GPU and CPU reviews, both on a per game (lots of cards tested on one game) and per gfx card (lots of games tested on one card) basis.

>> No.58173465

Gonna have to turn down some deets, most likely.

>> No.58173468
File: 102 KB, 960x708, 155989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really though?

>> No.58173477

All that cuteness and it's still slobbering.

Not him, but yes the 1070 is fine for 1440p. Just get a Gsync monitor

>> No.58173486

What about BTX?

>> No.58173490

Depends. You can't reach 140+ FPS on latest titles without some hefty downgrades. But if you're happy just getting 60+ FPS then it'll do that on high settings.

>> No.58173511

What about it? It's a dead form factor.

>> No.58173531

I'm happy if I can reach like 80-100 in games (or 144 in older games), it doesn't need to be 144hz. 144 is mostly for muh windows experience.

I was sceptical about getting a 1440p&144hz monitor at first but now I really feel like doing it.

>> No.58173568

144hz doesn't really help unless you're into competitive or racing games.

>> No.58173582

I just want it to feel nice and responsive.

>> No.58173600

Then it's good enough for couple of years. If you haven't bought the monitor yet then you should think about one with g-sync.

>> No.58173634
File: 116 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah gsync will help for sure (unless you can lock in your fps to 120 for ULMB), but I guarantee 60 fps minimum, 100 fps normally, and 144 fps often with a 1070

>> No.58173649

I'd wait until at least after CES (~2 weeks). Probably a lot of new displays will be there, and it's likely we'll see some good stuff in the next year (high frame rate+4k, HDR).

>> No.58173679

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here i go:

I'm a german looking for a new Laptop, and im currently in australia. From the looks of it they are cheaper here than at Home, can someone confirm this?

Im looking to spend around 800€ which is ~1200 aus $. Are there any Shops to avoid? I cant buy it online.

Mainly for programming purposes.

I know nothing about australian tech Shops

>> No.58173685

What is the best value 1440p&144hz monitor right now?

>> No.58173724


Planning on getting a 1440p monitor

>> No.58173745

just ordered this thing for a parent PC

what's a good mobo to put inside? The CPU is going to be an i3

>> No.58173757

forgot to mention needs to be something with ddr3 slots so I can slap some old ram I have in there

>> No.58173785
File: 32 KB, 743x438, MyBuild.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personal build
GTX 1070
250GB SSD, 2TB HDD, 1TB HDD + 2TB backup

Home server:

>> No.58173789

are you in melbourne? want to buy my x220 for $250 cash?

>> No.58173802
File: 404 KB, 700x438, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my asus PG278Q for $500 refurbished. 1440p, 144hz, ULMB options, g-sync, 10-bit color, 27 inches
If you don't mind being a dumb ROGposter it's a great monitor at a not-completely-bullshit price
The IPS version is $200-300 more but most people think the colors are comparable to the TN version anyways

>> No.58173803

also avoid centrecom

>> No.58173848

You don't need 750W PSU for those parts. ~500W is more than enough. Also I'd go for a qt mATX case rather than full ATX, but that's just me.

What you do need is a SSD however. Building a 1200 dollar computer without one is just plain stupid. Pick between 850 evo or 960 evo, Abd consider dropping that HDD in favour for 500gb or even 1 TB SSD

>> No.58173950

My brother is in quite an interesting spot.

He has a some three-year old Dell prebuilt with some Intel i5 processor, 8GB DDR3, and stock everything. Back then, he got a GTX 650 ti and the power supply in this machine didn't have a 6-pin gpu power connector for it, so I helped him out and bought a "SATA power to 6-pin" adapter for it. I even spoke about this here on /g/ and you guys told me that the GTX 650 ti wouldn't run due. Well, low-and-behold, he used that video card for three years using that adapter and it has worked fine and still does.

He got a GTX 1060 for Christmas and can't use it at right this moment because the GTX 1060 requires an 8-pin connector and that old adapter is only a 6-pin. I went ahead and found an adapter that turns two SATA power cables into an 8-pin connector and ordered it off of amazon for $5. Do you see any reason why the 1060 won't work in the DELL this time with the new adapter?

I checked power consumption of the GTX 650 ti vs the GTX 1060 and 1060 uses slightly more

>GTX 650 ti 110w
>GTX 1060 120w

It's slightly more load on the psu. Do you think I'm pushing my luck here? Should I just tell him to buy a new power supply? What's the worst that could happen? Oh, I don't know how much of a difference this will make, but to free up the extra SATA power cable, I'm going to have to unplug the DVD-Rom drive, so that will be completely subtracted from the overall psu load.

>> No.58173959
File: 50 KB, 800x733, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my 650W PSUs 5v power rails are only rated for 100w total SATA power

>> No.58173969

500W PSU noted. The Phanteks Pro M ATX case says it supports GPU's of 300mm max, and the 1070 is 298mm. I thought this was pushing it and was expecting someone to suggest a different case; but am I right in saying the qt mATX is smaller than the "full" ATX?

The last time I built a pc for myself was 2011 (have built some for friends since then) so I'm a bit out of the loop with things like SSD's. Are they really necessary in terms of a substantial speed gain? Do they still have higher chances of failure or fragmentation (heard that years ago, not sure if true or still applicable). Also I would like 2tb of storage in the build, so if I were to get the original 2tb and a supplementary 250gb SSD (for the OS and stuff I guess?), would that be worth it for the extra money?

>> No.58173971

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..

>> No.58173997

Just to clarify, I thought I'd need a 750 or atleast 650W PSU since I'm getting quite a high end build. Or am I correct in guessing that the 1070 would have a lower power consumption and be more efficient? If that was the case I could see 500 being acceptable

>> No.58174011

Check the upper right corner of your pcpartpicker link, next to history

>> No.58174015 [DELETED] 


>> No.58174023

I am not an observant man

>> No.58174111
File: 106 KB, 897x808, PC Build Revised 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried to cut costs on mobo/RAM but I don't think I can skimp any more than I already am.
Are there any components I can get better/more appropriate versions of for the same price or cheaper?
Total right now is $1028

>> No.58174171

1070 requires 150w according to me nvidia. That CPU is around 100w too which means that 500w PSU will have another 250w for other components and overclocking. You do not need more that 500w for single graphics card builds. PC power usage is decreasing instead of increasing these days.

The form factor affects the number of pcie slots, nothing more. There are even mITX cases like phanteks enthoo evolv that fit a 318 mm graphics card. You probably never need all those pcie slots, so a shorter but still roomy matx/mitx is an option too. It's up to you, but I just prefer a smaller form factor.

>Are they really necessary in terms of a substantial speed gain?
Yes. SSD gives a massive improvement in load times. OS and all your programs start super quickly with them. It'll be the biggest improvement to general usage that you can get.

>Do they still have higher chances of failure or fragmentation
They have a maximum write cap, and once you reach that the memory cells start turning read only. But these days that requires 100-200 TB of writing, so it'll take a decade to reach even with active use.

>Also I would like 2tb of storage in the build, so if I were to get the original 2tb and a supplementary 250gb SSD (for the OS and stuff I guess?), would that be worth it for the extra money?

Yes, if you do need that much space. OS and software on SSD, files and other stuff on HDD. Or you could get 500gb ssd and add a 2-4 TB HDD later on if you don't think you need that much space right now.

>> No.58174202

That mobo seems excessive, why is that the lowest you can go? You can probably get a cheaper case, still a good case just get it on sale.

>> No.58174220

You can save money now by skipping HDD and DVD. Add them later when you need then. You probably will never need DVD drive anymore, everything is either streamed or downloaded from internet these days. Also you could replace that Samsung SSD with a cheap crucial or Kingston one. They're not as good but the differences are insignificant in average use.

>> No.58174221

Please tell me you're using monopoly money

>> No.58174239

Your motherboard can only use the stock speed 2133mhz ram

>> No.58174325

After heaps of research I'm pretty settled on the case.
Do you think I'll need H170 or can I settle for B150? I'll be running CPU hungry programs
I'm slightly under budget so I don't need to skip out on HDD.
As for DVD drive I still have the need to burn/rip CDs in my work and may as well just get a combo drive so I can watch DVDs if I want (No TV in my room)
Do you have any info on reliability of Crucial/Kingston drives compared to Samsung? The 850 Evo is so popular it's hard not to want to buy it
Australian money is essentially Monopoly money

>> No.58174381

I like the look of this particular case and luckily, local has it very cheap, and I don't plan on cramming it into a small space so... why not, right? Same price more room I guess.

I'll look into SSD prices and how I can manage speed/storage into my budget, regarding both HDD and SSD.

Thanks heaps for the info.

>> No.58174390

B150 is fine. All it affects is the number of sata connections, USB headers and so on. It won't have any impact on performance.

>> No.58174393

Pretty much all DDR4 RAM available on the website I'm using is at 2400mhz
Is it a comparability issue or it just means I won't be getting the full potential of my RAM?

>> No.58174442

Your RAM will just clock down to 2133. It will still work.

>> No.58174472

How can I go about quieting down an H440?

It's the 2014 version with just a basic fan hub in the back so all case fans run at 100% all the time. It's consistently louder than my old computer which has a fermi card in it and uses a stock intel cooler.

I knew the airflow wasn't going to be great but I didn't expect it to be so noisy.

>> No.58174478

First time builder here, have bought 3 PC's in the past, though 2 were with my Father's help, so I'm still very much underage in the head still.

Is posting a screen cutout from partpicker alright or will it just get me called a faggot?

>> No.58174500

Post it faggot

>> No.58174508


>> No.58174536

Looking for a 250€ 27" monitor.

Only for websurfing and console gaming.

Should I go VA or IPS ?

>> No.58174554

Ignore the case, its a place holder.

I'm really aiming for *just over* 60 fps x 1080 for a game like Overwatch or Doom. Is this overkill? I'd rather not worry about overclocking if there's a price equivalent for ignoring it, though I'd still like to have the aftermarket cooler just so I have one on hand if I upgrade or change my mind.

I really have no idea what I'm doing with the SSD/Harddrives.

If I do downgrade for cost efficiency, I'd still like to keep a quad core, the 4690k's benchmarks just looked so impressive, but it seems pretty expensive for an I5 k series.

>> No.58174563
File: 136 KB, 971x1087, cpu2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Forgot the picture

>> No.58174605

What is a safe package temperature for the i3 6100, since overclocking it disables core temps?

>> No.58174618

You can get 60FPS in Overwatch with an i3 and an R470, it's not a demanding games

>> No.58174663

Do you have any specific reason for using 1150 instead of the newer 1151?

>> No.58174707


Yeah, but I am willing to push for the quad core, I know it might be superfluous. I will downgrade it to the 6500, then.


It wasn't appearing on my options. Are you sure I'm compatible?

>> No.58174748

Why the wifi adapter? Are you planning on connecting to your home network wirelessly?

>> No.58174761

How awful would it be to use a 1440p 144hz monitor without g-sync and on a 1070? I'm so behind when it comes to monitor tech. What does g-sync even do?

>> No.58174777

So my case came with a little chunk of acrylic missing. It's only probably ~.25"sq but still, with a $400 MSRP it should be flawless out of the box. Should I bother with an RMA? I can't decide.

>> No.58174814

You aren't. You will want a newer i5. Because the 1151 socket will be compatible with the next three gens of Intel processors.

Consider getting a cheap pentium for now because i3 7350K meme will smoke that Haswell i5

>> No.58174839


I had wifi connectivity on my last desktop and it came in handy a couple times, I also have the space for it and it serves as a sort of idiot-proofness in case my fiance or her kid brothers get on it.

>> No.58174849


Any specific suggestions?

>> No.58174946

Why wouldn't you just use a network cable? Wired speeds vs wireless speeds don'even compare

>> No.58174972


Disconnects in the middle of doing things and too lazy to plug something back in.

First 2 hours in a Lan when shit is still getting set up.

My internet went out, was able to get into the neighbors.

It's just a spotty utility thing.

>> No.58175003

G-sync matches your monitors refresh rate to your FPS. It should eliminate screen tearing that occurs when your framerate does not match your refresh rate. It's not mandatory but if you're spending that much already you might as well get it. Especially since you'll have hard time using vsync on such a high refresh rate.

>> No.58175024

Oh, are you upgrading your current build? Consider buying a used CPU then, you really don't want to sink that much into outdated tech.

>> No.58175076



>> No.58175511
File: 125 KB, 800x800, 600045960-4_gr5205091590dec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


thats my plan. 8core amd and vega. hopefully amd cpus re supported on hackintosh. i know Vega will be.

mini itx. 32GB ram. the most powerful SFF gpu i can find. and a overclocked 8core (maybe go intel if amd wont work in hackintosh)

im gonna use Jonsbo V3+ case

>> No.58175726

Is KFA2 a good brand?

>> No.58175756


kfa2 / Galax is a good brand.

but when it comes to 1070 / 1080. it doesnt seem to matter what brand you get, they all seem to perform on par with eachother.

>> No.58175800

PSU is shit, you don't need H170, get cheaper RAM, WD Red is overpriced and overrated, case is good but there are equally good cheaper cases out there.
Also get a CPU cooler if you want a silent build.

>> No.58175803

Thanks. Could get a GTX 1060 3gb for 200 euro, so I'll suppose I get that since it's the cheapest variant I've seen so far.

>> No.58175812

>kfa2 / Galax is a good brand.
>but when it comes to 1070 / 1080 they all seem to perform on par with eachother.
Citation needed.

>> No.58175878

>PSU is shit
Good to know, got any recommendations? Especially quiet ones. I need 550-600w
>Cheaper RAM
Cheapest DDR4 is around $80 where I am
>WD Red overpriced/overrated
What would you recommend that's on par with the red?

And yeah I'll invest in proper cooling eventually

>> No.58175929
File: 18 KB, 466x353, 1451326940981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it even worth upgrading from AMD Phenom II X4 960T BE and 6790 to a GTX 1050 or will the CPU bottleneck too hard to make a difference?

>> No.58176152

Intel Core i5-6400 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
Kingston ValueRAM 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory
Kingston ValueRAM 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory
Crucial MX300 275GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
XFX AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB Single Fan Triple X
EVGA 430W Power Supply
Corsair Carbide 100R

Been told to get a better PSU which one should I take? Why is 16GB RAM a meme?

>> No.58176420

Make sure to buy a 6500 and not make a typo at the store. Also the Nitro+s are that more in money? The cooler is much better.

>> No.58176460

I have an i7-970 just sitting around not doing anything. What should I do with it?

>> No.58176496

found this nitro, 400W and costs €4 less.

>> No.58176529

im a poorfag and have to choose between a AMD Vishera, FX-8300 and ASRock Z97 Anniversary or an I3 and cheaper motherboard. yeah this sucks. I have 2x 4gb RAM and a gt 740 videocard to go with one of those.

I've heard the amd is better for videogames

>> No.58176534

wait for ryzen

>> No.58176552

that has to be more than I can spend on this stuff, I just want to play some old games and my cpu+motherboard fried a week ago.
should I just go with the amd? I even get doom+ some shit game called mankind divided with it

>> No.58176586

EVGA 500/600B or SeaSonic G.
>Cheaper RAM
You don't OC so just get the cheapest RAM avaiable, it's fine.
WD Red is meant for 24/7 usage and NAS, if you don't need this, get a standard desktop HDD.

>> No.58176598

I'd like someone to trash the build I came up so far


- so the core idea is a i5.6500 + Radeon RX 480 combo . I took the GIGABYTE's version of rx480 for no real reason. for motherboard i just took some b150, from MSI, again for no real reason.
- I still dont know about PSU and tha case. i think I should get over 400W PSU, perhaps about 500W?. About the case I really dont know what to even look for they all seem fine to me
- do I need a CPU cooler?
- I got a 2133MHz RAM (and motherboard) because the 2400Mhz were harder to find and more expensive and i dont know of any significant advantages. Does the company matter? Crucial was cheaper than others.
- i decided to just take a HDD, and not SSD+HDD. the 240GB SSDs are quite expensive in the shops I have at my disposal

>> No.58176697


>> No.58176745
File: 175 KB, 451x389, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone is selling this for $180 without monitor or peripherals. Should I buy?

>> No.58176763
File: 53 KB, 686x562, Speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My current pc for reference.

>> No.58176765


>> No.58176794

Can you elaborate please, I don't play >2008 games.
Is this a bad buy?

>> No.58176804

Well, then it's alright

>> No.58176873

I thought you needed vsync activated for gsync to even work?

>> No.58176962

That's great, although I meant Sapphire's Nitro+ cards. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.58177002

- pick h110m mobo to save some money
- cx450m is a good pick for psu, this build won't take more than 300w anyway
- as for the case just pick whatever suits you (window, fancy lights, etc.). look for mid tower atx/matx. i wouldn't spend more than 50$ on it
- ram is fine
- you want 8gb rx 480, preferebly xfx gtr
- you want a monitor with freesync (maybe AOC G2460PF)
- do you really need an optical drive?

>> No.58177006

is Crucial MX300 good SSD?
im thinking to buy the 525GB one.

>> No.58177010

>chieftec PSU
Just don't.

>> No.58177014

I need a mini hdmi to hdmi cable to finish my build
Where could I get one? Don't really want to wait a week for it to come in the mail

>> No.58177034


>> No.58177041

Guess I should have said that I'm American

>> No.58177168

It's been a while since I've built my PC but I'm in need of a new graphics card, just wondering if I'd be bottlenecked by my CPU (i5 3570k) if I were to upgrade from my 7870 to a gtx 1070? Thanks

>> No.58177234

Lol no, i3-6100 is your best bet for budget gaymen.

>> No.58177249

Yes, most likely.

>> No.58177680

o-ok, which should I use instead?

So this eg. Sapphire Radeon RX 480 NITRO+ 4G?
It's 50~ euro more. my current GPU is fine to me.

>> No.58177733

I know it's usually recommend to build the PC yourself but what do you guys think about buying something like http://www.ebay.com/itm/322365811944 and putting a GPU in it? This would be for playing games and rendering video.

>> No.58177742
File: 3.26 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20161226_164936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CPU used to idle at 80c. After new thermal paste it's at 60-70

This still seems bit high, what should i do?

>> No.58177757

Install the cooler correctly

>> No.58177850

SeaSonic B/G, EVGA G/B, XFX XTR/S/Pro, ...
Generally, just stay away from no name and shit tier brands.

>> No.58177856
File: 138 KB, 1151x685, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate pls

>> No.58177961

Decent but if you won't use SLI get a different mobo, get a different PSU, you should be able to get the G3 for that price which shits on the RMx.

>> No.58178009
File: 3.13 MB, 426x426, dicksout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>purchase gtx 750 1gb from frys for 50 bux.
>not amazimg deal but i need a replacement asap without breaking the bank
>mfw they gave me a 750ti 2g for 50 bux.

>> No.58178027

250GB is nothing, 8GB might be not enough, Xeon is not specified, so no idea.
For games like LoL, Dota and CSGO it shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.58178045

i won't use SLI

what would you recommend

>> No.58178066

Get a X58 motherboard and a Xeon x5650/5670/5680, get a mad OC going.

>> No.58178102

Anything really, with that cooler you won't be pushing your CPU that hard anyways, imho get a Asus or Gigabyte around 100-130 bucks that suits your features.

>> No.58178120

I noticed that sometimes I can hear a faint but constant sound when something is "playing" but either the volume is muted or the audio/video is paused. It sounds like a brush or something sweeping across a mic.I always thought it was because I use a wireless headset sometimes but I noticed that it's on the speakers as well. Does this mean I need to get a sound card for my computer or will this always happen?

>> No.58178237

>- do you really need an optical drive?

i really don't, those times have passed. Yet it seemed weird to get a pc without one. but yeah, i dont need it

>> No.58178240

this is the CPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117244

>> No.58178275
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1464291075316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here from Austria? If yes, what is the best store for computer parts in Vienna?

>> No.58178284

Spend an extra 100$ and get a 6700k. You'll regret going with the i5 in two years tops.

>> No.58178289
File: 136 KB, 1163x691, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how about this

>> No.58178299

Just get your stuff delivered from Alternate.

>PC-Teile im Geschäft kaufen

>> No.58178321
File: 145 KB, 1303x915, Screenshot_20161226_110109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think of my $500 4chan machine

>> No.58178327
File: 93 KB, 1149x651, build_16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this build look?

>> No.58178348

I'm here on vacation for 10 days and considering to grab some more expensive parts since its generally cheaper than my shithole.

>> No.58178369

>no SSD for instant thumbnail caching

>> No.58178379

I see. E-tec or Cyberport then.
Avoid Saturn and Media Markt.

>> No.58178382

Is a Corsair RM550X enough to power a i7 6700k and gtx 1080? Spec wise it should be more than sufficient but I see a lot of people here put a more powerful psu in a weaker system...

>> No.58178387

That is a shit-tier cooler. Don't ever buy a low-end all-in-one water cooler.

>> No.58178401

That thing is ancient. Don't buy it. CPU would be ok for old games, but you don't know about the rest.

Good, maybe get cheaper 3000 RAM, otherwise it's fine.

>> No.58178410

That system pulls 300 Watts tops when overclocked. You'll be fine.

>> No.58178446

Add SSD and maybe silent cooler.

Cooler is shit and gets shit on by Noctuas, mobo is disgustingly overpriced meme trash, get 3000RAM.

>> No.58178549

How do people manage to get such insanely high temperatures here? My 4790K never rose above 65 degrees and that's with a generous overclock to 4.7GHz.

>> No.58178551

Yes, I bought one of those. Here the XFX and Sapphire are about the same price. If the difference is that big there, just stay with the original one. I think only the Asus which is shit cooler wise, the rest should be okay.

>> No.58178571
File: 56 KB, 640x640, 1456270068507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth getting Palit gtx 1070 dual for 30% cheaper than more known models like MSI?

I dont care if the card is much louder but 30% less money is quite a bit.

>> No.58178573


I'm >>58178327
MOBO recs?

>> No.58178651

If you don't give a shit about temps and noise get the cheapest. Palit is a good brand.

>> No.58178686

>supposedly informative image
>image not to scale
what the actual fuck

>> No.58178857

if i get a 144hz monitor should i get one for 1440 resolution?

card will be a 1070

>> No.58179038

>in order to win you mustn't lose
a+ advice there senpai

>> No.58179111
File: 1.20 MB, 1263x1122, a0138cc1-d5c0-4b94-a20f-67718229424d..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting a Rx 480 8gb for my build, I was wondering which is the best cooling solution, some people say XFX some say Sapphire and some say MSI right now my build is an i5 4670k in a z87 stinger with 16gb of Corsair dominator ram

>> No.58179116


Get SSDs you niggers

Craigslist, microcenter, fucking walmart

Not a horrible deal if you like the case, try to knock him down a little. Not a great PC if you're trying to upgrade it

>> No.58179124

What's the catch with the Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3 ATX mobo? Why is it so cheap compared to other Z170s?

>> No.58179145

Just get the cheapest non-reference card.
Only the blowers really blow.

>> No.58179168

There are two variants of that board. The cheap one takes DDR3 RAM.

>> No.58179174

Hey I have a question that might be a dumb newbie question.

How do server farms work as far as hardware goes? I'm not trying to build one, just to understand a little better, I don't know how they work because when I look at server motherboards they all have like 10 SATA slots and that doesn't seem like nearly enough. I have no idea how server software works either.

>> No.58179184

Nitro+ for sure. The extra stuff like the replaceable fans matter.

>> No.58179232
File: 16 KB, 298x298, wonder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a question:
Does a mini-ITX build worth investing in right now?
I see all the benches of the "Mini" versions of video cards recently and though about it.
Where does this kind of card limits me? I mean there's got to be a drawback for the size.

>> No.58179233

Should I be installing any of the stuff that's on the cd's that come with my newly built pc?

>> No.58179277

It's only ever worth it if you ABSOLUTELY NEED your system to be tiny.

Otherwise you're buying into a meme.

>> No.58179338

Help a poorfag out. I live in Chile, technology's expensive as fuck. What would be the next logical step on upgrading this toaster?

>FX 6300 3.5GHz
>GTX 760 2GB
>4 GB of RAM
>M5A97 R2.0 MoBo

I'll be playing on 1080p. I just want steady 60fps, don't care about OC. What are the cheapest components that would achieve this? Thanks in advance, /g/.

>> No.58179349

Yes, cards and CPUs are cool. High cap storage is cheap

>> No.58179373

>tfw got an NZXT Phantom 530 And an ASUS atx motherboard for Christmas
Did I do good?

>> No.58179403

looks OK for a poorfag, but you must know the 760 is a fucking energy swallower and you'll need a a 700 watt PSU.

>> No.58179428
File: 243 KB, 1008x400, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have never heard of this brand

but it's cheap for 1440 144hz

>> No.58179436

How does one into of cable management

>> No.58179449
File: 69 KB, 750x714, 1461853454632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Gigabyte 980ti better than Palit dual 1070 (cheapest one) if I can get both for the same price?

>> No.58179462

Find the longest line you need to manage. Now find the shortest line you need to manage. Pull them together to find the difference in their length. That is now the length of the dick that's plowing ur mom's cunt, lol.

>> No.58179489

I can vouch for this.

>> No.58179498

Add 4GB of RAM
GTX 1060
Aftermarket cooler for 6300

You won't be able to get 60FPS in all games, but that is an unrealistic expectation even with a high end rig. When you have the money consider getting an 8350 or going straight to Kaby Lake / Zen


>> No.58179641
File: 100 KB, 1195x711, dec16_build.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updated my build a bit. Thoughts? Is the mobo ok?

>> No.58179686
File: 45 KB, 720x534, b7e46938-21c9-453b-b7fa-98f8c1655890..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XFX also has that, and some people say the nitro runs hotter and louder

>> No.58179689

Yes but overkill, do you really need the features? If not get either the Asus Pro Gamin, Z170-A or Gigabyte Z170X-UD3.
Get NH-D15, it's worth the extra and get 3000 RAM.

>> No.58179764

The Asus mobos are more expensive than this, according to pcpp canada. Bit worried that the NH-D15 won't fit the case. The D14 itself should be a snug fit. Will consider 3000 RAM. Thanks.

>> No.58179770

Then depend it on the price. Here the sapphire ones a quite cheap, while the better xfx cards are much better.

>> No.58180233

Of all the 1060s, which should I consider? Lowest price preferred.

>> No.58180447


I have R9 270

Should i upgrade?

>> No.58180452

If other mobos are that expensive yours is fine. Cooler is also fine if the NH-D15 doesn't fit.
You could get a different case, something like the Define S or C, the NH-D15 will fit in there and those cases are also silent.

>> No.58180464


>> No.58180513

See >>58180452

>> No.58180518
File: 2.34 MB, 1920x1080, whatarethese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are these things circled in white?

I broke one off of my GPU, reattached it with tape making sure the solder was touching and it works again. Anything I need to know before attempting to solder it back on?

>> No.58180568

Yeah actually the Define S looks like the better case and only $5 more. I think I'll go with that and the D15. Thanks!

>> No.58180595
File: 21 KB, 483x429, spec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


on what

here's current specs

i use it mostly for vidya at the moment

>> No.58180608

No problem, just keep in mind that with either the NH-D14 and 15 high profile RAM like Trident Z is a bad choice, the front fan will be in the way.

>> No.58180627
File: 180 KB, 750x750, please please.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


does anyone have experience with this brand? it has good amazon reviews and the one video review mentioned it was cheap due to no middlemen and the only real negative was the shitty stand

it's the cheapest 1440p/144hz and i wanna get it

>> No.58180638

i mean 1 video review

>> No.58180659

I was going to buy one as well, seems to be the best option for 1440p/144hz. A youtube guy that I like Salazar Studio has one and gave it a decent review. Either way you know Amazon will literally do anything you ask them to do customer service wise. It's not fufilled so it might be a bit slow but all in all I am sure you'll probably be happy with your purchase.

>> No.58180668

I'm going with the Corsair Vengeance LPX, should be fine.

>> No.58180677

On the specs you now posted.

An RX 480 should be about twice as fast as your R9 270. Get a 8 GB model with a good cooler (MSI Gaming or PowerColor Red Devil).


>> No.58180694

Is ZOTAC good

>> No.58180698

Give me a reason to not buy an LG 34UM58.
I know about the ports.

>> No.58180730

>LG 34UM58

The pixels will be HUGE. Worse than 1336x768 on a 15" laptop.

>> No.58180751

Does it mean they will have HUGE colors?
Seriously though, how noticeable it is?

>> No.58180797
File: 72 KB, 1269x519, 1473286423076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate? I can't really afford a 1060 right now, and was even thinking of slapping on an old 760 I already own on there instead.

>> No.58180814

Set a 24 inch monitor to 1600x900. That should give you an idea.

>> No.58180861


Get a SSD and 3000 RAM.
> I can't really afford a 1060 right now, and was even thinking of slapping on an old 760 I already own on there instead
If you already have a GTX 760 use it instead wasting 105 bucks on a RX 460 and buy an appropriate card when you have the money.

>> No.58180874

Keep using your GTX 760 until you can afford something decent.

>> No.58180913

8 gigs of ram saves you $40, brings you to $140 gpu.
PSU is $21 cheaper on ncis
brings you to 160
Get a $100 mobo and you're at rx 480 price range
Some rx 470s are like $170

Or you could blck OC a 6400 saving another $40 and you're in 6gb 1060 range

>> No.58180950


>> No.58180988

Did that, it's noticeable, but I believe it's not that bad on the 34, since on that one it's native pixels. I will note your warning and won't buy it blindly.
Anyway, is there an alternative under 300 dollars? I mean UW and bigger than 29"?

>> No.58180993
File: 26 KB, 393x504, 1289177098084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>buys cheap ass PSU brand that no one has ever heard of
>clueless as to why his computer dies

>> No.58181028

>3000 RAM

Can you recommend me anything? I chose those 2400s because they were on sale and only costed 5 bucks more than an 8GB. I've also never used an SSD, is it that big a deal these days?

I'll go dig out my 760, thanks.

I'll try nitpicking the price areas, thank you.

>> No.58181103

>Can you recommend me anything?
Corsair LPX, G.Skill Ripjaws V and G.Skill Trident Z are popular choices.
>I've also never used an SSD, is it that big a deal these days?
Yes, i don't want a computer without one anymore.

>> No.58181110

Unless you can get 3000hmz ram for around the same price as slower ram, just go with the cheapest you can find. Unless you plan to do special work that takes advange of fast ram, you won't notice any difference. But if you were you would probably know.

>I've also never used an SSD, is it that big a deal these days?
Once you try an SSD, you will never want to boot an OS on a HDD ever again. It's one of the most worthwhile componenet you can throw money at.

>> No.58181603

New Thread

>> No.58181780

Fast RAM significantly increases framerate in more than half the current AA games. I don't have the benchmarks with me, but you can find them in eurogamer's i5 6500 review.

Get an SSD, 3000MHz RAM should cost about $10 more per 8GB

>> No.58182963

Not really, as g-sync is essential just v-sync at all fps levels
Nvidia recommends vsync on with gsync but most games have an adaptive sync option or somehow let you know whether or not to leave vsync on with g sync active
The point is that 61-143fps will look fine with gsync

>> No.58183014

Mini ITX gets hot, but nvidia 10-series gpus are pretty efficient too
It's your choice, usually the CPU gets a the meal limit before the GPU in those cases because ITX case manufacturers "fixed" the low airflow GPU placement without separating the GPU and mobo, and now have more heat getting dumped into the case

>> No.58183034

No, why would it be?
The 980ti is just barely below the 1070 in every benchmark, the only reason to get a 980ti is to get a good deal

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