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Imagine the internet in its current form is about to die, and its successors (if any) will be under tight control by an entity you despise.

You are the only one who knows, and you have enough time to download exactly 10 TB. What do you fill them platters with?

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All anime booru images with the tag "explicit."

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Wikipedia without media or history and what's left of the space pornhub.

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10 TB of vaporwave bandcamp albums

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everything is a text-based bbs
usenet as protocol

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only right answer t.bh

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Full dump of wikipedia with pictures (200gb)
Selected college textbooks (1tb)
Sci-hub papers in selected areas (7tb)
Selected books (1tb)
Selected software source and some binary-only (1tb)

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>can't perform simple addition

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10TB of rare pepes

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Full clones of my favorite porn sites

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linux ISO files

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>downloads books
You realise you can just buy them from a fucking shop

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this tb.h fa.m

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10TB of really jpeg'd facebook memes

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Text only Wikipedia
Important research from scientific journals
Full database of known species
Best samples of each type of pornography (for sale on the new black market to ensure my financial security for years to come)

I will skip books if paper books remain. Otherwise I will take the the top 1000+ classics. Should not take up too much space as .txt files.

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>implying I'd ever own rusty spinners in 2016 onwards

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>You are the only one who knows, and you have enough time to download exactly 10 TB. What do you fill them platters with?
ebooks, RFCs, specs, documentation, anything I can get my hands on that would help rebuild what was lost

whatever space I have left: games (preferably older/smaller stuff, so I can fit more), anime, dank memes

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nearly forgot: wikipedia (text only)

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I don't despise any entities because I'm not a retarded 12yo. Grow the fuck up.

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ITT: Faggots that delude themselves into thinking they would download anything useful and not just anime, porn and memes.

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i use the internet for news and porn, yesterdays news has no value

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>i use the internet for news and porn
Which one are you hoping to find on /g/?

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10tb of /dev/random

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>Imagine the internet in its current form is about to die

As a courtesy, we want to notify you that you have used 100% of your Monthly Anytime Usage Allowance for the current service period. Your download speeds will be significantly reduced for the remainder of the service period. To view your data usage meter, purchase additional capacity or see details about upgrading your service package, please log into MyDish.com below. Thank you for being a valued DISH customer.

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Try downloading the entire Russian gelbooru clone called hiddenbooru.

It's only accessible through i2p and your speeds will never increase beyond 200kB/s.

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All of the furry porn.

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Does hiddenbooru have any content that gelbooru doesn't have? Or is it just a literal gelbooru clone?

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Raw Manga and VNs so I can keep studying Japanese forever. 10TB should be enough.

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It's literally just a gelbooru clone.

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Oh! even better, backup all of Nhentai, except:

loli/shota/necro/beastiality/rape/yuri/yaoi/ryona(unless it's a good story)

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>backup everything!!!!!
>except <list of things that offend me>
this is why people don't take SJWs seriously

either you're gonna backup everything, or you aren't.

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I just don't want to fuck up the next generation.

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You agree that we don't need more pedophiles or rapists, r-right?

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SJWs and censorship are a far worse cancer on society than pedos/rapists.

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I don't really see why big brother is so bad. I read 1984, Fahrenheit and all the other junk about censorship and was pissed. But after actually thinking about it, such a life would be pleasant. I'm not an intellectual or an opinionated fuck, I just want to read about tech, science and vidya and look at memes.
It's not like they actively hate me, it's just convenience for most people. I would love it if the government gave me drugs, no matter how many books they need to burn.

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