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DAW Thread

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Is it weird to use Ableton for post production of a film?

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That is a nice setup, I am creating my own in a year or so based around audio engineering.

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Solely Ableton, or in addition to other more professional software like FL Studio?

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>when /g/ said my HS8's were bad for production work
Looks like the macfag proved you wrong

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>HS8's were bad for production work
Why would they be?

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because they don't cost 10,000 dollars

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Because /g/
That's it

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He's clearly doing out-of-box recording, why is he using Ableton and not protocols or conforming to logic like every other macfag?
Ableton is great and all but come on, for a recording-only studio?

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what kind of desk do you guys have?

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a mixing desk

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Yes, FL is better for that.
>blue lighting
pick one

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Why do people circlejerk about Reaper so much? Is it really that good?

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Are there any good DAWs for Linux or am I doomed to use Windows or macOS?

Also, why is Windows the only OS whose name doesn't end in "OS?"

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that's logic 9

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Propellerheads reason master race checking in

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they're fine
also who proved what?

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For the love of God, are there any DAWs that aren't totally chaotic for fuck's sake?
Do good, minimalist DAWs exist?

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reaper is ok.
not many outstanding features except some really specialized things like x-channel wide busses (really nifty for all the VR/ambisonics/spatial audio nerds that need huge busses) and shit like the browser based remote surface that came with the last update
but it's some solid software underneath, totally comparable to cubase, sonar, samplitude and all that in the main parts
also free as in beer

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This is technically minimalist

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No it's just what comes free with 99% of entry level digital audio gear so it's usually babbys first daw

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Reason is minimal. Everything is in the box.

Seriously though, powerful tools are complex.

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>Reason is a DAW now
It's all growed up, too bad they were too late to catch me

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Reason is a toddler VST of course it's gonna be more minimalist if it can do less

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not sure what you're confusing it with, but reaper doesn't come with shit, it's all online

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I'm sure they will survive without you


No it's not a vst because that shit is a buggy crashy mess. If you absolutely need to use that trash you can rewire it in.

Face it, if you can't create a certain sound in the default reason tools you're probably not a very good producer.

Anything beyond that and your using actual hardware and recording that, which reason is really good at.

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Wait reason STILL doesn't have VST support?
I mean I'm glad they addressed the fact that it literally wasn't a daw, but they still just ignored VST support?
Never mind, they'll never catch me
ReWire is great though, it shows what a company can really do when they focus on compatibility and open options instead of a locked down proprietary GarageBand like daw

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>reason is really good at recording
I haven't looked in years, but last I checked reason was an in-the-box limited program and generally horrible for recording and sampling/editing

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>using what is literally a glorified VST as a DAW in the first place

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It never will have vst support. That's a intentional thing to keep the DAW fast and stable. Everything works like it should. You can wire up every thing together.

I'm not a fan of their rackextensions thing which they might have just said fuck it we will allow vsts, REs it still enables tight integration though

Honestly with recording, midi I/o and rewire you can use vsts just fine if you really need it. You just don't because all the reason tools are sufficient.

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> Being this retarded and still managing to use a computer and post on 4chan

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>posts one minute and one second apart

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Don't worry we all love our preinstalled VSTs, preinstalled sample packs and premade presets amirite

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wow that takes me back... i lived on that shit. but i felt reason wasnt getting better

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It got better once they brought in the SSL mixer which was a game changer.

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