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Who has the shittiest/best computer on right now?

When posting, either reply best or shit


Spectators will judge accordingly

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In for shit

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>32 gb of ram
>trying to pose as shit


but really, why all the ram?

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It has 64, now. It's CAE workstation.

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Rape me with your judgmental peepee

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I could cheat and post one of the computers I now longer have at hand or which I don't use and demolish the shit category, but I'm instead gonna post something I still use and consider to be a good machine despite the awful specs.

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>980 ti
you win

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: - )

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fuck how did you even post that photo

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You're turning me into a cheater

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Shit and it runs hot. Makes my room, feel like a high school computer lab.

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it's not from today

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With my browser, it's not THAT bad


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fuck off you pageet

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I have a 100mhz pentium w95 Dell laptop but I can't shit post from it because it runs dos

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wtf is a pageet

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>running at 52 degrees

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just look at the mirror you indian poster

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I see your face in the mirror Pajeet.

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Going for shit.

Using this as my local file server, iTunes server, torrent/mega downloading machine and occasionally running shit like converters and some Windows-only shit overnight.
Does a fair amount of work for a $150 piece of shit I got 7 years ago.

/blog post
/life story

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going for best so far

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>those temps

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nope some guy has two xeons

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in for best

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cpu is xeon E3-1230 v5 at 4.3GHz

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here is new speccy version

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Best so far.

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Posting on my phone cause old Firefox literally will not open a reply box

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yeah but they're shit old xeons

and an awful gpu

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I have a few shittier machines, but this one is running atm.

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why not 10.4 with tenfourfox?
or mac os 9 with classilla?

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I liked the pinstripe waterdrop design of 10.2. I had OS 9 but I had to format everything. I'm probably going to upgrade to 512 mb of ram and put 10.4 on

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i like the look of 10.2 as well (imo 10.3 was the best looking osx, but it's pretty close to 10.2)
10.4 is more usable today, however, as it has more recent stuff made/ported to it

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Bear in mind this is not just "my shittiest computer", this is the only computer I own and the one I use every day

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I'm in the best category

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Comfy, Anon. The Macintosh G3 and G4 Computers are great.

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>4k TN panel
good computer but shit taste.

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Why not ask for benchmarks instead of shitty screenshots of shit that nobody cares about, FAGGOT?

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Surprisingly can keep up with some websites. Screen size aside

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Oh, it's one of those toilet seat Macs.

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top kek

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Make way plebs, coming through

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Here's a breakdown of my current setup with approximate value

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well-known fact that speccy can't read shit about AMD temps

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Feel the burn!
3.75ghz n the Celeron E3300 stock cooler.

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wagecuck reporting in for best ofc

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*Toilet Signal

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>3x R9 390
I bet this rig is so loud

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>Pentium 4
Jesus Christ man, I remember when I had my Pentium back in 07, it kept having a stroke if I open like 3-4 tabs in a browser.

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Time to upgrade

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So I got 3 monitors and 1 TV but the TV shows up 3 times.

Also drives are showing up as SSD when they are not.

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Yes they are but they aren't meant for consumers and they are more expensive.

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130 nanometers reporting in...

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hey, i thought they looked cool
>when i was 11

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My laptop is better than your laptop.

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this is a BEAST of a pc

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shit. I could use of some more ram

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definitely not the worst

i do have a machine that i cant run speccy on
probably could if i installed XP but im not 100% sure if it could run XP

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380ED outa fuckin nowhere
>166mhz pentium mmx
>48mb of 66mhz ram
>2.1gb hdd
Running windows 98

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That's still better than the Volari >>58075388

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shit tier
I only need more RAM

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My penis is diamond...
Why the shit graphics card tho (compared to the rest) ?
WTF do you use this for?

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>Why the shit graphics card tho (compared to the rest) ?
Don't need a more powerful GPU. It's not a gaymin station, the 970 is there so I can watch anime with meme placebo filters

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>Cyrix III
god danm man
thats some real oldschool shit

and it shows up on speccy

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I think I could aim to the average, but it's really so average it's bad.

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Not home at the moment to screenshot my full specs but here ya go.

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>and an awful gpu
Do not talk about my HD5850 that way. It's served me for over 7 years.

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>666 MHz

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shit eater here

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Originally built this almost six years ago. Gonna replace most of the parts in this thing with newer ones some time this week.

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Going for the fastest RAM of the thread award.

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>fast RAM meme
capacity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> speed

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I didn't upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free, I still use 7. Did I miss out on a good opportunity?

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Ehhhhhhhhh just missing out on direct x12

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dude... get some memory and get like me.

yours still has a better GPU than mine, but there's no excuse for 3GB.

what kind of machine is that anyways?

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>Everything is a meme

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How important is that?

I have a gtx980ti so for the next 3 or so years every game ought to run on max settings as they do now, I don't need it for that do I?

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>custom workload
in b4 it's a synthetic benchmark

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Depends on what the future pc title specs will require. I know to run some of the xbox one titles on max (ya know the windows live crossover games or whatfucking ever.) Like gears of war i know that requires direct x12. Whats the biggest title you plan on running battlefield 1?

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This is some gimped dual channel shit, ain't it?

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>Windows 10

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DDR3 1333 is garbage and you should feel bad

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What version of 7 should I install on this? I regret "upgrading" to 10.

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