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Would you be in trouble if this was real?

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Oh yeah.

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There's no blacks that live near me, but they would definitely come and find me

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Are you KKK or something? I am no racist but whenever I can't read the capcha I write nigger and it works

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I am just glad they asked a Dane for good meme names.

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That's what you're supposed to do.

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I just like saying nigger on the inter

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Lennart is Swedish and Bedrager means fraud/deceiver

Really makes you think

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it's a Euro security company that made everyone's internet history public

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all google has to do is publicly release the info and it could be real for 99% of the population

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You misspelled britains government

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>tfw they scrapped the script cuz trump got elected and made shit

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They had a script for both outcomes you faggot

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>tfw South Park has two tangents for any episode they make nearing a large pop culture event

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>Hillary get elected
>Turd Sandwich's first order of business is to mandate the whole trolltrace plot device

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Thanks for holding back AI and self-driving cars, in other words technology, development faggot. You have no right to be on this board.

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No it'll still work you'll just need to order your self driving pizza delivery to 123 nigger st

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They literally just forgot to conclude half the plot

Like whats with the Member berries?

Last season was okay, but this season was shit. There were a few good one liners but it was shit all together

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They made Star Wars great again

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No, im quite confiden in my porn collection and im sure others would enjoy my tastes.

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I haven't said or done anything online that wouldn't be insignificant among the sea of cucked spouses and celebrity scandals and irrelevant noise and riots

They lost the plot in the episodes they had to panic rewrite because America voted for the correct candidate instead of the incorrect one

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no they didnt you dumbass

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nope i don't even know how to use emojis

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Pretty much just all my embarrassing fetish shit.

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nah i use a private browser window for all my illegal or taboo shit

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>write nigger and it works

Anything works

>thanks for holding back the botnet and google's plan for world domination


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That would be like a company self-destruct button

Who am I kidding? Most people would bitch and moan and continue to use google like the sheep they are.

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this, pretty much. I've done nothing illegal or anything to make enemies, but my reputation would certainly be ruined

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probably, god only knows how many fucking shitbags have used my computer or posed as me on the internet to do fucked up things.

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Pretty much this.

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People would know I am a beautiful erotic womyn that wants to be rail every night. Stuck in an ugly man's body. I just want cocks inside me 24/7.

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No because I realized that the only reason I did it was because I was a lonely, overweight, sexually frustrated loser who wanted to make others feel as bad as I felt.

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No, they would have to know my real name, but nobody knows even my full name, except my boss.

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I would just an hero. I have done too much.

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i literally do not care.

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I thought everyone typed nigger when the captcha was garbage...

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>Last season was GREAT, but this season was shit. There were a few good one liners but it was shit all together

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not my fanfics

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Yeah I 'member!

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>anon whats "cp" and why do you look for it every night?

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Testing to see if nigger works

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Not particularly. Maybe some of my porn searches would be embarrassing, but that would be the end of it.

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80% of those 99% would get pissed, deny, object and revolt.

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Wouldn't effect me at all. Google is limited to youtube videos. I have no issue with people knowing which youtube videos I watch.

iOS for phone
Linux Mint for PC
DDG for search on both
tutanota for mail on both
Libre Office 5 for office documents.

Think that's everything.

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I don't search sensitive things without my VPN.

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According to the SP lore, they traced you via your typing habits, so a VPN would be rendered meaningless.

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That's not how it works you dipshit.

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But it is real!


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Yeah well that's fucking impossible because there's no distinct way I type in keywords in a search engine.

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Looking at the terms, etc, doesn't look like it does shit but log your email address.

That's not how it is supposed to work according to the SP lore. You just type in a name, and see everything they've ever searched/typed.

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Agreed, it's stupid (and is actually even dumber, basing it on "emoji analysis," which most adults never use, but buying into the notion that they could actually track down everything you've ever searched or posted online, IP/MAC Addresses be damned, means that a VPN would be rendered meaningless.

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>just checking to see if any is offering cheese pizza delivery without the use non-free (freedom-denying) javascript

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/pol/ would have a fieldday laughin at all my interracial pr0nsearches

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The idea of emoji analytics IS RETARDED AS HELL!
One of the dumbest things I heard all year, literally.

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My furry porn history would be pretty embarassing (especially as far as family is concerned) but i wouldn't be in any *actual trouble*.

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So in the future they can make parallel universe episodes.


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No, but once all of anonymous gets ousted and has no reason to not drop redpills on an hourly basis, (((they))) will be in trouble.

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my wife would be very angry at me and her boyfriend.

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What is "this"?

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im a girl btw

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Command line parameters for the unix copy program.
The manpage kinda sucks.

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>implying google, facebook, and microsoft do not do this already

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no, no they didn't. They had to rewrite it the morning of the day, resulting in a whole mishmash of poorly strewn together scenes from the previous version of the episode with terrible rhythm and no clear purpose.

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what, how do you even get word captcha's

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I would be fucking done for.

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I would be torn apart by niggers in seconds

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This must be a joke

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What the actual fuck it works

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Told you senpai I wasn't bullshitting

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Same. Thankfully I have the internet to hide behind and get my views across without having to endure physical assault from niggers chimping out.

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