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Got 350 bucks to get a laptop for college. I have a MacBook Pro mid2009 2.26ghz 13" somewhere, was planning to upgrade it to 8gb RAM and install a SSD.

Has /g/ a better idea?

Maybe a thinkpad or something

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>he thinks he can upgrade his macbook

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You do realize that only extremely mentally ill (ie homosexuals) use macs, RIGHT??!

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what ?
it isn't possible ?
I thought it was a standard in the market

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That's core2duo shit, it's ancient and trash
Get a T430 or T420
Or if you want better hardware the T520/W520

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It is, but apples too cool for replaceable parts

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It is you stupid cunts, you can replace ram, hdd, dvd drive and battery

Oldie but goldie

You get the same specs of that unmodified macbook if you try to buy a thinkpad with that

Upgr8 that shit m8

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Ram was the first part to get locked down by Apple, I doubt even the older MacBooks have upgradable ram

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Yeah, but it was from 2010 up


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>you can replace ram, hdd, dvd drive and battery
Your CPU is still an ancient piece of shit and replacing the battery is usually not worth it

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All non-Retina MBPs of 2012 and before have upgradable RAM.

A 2009-2010 models of MBP (both 13" and 15") use 1066MHz RAM.

All Retina model MBPs from Late 2012 to present have non-upgradeable RAM soldered to the Logic Board.
-Late 2012 and Early 2013 MBPs (both 13 and 15 inch models) used an older version of M.2 Sata SSDs.
-Late 2013 to Early 2015 used Generic M.2 Sata SSDs.
-The new 2016 models use a proprietary SSD.

Better off getting a cheap MBP 13 Mid 2012 model (non-Retina) if you can.

Problem with both 2009-2010 models are vintage and Apple won't service them. Apple are also phasing out their service for 2011 models too.

If you want to buy a new MBP or something closer to new the best one to get is the MBP 13" Early 2015 model.

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Wrong replacing battery is definitely worth it if the battery currently sucks. Pretty sure a 2009 Macbook Pro would get a good 4-5 hours of normal use (70% brightness, browsing net, word processing, etc.)

CPU is going to be a bottleneck there though, especially with a current browser using something hoggish like flash, or more than 5-6 tabs open. Thinkpad with an i5 circa 2011 may be a better choice, unless you're married to OS X.

I have a 2011 15" MBP with i7 and the processor definitely shows its age. Outlook sucks CPU juice like crazy and Chrome and Firefox tax it when there's a lot going on. It can run hot. I'm sure the 2009 C2D would be significantly worse.

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If it works, I'd say just use the current laptop. I don't like Macs but if you already got one it's easier to keep it and put an SSD in.

If it gets in your way at any point, change it. You can probably even re-use the SSD you bought and put it in your next laptop. Meanwhile you might have saved enough money to get the next laptop.

Students usually have almost no money and I'm assuming you don't have extra money either. You might be able to use the rest of that money on something that's useful right now.

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it's a 2009 retard

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Did the 2009 models have shitty cooling too?
That thing must be hell to use

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Unfortunately you can't upgrade the CPU, but you can shove an SSD in there, upgrade the RAM. Honestly you're better of buying something more powerful second hand.

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I don't know about the 2009 pros, but the air and white macbooks had shitty cooling
fans move like turbines whenever I did anything more intense than word or safari

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The MB 2008 Aluminium had the worst cooling issues.

Cooling from 2009 to 2012 was not much different, but the 2009 15" had two variants where one used a large single fan and the other used two fan.

All later models from 2010-2015 MBP 15 inch used two fans which says it all.

All 13-inch MBP non-retinas used a single fan in more of less the same fashion.

The mid 2012 13inch model was only cooler than previous variants as it's CPU and integrated used less power than previous models.

More power = more heat.

If you don't understand this than I don't think you would understand other logical explanations either.

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2009 is getting pretty old desu. If it can't run the most recent osx I'm not sure I'd put money into it.

It depends what software you need. If you need office and other proprietary stuff that's only available on osx I guess the upgrades would be worth it.

If you're doing dev work and don't need special software I'd just get something cheap and new and run linux on it.

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Did you redact that with your fucking feet?

I'd save my money I wait until I have a enough to buy something better. You don't need a laptop that much the first year, it's better to wait and get that juicy XPS 15

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processor is too old and upgrade isn't worth it.

you can get a used Dell Latitude with an SSD, 8gb ram and a significantly better CPU for 200-300 bucks.

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Don't listen to this mac haters, the portability and usability of a MacBook surpasses any option 350 bucks can offer you

Upgrade it and try to get a distro there

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just buy a used laptop, but 300 bucks would buy a fairly good new android tablet even a good name brand like Samsung

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You're on a forum where grown men exchange pictures of Japanese cartoons. You're a homosexual.

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