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Just bought this setup except with the solo instead of the duo port.
>reee in HD

Post mic setups

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I have bm-800 and chinky phantom power + arm out for delivery today. How bad did I fuck up, /g/?

Will be used for yelling at scrubs in TF2 and 1.6 on the weekends

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what do you use it for though? Just chatting, or content?

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Holy fuck I love this pic. Are there more?
Also, assuming you have virtually no budget there is no real reason to get a budget microphone over your run of the mill gaming headset. The quality difference surfaces at the AT2020 price point. Below that you are wasting money.

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to (you)

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>Below that you are wasting money
not really desu, just having a larger diaphragm, even if it's cheap, is going to give better quality than an in-line mic, or a shitty headset mic, unless you've got a $300+ headset with a really nice mic for studio use, literally any larger diaphragm condenser microphone will be higher quality, even a $40 condenser.

I just use a USB condenser on an arm with a popfilter, spent under $50 and it's MUCH higher quality than any headset microphone, clear sounding to people in game, or discord.

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Every BM800 review I've listened to sets it far and away from my crappy Siberia v2 mic. Besides, it's just a cheap toy for fun.

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Don't get me wrong. Cheap usb microphones such as the Blue snowball and meteor do wonders to improve audio but the trade off is that you may still pick up undesirable background noise unlike higher quality condensers. There's also the argument of build quality. I've heard it been said that cheap condensers have the longevity or routers.

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>still pick up undesirable background noise unlike higher quality condensers
that has more to do with the user from my experience.

If you don't know how to set proper gain levels then you're fucked with a $500 mic just as much as a $30 one.

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Wait, is that a AT2020USB?

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>spent under $50

Nope, CAD U37 I paid $29 for on sale.


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I use a MD421 most of the time I need a mic at my computer, but sometimes I use a proper mic even though I never record at home

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if its 1st gen, get the beta drivers

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it's 2nd.
I assume you mean the interface not the mic.

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MD421 is a beast. Do you notice the higher quality?

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indeed, and ok, just a heads up

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of course. it's a good dynamic microphone but even a mediocre condenser is suited better for voice
totally irrelevant for mumble/teamspeak though

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I just bought the exact same shit idubbbz uses

It's cheap and works perfectly fine

Got free wall foam pads on Craigslist

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does the wall foam do anything if you don't really have any external noise and a carpeted floor? Does it improve acoustics?

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Is the Blue Yeti a meme?

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these 1" thick foam panels absorb stuff above 3ish kHz so they leave you with a nice muddy midrange sounding room
making it worse in 99% of all times, especially if you have no idea what you're doing which is the case for youtubers and streamers covering their walls with these

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Unless you are hosting group conferences, as in people in the same room speaking from different directions, and you absolutely have no desire to bother with xlm cables, yes.
For roughly the same cost you can get better performance from mics meant only to be used in the traditional sense, such as games, skype calls, or singing.

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So basically, if you don't think you need them, you probably don't need them.

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suggestions for that price range then?

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If you want usb that is a step up from inline garbage, get a Blue Snowball Ice or Samson Meteor.
If you want a proper mic utilizing XLM, get an AT2020 around $85 or the step up AT2035 for $150.
Staying below the $200 price point there are very clear winners and losers. Things get more complicated past that as you start to get into audiophile territory where, yeah they sound a bit better, but are they $699 better?

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I use one of these. The only negative thing about it is you have to use a battery.

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Thanks, anon

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You sound like you have things backwards, condenser mics can pick up background noise much more easily, you just have to properly set things up either way
A cheap condenser mic is almost always better than a headset of the same price
Yeti mics are trash btw, there's a reason they only sell on newegg and amazon

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There's foam for bass and foam for highs
Foam for highs is stupid, you might as well just have some laundry in the room
Foam for bass can make a huge difference, especially if you have a hard room material or if your studio is too small/big

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What is xlm

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Xtra Long Manparts

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it's all about the thickness and density of the material, though.
these typical foam absorbers are both very thin and very light, making them useless

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the two mics I mentioned are cheap condensers...
Most times higher quality mics have varias features to muffle unwanted feed. Such as internal wind screens or switches to impede db.
See Rode Broadcaster and AT2035

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meant XLR

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But if you're getting free foam from Craigslist just trying to look cool, you gotta go with egg cartons
That's what happens when you recommend yeti mics, you start posting dumb shit

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I never recommended a Yeti you sperg

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If your room is empty and has a hard wood floor, you might notice a bit if echo off the wall. If you add a nice 4x4 placement on the walls that echo, your room will offer less echo feedback recording. If your room has a carpeted floor, good chance you dont need them at all.

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Here's a stupid question. Is there a table mic setup for voice that can also double as a video mic for an Olympus mirrorless? What would I be looking for? I know nothing, except that Blue Yeti seems popular for gaming.

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you want something that can be battery powered like the sennheiser k6p with the 64 capsule
a little switch lets it take either phantom power from your preamp at home or switches to battery power when it's on the camera

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Table mic? you mean like a conference mic that sits in the middle of a boardroom?

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BM800 is god. Stupidly noisy, though.

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You sure it's not noisy because of your nigger rigged setup

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Maybe if you get one that actually works

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Sound Devices 744
Scheops CMC6 + MK8
Scheops CMC6 + MK40
MS setup in a Rycote zep
alt is 416 when humidity or side rejection is important and stereo isn't

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That's fucking dope.

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I guess there are a few more.


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Meant for >>58032394

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It's hiss from the microphone circuitry.

Perhaps I have overly high standards.

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I can pinpoint at least two places where your setup is super vulnerable to interference, I doubt it's "the microphone" that sounds shitty

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I've of course tested the microphone with a better set-up, lol. I wouldn't comment on the noise of a mic going through ten metres of unbalanced cable into a fucking camcorder.

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Recording hacks has it at 16dB(A) self noise, which is a good low number for an electret microphone. Not super low but the microphone shouldn't be "noisy". Sensitivity numbers look good too. Something is wrong with your phantom supply, the microphone or your camera's input.

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Again, I think I just have abnormally high standards. I haven't played with many big condenser mics.

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Lemme guess, you've also never used phantom power before either?

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what about it? phantom power is the simplest thing ever

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Do tell me how to get a better power supply than a bloody battery.

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ur mum is the simplest thing, m8

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I mean, maybe but my guess is no. I have some excellent DPA microphones and I played with that Josephson mic with the Gafell capsule, and I've got some old AT3032s that are about as quiet/noisy as that BM800 is supposed to be. Those ATs are quiet enough that when I was recording in the woods with a new preamp and had it cranked (but didn't know) I thought a bear was coming at me and it turned out to be a field mouse.

Post a recording, depending on the noise quality it should be fairly obvious what is causing it.

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Not that guy but apparently the BM800 is good for phantom between 9v and 48v but that doesn't mean it's getting all the gain it could with a 12v SLA.

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>I was recording in the woods
Are you on the bigfoot hunter show

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Can you rec a cheap mic for games and skype

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Nah, I was in Canada recording backgrounds. I almost shat my pants when "the bear" came at me but I figured "just stay sill, that's your best plan." and then I see this fucking mouse, I get super confused, clap my hands and practically go def.

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I play around with some other mics and headphones, but this is my usual audio setup
The Blue Baby Bottle is really nice and versatile, would recommend

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I use a 8€ speedlink mic on a stand

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Blue gets a bad rap because they make entry level stuff and they have good marketing but their stuff is actually quite good.

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That's kinda like the first time I went shooting with my electronic earmuffs cranked with no plugs underneath. It felt like I was a superhero. I heard ATVs over a mile away like they were right behind me. Every twig cracking, etc

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Yeah that's true, a lot of people bash on blue for the Yeti and Snowball (which I have no experience on btw)
I have two baby bottles and a kiwi and I have no issues with them.
Quality is nice, they sound great and they really aren't that expensive. Didn't pay for mine though

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Raising the voltage raises the noise floor on this one.

I can't right now. The noise is a simple white noise. It's not out of external interference of any kind.

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>raising the voltage raises the noise

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maybe you got a shit mic, or maybe spending $10-20 more for something even approaching the semblance of quality.

You don't need to spend more than $50 to beat almost any headset microphone however.

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if that's the case it sounds like the microphone's active electronics have some sort of problem

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Are those some K712s?
If so, mah nigga. I've yet to see anyone else with a pair. What are your thoughts?

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That could 100% be from interference, what the hell makes you think that's impossible? Your ultra high standards couldn't figure that out?

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how could interference ever be white noise?

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Nice headphones for what I paid ($220).

I used to have Q701 which I sold to a friend, and compared to those the bass is more pronounced and the flat headband + memory foam earpads made them a good deal more comfy to wear for extended listening.

Overall great headphones

I also have a pair of Denon AH-D2000 for closed back listening.

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Ground hum, interference at the DAC circuit, any kind of constant interference like an unshielded computer nearby or a speaker nearby

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Snowball iCE and a cheap pop filter with or without a boom arm.
If you mean REALLY cheap all I can say is just get a headset or one of those stand mics on amazon for $10

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Not to mention that if it goes up with voltage, and for some crazy reason your high standards have ruled out any kind of interference just because "it doesn't sound like interference" your microphone or amp or cables are damaged

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Yeah I'm just getting my 363d repaired for $100 then

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none of that would be white noise
come on

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Honestly if it's truly white noise and not peaky in any sort of frequency band then I'm 90% confident it is with the power section of the microphone or the phantom supply. That's just the way it works, if adding more voltage in the phantom supply raises the noise floor then indeed there is something wrong with the power section (supply or microphone). Most microphones that work on phantom get quieter when you give them more voltage.

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Anyone use this? Is it good?

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I agree with you though that it's not likely interference because that's almost always showing up in a specific frequency band.

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I had one for a short time
it's ok for the price I guess

>> No.58033722

Why only for a short time if you don't mind me asking? Didn't fit your needs?

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Hey I'd believe you can't ground your wires if that's actually your setup

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The problem is that the company is marketed toward convenience or user friendliness. Almost all of their products (with the exception of their Pro line) are plug and play and feature internals that calibrate automatically.
That being said the people that say the yeti is good are the same saying Apple makes good products.
Technically there's nothing wrong with Apple, but they are over priced and require a lot of proprietary soft/hardware. Blue is more or less the same way and is marketed towards those that don't have an interest in learning about features or what separates a good mic from a bad mic.
When everything is said and done, I can't recommend most of Blue's line with the exception of their lower end stuff that is more portable or specifically the Snowball iCE for the cost to performance ratio for everyday voice use. And even then I would only do so if I was fairly sure they were the kind of person that just wanted something dedicated as opposed to a headset and didn't want to bother with settings or calibration.

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Why don't you know? You already blamed the entire issue on "I'm too intelegant for this mic"

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I tried a lot of transportable bus powered interfaces and that was one of them
I went with a rme babyface in the end because it's so much better and even smaller and lighter

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that one has been mentioned to me on here before. maybe by you. one would hope it's better considering the premium.

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That means stone in german you amerinigger

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File: 3.73 MB, 5312x2988, 20160409_135952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Spotted the kayak

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Here's a recording.


There's a bit of mains hum there too, that's obviously due to my long, shitty cable. The background music level is very low, and my speech is not loud either.

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What do you mong lord do with such high quality microphones? If it's gaymening, have you considered suicide?

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If it is just the mic that is broken and you have a $100 dollar budget I would recommend:

$70 Samson Meteor Mic USB
$13 Neewer NB-35 Black Boom Arm
$8 Dragonpad Pop filter

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>have you considered suicide?
....haven't we all?

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Are any cables unbalanced? If so, I guarantee you have interference

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I make music for my own entertainment and never save it because I have to actually pay for my daw to do so

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Mic and headphones broken together because the wired got pulled and it doesn't have a safety mechanism.

I got a 558 for $80 and it's about the same but then I would have to spend that $100 for the mic.

>> No.58033950

Yes, I have a long-ass unbalanced cable. It causes a mild 50 Hz hum. The white noise is there whether or not that cable is there, and airborne noise would bloody well not be pure white noise.

>> No.58033960

>What do you mong lord do
I have some bad news for you Hector. Those aren't brain cells that are multiplying.

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>airborne noise
Is this actually how you think interference works?

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Pray tell, through which medium does interference collected through cables travel? I don't have my cable wrapped around a transformer core.

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Don't worry his high standards compensate for his low function

>> No.58034008

I'm saying the dunning kruger effect is why he's so confident in his assessment.

>> No.58034024

Transmits through electromagnetic radiation actually, a non-material medium

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Well, I can't speak for any Blue mics other than the baby bottle and the kiwi, because those are the ones I've tried and I like them both.
I feel like the baby bottle's price to performance ratio is alright, the kiwi on the other hand is a bit pricey and you can probably get more bang for your buck at it's price range.

I agree on you with the appeal to the "normie" audience though. They don't know differences between mics and they don't care. They just want plug and play audio that is above their headset mic quality and that is exactly what Blue delivers with their USB mics, overpriced or not.

>> No.58034149

But you have an "PSU/Battery/Unbalancer"
Please explain what that is for

>> No.58034195

>I have to actually pay for my daw to do so
You wot mate
What daw are you using? Also why not just use Reaper, which has an unlimited trial license that doesn't expire and only costs $60 or something if you actually decide to pay for it

>> No.58034214

Yes, through the space which is colloquially referred to as "thin air". Which is the reason terms like "on the air" exist.

Either way, here's a recording of the noise with microphone power off, vs. microphone power on, with nothing else touched but the power switch. I edited out the loud pop for ease of discretion. The white noise is not present to the ear, and would you not agree that external interference should likely be picked up through the cabling even with the microphone power off? This is recorded through a very short unbalanced cable.


It's a passive unbalancing and phantom power circuit. My camera doesn't eat balanced audio. It should be on the other end of the long lead, but I can't be arsed to fix it as it works well enough.

>> No.58034259

So your camera has a single stereo unbalanced 3.5mm TRS jack and you're doing what? You're splitting a stereo signal into unbalanced TRS or you're taking the mono signal and essentially doing nothing but turning it into an unbalanced TS jack
Get a fucking interface

>> No.58034291

"Balanced Audio" is just normal mono with an extra ground wire, most interfaces with balanced TRS jacks work unbalanced with TS cables if you jus plug them in

>> No.58034307

There's lots of comparison videos matching up the yeti to a different brand. I've seen a lot to say the least and 90% of them choose the competitor over the Yeti if it's in the same price range. If you look up review that feature a yeti victory pay attention to what they are highlighting.
+Tons of features
+Plug and Play
+Sturdy frame/build
+Mute button
+Stand is high quality

This is every time Yeti comes out on top. It's always everything EXCEPT the audio quality that wins it for them. A dedicated cardioid for the same price has better audio nearly. Every. Time.

>> No.58034343

Need a couple of caps and resistors in there in order to not feed 12 V DC into the mic jack of the camera. I don't remember the specific circuit but it's basically just AC coupling it.

Yes, I know, but see above.

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Got the same as OP for voice, ModMic 4.0 and pic related for audio things.

>> No.58034387

Let me get this straight now
You're using a condenser mic, hooked it up to a battery, rigged it from balanced TRS into unbalanced mono TRS, and then are straight up feeding that microphone/battery/split abomination directly into your line-in stereo 3.5mm jack on your camera?
I think you need to raise your standards asap

>> No.58034410

Software plugins are somehow part of your 'gear' ?

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So you just have a microphone connected with an XLR cable to a 12v battery? And then you're trying to wire both parallel to the stereo input?
Buy a fucking interface with phantom power and digital USB, that's all that needs to be said here.

>> No.58034440

Hey VSTs are worth money don't ya know

>> No.58034485

No don't worry, its the quality of the microphone that's the issue here.

If he just upgrades to a $300+ mic it would work perfectly in that setup /s

>> No.58034510

Why? The system fulfils my needs. The front-end of the camera is less noisy than the microphone - and the noise floor of the microphone is by far good enough.

>Buy a fucking interface with phantom power and digital USB, that's all that needs to be said here.

What issue would that resolve, which would make it worth forcing me to manually sync my audio and video?

>> No.58034550

You can have 48 volts DC that isn't going directly into a line input, for one
You can "unbalance" an output by simply using the right cable
You can output your audio directly into your computer through USB
Your condenser microphone will work, if that matters to you at all
You can output to your cameras 3.5mm jack, if you still want to for some stupid reason, at the right level
And your setup won't be noisy
Sounds like a fair upgrade to me but what do I know I don't have high standards

>> No.58034606

> A dedicated cardioid for the same price has better audio nearly. Every. Time.
Well that's a no-brainer
That's pretty much like comparing beats and a similarly priced pair of headphones from any actual audio company like sennheiser or akg etc.
The money is spent on these features, looks and marketing, not on the quality.

I wasn't claiming Blue's usb mics are good nor bad, I just said that they're what the normies are looking for as you pretty much said too. Ease of use, arguably good looks and an above the average headset mic quality.
They aren't aimed for professional or "enthusiast level" users after all.

>> No.58034612

I bet you plug your mouse into the wall too

>> No.58034618

>You can have 48 volts DC that isn't going directly into a line input, for one
I already can.
>You can "unbalance" an output by simply using the right cable
I already am.
>You can output your audio directly into your computer through USB
I don't need that feature, but I can do that if I use a cable which reaches my computer.
>Your condenser microphone will work, if that matters to you at all
It already does.
>You can output to your cameras 3.5mm jack, if you still want to for some stupid reason, at the right level
I already am.
>And your setup won't be noisy
It will, since the noise is coming from the $20 microphone.
>Sounds like a fair upgrade to me but what do I know I don't have high standards
I have "high standards" because I'm used to dealing with high-end audio gear, not recording equipment. You have a much higher SNR on a line level preamp than you do on a microphone. I don't have a clue what's considered "good" on a mic.

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File: 126 KB, 600x500, ZM-MIC_b_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Post mic setups
Pic related

>> No.58034726

It means mountain/heap

>> No.58034742

Yeah, a gloriously cold line level input like plugging a mic into your motherboard means your setup is flawless
Just listen to that Duracell quality
Just listen to that mic at 20% of nominal voltage
Just listen to that ground wire that disappeared
But interference is impossible and plugging a battery into your microphone jack is the way to go, good job

>> No.58034746


Proud of you anon. I work in a large Finnish electronics retail store and that's the set I offer to everyone looking to have a good started/mid set like that.

>> No.58034782

Oh sorry sorry sorry
That battery is plugged into your microphone jack with resistors too, that's makes it all better
You mentioned capacitors too but that wouldn't help your purpose whatsoever

>> No.58034803

that's quite cool but you know the voip codec in TF2 and CS are fucking trash tier right?

I want a decent mic set up for teamspeak, which I spend a few hours a day on. Unfortunately I know nobody else in my teamspeak would want to spend over $100 on decent mic equipment so nothing would improve for me.

>> No.58034808

>Just listen to that mic at 20% of nominal voltage
lol, signal level != phantom power voltage

Good display, chap.

Do draw the circuit diagram you think I'm using, rek me harder please.

>> No.58034814

>you know the voip codec in TF2 and CS are fucking trash tier right?
Of course

>> No.58034827

Well can you explain what I'm wrong about, because from what you're telling me and what setup I'm piecing together in my head, you're fucking retarded and this should've destroyed your camera long ago

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I'm also curious what the fuck your circuit looks like
Nobodys making assumptions, just show up how your setup is arranged and we'll tell you specifically what part is shit, we can't just guess why you have a battery connected to your mic or assume where fuck your audio is actually going
Tell us, you put it together

>> No.58034887

He has a condenser mic, with a 12v battery connected to god knows which XLR pins
That XLR cable is ghettorigged to output to a 3.5mm jack
Basically he tried to plug a condenser mic directly into his camera and then "add some volts"

>> No.58034904


> Audio boss on the case

>> No.58034962

Ok yeah, there is some noise, but honestly you are getting a lot of gain for only a little noise. I would actually think that the problem is the mic pre in the camera at this point and not the phantom (because the problem would likely be more egregious). Look at getting a decent preamp but you'll likely not find one that has lower noise without spending $500. The Sound Devices MP1 is brilliant and silent but it's $500, and at that point you should buy a Rode NT1.

Listening to the recording the noise is not an unbalanced cable issue.

>> No.58034972


A good mic depends on the source, the wrong mic is sometimes the best mic.

>> No.58035035

Well learning more, it seems that were out to find what couldn't be an issue now

>> No.58035106

This is why it's important to have a known good setup, so you can swap components out until you reproduce the problem, and then you know your issues. It's really easy in the extremes to have acoustic problems (extreme loud and extreme soft).

>> No.58035109
File: 2.64 MB, 4912x3264, 1481657895378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
>Mic arm
>Fabulously pink pop filter.

It's pretty much the only set up that lets me play games at decent volumes on speakers, and be on non push to talk voice chat without echo.

Photo is actually some ribbon mic I was playing with, but not going to bother taking a new one atm.

Dynamics are nice.

>> No.58035130

I use a at 2020 with a Scarlett solo. Pretty good but the interface shits itself randomly. I have to close the program or unplug and plug the interface back in. Anyone know of a better interface? I was thinking of a m audio one.

>> No.58035138

Well his problem is obviously not simple acoustics or an off frequency response
This is no longer an audio quality problem and more of a electrical problem

>> No.58035160

>reproduce the problem
I'm not comfortable reproducing his setup

>> No.58035173

who are your speakers angled towards?

>> No.58035189

They are facing straight ahead, which works well for these.

>> No.58035210

I guess it's okay to hate treble

>> No.58035220

Acoustics and electronics are essentially the same when you are talking about microphones. I don't need to reproduce his setup, I mean he should have a known good setup to check other setups against. The easy answer is plug an SM57 into the camera and see how it sounds (it should have about double the noise due to lower sensitivity) if it has less noise then there is a problem upstream of the camera, if it has double the noise then the camera preamp is likely the problem.

>> No.58035227

Sounds fine to me, horns + small room.

>> No.58035239

Do you not see his stax rig? He has an excellent high frequency reference right there. If they sound completely different I bet he'd know.

>> No.58035248

And what situation has a 12 volt battery connected directly to the mic leading to 2/3 of a stereo line input with resistors and capacitors soldered into the "circuit"?

>> No.58035271

Drywall and paint absorb a lot of the high frequencies if that's where they're pointed

>> No.58035286

I have an AT2020 and everything just sitting on the floor by my PC for a few months but I still haven't got a converter. Do you guys think the U-PHORIA UM2 would be okay? Or are there any well known cheap devices? Its really cheap which is why I was looking at it.

>> No.58035330

You can't argue with a guy that has a headphone stand like that, true audiophile quality

>> No.58035338

That's actually not an uncommon way to bootstrap phantom onto a system that doesn't have it (as long as the microphone can accept 12v instead of 48v, which is also not uncommon with new microphones).

But it's easy enough to test his system with a good dynamic mic and remove that element.

>> No.58035343
File: 6 KB, 535x262, Clipboard02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, because the magic black box AC couples the microphone. There's a capacitor in series. That's the entire point. No DC comes out of it. Because that would likely destroy anything you connect it to.

>Well can you explain what I'm wrong about
The phantom voltage is just a power supply voltage, as long as it's higher than your signal level, you can build a circuit that works. 48 V is just normally used to keep the current low to prevent issues with cabling. Your signal level is still going to be like a volt, and if your mic is designed to handle voltages below 48 V, then your supply voltage will not matter a lot given competent design.

There's more to the circuit but here's the basic concept for you. I remember putting two caps in it for some reason but I don't remember why.

Yes, that is what phantom power is all about. Adding more volts.

I suppose, technically, it is.

The mic pre is a lot quieter if I turn the big mic off, but I agree, the set-up is good enough not to justify much change.

>> No.58035384

I made a better setup with no audible noise, a line-level output, and a volume knob for $40

>> No.58035402

Oh yeah and also it doesn't use a 12v alkaline battery
What's the nominal voltage on that right now? 6 volts? 4?

>> No.58035403

That's several orders of magnitude more than what my five or so components cost.

>> No.58035418

It's aimed more at wood, bookshelf and wooden bedhead are on the back wall.

>> No.58035431

Which is more important to sound quality? Headphone stand or headphones?

>> No.58035439

Your mic was $20 as you said, that battery is $11 at Home Depot right now, a single 3.5mm headphone cable and XLR cable would be at least $5 together. Without adding solder, how is 40 dollars down to 35 dollars "several orders of magnitude" cheaper?
Oh wait I bet your high standards cost thousands to buy

>> No.58035460

So it's resonating and rattling and exacerbating frequencies
That's even worse

>> No.58035483
File: 2.71 MB, 720x480, Bojac'sRevenge.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58035511

>no audible noise
That's a lie. Unless you are passing no signal there is always audible noise, whether or not it's loud enough compared to your signal or not is different.

I don't see a solution to your problem (it's not really a problem but that's how we are looking at it) without spending real money.

• Excellent low noise preamp
• Good high sensitivity LDC with low noise
• Post processing noise reduction software. (time and money)

>> No.58035575

It'd do that either way without sound treating.

>> No.58035590

>it's always audible
>whether or not it's audible depends on gear
And he doesn't need a "quality" preamp, he just needs a preamp at all, recommending "noise reduction software" pretty much confirms you don't know what you're talking about, and saying "just buy a new mic" makes me think you're op in denial that he doesn't have a fully functional setup

>> No.58035607

>noise reduction software
Yeah just fix a dangerous mic setup's hissing noise by EQ ezpz

>> No.58035620

>That's pretty much like comparing beats and a similarly priced pair of headphones from any actual audio company like sennheiser or akg etc.
>They aren't aimed for professional or "enthusiast level" users after all.
You do make some valid claims in your post, but I think you're exaggerating just a little, placing Blue in the same bracket as Beats by Dre is damn near disrespectful

>> No.58035632

Good mic for 5$, get a pop filter and it sounds great, srs

>> No.58035641

those VSTs are probably better than your physical counterpart.

>> No.58035721

Yeah, I get paid to do this for a living. I know what I'm talking about. Notice I didn't say "whether or not it's audible" I said "whether or not it's LOUD ENOUGH COMPARED TO YOUR SIGNAL" this is the fundamental gain stage conversation that is the root of all audio engineering problems.

I specifically didn't say "just buy a new mike" I talked about having a test rig that compares to what he has, and as he suspects that his microphone may be at fault I advised him to try another.

He has a preamp, there is one in the camera, it's not good. Listen to the audio, there isn't a lot of noise compared to signal, no "preamp at all" will be much better than this, a good preamp will.

Not EQ and there is nothing dangerous about his setup. Noise reduction software is a hell of a lot more complicated than EQ and sometimes it is the best solution.

>> No.58035741

My "problem" is that my microphone is a bit hissy. Not very hissy, but hissy. The issue is not going to be in the completely passive circuit, but in the active circuitry in the mic.

You haven't explained at all how my passive circuit adds noise.

>> No.58035773

I have an XLR condenser mic, 4 9volt batteries, and no interface or even anything with an XLR input whatsoever
How do I plug my mic into my computer, is this how I do it? And it's fine if it's not turned up too much? What's the voltage/signal ratio where it won't work anymore?

>> No.58035789

I'm more looking at the 12 volt alkaline battery hooked up to your headphone jack...

>> No.58035796

lol, that's a good grasp of really basic circuit theory you got there.

>> No.58035806

You do this for a living, so why haven't you put mixers, interfaces, preamps and DACs out of business with this one weird trick?

>> No.58035832
File: 45 KB, 800x533, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not the one with audio problems, my $40 setup works perfect
Yours sounds like a headset plugged into a guitar amp with a patch cable

>> No.58035857

Assuming this isn't a troll (i'm sure it is)
1. 9volts are no good for phantom because they burn out way too fast.
2. An interface is at least two or three different parts depending on the onboard ICs. You need a microphone preamp stage, then an Analog to Digital convertor, then a USB audio interface. There are a number of USB audio interface ICs with ADs on-board, but if you are asking the question you aren't building your own interfaces. There are plenty of serviceable cheap ones.

I'll maintain that I don't think it's your microphone, but buy an NT1 on amazon and if it's better then you know and then return it. What I think you need is a good preamp.

>> No.58035879

But I essentially have his exact setup if I wire the batteries in series, if his works then why wouldn't mine work? I could even get an old car battery if longetivity is an issue

>> No.58035882

Because there are plenty of battery powered phantom units on the market? Because mixers, interfaces, preamps, and DACs all serve different purposes?

Do you not get that there is a mic pre in his camera? It just isn't a phantom supplying preamp.

>> No.58035893

Because he's not going into a computer, he's going into a camera, which has a preamp.

>> No.58035903

The preamp and DAC is in the headphone jack of my computer, it's no camera headphone jack but it's gotta be able to work?
How many volts do ineed to load my mic with? And I can just connect the hot audio wire to the input of a TRS jack?

>> No.58035915

You're saying you can just connect a condenser mic to a mic-in jack with a 12v battery?

>> No.58035926

Your headphone jack is a mic preamp? Doubtful. Line level and mic level are more different than a switch on the back of your mixer. Stop trolling, the problem isn't my ability to answer your question the problem is your fundamental misunderstanding of mic levels, phantom power, and line levels.

>> No.58035929

My computer has a dedicated microphone input though, but if I could ROG this to my camera even better, my camera has the same mic in jack

>> No.58035941

So if line level and mic level are different, how is his setup possible?

>> No.58035957
File: 444 KB, 1280x1483, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>line level and mic level are more different than 12 volts

>> No.58035961

If you wire the battery into a phantom supply circuit and your microphone works on a phantom supply of 12v instead of 48v then yes. As long as the "mic-in" jack is a proper mic pre. Some are some are not. And yes phantom voltage rides on pin 2+3.

>> No.58035977

His camera doesn't even take a balanced connection
I'm willing to bet it's a 3.5mm mono jack

>> No.58035981

the camera has a preamp, the battery powered supply has a filter cap cutting the DC on the output side
how is this so hard to understand? there's plenty of units that do the very same thing

>> No.58035991

Because his computer has a mic level input.

If your computer has a mic level input and you can supply your condenser microphone with the phantom power it needs then yes you don't need an "interface." Look up phantom supply circuits, you'll find they look like Furry's diagram.

The 12v he's supplying is for powering the microphone's condenser element, it has nothing to do with the difference between mic and line level. A dynamic mic doesn't need phantom but it still needs a mic level input.

>> No.58035994

So connecting 48 volts to the positive and negative will make my condenser mic output noise at a line level? Then I could just plug the positive and ground wires into a headphone jack and it'll work direct into my PC?

>> No.58036007

So? It doesn't need a balanced connection, it's not a long run and he's not braiding it with an extension cord to a refrigerator.

>> No.58036009

But he's not using a computer

>> No.58036028

No. A phantom supply will make a condenser microphone put out mic level. It will do nothing to a dynamic microphone, it might fry a ribbon microphone. If it's designed correctly a microphone input won't give a crap, but a poorly designed line level input might shit the bed. If you plug it into a computer's headphone jack then you are on your own.

>> No.58036029

Shut up you clearly don't understand what we're talking about

>> No.58036051

His camcorder also has a microphone level input. The person asking was asking about computer interfaces.

You are still not getting it and being pedantic instead of doing any research to inform yourself.

>> No.58036060
File: 149 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a condenser mic, so it'll work then? It works for these guys, the paid professional and the furry with high standards

>> No.58036076

Does it though? He said he has a normal mic in jack just like a computer?
It's obviously not a TRS nor XLR jack nor has phantom power

>> No.58036085

Why does it need a balanced connection? It doesn't. I've connected a PILE of SM57s and other microphones to un-balanced inputs. Some of those recordings are in major motion pictures. I put a pair of SM57s on a Zoom H2 as a backup drop mic under a helicopter flyover, sounded tits. 3.5mm "stereo" input unbalanced.

>> No.58036089


Recording I did a few days ago.
Mic: AT4033A
Interface: M-Audio Fast Track II

It's pretty decent.

>> No.58036092

holy crap, that's either some pretty elaborate trolling or some badass bro science going on here
way to shit up a seemingly fine thread for hours otherwise

>> No.58036124
File: 276 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on furry, tell us which major motion picture you worked on that sounds so tits?

>> No.58036126

No it won't. It's still not doing anything to change the signal level of the microphone, it's just powering the microphone element.

Yeah, it doesn't matter what the connector is as long as the electronics behind it are designed to deal with the supplied signal. A lot of old camcorders had microphone inputs on 3.5mm jacks used for wired microphones that came in the box. These were often microphones that needed some phantom (as they were electrets) but usually didn't need a full 48v so it worked out. These inputs would not power full sized microphones typically so you needed a phantom "booster" supply.

This is not new.

>> No.58036142

I'm saying his clusterfuck of adapters and batteries leads to a 3.5mm input made for headsets, something that likely isn't quite "mic level" if a computers' 3.5mm input made for headsets is line level too

>> No.58036145
File: 1.94 MB, 2448x3264, Work.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not Furry

>> No.58036172

But that's exactly what furshit is doing right?
I don't care about the arguments, I want to know, can I plug a battery (of any voltage apparently) to my condenser mic and then have that plug into a "microphone input" in my PC?

>> No.58036185

I miss the S5 controllers

>> No.58036187
File: 41 KB, 601x508, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats not what I asked

>> No.58036194


>> No.58036239

Well we don't know what kind of impedance his jack has, I assumed it was 3.5mm like a normal computer mic in and furshit hasn't said otherwise

>> No.58036244

No he isn't. A mic preamp and a phantom supply are different things for completely different functions. He needs a phantom supply because he has a condenser element microphone. Regardless of needing phantom all microphones need a mic input because their signal is lower (and not impedance matched) than a line level input.

Yeah well, that's what you get.

We have a lot of S5s, this is actually an S6. And now you know who I am, which means you can IMDB me if you want.

>> No.58036257


I was making an assumption based on the fact that these old camcorders always expected you to stick some shitty electret lav on them. Yes it is an assumption, but the audio quality of the recording says it's fundamentally working correctly, if in a limited manner.

>> No.58036259

He rigged up phantom power, not any preamp. You said the preamp was in the jack, why wouldn't that apply to me if I rigged up phantom power and plugged it into an input jack

>> No.58036269
File: 58 KB, 1500x1500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already know who you are you're a roadie with a macbook

>> No.58036281

Because your input jack needs to be a mic input, and it most likely is not. If it is then you could build a phantom circuit and use batteries matched to the voltage that your microphone requires.

>> No.58036283

haven't touched the S6 except for a quick glance at fairs but 2015 all our S5s were torn out because we're demoing for Studer now
they're fantastic consoles, but I actually really liked the euphonix stuff

>> No.58036286

Well those random capacitors and resistors he added to taste (that he didn't know why he added) are probably what makes it non-lethal to equipment

>> No.58036300

I did know why I added them, I just don't remember it any more.

>> No.58036302
File: 42 KB, 365x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It says mic input though, so does my camera with the exact same connection

>> No.58036325

I like it. Still has problems that Avid isn't fixing. All the live shows I know are going to Studer, but post production is in the hands of S5s, S6s, Harrisons, Icons, and the occasional DFC.

Just look at a phantom circuit, don't trust anything on fucking 4chan. That's what research is for.

>> No.58036338

Ok, so you might get lucky. What's the computer? Get the manual and find out if it's a real mic input.

>> No.58036365

It just says microphone input, no impedance rating or anything
My camera says "headphone jack with inline mic"

>> No.58036376
File: 75 KB, 1347x518, 55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah we're not doing a lot of movie post anymore, but more and more music production these days. it's really handy for a quick versatile production setup to have a 'real' desk instead of a controller but some control rooms just feel strange now because they we're really built around the S5 so now there's just a shitload of extra infrastructure
pic related, my former favorite

>> No.58036380


Build it, you might get lucky. What's the computer I'll see if I can figure out if it's a proper input?

>> No.58036401

Shit right? You've got to have a template for every damn thing or you need an hour extra of setup every morning. For post that's easy, 12 episodes of a show will always run off the same template but I've got so much time in building these templates that there are a lot of times I wish I could just turn the console on and have 64channels of fucking track.

>> No.58036443

I learned on the Harrison and it was both a beauty and a beast. It sounded great but it was almost the worst of both worlds. You still had a pile of setup even though you were limited to a real consoles track count and layout.

>> No.58036491
File: 171 KB, 1024x682, Aurotorium-2-1024x682 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

harrisons are not a thing here in the EU, I know they exist, but I never touched one
I love places that try to combine the both though, galaxy aurotorium with their DFC and D-command next to each other is pretty neat

>> No.58036661

HA! We pulled a hybrid with the Harrison and an Icon sidecar. It's actually a pretty rad setup if you never have to conform anything. It is the best of both worlds. The new Neve consoles with computer controlled "real" channels is pretty slick. I wish the control was embedded in a plugin insert so I could have a protools track with automation that controlled a fucking neve channel. Gives me chub just thinking about it.

>> No.58036726

holy shit yes
please give me SSL delta-control like plugin'd automation with any recent (digital) console but the fucking duality piece of shit

>> No.58038073

Motherboard is gagabyte ultra durable z170, I doubt it's mic level, I've never seen a 3.5mm jack that isn't line level

>> No.58038079

This is what I thought audio interfaces did before I realized I need a $1600 mixer

>> No.58038141

how do i record crystal clear audio?

>> No.58038282

Put it in your ass and record in WAV then convert to FLAC then delete and recover it played through Windows media player.

>> No.58038593
File: 26 KB, 358x358, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One word:
Cable risers

>> No.58038879

>gagabyte ultra durable z170
Looks like it might based on the manual. I'd buy an SM57 (because you should have one anyway) then use an XLR to 3.5mm and give it a try. The SM57 doesn't need phantom and if it works then you can send it back and all you need to do is figure out phantom.


>> No.58038934

But that's balanced, would a mic jack even use the whole TRS connection?

>> No.58039964
File: 27 KB, 680x510, ru747cgd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw bought a Rode Procaster and the rode swingarm, paired it with a Steinberg UR12 interface
>Use it for nothing but playing games and talking in teamspeak

At least people can hear my instructions properly

>> No.58039999

the true expert has spoken

>> No.58041232
File: 97 KB, 1024x1024, bm-800-black-condenser-mic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I reduce my BM800 noise and make recordings as crystal clear as possible?

Are there circuits mods? Or something I can do on the microphone itself? Or any manual on how to properly set input gain?

I'm a total noob on this shit, yes.

>> No.58041348

Do you happen to have the A500 buttons to move by themselves fucking up your Ableton Live project mix(if you use it)? Happens to me all the time

>> No.58041610


AHH anyone? Gonna buy that shit and tell you how shitty it was /g/. Thats what you get like every /mkg/ thread yw.

>> No.58041628

buy a better Microphone. That mic is honestly one of the worst you can get for the money.

I would recommend starting with the AT2020 if you are looking to spend as little money as possible on "quality" audio equipment.

I assume you have an audio interface?

>> No.58042841

What sort of microphone setup would be best for minimizing pickup from nearby speakers, but also permitting some head motion? Would a shotgun mic above my monitor make sense for this?

>> No.58042847

A headset.

>> No.58042871

That's what I'm trying to avoid, if possible.

>> No.58042931
File: 342 KB, 1600x1099, IMG-20161111-WA0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use a Focusrite Solo, BM-800, pop filter, mic arm. Here's how mine sounds.


>> No.58042951

There's a circuit mod available from an anon on /csg/, ask in there. It does improve the audio significantly, he posted before and afters.

>> No.58043100
File: 50 KB, 739x739, IMG-20161214-WA0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>256 posts
>51 IPs
Why do microphones always bring out peak autism?

>> No.58043132

what are you doing

>> No.58043155
File: 109 KB, 737x552, 1481904938792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go m8

>> No.58043517
File: 83 KB, 600x448, 1467010833441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Measuring loudspeaker room response in my echo chamber living room and and doing channel specific corrections in the listening sweet spot. This is a setup for a ronery audiophile. Off axis performance is poor because of narrow dispersion and the modes are rather severe. Can't fit another sub here either.

>> No.58044168
File: 415 KB, 480x238, 1467656340265.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The BM-800 is fine. Even professional voice talent are blown away by it. The BM-700 is the exact same mic btw.

>> No.58044233

>Got a JDS Labs 02 headphone DAC/amp a few years back
>Splurged and got a couple of JBL 305's for speakers
>Now I feel like I have to completely redo my setup because I have no way to control the volume of my speakers if I hook it up to my DAC

Being a wannabe audiophile is suffering......

>> No.58044264

Get a chinky amp, they aren't too expensive. Nobsound is decent.

>> No.58044394

Doesn't matter that the cable is "balanced" because there is no TRS standard for 3.5mm being balanced. It'll just use the single side/phase of the signal. On a short run it will sound just fine as long as it's not laid across a power cable.

The thing people don't really get is that a microphone is not like a camera lens. You cant get microphones to "pickup further away" they can only pickup the sound that gets to them. High sensitivity microphones will give you more signal, but the background noise will come up as well. For this reason the best way to get "clear" audio is to reduce the distance between the microphone and the sound source because it amplifies the difference between signal and background noise. If you don't want a headset then get a lavalier microphone and mount it on the headband of your headphones or clip it on your shirt. Make sure it doesn't pickup handling noise.

>> No.58044415

he likely has it going through a pre-amp and an audio interface. its going to sound better than usual, but you don't have access to that kind of thing. Pay for a better mic

>> No.58044534

I have a Focusrite Solo and the mic sounds great. Even a $13 phantom power will give you good enough sound. No issues at all. You're just equating more expensive = better when the BM-800 is good enough for most purposes. See

>> No.58044652

the 'S's in that video sound staticey. Its much nicer than a USB mic thats for sure, but there is likely no way to get better sound quality with just that mic.

>> No.58044691

Of course you can't get it with just the mic, all XLR condensers require some kind of power. You can't even hear the mic if you plug it in without power. It's so cheap though that I don't mind, you can get a phantom power supply off ebay for $13 and I used it for a long time before moving to Focusrite. Still cheaper than any Blue mic for BM-800 + PP + Mic arm.

>> No.58044821

The point is he wants it to sound better. and I'm not being elitist in saying there is nothing he can do with that mic to make it better.

>> No.58044983

Yes there is, there are mods you can make to it all over the internet. You're pulling shit out of your ass. All you do is cut a line and add a part on the circuit board and it immediately sounds better.

>> No.58045660

"Better sound" is a meme in the audio world

>> No.58046152

i don't use the buttons that much, mostly the knob and faders. im trying to find a way to map the faders to my orchestral string mics and have it memorized.

>> No.58046772
File: 121 KB, 993x576, 1462837021495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a NW-800 with phantom power plugged into the mobo. Sounds fine in games and mumble, but with Audacity (and direct monitoring) there is pretty bad noise/static. That's most likely the computer, right? A $30 Behringer UM2 will fix that?

>> No.58046798

I should mention that my headset mic also has the same noise

>> No.58046832

Turn down the gain, you probably have the mic set too loud and it's clipping.

>> No.58046846

It's present at all levels of gain

>> No.58046983



NW-800 + Spooky Power. Pulseaudio gain at 60%. 10 inches from mic

>> No.58047248



>> No.58047929
File: 2.89 MB, 1600x5592, Mic guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not posting the guide

>> No.58048196

Good guide, thanks. Saved.

>> No.58048396

Worthless, also what is with the nearest neighbor scaling?

>> No.58048564

Reminder to buy chink microphone accessories. If you have a standard design (not some weird Blue design where you can only buy their house brand stands and shock mounts for $100) you can save a lot of money.

>> No.58048712


>> No.58048779

The "guide" is essentially just:

"Hey I think this mic sounds good but this one sounds better."

Stupid points about the different technologies used and how it ties them into sound quality.

Nearest neighbor scaling on the images.

>> No.58048835

Make a better one then. It's the best one I've seen, here.

>> No.58048892

I've got the same setup OP

Gonna pick up an art tube mpv3 preamp too

>> No.58048969

the art is worse than the scarlet's preamps, though

>> No.58049335

Why don't you just beg a cloudlifter inline, if you need gain, or something? Despite memes, scarlet preamps are actually pretty good.

>> No.58049449

I have a 2i2 with an AKG 220 on a AKG scissor stand, brilliant workhorse of a mic.

>> No.58049564

Actually it's a pretty good guide opinions aside. I've actually worked with 75% (the expensive 75%) of that guide and it's fairly spot on. In fact the comparison of dynamic vs condenser microphones is astute and well distilled. Most everyone knows the phantom vs no phantom difference but the side rejection proximity requirements and feedback suppression differences are less well known.

>> No.58050316


>> No.58050421


Check your audio drivers. Audacity may be using generic ASIO drivers, where everything else is using your motherboards soundcard drivers.

>> No.58050542

CAD is good when used properly. Def worth more than what u pay. Can even hold their own in a studio

>> No.58050595

you should do the mod

also there might be noise on your motherboard

>> No.58050640
File: 487 KB, 2048x1538, DSC00799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$3 chink mic

>> No.58050717

Man 90% of Motown records used 421s on everything even the voice. It can be dope for voice. Also don't discount dynamics in general for voice. The sm7b will go toe to toe with any condenser for spoken word

>> No.58050760

motown isn't exactly hifi
of course there's great condensers and I like the SM7B a lot but for the modern type of vocals, especially female ones in a clean ass pop context where you really need that 10kHz+ air no dynamic mic is really an alternative

>> No.58050770

great dynamics*

>> No.58050790
File: 2.67 MB, 2048x2048, pixlr_20161213104714952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayy, mic thread?
Anyone posted my guide, yet?

Gear Rundown
>Focusrite 18i20
>Heil PR40 + Shock mount
>PSA1 boom arm

Not pictured
>MXL Black Widow (discontinued)
>SM58 x 2
>GLS ES58 x 2
>some Electro Voice ball style dynamic I forget the name of
>FMR Audio RNC "really nice compressor"
>shit ton of cables and connectors
>various instruments

>> No.58050851

Nice save kek

>> No.58050897

Not that guy but who cares if it's not HiFi? It fucking grooves.

That's not true about condensers being better suited for voice. Hell everything that Bono recorded in the studio was done on an SM57. Condensers "might" be better on female voices for pop songs but that's a pretty specific group of people.

With a singer who has a huge dynamic range I'd rather have him/her on a dynamic microphone because it will being to saturate the coil at the top and produce it's own satisfying compression. With a condenser you need to flip the -10dB switch so that you don't crush the element and then you are just limited to that reduced sensitivity.

Instruments with high dynamic ranges or devices with an unknown "loudness" want a dynamic microphone unless you are willing to put a Gefell MK221 on the damn thing.

On stage or in a tracking session with everyon in the room? Dynamic microphones every single chance you get. You're not getting up there to fix it so it better work through the whole gig no matter what.

>> No.58050923

How's the RNC?
How's the off axis response of the EV (if it's in the RE series)? Need a good off axis dynamic.

>> No.58050947

of course it grooves, don't get me wrong there
but it's not at all ideal to judge mic quality from

>> No.58050987

Yeah I'll give you that using Motown as a judge of quality may not be the best move but remember, all any of us care about is the groove right? I could give a rat's ass what the plot looks like or what the latest review says, if the mic -put in the right place- gets my head bobbing then it is fantastic. No matter if it's dynamic, condenser, ribbon, $18 Chinese crap, or $8000 vintage tube crap. Their value only exists in the groove.

>> No.58051006

The RNC is, well... Really nice.
I'm pretty happy with it, though, to be perfectly honest, it's my first hardware compressor, so I have nothing for an apples to apples comparison. It does exactly what I want it to, no complaints.

I'm completely spacing on the EV mic, I don't even know what series it is. Its an egg shaped grille, suspended in a "U" type mount. The rejection is actually superior to my PR40, but it has noticeably less vocal presence, and feels less warm. Still a good mic, though. I think it was in the $180 range. I'll update you on it when I get home and have a look.

>> No.58051010

we can totally agree on that one, mate

>> No.58051219

No worries, I need off axis response out of a dynamic, not rejection (I know "you need what?") so if it's got good rejection I don't need it.

I had a bunch of access to some fantastic microphones for a while and it was a lot of fun to play with them but I had built up this "ooh all I need is that one ribbon that I can't afford, or that one tube mic that I can't afford" in my head and when I actually got to play with them? Huh... well that doesn't fix everything...

It was a harsh, but valuable lesson. I've got shitty microphones that are actually pretty shitty, and some shitty microphones that are pretty good. I've got some fancy microphones that are good when you find their spot, and crap otherwise. FUCK I can't tell you how pissed I was first time I took that Schoeps MS rig out and got a pile of crap because it was humid out. "I spent $2500 for this?!" when my shitty old ass 416 worked just great.

I posted earlier in this thread but I wired a pair of SM57s into a Zoom H2 and left them on the landing pad for a sikorsky blackhawk flyover and holy shit if that wasn't the best recording of the day. No suspension mount, no correct ORTF layout, just a pair of 57s sitting on a brick of foam wired into the shittiest little handheld I could get.

So then I take that recording in and hand it to an Oscar winning editor and sheepishly tell him how I got it, expecting him to kick my ass for not spending the time to set it up right and he says: "Sounds fucking great." When I stop him to say how "flawed" the recording is he says: "No one watching this movie gives a shit about how you recorded this thing, they care how it sounds."


>> No.58051305
File: 23 KB, 403x403, 1440031353739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58051373

Everything is using pulseaudio/alsa. Also, I recorded those clips with clyp.it, so it's not just audacity.

>> No.58051650

it means money in jewish

>> No.58051701

K goys, I figured it for the most part. This helped immensely:


>> No.58051966

dead thread but I'll try.
recommend me a mic that won't catch feedback from my low volume speakers. or at least at what should I be looking like those big pro mics live bands use?

>> No.58052021


>> No.58052056

>50 years old and still the best
damn son

>> No.58052082

>rejects all the shit that's not directly in front of it
>kinda optimized for speech
just what you need

>> No.58052104

I wasn't sarcastic I was impressed. I only used cordless shure but it's not that good for my needs
whatever thanks for the answer

>> No.58052212

Any dynamic will serve pretty much the purpose you want it for, the 58 is just the standard. The GPS ES58 is a good clone that's alot cheaper, if you're strapped for cash

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