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Music tech thread, since /mu/ is for teenage gossip and Korean jiggle dancing.

I'm looking for a digital piano, but I need it to be small and light due to being a frequent traveler. Most are 88 keys and have some chunky stereo system in the back. Should I go for a usb-keyboard, or do these only have flimsy, non-weighted keys?

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>but I need it to be small and light
Full size keyboard can't be small and all keyboards/synthesizers with weighted keys are heavy as fuck so you need to compromise somehow

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I'd be OK with a 61 key keyboard, since I prefer the style from before 88 key pianos were used.

I will very likely not get my ideal keyboard, but I'll check out all the options and get the best compromise possible. Gotta have the weighted keys, tho.

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do you make music, anon

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I've made some short melodies, yes. But I'm new to keys.

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KORG Keyboards are the best you can get now. If you are looking for a vintage synth there is alot of options.

How much are looking to pay, Anon?

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I make experimental music, and I would like to take it even a step further.

Can anyone explain what Max is, exactly? How can it help me achieve my creative endeavors?

I code in C++/Java, also. I have knowledge in programming, I guess.

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No such thing

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I'll check Korg out.

$200-$400, $500 at a pinch.

Used is fine, but I'd prefer less than 10 years old. Hard to search for "weighted" on ebay, since it scans as "weight."

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Have a look for a Yamaha SY99 if you are looking used on Ebay. It is also a Music Workstation too.

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You won't be getting anything analogue that is less 20 years old. Analogue synths from the early 80's can cost up to $5000 now and they are unreliable as fuck.

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maybe you can buy midi controller and hook it into your little shit-posting station

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are your fundamentals extremely developed? If you aren't PERFECT at recording samples, creating sounds and instruments from scratch, recording live instruments, mixing, eqing,

then why are you concerned about some dumb fucking UI to compensate for your lack of skill? I am harsh because people that use UI software heavily tend to not know what they're doing otherwise. But if you do use UI software heavily you will read this post and, through cognitive dissonance, reject this and get the Max software anyway because it's flashy and you're a dumbfuck consumer.

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Not OP but that is also a good option if OP is ok with using plugins.

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>not publishing sheet music to be performed by real musicians

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and obviously you need a UI to make music. But complicated UIs distract you to playing with settings instead of doing the things that make great music.

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you make music from command line anon?

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You are speaking the truth, Anon. I am a guitar player and I do not use such things as an Axe FX etc.I use vintage rack gear and tube amps.

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What the fuck is this post? Relax anon.

I know nothing about Max, and was simply curious about what it could do for me as a musician. What do you mean by developed fundamentals?

I use Ableton, by the way.

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What are some good VSTs for dream-pop/shoegaze/noise pop sounds?

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what about stage pianos?

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>not being, yourself, a real musician

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What on earth are you on about?

Max is fantastic, I've been using it for years. Not just for standard music but for interactive audiovisual installations with opengl stuff, sensor controlled compositions using kinect etc

It's a toy box and incredibly powerful but it does have some hefty power overheads when your patches get very complex.

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just ordered one of these, how did i do?

almost bought a KORG microKEY2 61 but i realised that thing has manlet sized keys (duh)

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Will it do what you need it to do? If so then it was a good buy.

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it looks good but isn't it a bit too big for travel? i was going to get a microkey, then worried about asian-sized keys and wanted to grab a korg triton remake, then i realized its too big and killed myself..

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the plan is for it to be used to play 8-bit game soundtrack covers such as this


maybe, but travel size isn't really a concern of mine

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These are very close to what I want, but they'd have to be a second check in bag. I don't think suitcases come in sizes long enough to keep them in along with my other stuff.

They're also too long for carry-on. It's possible I'll just have to deal with that shit, but if I can avoid it, I would very much like to.

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Some airlines let musicians take their instruments as carry on luggage

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Joke's on you, cunt. I am.

Only small ones.

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I've had pretty hellish experiences trying to travel with a guitar. Sometimes they make you book a second seat for it. Or have a hefty automatic extra charge for "musical instruments" (looking at you, Ryanair)

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Oof Yeah fuck doing that with Ryanair. Every time I've taken gear with them it's all gone in the hold, paid and weighed in advance because they can be a nightmare.

In my experience the sooner you can bite the bullet and pay more to fly constantly with a one world or star alliance airline to rack up those tier points for extra free bags, carry on etc. the better.

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Have you ever played the piano?
Weighted keys help a lot in developing a good hand form and technique.
Also, you limit yourself quite a bit, because a lot of classical (romatic stuff with great capabilities of attracting pussy) stuff that utilisses pretty much whole keyboard.
Also the weighted keys give you whole lot better control on velocity.
I would say the right answer would be 88 weighted keys

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>from before 88 keyboards were used
>mozart is obviously dead and there's no way I could even live that long

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Analog oscillator chips today are cheaper than ever and easier to wire than they used to be, more reliable than ever
Just google a circuit design and make one

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Weighted keys are a meme. I'll say it right now, 100% fucking meme. The only reason to get weighted keys is if you fell for the meme while learning keys, and now need it to not be garbage
And with octave shift, 88key is useless unless you're performing

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says faggot who can't play piano

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>small portable weighted digital piano
>most are 88 keys

all pianos are 88 keys
if the keys have weights that means it will be, you know, heavy

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No I play keyboard

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I mean, why even buy a keyboard, when you can use non weighted computer keyboard. Just map the keys.

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Livefag of fuck knows how many years here, just some advice.. Max will not magically make you talented or make good music for you.

It's buggy af, crashes constantly and makes managing/sharing projects impossible. The worst thing is spending x amount of time on a project and being unable to open it again because of Max crashing or not working.

Max is only useful if you actually make visuals and even then there is better software out there. As the other anon pointed out, generally people who use Max aren't at all talented.

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Good beginner drum machine?

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Steve Gadd

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>what it could do for me as a musician.
>What do you mean by developed fundamentals?
kek, unfortunately I read this after posting >>58031986

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What the fuck are you on about?
Weighted/non-weighted is a matter of preference and your style of music. At home I have a synth with non-weighted keys and an upright acoustic piano -- they're different instruments. Try playing any great classical piece without weighted keys, it'll sound shite.

I learned on non-weighted keys, btw ;)

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Max is fine. Last version I used seriously was 4.5 then 5 came out and I bought it and started using supercollider.

It does the job. May as well just use PD though if you're doing standard shit.

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This is so misinformed it's hilarious.

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Just get a Yamaha P45 and deal with the weight

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what's the cheapest and working sound card i can use to conect my gutor to my computar ?

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sound card? i mean. audio interface. you wizs probably got it tho.

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The CHEAPEST? Your built in one desu
If you want better than that it's a matter of how much you want to spend, do your own research

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Keys aren't spaced for hand
No velocity control
One fucking octave
I've tried

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You fell for the meme long ago, im sorry for your loss

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>I'm looking for a digital piano, but I need it to be small and light due to being a frequent traveler.

It will sound like trash compared to a v-piano or pianoteq


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Analog synths from the 80s are just as analog as today.....

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pianoteq low notes sound completely fake

v-piano costs lotta money

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Korg's Triton Taktile 49 is pretty good and portable, but it's 49 keys. Comes with a free license for all the legacy collection VSTs. For 61 keys perhaps Yamaha's MX61 or MOX6 might strike your fancy.

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>people think free VSTs are worth money

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Let's not go down this road yet again.

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You either steal your hardware or you torrent your software, such is life as a producer. I don't trust any VSTs that come in a bundle

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Since you can't come up with a response, post your music instead and let it do the talking.

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>discussion about usability of a software
>you gotta post your music to have any merit or opinion of this software
What about you? You've posted no music that proves your argument

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>You either steal your hardware or you torrent your software

Only if you lack dedication

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It's just Korg's own VST's, i don't see what the big deal is. Why so paranoid about vst bundles?

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Yeah, if you actually have dedication you do both

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What would posting my music prove? I've used a wide range of hardware and software over the last 20 years, I could post anything and say I'd made it in Max.

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Burden lies with the accuser you retarded newfag. That's 2.

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Well then who the fuck would trust you that max isn't pleasant to use?
Plenty of people who make better music than you use it, so therefore it's good software

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I'm just jumping in this thread, didn't read any posts so sorry for redundancy.

You'll have a hard time finding weighted keys less than 76ish keys. I agree 88 is too long for keyboards. Pic is my setup, top keyboard is 61 keys and its too short for piano playing, really.

I have an old Korg sp250, bought it new for $700 bucks. they're discontinued now but can be had on ebay for 2-300 USD and are extremely good keyboards. There is a minor keybed issue but its so small you'd probably never encounter it and notice. I'd say a used Korg sp250 is an extremely good buy, I still use it as my main keybed when playing gigs, I midi it up as a slave controller to the Nord in my pic

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What other posters are saying about piano VST's being better is true.

I've tried a handful or recommended high end vst's and found them all to be outstanding compared to built in sounds. even the Nord piano library pales in comparison to a good low latency piano vst

As for chunky stereo systems. If you intend to play the instrument stand alone and you were gonna amplify it, those chunky stereo systems can sound VERY good and they're in the perfect spot to realism. maybe not on cheap boards but the built in speakers on my korg sp250 were def worth it

If you plan to midi it up to something, built in speakers are dead weight.

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I own a Nord Stage 2. I love it. I'd also still say just use a piano VST.

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How much did the grand cost you anon?

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Flexible roll-up electrical piano

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In hindsight I didn't shop around very well.
I bought it new in North Carolina for 11k USD. In that state there was virtually no affordable used grand piano market, and 11k was a good deal on a grand, it is good quality and was brand new.

A year later I moved to Washington state and there are dozens of grand pianos on craigslist that all look great in the 2500 USD range. some much larger than what I bought. I saw a concert grand go for 14k last week.

worth every penny I want to get another

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