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Alright you techno-wizards, how do you pirate on your computerwands?

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walk the plank

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idk but it sounds hella badass

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"pirate on your computerwands" means jerking off, right?

Well I like classical music and vanilla softcore porn.

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pirating torrents

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Like so :3

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Why not set it as a default app so it opens automatically?

Props for actually making a gif.

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amazing bait, now neck yourself

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> Using microtorrent
> In the year of our frog 2016

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Not him, but my links broke and do nothing when I click them now so I have to right click save as

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I use my credit card and purchase the software.

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>Why not set it as a default app so it opens automatically?
I use uTorrent portable:

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You can still use it as a default app... you just need to define the location.

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>You can still use it as a default app
I don't want to. I don't mind doing it the manual way.

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> being this autistic
You've revealed your power levels.

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Just torrenting with my seedbox, I guess.

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I don't get it..

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nice try, fbi.

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