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>he thinks a 5 second difference is enough to jump ship

Will Ryzen crash and burn?

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Its being compared to a $1000 cpu
Its a fucking irrelevant cpu nobody uses though, AMD couldve gone and said "its a 4690k but with 4 more cores and hyperthreading, and its got a low tdp so you can overclock the shit out of it"

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>Why would anyone buy the faster, cheaper chip

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>This is still being spouted when even the fucking FX-8xxx multiatasks better than an i3

Even the fucking 4 core series will put a dent in Intel. You'll get Skylake levels of single core power and you'll be better on the multithreaded end.

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The fuck is going on in this webm

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Probably a horror movie with fake tape distortion for
>muh a e s t h e t i c s

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> You'll get Skylake levels of single core power
No, even high end Ryzen only manages 3.4 GHz. The cheaper versions will be clocked even lower.

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6900k is literally on the same level of 7700...
if you think that 6900 is irrelevant then i suggest you go back to consoles

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Even Haswell levels would be reason enough to buy considering the <10% performance gap.

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The cheaper versions have less cores so they will be clocked higher retard

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lisa says base clock 3.4
4chan pro gurus "only manages" 3.4
literally drink bleach

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you realize higher core count cpus tend to be clocked lower, right? the 6900k clocks at 3.2ghz while the cheaper, lower level 6700k clocks a 4.0ghz.

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>changing job over a $5 salary raise
>changing boyfriend over a 0.5inch increase
>changing friends because of $5
>dumping your b-cup gf because of a c-cup

Will you LITERALLY support people who poo in the streets because of a supposed 5% increase? i guess that proves what kind of people that buys amd...

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>mfw (((Intel))) shills don't have anything to keep consumers from going AMD now.

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well anon there is a fact that the movie industry is starting to lock their movies at 4k and above with certain instructions...
just see how netflix managed to give 4k content..only with kaby lake and windows 10 edge..

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>implying price isn't the main factor for consumers
>implying brand loyalty will triumph

Idiots like you are why we need genocide

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>Implying I am going to jump ship from Intel for a 5 second decrease
>implying Zen doesn't draw too much power from the CPU socket and fry motherboards
Top meme senpai it's not like they have a track record with destroying people's motherboards

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what intel chip? what AMD chip specifically? just putting side by side some random AMD and some random intel chip means nothing

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>>implying price isn't the main factor for OEMs

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>draw too much power from motherboards

there is a reason for the 8 pin power connector that comes STANDARD on ALL motherboards for the last 5 or so years

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People bought Pentium 4s when Athlon 64 existed, just saying...

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You realize that the 6900K is an entirely different CPU than the 6700K while a 4 core Ryzen is the exact same silicon as a 8 core Ryzen only with some cores disabled.

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AMD always had horrible per-core performance compared to Intel. I'll only believe they managed to catch up when I see it.

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>this level of retardation in one post
I don't think it's a standard for any motherboard, I Z170 needs it for OC of course but H and B series come with 4 pins.

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amd after bulldozer had worse ipc....
everything before it was on par or better..not to mention the athlons of keller...they literally fucked intel to the point that intel had to lobby against amd

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H and B series are for poor poeple they are not standard

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>hurr switch back to AMD

why so emulators dont work properly without overclocking? fuck that shit why do you people want to take my emulation away? first you want to take my gameds by getting rid of windows then you want to take my emulation

go fuck yourselves i REFUSE to EVER overclock all because /g/ thinks i should

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faggots that buy intel K-chips dont have the based vt-x/vt-d ins set

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Maybe a five second increase vs top Intel stuff, compared to an old i5 it'll be great. When I upgrade my 3770k set up I'll be looking at AMD.

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I was finally going to replace my 2600k.

But fuck, I dunno now. I had my shopping list ready to go for either Kaby Lake or Skylake,

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Funny because all those new edition of Intel processors get released with them 5% gains and people buy em anyway. The only non full retard Intel fanboys are the ones that bought 1 and didn't "upgrade". The ones that are still running 2XXXk's are alright.

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Intel paid shops to only sell Pentiums

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>he doesn't know what this means for commercial enterprises

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Looks like a Monty Python skit to me.

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>Unfinished chip beats a finished $1000 chip while consuming 45W less power
>Not something to lean over in your chair for
I for one will probably go for the 4C8T variant to finally replace my old i7 950 (which is from 2010) even if it doesn't improve any further from this.

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pci e 4.0, sata 4.0, ddr4, usb 4.0?
when those finaly hit, then i'll upgrade

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>pci e 4.0,
Nigga we ain't even topping out 3.0 yet.

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>5% increase
>half the cost of intel

why would you buy an intel eight-core when there is one that is slightly faster with a better price tag?

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USB is probably not going to move ahead from 3.1 to 4.0 for a few years and SATA has dropped the numbering system altogether and is now piggybacking over PCIe in SATA Express. As for PCIe 4.0, nothing on the market supports it yet and it's already been delayed so it could be the year after next that we see any hardware with it.

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>topping out 3.0 yet.
yes we are. the x1 lanes for SSDs at least are.

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>support people who poo in the streets
amd is burger company. not street shitterland.
intel is a far worse company to support in comparison.

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Due to the nature of storage we're always going to find a way to top out on read/write as quickly as possible to get the most of said storage.

Shit like GPUs (Not just consumer, but professional) still have a ways to go before topping out 3.

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Good thing I've got an i7 4790k for every day use and an i5 3550 sitting in storage along with a whole PC to go with it should I decide I want that up and running again.
Oh, and an AMD Opteron server sitting idle.

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DDR5 was already confirmed for 2018 so it's unlikely we will ever see that combination on the same board.

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>having lower clocks than intel

top kek

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my wiener is ryzen at the thought of some high core competition.

The real issue is nobody challenges Intel on their server and high end components with many cores so if they can crank 8 or more core parts out they are going to do well

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So are these new cpu going to be cheap?, I want to upgrade from my g630

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Only cucks and faggots bought pentium 4's during that era.

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No, look for the Pentium G4600 if you want a cheap CPU.

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shoo shoo inteljew

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It's Monty python you uncultured swine

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There will be a $150 ryzen cpu that probably competes with the i7--6700k.

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Did the pentium 4 teach you anything?

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5% faster on a cherry picked benchmark? DGAF
rough parity of performance at potentially 50-60% the price? fuck yes I'm paying attention.

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When will chink benchmarks leak?

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I would like to share the excidingly over enthusiast expectations of some retards here and believe those two benchmarks and roll with it, but I will wait and see before spouting shit for one brand or another like a good shill.
I have to say I would love to see AMD not shitting the bed for fucking once and getting something on the market that actually drives competition and innovation. As much as you can rely on Intel it's been fucking boring the last five or so years with measly increases in performance and Intel going for the safe play just because they know AMD is like a retard that can't find his ass with a map and a flashlight.
I want to see real competition, both going beyond of what already have and coming up with some crazy shit or at least crazy price drops just to fuck the other. Same goes for the motherboard manufacturers. It will be good for all of us, fuck you Intel fanboy, fuck you AMD fanboy, learn to take advantage of this hypothetical sweat situation.

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>tfw could have saved $30 and gotten 4 additional cores and 8 additional threads if I waited instead of getting a 6700k
somebody bring me a rope

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They have had that for years, you stupid fuck

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not relevant outside of britain

>> No.58003379

You can wait 2-3 months longer with that hardware.

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don't be a fucking drama queen, you are probably using your computer to watch twitch and some ching chong cartoons and that's it, you probably will open another tab to google something that doesn't sound like shit a kid do just to try to reply to this. Now shut the fuck up and stop being a consumerist faggot that want the latest/greatest with the most cores. Fucking tool.

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a 1100usd value for just 350usd. i'm going balls deep.

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I hope that AMD totally annihilates Intel in every conceivable way.
I'm skeptical as hell, but I hope they do it.
If they just barely match their performance and only beat them in price, even that would be beneficial.
Because we need the CPU world to up it's game big time.
There has been virtually no competition for years and the whole field has stagnated like crazy.
Not to mention Intel has gone turbo jew with their pricing.
I hope that Keller managed to pull off a feat bordering on a miracle and gave AMD a product they can compete with.

>Inb4 Intel insta hires this guy, the moment the products prove themselves in the real world.

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>ZEN actually hits +40% improvement
>RX 480 actually sells 970 performance for ~$200

There's being cautious and then there's this. Whoever is in charge of AMD's marketing at the very least knows how to keep expectations modest.

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If amd doesn't change fucking sockets every gen I'll buy the living shit out of it.

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I don't do much with my PC now but I'm starting graduate studies/bioinformatics and I think I could have benefited a lot from the extra cores and such. Also I scored 164/170 on the GRE's English section.

Really puts Intel's pricing into perspective and it's a terrible feeling to know you've been coned so hard.

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It's not their kind to change sockets every year.
AMD3 and 3+ show this.

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>ZEN actually hits +40% improvement
and Apple Airpods work.
I will believe either when they start selling and we get actual reviews.
But I do hope it is 40% better on that price.

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as I said, don't go about and google shit you don't even understand. Just shut the fuck up please. Go encode your gook cartoons and cry yourself to sleep with your waifu pillow, but please leave.

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Does anger come with post-purchase rationalization for you too? I'm in the acceptance phase atm, knowing I could have gotten twice the hardware for a lower price. I'll probably sell this build for decent money and get a ryzen setup when it hits. It's only reasonable to be pissed at intel for their massive con of a pricing scheme.

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Phenom II,Athlon 2 are the last great amd chips. I still have a few S939 and am2 chips in use atm, My main desktop pc is running a Phenom II x4 955 right now. Combined with 32GB of ram. No plans to dump it anytime soon.

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I don't know mate, I've been rocking the same build for the past 3 years because it's good enough for my needs and I just don't jump to the latest shit ever because I rather see some kinks ironed out first for soemthing I will commit for a long period of time. Yes, you could make some money with your current build, but the trick is that if Zen is what it says to be you'll have a hard time selling that without losing much money and the other option is to sell as soon as you can and just hold it til it gets released.

I said before I want to believe this time they got it right and we see some actual competition. I'm tired of Intel launching shit that is only 3%~5% better than the last thing, it got really boring.

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>don't go about and google shit you don't even understand
So, don't question anything ever or attempt to understand because it's too complex?
Is this maybe alluding to your own thought processes a bit too, anon?

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no idiot, if you read what I wrote you will understand that I said the anon was going to google out a profession or job that was a good excuse to be a drama queen.
Stupid asshole, have a (You) from me spoon feeding you.

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lol. you're an idiot.

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Except quality, of course. Let's not forget AMD have consistently lied about their CPU speeds since the days of the Athlon XP Palomino where they were marking chips with a number that was specifically there to cheat buyers into thinking they were getting 2GHZ chips when in fact they were running at the equivalent of 1.5. There were a great many law suits and also the Barton and Thorton chips where the speeds were not increased but AMD marked them with a higher PR Number. AMD have always been a scam, and they always will. They create cheap shit at expensive prices. They have never REALLY consistently ever outperformed NVidia or Intel. They are always half a decade behind and when they do catch up, it is just for a few short months. AMD ARE A PILE OF STINKING CRAP

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performance has always been on par anon, they issue is power and temps. Intel beats AMD's ass there. at least until now.

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Was it lying or were they simply saying very specific things and people weren't doing their own thinking and realizing what that actually meant in the long run?

Example, them saying "Our 8350 runs at 4.2 GHz and has 8 cores"
Uneducated consumer assumes "Oh sweet a 4.2GHz 8 core CPU"
Actual reality: We have a 4.0GHz quad physical core with 8 LOGICAL cores, ONE of which said cores can turbo itself UP TO 4.2 GHz when needed. So yes, we "have" 8 cores and yes we "run" at 4.2 as originally advertised but it is a bit misleading.

That's what I think they do more than anything.

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No actually they got told by several courts in the EU to start smartening their act up or they would face prosecution by the EU and the EU heard civil law suits

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>Being faster than 1k CPU
>Doesn't count for shit

>> No.58004263

Man you Intel shlomos are on maximum damage control and it gets better every time

Better pinch those pennies before they run off to AMD

>> No.58004366

Well, Jim probably can choose where he works. I doubt Intel hasn't contacted him at least once - at least for what he managed to do on the A8 chips, knowing that Intel is really trying to get on the mobile sector.

>> No.58004519

Better than '''''''Jewtel''''''' and their 1% increase

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Have people already forgotten the six million souls? Don't buy AMD.

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The whole market?

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