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Where will /g/ go if 4chan is ever kill?

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where will you if someone makes you stop posting useless rhetorical questions?

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Ebaums world

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ayo who that

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Reddit is better than 4chan for true intellectual discussions. Stay away from the default stuff and you're good.

4chan is just for memes

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t. reddit

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post more Instagram sluts

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I'd like her armpits

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nice post sir, upvoted!

EDIT: thanks for the gold guys :D

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I wish overchan was more active honestly. Reddit is for fuck boys

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I don't care, but post more armpit

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Even Reddit banter is better lmao. You guys all just repeat the same shit. So predictable.

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>taking the bait

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Nowhere. I rarely come here, very few quality threads.

I will probably kill myself due to crippling depression. Life is so boring.

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well he is not wrong

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This is not bait.
/r/programming actually talks about programming while /g/ is just a bunch of NEETs LARPing as knowledgeable programmers, posting "Haskell is the only good programming language" and "Python is shit" all day without providing any evidence for their claims.

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this is my favorite bait

shithead claiming elitism also posts on /g/

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i sort of want to agree with you, it's better for discussions but there isn't much intellectual about this, the voting system is aids

although people on niche tech related subreddits, especially related to linux stuff and programming do definitely know their stuff

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cheeky.site :^)

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>actually talks about programming
I've been on /r/programming, it's nothing but constant small talk with someone mentioning a cool feature once in a while.

"Check out this cool library"
"I love this library"
"Me too!
" I saw this in a book once"
"Yeah me too"

The entire thing is like a presidential debate. No actual opinions whatsoever.

Just look at the top rated post,
Everyone's either asking an extremely stupid question or stating a bland opinion that you've hard a million times.

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9gag hands down

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opinion discarded, dumb phoneposter

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>he took the bait

Desktop websites are blaatoedd

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Not like 4chan. newfaged faggott.

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Probably 8ch, even though lainchan is chill af

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who is this cum dump?

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That's just one example though.


Most of the active posts are things I would never dream of seeing on /g/ because it would require intelligent discussion rather than straw-manning and degenerateposting.

I don't visit Reddit because I find it rather boring compared to here where I always find a good laugh each time I visit. Maybe I'll try to hop on there to learn a thing or two. Much easier to click through 4chan catalog than Reddit when you're bored though. I could see myself going on Reddit for news and information but not for entertainment in my free time.

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They would go back to a place called Reddit.
A cancerous place where they all belong.

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lainchan, obviously
im already migrating

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>no one has named their chan hellchan yet
really makes you think

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Nice original meme, my friend. Humorous too.

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i will uncuck myself from existence

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>this is what reddit shitposters ACTUALLY believe
you fucking memedips are so cringy it hurts

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Another site with thirsty and autistic webms and animated gifs.

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>going outside

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8ch and/or lainchan

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Some other place where I can laugh at edgy teenagers

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Isn't the cert expired in the last few days? Palememe won't show the site. Lain is good as OSS and no botnet required. The community is still small and the actual owner is an idiot.

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not him but iirc lainchan has a new owner

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>using the desktop version of reddit

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lel somebody is too schway for lainchan

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But 4chan is more cringe. That's why it has to be absolutely anonymous. You're a gay 14 year old edgelord that finally found an outlet to say all the cool cuss words you discover in your playground at school. You're a loser. Reddit is a million times better than this gaylord website.

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I'd probably kill myself.

I've been addicted to this site for 10 years and I can't leave.

I'm a husk of a man.

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>Reddit is better than 4chan for true intellectual discussions.
Mostly circlejerk. r/linux barely gave me any new knowledge in the comment section. Keep it as news sharing and i will be ok with it.

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It simply is. 4chan is a bigger circlejerk. None of the insults mean anything because when someone calls others on here a faggot, they're mainly doing it to perpetuate the idea that this board is hardcore which anyone who wants to side with this website over Reddit will appreciate. This place is shit and if you don't realize it that's because you don't really have beef with the interests. In this case technology. You're all just pretending to be geeks. If anything this site is a million times normie than Reddit.

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Where the fuck i mentioned cuckchan?

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>All these fags took obvious bait this hard
Nice to know christmas break has started already.

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+1 for lainchan

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/tech/ is pretty good, but most of the site is a massive hugbox and it's probably going to die in 2017

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Call it what you want. I've been browsing this site for years. Anyone that's been on here for as long as I have would sooner or later pick up on the fact that this website and all of its boards are in it for the memeing and trolling. You come here for relaxation not for improvement.

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>tfw plebbit has the best board to discuss buttcoins

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There's nothing wrong with the upvote and downvote system on Reddit. There are groups that take advantage of the system but they mainly stay on the most popular subreddits. Niche discussions on particular boards are where its at. Of course most of you guys dont care about being right as much as keeping up thus lame rhetoric that this place is better. This site is a commie experiment and its failed.

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>run by literal underage children who actually gamble away donations
>implying 8ch is going to be around much longer and implying Jim isn't in the process of ruining it
>fucking lol

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slashdot is a hot new online community that brings the best of 4chan and reddit.
hurry up and sign up before they close registration.

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thats way too much text for irrelevant shit

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Forgot 4kev.org

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full-chan. it has tons of ppl.

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I'd remain on 2ch

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if you don't like it here and do like it there, why are you here and not there?

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yeah kalyx sold it then dropped off the grid. Nobody's heard from him in the past three weeks, he won't answer his phone. At least the new guy is a reputable person who's been in the community for a while now

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Nice argument

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iPhone user here. Can someone tell me what's happening in this video file?

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isn't the new owner a nigger?

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back to tomshardware

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Anna Christine Speckhart

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craigslist forums, and slashdot, my old hangouts,

can i lick your arm pits

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Get VLC fag

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/prog/ and reddit

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lainchan, probably.

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>ebaums world
rm -rf yourself

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she gets fisted by a midget

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All forum-like sites are big circle jerks. I defy you to find me one that doesn't have that the same consensus on everything and doesn't snuff out alternate opinion.

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>None of the insults mean anything because when someone calls others on here a faggot, they're mainly doing it to perpetuate the idea that this board is hardcore

I never got the impression that anyone was calling each-other 'faggot' here to be 'hardcore'. I always thought of it as more of a bonding/personal thing as weird as it is. Kind of like how you would call your brother or best friend a faggot.

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Suck dick until someone registers and hosts 4chan for me so I can become moot3.

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lainchan for shitposting
reddit/irc for discussion

>> No.57990076

Bonding by perpetuating thus idea that this place is hardcore... together

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>people who say reddit is better for discussion but still post here anyway without shutting the fuck up and lurking
You people make me sick. You don't see anons going on reddit and boasting about trap threads, so if you genuinely think that reddit is for discussion and 4chan is for memes, please shut the fuck up and let us niggers do what you think we do best- make memes.

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>Reddit is better than 4chan for true intellectual discussions
Yeah, as long as those discussions agree with the groupthink. Otherwise comments are downvoted and never seen. Not exactly great discoure, there.

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Yeah your /pol/ comments get down voted. How horrible.

>> No.57990333

>muh /pol/ boogeyman

That's a very persuasive argument you've got there.

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im going back to Gaia.

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Please no. Don't love to lainchan.
That place is so good. I don't want you fags shitting it up.

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tell us stories of times before old wise one

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Yep Lainchan, it's actually a decent Chan site. I wish more people used it though, not a lot of people post.

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That's idiotic man, brothers don't call each other faggots to prove to each other their hardcore. They're just doing it to make each other laugh.

The sooner you realize 4chan is mostly full of people trying to be funny (not edgy) the better.

Reddit might be better for the ratio of on-topic/off-topic discussion, but that doesn't really mean that the quality of the conversation is any better.

Threads here tend to diverge a lot more from what the OP intended, but I've honestly had some amazing arguments/discussions with people here.

All of this makes me wonder why you even bother coming here though, if reddit is so much better? Why don't you just spend your time there? It's not like you're actually going to convince the people here who hate reddit that it's suddenly a good website.

What are you expecting from defending reddit on 4chan?

>Oh, thank you Anon, I've seen the error of my ways. Clearly reddit is the superior website to 4chan, and I've been ignorant of that all these years, but thanks to your persuasive argument, I've been completely turned around!

No one is ever going to say that, you're wasting your breath.

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I don't really know what I'd spend my time doing if 4chan wasn't around.

It's always been one of the most central aspects of my life. I'd like to think of myself as a person with a lot of hobbies, but they almost all relate back to 4chan in some way.

I regularly visit 10+ boards here, and the only reason I even have such a wide range of hobbies/interests is BECAUSE of this god-forsaken website.

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>/pol/ and reddit
>not on the same level of newfaggotry
I swear, something changed after chanology, /pol/ didn't leak THIS fucking much.

>> No.57990888

meant /pol/ocaust, but point still stands. Political discussion wasn't really a thing until newfags started to genuinely believe 4chan was where underground l33t haxxors met up to discuss IRL raids on businessmen, instead of lurking and figuring out it was a memecave.

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has 4chan actually changed in the past decade? I've only been on here for about a year. was the post count higher in the whole anon/lulzsec/scientology days? the internet seems dead.

>> No.57990954

Yeah, 4chan had a LOT more people in '02, '03. Things started to wind down a lot with the Patriot Act, you really missed out on the oldfag lulz days. It was practically nothing but trolling CNN and other leftist news channels.
>tfw WT Snacks b& all the Australians and now we won't get their sense of humor again

>> No.57990958

No, chanology really was when it started to go downhill. It's when anons started to make noise IRL about something political. Which attracted both normies and political people in general. Before that it was just "lets break some shit or mess with some people".

Chanology brought political activists to this place, and that's the root of the vast majority of the problems here.

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Can /pol/ be saved? It's brought so much AIDS to this website, but it used to be better.

>> No.57991193

back to somethingawful

>> No.57991286

Admin fuckery, but hiro seems like he just wants to play it safe and try to make the place looks less chaotic than it is. Seems to be working so far, if he keeps it up, he can really sell out to the likes of Alex Jones and Shekeli for ad money.

>> No.57991293

No. Really the only thing they could do at this point is delete the board and then aggressively ban for the /pol/ outside of /pol/ rule, and even that wouldn't really fix it.

4chan got too big, is the problem. Any community goes to shit when it gets too big.

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pretty good 5/5

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You'll never get the source. Just go to every 4chan board archive in existence and search the MD5. Source has been requested thousands of times on this webm and never given.

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Appleman's a scrawny white dude. There's a picture of him somewhere on his website.

>> No.57993326

I just made my site live :

inb4 poo

Also have a question.
Is it possiblefor someone to upload a small png image which eats up all my ram because it is literally empty pixels with extremely large dimensions?

>> No.57993458

This place has been in steady decline in recent years. I've already begun spending the majority of my time elsewhere, but I don't think I'll ever be able to kick the addiction. I will be happy if 4chan dies though. I hate each and every one of you faggots.

>> No.57993498

Either I'll discover reddit, or outside.

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People who think post ebin 4chan habbenings to Reddit really don't get why people post on 4chan in the first place

Not that there's much to get

>> No.57993611

is that you chris?

>> No.57993661

>not using reddit as a news source
>actually reading the comments on leddit

Reddit is as "intellectual" as fucking Slashdot.

>> No.57993951

>implying 4chan is not already kill


>> No.57994075

>r/linux barely gave me any new knowledge in the comment section
All 4chan tells me about Linux is that literally everything is a meme.

90% if threads in /g/ are: "You have 2 seconds to prove that X is not a meme"

It's pretty hard to get to the good stuff here.

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>> No.57994091

>Where will /g/ go if 4chan is ever kill?
The afterlife.

>> No.57994135

/g/ got me into programming and networking as a hobby.
then I decided fuck a music degree, and got a nice job developing server applications in Java.

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Prob tumblr

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Can't we all just go to fullchã /cuteboys/?

>> No.57996536

When viewed in a browser, possibly. You can add a limit to image dimensions just like 4chan does, I believe its 5000x5000 pixels.

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not him but all boards were really slow, like other chans
the content was always shit though, how ever there's always been gems
"general" this and that threads were non-existence because board topics were more cohesive
No captcha so you could literally "sage bomb" a thread to where it was unreadable. you could push other threads off with your own if it was late at night in the US because no moderation. CP would sit on boards for several hours
Higher percentage of US users. Believe or not people getting butthurt at burger jokes was worse back then. I think the site is more "international" now
ASCII art was more common (like 2ch) it was the "smug anime girl" of 2005

and yes, when 4chan is gone, there is no replacement for me. 11 years and going strong

>> No.57997001

What kind of content was posted? Did people take themselves as seriously as they do now?

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4chan needs to go back to the old days.
The 2003-2005 period.
So, force globally assigned IDs so all the raid kiddies and anonymous fucktards piss off.

As soon as Forced Anon post Snacks happened, this site nosedived in 7 months.
It has never recovered since.
/b/s cancer spread to most boards within a few years, mostly bubbling to the larger interests: /a/, /v/.
Chanology brought a whole new kind of cancer to the site that stuck around on the various news and politics boards that existed and continued being deleted because they fagged the site up.

Na, the only way to fix this site is forced IDs.
And before some faggot-shit comes in and spergs about how muh nonimus discushions, muh 2chs, both 2ch and 2chan have forced IDs and have done for years now.
So fuck up you Menchi cock-suckers.

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I wish 4chan would be kill.

I've wasted my fucking life on this site.

But like an abused wife I keep coming back.

I feel like the only way I can do something about this is to go full-Stallman and just swap my computer for a shitty underpowered laptop.

But really I'll probably just be here until I die.

>> No.57997317

Sledgehammer | computer

Buy netbook, install programs, rip out the wifi card.

It is the only way to escape.

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> read post on birdwatching hobby thread
>2 posts in is liberals saying how donald trump is going to literally rape your child

> read post on mathematical theory thread
>2 posts in is liberals saying how donald trump is going to literally rape your child

>> No.57997371

Not gonna argue that the website is retarded, but if you get this easily flustered and can't hide inane comments, maybe you should spend your time on r/the_donald.

>> No.57997386


>> No.57997410

The donald is cucked.
They got totally outright banned from all and didnt do shit about it.

Those retards could organize and upvote shitposts on dead subreddits to front page if they were smart

>> No.57997475

How did you edit your post??

>> No.57997486

>keeping up with reddit ongoings
Jesus Christ, just go away you newfag.

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>you're a newfag! I've been here all christmas school break

>> No.57997612

I might be newer than new, but at least I don't care about what happens on reddit.

>> No.57997629

I actually just might do that, or swap my computer for a RasPi with no X on it at least.

>> No.57997658

stop trying to fit in so hard.
literally nobody but actual newfags cares about who uses reddit.

It's a shit website full of pieces of shit, but it has its uses.

>> No.57997680

>literally nobody but actual newfags cares about who uses reddit.
Considering you're a newfag yourself that's no surprise that you'd think like that. "I use reddit therefore everyone else uses reddit", right?

You're like the kid born to SJW parents who wants to be the gender he was born, start a business and wear a suit.

>> No.57997700

>haha I'll call him a newfag! That will get him!

I've been here all summer

>> No.57997731

I don't even know what the newer generations of faggots are called. There's always people coming into 4chan, and if you come from reddit and say 'everyone uses reddit' that's like immigrating to germany from syria and saying that everyone there 'came from syria'.
Go home, reddit man.

>> No.57997753


Literally anyone that has been on this site longer than a month DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT, unless they are truly autistic.

Having to put your 2 cents in about reddit is newb tactic to seem like they belong here in this uber secret club that nobody knows about ;^)

>> No.57997770

Why are you so triggered when someone tells you to go back to where you came from?
Are you a muslim?

>> No.57997773

Any other chan.

>> No.57997777

>shitposting this hard to fit in
>dude everyone is from reddit, trust me, i'm from reddit
calm down, newfriend.

>> No.57997797


>LEAVE MY LE SEKRIT CLUB THAT ONLY 400,000 differentnpeople view per month

>> No.57997818

No but seriously the real way you tell new from old is the sickness of their burns, and how desperate they seem to be.
Sick burns and a thousand yard stare of shitposting.

The location of other countries aren't secrets either, but they aren't your home.

>> No.57997828

>going into general subreddits like r/technology or r/linux instead of specialized ones where the actual interesting stuff happens
wew lad

>> No.57997850
File: 49 KB, 320x152, 64748839[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he actually believes this

So what's your excuse? You think you're dropping sick burns?


>> No.57998033

We will have a board hooked up on install gentoo wiki

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VK, obviously

>> No.57998329

dubs+quads confirmed. It doesn't matter if you're from another website. Just agree to not bring any of that site's shit here, and to never go back. Then you're all good

>> No.57998795

Yes i have added that. I am concerned about ram blowing up while reading img file

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>> No.58000379

Already there brother in technolo/g/

>> No.58000402
File: 3.74 MB, 294x213, 1481239129372.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no root to preserve

>> No.58000480


Social media was a mistake. And 4chan is basically daycare now that it's flooded by underage redditors.

>> No.58001934

neopets forums

>> No.58002256


>> No.58002274

8ban is cancer. Jim took over the site.

>> No.58003319

Probably outside. Maybe I'll even lose my virginity. But not for now...

>> No.58005295


Damn, I found someone who is longer here than I am..

I don't know of this is nostalgia, but I remember a lot more OC and if you asked stupid questions you would get a bunch of "lurk moar" answers instead of somebody spoon feeding you everything.
It was before "know your meme" launched and to really understand what was going on you really HAD to lurk more.

It was a time where 4chan guys would really pull off funny raids, nowadays I don't see this anymore. It's more international, more public, more social media kids and less people with antisocial disorders.

Ah well, we all get older, right?

One thing I hate about 4chan is how they killed /asp/

>> No.58005636

What do girl armpits taste like? I'm asking for a friend.

>> No.58005647

I'll probably just give up. All the alternatives suck more than this place.

>> No.58005650


We all are eligible to be there.

>> No.58005679

hacker news

But do the comments there annoy anyone else?

I can't articulate why I find the commenters so annoying in most threads

>> No.58005751


>> No.58005770

raids were a /b/ thing and they were actually against the rules. thing is that up until moot became a sjw and jew (i.e. before canv.as) the mods only really deleted illegal stuff or spam/advertising. when he started looking for investors for canv.as the moderation became more strict so rules started being enforced.

unfortunately, this made 4chan more redditor friendly and now 4chan is reddit 2.0.

>> No.58005899

DT is that u

>> No.58005973

new 4chan owner pls leave....

400,000 is literally 0% of world population

>pls dont ban me need chan to live

>> No.58006074


Source, goddamn!

>> No.58006194

>t. mactoodler

>> No.58006387

Can you point to some related /r/s?

>> No.58006482

not him but /r/stallmanwasright

>> No.58006948

Too terse ? Instead of being simple?

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File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, nope.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>offshoot chan is created and gains rapid popularity because it seems good

>steadily a combination of the users and the mods/owner run it into the ground

>site eventually becomes nazi mode, violating all the stated rights/goals/mission that the site was made for in the first place


>chan becomes dead/spamvertising ridden

OR (rarely)

>finds a steady and loyal userbase, and it sticks around for a long time, but being small, is always slow as hell

in my experience the best chans are the last kind, which tend to be focused loosely around a topic with boards being more categories within that interest. the ones that become shit are the ones that try to be the "better/next 4chan". the ones created by outcasts (porn usually) are a tossup, many function quite well and have good communities for a while, but most of the time some person or entity decides to attack it, either because they're some crusader or just artistically butthurt and then it goes down the drain. autistic posters fighting with autistic mods are what ruined 8chom.

>> No.58007261

even the "good" parts of reddit are still normie as fuck. aka people who think they're better than youtube comments but the substance of their posts and how they conduct themselves is basically the same. 4chan might be full of autistic, fucked up people, many are still quite intelligent, enough not to act like a reddit drone, anyways.

>> No.58007723

Lainchan was sold to some IT guy who isn't an underage fag.

>> No.58007802

Ded community
Corpse defiled by /pol/

>> No.58007854

Well meme my friend

>> No.58009264

>No actual opinions whatsoever.
So just like Hacker News then?

>> No.58009320

>It was a time where 4chan guys would really pull off funny raids
>nowadays I don't see this anymore
Because back then we could get away with it without being considered a target by US Cyber Command

>> No.58009343

>But do the comments there annoy anyone else?
Sometimes. Depends on what the post is about.

You're still dealing with the occasional "My startup failed click my adsense links" clickbait shit. But at least they have a lot of devs on there that are competent.

>> No.58009371


>> No.58009439

I can't even imagine a life without 4chan. It's been such a constant part of my life for the better part of the last 10 years.

>> No.58009519
File: 777 KB, 1080x1080, 1469221932984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Endchan has potential but no one knows about it. I'm assuming all the best posters have already left here and they'll probably never congregate again. What /g/ used to be is gone forever on the clearnet.

There is no replacement for this place and there never will be.

>> No.58009533

any good /g/ irc channels?

>> No.58009541

I'll make my own 4chan and reply to my own posts. I'll never know the difference.

>> No.58010930
File: 2 KB, 198x212, 1376467083713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been off 4chan for like a year and a half, I come back and people on 4chan are saying that fucking reddit is better than 4chan. I blame r/4chan for this influx of retards.

Also where the fuck are the desktop threads?

>> No.58011061

>LITERARY founded by spoiled underage Applefags who live off parents


>> No.58011071

kek, not to mention niggers

>> No.58011109
File: 536 KB, 1415x1409, 1478273190618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw people actually believe they changed owners

>> No.58011114

You know, it would be great if the newfags really went back to leddit.

>> No.58011245

And gamble away their donations no less. Literally was admitted on IRC channel a while back. Why would you trust an imageboard like this

>> No.58011288

#/g/punk on rizon

>> No.58011399

All of the problems would be solved if we just got rid of that shitpile /b/, it takes up most of the traffic and is a magnet for the worst 4chan users, underage kids and """casual""" browsers, it's an awful normie cesspool, not even good for a wank anymore.

They aren't even part of 4chan culture anymore, they haven't done anything meaningful in so long. We already have /pol/ which is at least fuelling the meme economy, we don't need two of these boards

>> No.58011414

>/pol/ is good
Wanna know how I know you're a newfag?

>> No.58011434

endchan is already planning to be apart of changolia so that's another plus for endchan

>> No.58011449

Einchan is 1337 as fuarrk

>> No.58011528

4chan is /pol/ you newfag cuck. It was founded on right wing politics and will always be right wing. Liberals like you were never welcome. Go back to r.eddit and fantasize about rapefugees there, cuck.

>> No.58011552
File: 18 KB, 800x526, 1480976026538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wrong. 4chan is an anime website

>> No.58011582

>This is what weebshits actually believe

>> No.58011988

You almost had me there, anon. What's really concerning is that there's people who genuinely actually believe what you wrote.

>> No.58012905

>anywhere near as bad as your shitty /pol/ is

The first board was anime. (/b/, specifically)
Most boards after it were anime related.
Every non-anime board added is an off-topic board.
It's literally the idle chit-chat category of any random forum you see where the main boards posters talk about other related interests they have in common. Not main. Side.

Yes, there are more non-anime boards, no shit you genius. This one interest topic against EVERY OTHER TOPIC IN EXISTENCE, yeah, hard to believe there are more discrete topics than those centered around Chinese wood carvings.

It will always be an anime site. Newfag.
Also, /a/ is shit. /a/ actually is filled with weeaboos and little girls now. Fucking youtube whores and pretend voice actor weeaboos like Lily and Nyanners.

>> No.58012919
File: 619 KB, 1953x1262, SubredditGrowthOverTime-all-time[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's like saying reddit is a porn or programming site

>> No.58012984

I don't know but my armpit fetish compelled me to visit this thread

>> No.58013033
File: 1.37 MB, 1056x850, ytmnd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


lets be honest

>> No.58013110
File: 213 KB, 1192x972, 1471616777535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58013118

I go straight to yo mama's house and slap her around cause the dinner isn't warm enough.

>> No.58013856

Why haven't you killed yourself already

>> No.58014241

Because we are immune to (You).

>> No.58016592

I would like if it was a tad more alive

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