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I tried to merge two files and it asked me if I wanted to delete the file I was trying to merge with

this stupid piece of shit OS can't do anything mildly productive. I had to sift through all my pictures and move them over manually because it can't tell that I want to merge

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That's funny

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I know you can't be this dumb.

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can you install KDE Dolphin?


or you might try install a full gnu linux distribution

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nobody on here uses Mac

Back to plebbit please

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>grapeless fox

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hold option key while moving it and merge option will show.

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That's not a real merge, there's no prompt on which file you want to keep. It always keeps the older file (or the one you're moving from, can't be sure).

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>Apple, why can't you copy Microsoft's copy of your OS?

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It's an objectively better and user-friendly feature. If it was Linux missing this you'd be praising merge as an essential part of any OS.

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best os of all time

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>t. iFox

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>go into folder
>drag into other folder
this is a non-issue

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>expecting mactoddlers to figure that out all by themselves

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I mean, it's a lot more reasonable then dragging the folder into the same folder as the other folder and expecting them to combine

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>he thinks macbabbies who struggle with mice that have more than one button would ever be able to figure out those voodoo black magic """"""""shortcuts"""""""""

It just werks in linux and windows :^)

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Ha, nice try, Windows users are by definition uneducated

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>mactoddler's only defense when BTFO is lumping anyone with a non-mac together rather than comparing pc/mac users of the same demographic

Stay salty poorfag. :^)

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If you compared the same demographics you'd get for Mac programmers, video editors, audio engineers who know their shit around macOS and for Windows you'd get fat gamers and middle aged IT guys who work at mid-sized accounting firms.
It's not a surprise most programmers use Macs

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Windows doesn't even natively support gzip.

And if you really have a billion files why aren't you just using find?

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>fails at the most fundamental tasks

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oh look it's this retard again.

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I'm browsing /g/ from my MBP, sooooo comfy.

You guys triggered ?

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>no counter-point

>this mad

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>using your FacebookProâ„¢ outside of Facebook

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upvote me pls.

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That's ironic considering 4chan servers made up of a cluster of Mac Minis

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How long is this dead meme going to last.

I mean, come on. You know how much traffic this site gets. Do you think 5 minis could handle it? I know you're trolling but this is one of the dumbest ones.

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t. cuck

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>5 mac minis

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Content was being cached off site.

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Switches routers on top, servers on bottom. Sure in 2011 this site was hosted on minis, but don't be a goddamn retard.

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>Some Dell Equipment

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Apple dedicated enterprise equipment is great

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>mactoddler thinks he's a somebody

How cute.

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>poorfag thinks I care what he thinks

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>you will never be this salty

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>>poorfag thinks I care what he thinks
His envy overcame his discretion (if he had any).

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Yeah good luck "merging" your data.

Have fun.

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hey, nice mbp m8

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wtf gay mactoddlers. Take your fruitty toddler toy mactoys and get back to >>>/fa/ or >>>/lgbt/

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Nice shitpost, retard.

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>t. mactoddler

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This is now a macfriends thread.

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wtf gay mactoddlers. Take your fruitty toddler toy mactoys and get back to >>>/fa/ or >>>/lgbt/

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>wtf gay mactoddlers. Take your fruitty toddler toy mactoys and get back to >>>/fa/ or >>>/lgbt/
Go to bed Pajeet. You've already made you 50 rupees for the day.

ps; or go back to your autismus pills.

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Wow, what a clever and original post. Thanks so much for your witty and intelligent contribution to this thread.

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> mid 2011

Damn I didn't know the Airs lasted this long.

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>t. mactoddler

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Pajeet, my son, go to bed.

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>t. mactoddler

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Mactoddler LOL

You are in the wrong board. Faggots and retards belong to >>>/lgbt/

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You do realize only extremely mentally ill people (ie gay men) use macs, right?

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"Dated" hardware isn't terrible. I'm still running a Mac Pro 1,1 with a few upgrades and it's a perfect secondary workstation. My primary runs Windows so I will keep that to myself.

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