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Based Nords.

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Neat I was just there
And like 4/5 girls' last names there are also Jonsdottir

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They are apparently the most inbred nation in the world

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Well whatever they're doing with their gene pool, it's working great and it's baiting foreigners

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I also think last names are determined by your fathers name, I think it's literally "Jon'sDaughter" just like "Erik'sSon" and such
Fucking vikings can't pick a sustainable naming system

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>meanwhile in sweden

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That's exactly how it works.
This is only partly true.

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I can't believe they're the most inbred nation if there's any foreigners headed there god damn
Like god damn, those lucky nords
God damn

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Remind me to never sail there, matey.
I don't want them to steal my ships.

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We have plenty of foreigners these days. It's not the same kind of inbreeding that occurs in the rural, southern areas of the US, it's just kinda easy to accidentally fuck someone who's your distant relative but that doesn't produce retards or anything, it just means that our gene pool is relatively small. It's a small, isolated island far up north, nothing to do with luck.

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Well don't worry about your inbreeding problem; Im willing to help you guys

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same desu, iceland has the best women other than maybe norway or denmark

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I don't want to be the brown menace of the north but it's so tempting

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>whatever they're doing with their gene pool, it's working
Incest better than race mixing with niggers confirmed.

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to be fair, blacks were incredibly inbred due to their tribal nature

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they have a database for dating which shows how many generations you are apart or if you are closely related to avoid inbreeding. Not a bad idea considering that only 300k people live there?

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A tour guide told me that over 3 million tourists a year swim up to the egg of Iceland

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Hmm... now I just need to check Iceland's gun laws and IT industry...

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Good luck getting in, with the massive exception of Sweden the Nordic nations are notoriously difficult to immigrate to.

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Even the girls working at bónus (which I assume is the social equivalent of working at walmart) were amazing
Leaving the airport was depressing the scenery changed so quickly into niggers, frenchmen and plain old boring americans

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Ok johnson

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So which trackers is he a member of?

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i find the lack of any woman being posted itt lame, esp with all this talk of how hot these nords supposeedly are

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Hello Catholic Church! I'm here to kindly ask you to stop spreading misinformation about inbreeding. Thanks.

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Here's the "woman" the article is about.

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>tiny island nation of inbred hicks who eat rotted seafood elect a pirate

whoop dee doo, call me back when a real country elects a pirate

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What is the Gini of your shithole?

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>he lives among shitskins

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odd, i dreamt i was surrounded by snakes again
has that show gotten any better? seems as though they're still rellying on nudity to keep people distracted from their lack of any real story

sad cause they could have a seemingly endless ammount of story lines at their disposal

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>B-b-but Hershel Goldstein said that you have to breed with all different races to have healthy and genetically diverse children!

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shitskins > 10 generations of inbreeding

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So this is why the UK is so shit.

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>B-b-but much MTV fallacies
>S-s-stupid white people not wanting to be diverse like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago or St Louis

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The uk is shit because it's a dead empire
>tfw this will be america for the next 200 years as it's global influence wanes

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>america for the next 200 years as it's global influence wanes

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>this is what retards actually believe

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Nothing is below shitskins though.

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>these silly fools have actually come to believe the British empire will ever fall

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>muslim and african countries are inbred
>inbreeding leads to lower capacity for intelligence
>somehow its racist to bring this up
>somehow this is acceptable despite people getting disgusted over the south for this
And people wonder why we don't want them

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Is that preferable to having Mr. Mohammedson in charge?

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Black Africans really aren't any more inbred than Europeans actually.

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Imagine blacks in the US, most don't know their father or number of kids he had and most males most likely won't know their kids.

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all male and female surnames are ----son and -----dottir, its the name of the father/mother then -son or -dottir

they have an app for what >>57902623 said, also 330k

most are better in the restaurants

season 1 finished,is AMAZING!!!

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>tfw the amount of ethnic inbreeding almost perfectly aligns with the racial iq theory
damn, really makes you think

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I be sure to order the waitress next time I go eat

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will iceland be better than sweden for vpns?

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Good to see the thread has been hijacked by /pol/tards again and descended into an argument about race rather than what this means for digital privacy. This site stinks now.

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calm your tits

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Its pretty astounding to be honest family

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highest amount of immigrants here are Polish

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I would think not, it is small :/

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I would say a VPN hosted in Iceland like crypostorm is unlikely to be the victim to a political witchhunt now, whether overt or otherwise.

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do not use cryptostorm
trust me.

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That was made as a joke and nobody actually uses it.

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Why do you need to check their gun laws?

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cause muh guns and muh negroids
murrikans can't live without their pipe piece of junk that shoots pellets

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Yeah yeah, some anonymous person on a body building forum claims it's run by a guy who fiddles dogs and that gets cited constantly as a reliable source and reason to not use crypostorm

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