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You need a HDR monitor now.


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>inbetween resolution
Don't think you could make a worse purchase.

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>inbetween resolution

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Yes. 4320p and 6480p resolutions are end game resolutions. Achieve 300+ dpi on 22" to 27" monitors.

This isn't news, kid. 4k is a marketing gimmick.

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yeah you're right
4k is a marketing gimmick to people like you who think over 120 dpi is noticeable past one foot away
why do you think stupid shit like curved monitors are coming out?
to get you idiots to think theres still progress to be made in displays
1440p is frankly the max i'd go, i'd never get a screen large enough (for my pc) that would warrant 4k

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4k is for TVs and has the resolution of premium video cameras since 2006
4 times 1080p, pretty enough for a 3 meter-away televison screen.

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>over 120 dpi is noticeable past one foot away
Your eyes are shit. I mean really fucking shit. You wouldn't even be able to zero a rifle properly.

Think we're talking about monitors here, champ. Not that I'm agreeing with you anyway since you're an idiot.

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1ms,144hz 1440p
What's the downside?

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>tfw ultrawide
feels nice actually

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BenQ is united kingdom?

I've always thought they were asian

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>What's the downside?


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no i'm just not an idiot who puts his face up and squints at displays
grow up

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k thx

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I assume it's a TN panel because the word "IPS" is nowhere to be found (not mentioning panel type in description reeks of trying to hide the fact that it's a TN panel)

no height adjust, pivot, rotation, no VESA mounting

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TN are faster and better for gaming because shit colours make enemies more obvious HDR would help them to hide on you.

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Legit retard, 144hz does not exist in greater resolutions.
1ms IPS does not exist, it's physically impossible
It's the screen itself I'm interested in, not how gimmickly you can place it

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Nothing wrong with TN.
You can just mess with contrast. And it only helps with shitty modern FPS games.

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>Legit retard, 144hz does not exist in greater resolutions.

Tell me kiddo why you want 144hz freesync? Just for random big numbers?

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Because 144hz is literally brain porn?
Have you ever owned a 144hz or greater screen?
I'd go further if the price gap for 200hz screen wasn't so ridiculous.

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Battle Royale games too.

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You're the typical consumer that has no idea what he's doing or how to use these monitors.

Freesync on most monitors is pointless and gsync is better. The only time it doesn't matter between the two is for extreme competitive environments. From what I understand they have comparable lag.
No idea what that genre or game is.

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>calls someone a "typical consumer"
>while shilling nvidia
I honestly don't get you.

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Not shilling. Gsync is objectively better than freesync on most monitors for the majority of applications. The only application it doesn't matter in I already stated.

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I use a hdr oled tv as my monitor

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>Your eyes are shit. I mean really fucking shit. You wouldn't even be able to zero a rifle properly.

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i'll show him
i'll show them all

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just jumping in to say that it's obviously a strawman to make this kind of argument. i don't think 144Hz is worth sacrificing other things for (like spending a great deal more money, or giving up other features), but if you put a 60Hz monitor and a 144Hz monitor side by side, i bet almost anyone would spot the difference. the question is whether the "lesser" of those two is sufficiently bad that you can't use it, and after that whether the cost of getting the "better" of the two is worth it.

if you can get a 60Hz monitor for $200 and an otherwise identical 144Hz monitor for $210, just spend the 10 bucks. if you have to give up something important, like go from IPS to TN or pay like $60 more (vs that original $200), then the most charitable thing you can say is that you have to weigh the options. I certainly wouldn't do it.

this is exactly the same discussion we keep having about 4k, high density (aka ~Retina~) monitors. there's a difference. if you put a 1080p 60Hz monitor next to a 4k 60Hz monitor with all the same other features, i'd bet anything you would see the difference. it wouldn't require a huge amount of scrutiny either. the question then is whether the additional cost is worth it for you. for some people the answer is yes. for others the answer is no. it doesn't make you a miser for answering no, or another person a retard for answering yes.

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This is what I mean about people not knowing how to use these monitors. Why they hell do you care about 144hz?

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i'm not saying i care about 144Hz in a substantial way, but if there's a slightly smoother movement of the cursor and/or if ~1% of the videos i watch at high frame rates benefit from this feature, then there's reason to evaluate the value of such a feature. if the only case where the refresh rate comes into play is mousing around, then obviously a sane person wouldn't assess the feature very favorably, but if you game or if you're just crazy or filthy rich, the extra cost might be worth it to you.

but this is too qualified and nuanced a position for zealots on either side to agree with, so everyone sees this argument as equivocating or "not getting it"

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I am so glad I waited. Hdr is a fucking game changer. Don't give a shitabout 4k though

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I think if we start to use a more meaningful metric like pixel-per-degree, we can have more meaningful discussion. Pixel density requirements vary by viewing distance and particular use-case.
Maybe VR will teach us a lot about conventional monitors.

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We know the application. There's no need to go further or use a different measurement.
In actuality, the problem is people like you. The ignorant people that see only stats on the back of the box and use that for comparison. Even worse are the people that buy these monitors and don't know how to use them still.

There is objective base to support gsync over freesync. ULMB being the big one and the main reason to want high refresh rate monitors. I said most freesync monitors because some do come with strobes. However, most do not. At higher resolutions where you can’t maintain a static FPS gsync can help with screen tearing. The people saying the motion is more fluid between 60hz and 144hz are for the most part talking out their ass. While motion is more fluid it’s still plagued by blur. There is zero reason to run a game at 144hz when you can achieve 144fps static.

The other reason I stated was for extreme competitive environments where you're trying to get every bit of lag out of the chain. High refresh rate monitors are one of the biggest gains in lower lag.

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>In actuality, the problem is people like you.
lol okay.

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It's true. You and others like you spread this missinfo everywhere. It's become a click bait title. "60hz vs 144hz"

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lol okay.

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HDR is game changing for media consumption. My Vizio P UHD TV looks so good with HDR. Games and UHD blurays looks so good.

With that said, if you don't play games or watch movies on your monitor it's kinda pointless

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>You need a HDR monitor now.
Nigga, you can see individual frames flicker in front of you with that shit.

Get a fucking 1440p 144MHz monitor instead.

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Call me poor but I have 0 regrets.

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Why did you make a shitty thread?

>As for HDR, it means high-dynamic range. In imaging, this technique generates extremely dark blacks and extremely bright whites
And then from the same article you read that this display has a native contrast ratio of 1:1000 and max brightness of 350 nits.
>and a higher color accuracy than the standard dynamic range.
Color accuracy is not at all related to HDR. Color gamut yes but even this is kind of iffy given how terrible the "HDR" marketing term is. What that display seems to do well is being able to display a large gamut. How accurate it is is left to be seen. Probably needs some calibration. Gamut is impressive depending on the backlight technology used.

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>I have no argument because I'm a retard

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No, they're British.

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Downside it has freesync

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No they are English & Welsh, "British" is not a legal identity.

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im not the "kiddo"/anon but I have got 1440p 144hz but alas I have gsync.
Now it was expensive but I could afford it so why the fuck not

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Actually it is.

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1680x1050 no ragrets

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Pakistani is more accurate

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No as thats a totally different country. Also what a wank attempt at hilarity.

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why would i use technology from the year 1996?

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Only in the British Virgin Islands and other British tax havens.

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5 years into the future
>your hdr monitor is shit you need a hyper reality 4d 24k monitor

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>1000:1 contrast

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OP here, posted the wrong benQ

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No it is in the UK/GB too.

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you can always see any of the good korean beasty monitors..

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you mean those shitty qnix you lot buy off ebay? Holy shit theyre wank

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>zero a rifle
t. consumerist americuck

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there are many companies that sell quality monitors....you just need to know how to spot the ones that actually sells with a pixel guarantee

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Hey look British passport.

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No. THIS why Scotland, Wales and NI need to be consulted on how Brexit can happen (an Act of Parliament). MPs need to vote for the Brexit Act 2017.

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British passport is a colony passport. The UK & NI passport does not say "British" on it anywhere.

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Mine does.
Issued by United Kingdom
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements British citizenship or any of the various other forms of British nationality

The jocks,sheepshaggers and IRA all have to use British passports.

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really? so whats this then?

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It say European Union on the cover. You should contact your MP and tell them to vote down Brexit.

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>"The UK & NI passport does not say "British" on it anywhere."
number 3 on photo British citizen. "British"

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Just like 1080p was

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1080p was a stepping stone and the limit of tech at the time. Wasn't till the 2010s we had tech that could really push past that resolution.

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>britcucks' passports are in french

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Is there anything wrong with the BenQ XL2411 apart from it being marketed as an "e-sports monitor" which is incredibly offputting. It has pivot, 144Hz, VESA. I'm not looking to go over 1080p and 24 inches is just fine.

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>350 nits peak brightness
Its shit, HDR TVs have 1000 nits.

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What do you want it for? Gaming?
How to spot a normie.

>> No.57898704

Do you want to game on it?

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I didn't think people gave a shit about brightness since 2010

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Gaming is a big part of it and I've been hearing about 144Hz for a long time and yet to experience it myself. Obviously it wouldn't be just for gaming but for reading, work (mostly writing related), watching movies/TV etc. as well. I don't do any sort of graphics design or anything like that. I keep seeing that the LG 24GM77 is better but I'm fairly sure it's not sold in my country.

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Coming from a country we own and populated with criminals, you have no room to speak.

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You're pretty much out of luck for do it all monitors. The gaming monitors are acceptable but really meant for gaming.

The Asus pg248q is probably the best out atm for gaming. Go with gsync or go with a benq. I've heard the newer benqs aren't that great but I have no experience with them.

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Im using the https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/ROG_SWIFT_PG278Q/ currently, until a decent 4k gets released.
Hopefully next year they have said some good 4ks are being released.

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Brightness is very important for HDR. Educate yourselves.

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1440p is an option. I'm sticking with 1080p for probably at least another year. Hardware can't push enough frames for me to move up in resolution.
I would give up the motion clarity of ULMB for a 24-27"8k OLED though.

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Brightness does nothing but sell TVs to retards like you and kill white levels.

>> No.57898933

I've been using a Asus VK246H for more than five years. I think almost anything that's just fundamentally a decent monitor and isn't straight up busted with ghosting and shit would be enough. I mostly just want a monitor I can pivot. I looked into getting a pivot stand but one of those costs almost as much as a monitor that can pivot so I figured I might as well put in the extra 50 bucks to get a new monitor that's decent and 144Hz because apparently that's one of those things that you can't live without once you experience it in games.

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You're ignorant about HDR. Stop making a fool of yourself.

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144hz means nothing.
see >>57897139
If you want motion clarity then you use ULMB or a strobe like on benq monitors.All 144hz Gsync gives you is some head room when you can't maintain a static FPS for 120hz ULMB. 85hz ULMB can work too but I just use gnsyc if I can't run at 120hz.

Just the refresh rate jump from 60hz to 144hz (assuming you can maintain equal fps) isn't much at all in terms of motion clarity. 144hz still fails tests like the UFO and map test pretty badly.

You need 120hz ULMB to be able to clearly see those.
3/10 kid
See Rtings and then don't post here again.

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Do 10-Bit Freesync IPS monitors exist?

>> No.57899834

I bought the xl2411z on black friday.

the one downside of it are the colors. they are bad. really fucking bad. I have an ips monitor next to it and looking from one to the other is painful.
that being said, I can still send it back but decided to keep it because 144hz are pretty neat for fps games and the washed out colors actually end up being helpful to spot enemies.

if you play a lot of fps multiplayer games than it's worth it but if you're more into single player stuff, I'd stick to ips.

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>professional gaming monitor

LOL what the fuck does that even mean?

are you a fucking moba nerd that works at 7-11?

>> No.57899897

Videos come from cameras...

>> No.57899911

TN helps because I can get a 1440p 144hz screen for $300, IPS has the disadvantage of being $800 for that same spec

>> No.57899934

It helps for anything that isn't 60fps
I originally bought an IPS monitor and then a 1440p 144hz tn monitor, and while I can't say if IPS is a meme, paying more for IPS and not being able to get a high res screen past 60hz is a big fucking meme

>> No.57899948

>they're completely different until it matters then they're really the same

>> No.57899963

Basically to normies, high Hz is way more noticable than 4K
People wouldn't even realize they're looking at a 4K screen but they notice high Hz real quick

>> No.57900017

>24" 8K
Good luck with that, I have a feeling that will never exist ever, and if it does, it's only because retards like you couldn't think it through for more than a second

>> No.57900025

This anon has the right idea.

>spending over $300 on memes

>> No.57900052


1080p is endgame for me.

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At 60hz mine looks weak and at 144hz it looks much better, unfortunately I'm one of those normies who doesn't stare at a webpage frame test all day, I get my opinions from playing games at different framerates
But at least 144 is greater than 60 in my world

>> No.57900056

Too small. Pass.

>> No.57900158

ULMB makes me feel like I'm in a classroom with fluorescent lights

>> No.57900451

Could you keep desperately grasping to your buzzword?

>> No.57900606

490 about to release

>> No.57900714

>I play CS GO: the monitor

>> No.57900720

>You need a HDR monitor now.
Fuck you. Make a HDR monitor that isn't shit and I'll buy it

>> No.57900730

>350 nits
>1000:1 contrast
how is this supposed to be a HDR monitor again?

>> No.57900834

>If you want headaches and nausea then you use ULMB or a strobe like on benq monitors.

>> No.57901505


Fuck that fucking fuck

>> No.57902255

>4320p and 6480p

jesus fuck we're nowhere close to that being achievable without serious compromises, namely subsampling, lossy compression, and/or shit refresh rates.

[email protected]@96Hz is the limit of DP 1.3/1.4 using 4 lane copper pairs for an aggregate 26 Gbps, and getting 4x or 9x higher (plus more for 36bpp and 120+Hz) is barely affordable for enterprise networking equipment at the moment.

>> No.57902713

you mean ppi?
also, are there any scientifically proven links about anything above 120 is not noticeable?

>> No.57902724

DPI and PPI are the same thing (dots per inches / points per inches)

>> No.57902747

DPI is a metric used for printed media and not electronic displays

>> No.57902837

>also, are there any scientifically proven links about anything above 120 is not noticeable?
If you want to get scientific about this, you have to first realize a few things:

1. DPI is meaningless without viewing distance. All publications you'll find on visual acuity normalize for effective size on your retina (usually measured in arc minutes), which is dependent on your viewing distance.

For example, a 150 dpi display at something like 70 cm is about 1.2 pixels per arcminute: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=150%20dpi%20at%2070%20cm%20to%20dots%2Farcminute

Or inversely, about 0.83 arcminutes per pixel.

2. The human visual acuity varies greatly from person to person and test conditions. You can find more than enough studies and citations on this online, but for the sake of example I'll link this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_acuity#.22Normal.22_visual_acuity

A good rule of thumb is that an average human can discern about 1 arc minute of detail, although young people and people with above-average eyesight can significantly improve on that result. You can also improve on the result greatly in certain specialized test scenarios (see the next section).

So something like 150 dpi at 70 cm distance would be a good target to aim for, although you can calculate your own requirements using this fantastic website: http://isthisretina.com/

(That website will give you the target distance to get 1 pixel per arcminute)

DPI is a metric used for electronic displays as well. Is this your first time online or have you simply never bought a display before?

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No I don't.

>> No.57902934

It's TN disgusting panel

>> No.57902977

Response times are a meme

Do you honestly believe you're going to notice a FOUR MILLISECOND difference? cmon

>> No.57902998

> Is this your first time online
Is this your first time learning to search and read basic facts or are you just going to parrot what you think is correct

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>at 21.5 inches

>> No.57903074

Call me again when it's OLED or the new IPS panels with shuttered pixels that gets rid of IPS glow (Just announced).

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clearly you don't know what response time even is mate

>> No.57903311

>Is this your first time learning to search and read basic facts or are you just going to parrot what you think is correct

>DPI scaling
About 509,000 results (0.80 seconds)
>PPI scaling
About 318,000 results (0.50 seconds)

>Computer monitor DPI
About 456,000 results (1.07 seconds)
>Computer monitor PPI
About 448,000 results (0.69 seconds)

Seems like DPI is the more common term. Maybe it's you who needs to learn to use a search engine.

>> No.57903350

Looks cool. I'm really excited for all this high-contrast monitor tech coming our way.

If that article is true, we'd have legitimate contender to OLED, which is especially important given the high amount of uncertainty about OLED lifespan.

That said, OLED has other advantages besides just contrast, like their superior color gamut and refresh times. Maybe they will be able to make high-contrast IPS panels, but will those also hit 120 Hz?

>> No.57903430

so you're going to refuse to read an official explanation from a multinational corp that sells screens daily and instead are going to base your level of correctness on fucking search engine results

Please tell me you're pretending

>> No.57903450

I payed $20 CAD for my 20.1" monitor. I'm fine.

>> No.57903480

>Words are defined by authority rather than usage
Is this your first time using a natural language, anon?

>> No.57903490

ips can already reach a lot over 120hz, it's just jewry to get you to buy new shit every few years

>> No.57903529

>ips can already reach a lot over 120hz,
Got an example or citation on that? IPS response times are usually on the order of like 10ms even with extremely aggressive overdrive settings, which limits you to about 100 Hz of meaningful transitions

>> No.57903738

think about how big a tv and how far it should shoot that light into your thick fucking skull before you post, you fucking mongoloid

>> No.57903814

easy mode is i just tell you my 48.5" uh770v hooks up to my rx480 and it can do 120hz with a registry hack on 1080p, true 120hz

>LG 34UC79G
>Eizo FS2735

because you're too fucking lazy to google

>> No.57903864

>Is this your first time using a natural language, anon?
Is this your first time talking about technical metrics or are we writing abstract poems now?

>> No.57903886

I asked for a citation not some moronic comment by a delusional guy who doesn't even own an oscilloscope let alone a response time measuring device and thinks the number on the screen saying ‘120 Hz’ means it's actually pushing 120 distinct frames per second

Also you claimed IPS can reach “a lot over 120 hz” (your words), moving the goalposts much?

>> No.57904005

>I have an argument but it's retarded


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>With that said, if you don't play games or watch movies on your monitor it's kinda pointless

So what you're saying is we'll never see it since the majority of computers aren't used for either of those, Thus, normies wont buy it because they're cheap?

>> No.57904082


Those don't exist anymore Gramps, get back to your retirement home.

>> No.57904088

DPI is hardly a “technical metric”, it's a genericized measurement for point density that has entered common usage in a wide variety of computer-related fields, for example computer displays and computer mice.

But feel free to reject commonly accepted speech and go into an autistic rampage every time somebody uses a word that everybody else in a conversation understands perfectly, but you pretend not to for the sake of seeming stupid.

I bet you also get mad when people call 3840×2160 monitors ‘4K

>> No.57904116

>finally an IPS panel that fixes the biggest downside of IPS panels

OH SHIT! Now we only need to wait 6 years for someone to start using them to actually replace the shit ones that are out.

>> No.57904330

This is why analog is superior to digital. Just like how the scope is an analog device that doesn't use pixels, CRTs are superior to pixel based displays.
>he fell for the LCD digital display meme

>> No.57904341

>if you don't play games or watch movies on your monitor it's kinda pointless

Programming, writing, and image editing are also a pleasure on a high resolution screen. Though I don't think anything higher than 4k would be useful unless you like working on 50 inch monitors for some reason.

>> No.57904393

Strange, as I got breakfast at one today. I think you need to go out more.

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File: 300 KB, 960x926, 1475476813873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What fucking state do you live in?
I've been all over Middle America and the South-Eastern seaboard, and haven't seen one in over a decade.

>> No.57904504

but it is pushing 120hz, you fucking retard

>> No.57904550

Sure, let's push 120 frames of updates to a pixel that needs 20ms to respond to a change, what could POSSIBLY go wrong

>> No.57904606

Sorry corporate overlords.
I'm happy with a 23" IPS 1080P monitor and a 50" 1080P tv of which I have no clue the screen type other than it saying led on the box.

>> No.57904714

Can someone explain this new "HDR" marketing/meme term that's suddenly appeared? Is it just displays with a higher bit depth? Didn't they already exist before all this started?

>> No.57904765

No, bit depth has basically nothing to do with it

HDR, in rough terms, means you expand the dynamic range representable by a display. In other words: make the whites brighter, make the blacks darker.

In other words, high-contrast displays that also allow you to represent “super-highlights”, i.e. bright spots above the normal white level.

>> No.57904835

Why would you ever play at 144hz if you can achieve a static 144fps?
You're a degenerate then. Sorry.
8k monitors aren't new. There's just no applied standard for them.

>> No.57904837

Isn't that just making a better display? I assumed 0,0,0 RGB was supposed to be the blackest black and 255,255,255 was supposed to be the whitest white, and displays aimed to achieve this. AMOLED displays show 0,0,0 as pure black.

>> No.57904853

What about 3440*1440? They have 144hz ones

>> No.57904935

>Isn't that just making a better display?
Yep, it pretty much just is. Although there are still technical differences, like the transfer curve getting changed from ITU-R BT.1886 to SMPTE ST.2084 for “HDR” signals. But apart from that, that's pretty much just it - a better display.

>> No.57905001

Fucking garbage brand, made the mistake of falling for the cheap price and grabbed a few for the office, all have at least one pixel out within 3 months

>> No.57905166

You know BenQ, Asus, Dell etc. don't actually manufacture the panels themselves, right?

>> No.57905207

I'm a little confused also. The first PC game I had that gave an option for this was Fallout 3. Choice was Bloom or HDR. I had no clue I needed a special device to take advantage of HDR.

>> No.57905270

That was just the option for HDR rendering. It was still displaying in SDR, which they did by tone mapping the HDR rendered image to your SDR monitor's range in a postprocessing shader.

That tone mapping is the reason why you get those “brightness transistioning effects” when moving from indoor scenes to outdoor scenes. Basically the display device can't represent the range necessary so they tone map to compensate.

With a HDR display, you wouldn't need to do this tone-mapping anymore, so you would get the full brightness spectrum as you move from an indoor scene to an outdoor scene just like you would in real life, with no gimmicky transitioning or tone mapping shaders that everybody hates.

>> No.57905327

Check the screenshots here to get a better understanding of the ‘HDR rendering’ term used in video games:


Basically with a HDR display, you no longer need to tone map back down to the range [0..1], but instead you get to tone map to the range [0..10] or so (where ‘1’ is still the same effective brightness as before)

>> No.57905342

Brit spotted
How does it feel to get cucked by Ali and Abdul the Arabian Asshole Invaders?

I bet it actually feels good since all your women are disgusting feminists

>> No.57905353

>tone mapping shaders that everybody hates
>everybody hates

Outside of multimedia work, few people care.

>> No.57905356

8k displays exist pretty much only in labs and showroom floors for now.
VESA DSC isn't implemented andwhere, and the wonky superMHL standard will require both 4:2:0 supsampling and DSC in order to get decent frame rates.

>> No.57905358

>le big display xd
KIll yourself

>> No.57905555

Racing games have 11520 x 2160p with triple monitors setups. The tech to run games at 8k is there, even 12k is possible.

What is needed is a standard that gets applied to handle the bandwidth.

>> No.57905719

>120 dpi is noticeable past one foot away
It is on 27" monitors at least, have you actually seen it for yourself?

>> No.57905784
File: 5 KB, 225x225, cost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

supplementing face for the post

>> No.57905813

yeah, taiwanese


>but the Big Ben is british
chinked again

>> No.57905837

angela zoe is a qt

>> No.57905868

displayport 1.3 and 1.4 can handle 8K displays at up to 30 fps, so we are pretty close.

>> No.57906008

30Hz for SDR and 24Hz for 10bpc HDR only.
The Nips want to do [email protected] HDR, which is 5x-6x beyond what DP 1.3/1.4 can provide with 4 channels.

We've reached the limits of what's cheaply doable in the near term with copper wires, so we need to either add compression/cut quality or just wait until 20+Gb transceivers become cheaper.

>> No.57906061

Mutlicore copper wires or just more wires is a possibility. That's generally what the current and past 8k -12k displays have done.

>> No.57906141

Image persistence, depending on how it is measured, can make a massive difference in motion clarity. These response times labeled as "5ms" are useless because they don't define anything else. They aren't a meme. Just like high resolution, high refresh rate, large contrast, large gamut, low input lag, wide viewing angles aren't memes.

>> No.57906206

Slow pixel response causes a double image, it's not about being able to notice a 4ms difference.

>> No.57906527

>165 is bit bigger than 120

>> No.57906543

He's talking about HDR, which would be useless for those things

>> No.57906574

The point is 8k at 24" is dumb
And what do you mean? I have g sync so things look fine at any fps, some games play at 144hz and some at 60, I could lock it at 120hz for ULMB but i don't prefer ULMB

>> No.57906600

>LG 34UC79G
Couldn't find a review but LG's other recent panel are not exactly pushing the edge of response times either.
>Eizo FS2735
100 Hz average
>Asus PG279Q
Not even an IPS display
Couldn't find a review


>> No.57906614
File: 26 KB, 358x358, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The pg279q is IPS you dip

>> No.57906650

Oh right, fuck AU optronics for calling their IPS displays “AHVA”, like that's not at all confusing

>> No.57906685

Sorry you got confused
But even with only one monitor that does it, it's still IPS, it's still a lot more than 120hz, and it's still jewish trickery

>> No.57906686

>Not even an IPS display
PG279Q is uses an IPS type panel.

Brand names, just like IPS is. PLS is the Samsung version of nearly identical display technology.

I have the PG279Q and the 165 Hz is useless for two reasons. For one I can't make up any difference between that and the 144 Hz and secondly, without ULMB the transitions get very blurry. Higher OD settings aren't useful either. I use mine with 144 Hz in desktop mode, movies and slow paced games with sRGB calibration. I switch to 120 Hz without G-Sync and ULMB with maximum pulse width(go lower and the display gets quite dim) to aid with motion clarity. With ULMB it's amazing but color accuracy and brightness takes a quite evident hit.

>> No.57906706

Fine, I'll give it to AU optronics for seriously stepping up the IPS game

Sad the rest of the specs are shit, I'd love a decent monitor but everything on the market ATM is garbage

>> No.57906725

Personally I would just run it at 120 Hz

>> No.57906767

Most of the time I end up doing that because I'm too lazy to change it. The gain in higher refresh rates isn't really there because of the pixel response times are slow. ULMB is supported only up to 120 Hz. At least enabling and disabling that for the times I need/want really fast transitions is quick.

>> No.57906786


My monitor is 12-bit 16:10 m8 get fucked

>> No.57906789
File: 137 KB, 960x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About to play some plane shooter with 120hz ULMB instead of g sync, will report how it goes
It definitely tanks the brightness by a lot

>> No.57906816

I would keep ULMB off, backlight flicker is not something you want to fuck around with. That shit WILL have effects on you.

But 120 Hz is the best refresh rate specifically because it's a multiple of 24, 30 and 60 Hz - so you can watch all types of media without judder

>> No.57906825

>It definitely tanks the brightness by a lot
Sounds like a feature rather than a bug. I already have my displays at 0% brightness and find it annoying that I can't turn them down even more

>> No.57906869

>That shit WILL have effects on you.

Like helping stave off Alzheimer's

>> No.57906990

>Article talks about brain wave patterns
>You misconstrue this to mean HURR FLASHING LIGHTS
>the frequency range isn't even the same
jesus fucking christ, sometimes I seriously begin to wonder if the posts on /g/ are *actually* paid for by companies


>> No.57907007


144,000 fps

>> No.57907029

Results are good, I got second place even with the worst stock biplanes you start off playing russia with, everything looks clear and crisp, no trailing or anything like that
I enjoy the brightness more though, and I think I'm gonna stick with gsync as I'm not about to set up every game I have trying to reach a certain FPS

>> No.57907051
File: 109 KB, 730x882, example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So far nothing to complain about. No headaches, no funny feelings, just crisper image. What would it do you think?

Well since the backlight is now on only in short bursts it's obviously going to reduce brightness. ULMB with minimum pulse width and lowest brightness is extremely dim. I can take some pictures.

War Thunder? The effect of ULMB is quite clear even on desktop when dragging windows and imagery around quickly with a mouse but it's more useful in really fast paced/twitchy stuff.

>> No.57907069
File: 55 KB, 960x854, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I did realize I didn't set up my new mouses dpi with games in mind...
I got an oversized meme mousepad but only need 1 inch of mouse travel

>> No.57907074


>21.5 inches?

Looks like you got blacked friday.

>> No.57907080

This is the problem with idiots like you: you see a number on a screen and think it's god.

Just because your monitor and PC lets you turn on a device at a certain setting, doesn't mean that device is actually working correctly.

Feel free to look up any review of any 120 Hz or higher IPS monitor. Any that go into detail with actual measurements will show you that there is a lot of overdrive and overshooting to get that fast, and most of the time it doesn't actually make it. The refresh rate is 120 Hz, but the pixels just aren't responding fast enough to do that.

>> No.57907081

what about that carbone shit. A friend of mine works in a laboratory doing that shit but he says is not possible at the moment to make large stuff. But if they could I'm pretty sure we would move to that shit and just get these 8K, 12K and whatever.

Until that people should start doing things that can manage these resolutions anyway.

>> No.57907088
File: 44 KB, 1280x724, Monitor%20Dell%20Ultrasharp%20U2415%2024%20inch%20Full%20HD[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck that.

16:10 returning when

I want a 120Hz 16:10 Ultrasharp god damnit

I would probably never buy another monitor ever again

>> No.57907098

Yeah war thunder, originally went USA for those endgame jets but it takes forever to buy new planes so I'm trying out Russia
I would say ULMB feels snappier but I know the response time is the same, it seems like the frames are more well defined with better contrast while moving, it's like 120 "solid" frames instead of 144 "transparent" or "overlapping" frames

>> No.57907119

PG279q comes with 165hz stock no overdrive or monitor overclocking needed
I mean, didn't you say there's no IPS panel past 120hz, implying it was a big important number?

>> No.57907197

>300+ dpi is dumb
>And what do you mean? I have g sync so things look fine at any fps, some games play at 144hz and some at 60, I could lock it at 120hz for ULMB but i don't prefer ULMB
Gsync has absolutely nothing to do with static fps.
Displays aren't meant to be bright. Brightness is just for normies on the showroom floor.

>> No.57907226

Crossover 27 fast.

>> No.57907253
File: 1.44 MB, 1800x3600, brightness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related is PG279Q and in front of it S7 Edge. S7 Edge has the lowest brightness setting with black theme on Clover. AMOLED screen so it's basically black. From top to bottom the PG279Q has ULMB with minimum pulse width and brightness, minimum brightness with no ULMB and maximum brightness. No post processing or touching up done to the images. All taken with identical settings in a pitch black room(aside from the glowing monitor). ISO 6400, F1.4 and 1/50th exposure.

That's kind of how it looks like in motion yeah.

>no monitor overclocking needed
You do "overclock" it from the monitor on-screen settings. It isn't available from display adapter properties/GPU driver settings although I think you should be able to create a custom setting for it. 165 Hz is not guaranteed on every unit. Mine flickers a little but that could have something to do with the cable too.

>> No.57907297

Just look at this test. It's the easiest test out there to show the difference. You can only read the street names with ULMB preferably at 120hz.

>> No.57907304

>What would it do you think?
Cause long-term eye strain and headaches

>> No.57907336

True HDR, AMOLED, IPS, low response time, high refresh rato, low input lag, 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 21:9, and all the other good shit when.

>> No.57907337

Yeah that's really nice and true, it's impossible to make out the street names without ULMB.

>> No.57907514
File: 42 KB, 365x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit
I didn't know
I didn't know

>> No.57907539
File: 116 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so if I stick with 120Hz ULMB and some games can't run 120hz, would my best bet be capping them at 60hz like the good old days, or just let them free at around 90fps and hope I don't get screen tearing?

>> No.57907599

Some people like 85hz ULMB. I just use gysnc if I can't maintain 120fps.

>> No.57907690
File: 41 KB, 601x508, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I have to open up nvidia control panel and adjust two whole settings
Fuck, i have to apply each one individually
That's way too much to ask

>> No.57907912

I don't need anything new until my old shit breaks, but thanks anyway schlomo.

>> No.57908000

You can change all of the settings from the command line with the nvidia-settings utility

nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUPowerMizerMode=1'

I'm sure you can make a small script or alias to set the right options easily for you

>> No.57908453

I just tried 85hz ULMB and I can't do it, I don't know what it is but it looks like trash. A constant 60fps or 120fps depending on game on 120hz ULMB is more attainable though

>> No.57908506

Well if it's not hitting 120fps, it's not hitting 144fps, and when I turn gsync off it defaults to ULMB, I could just make a gsync button shortcut and leave it at 120hz all the time
I mean I'm not making use of the 144hz I got my monitor for but this is damn nice and I never cared much for those last 24hz anyways

>> No.57908808

>[citation needed] on everything there
>The (brand new) study showed the effect of strobing lights on brain waves

>> No.57909497

it depends on the monitor

most show a degradation in response times when you use ulmb at 60 fps instead of 120

check tftcentral.co.uk for further details if you have luck

>> No.57910080

But I would be running 120hz ULMB, with the game doing 60hz. It's fine if it's a multiple right, just two monitor refreshes per frame?

>> No.57910132


it will work, but you may get a double strobe ghost image effect

>> No.57910160

Well Forza would be the only game that I would be doing it with since it barely passes 60hz anyways and I can't get gsync to work with it anyways.
Whatever I can get to 120hz I'll use ULMB, for everything lower fps I'll use gsync
Forzas just being dumb

>> No.57910174
File: 147 KB, 900x1044, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for telling me to finally try out the ULMB option btw

>> No.57910802

the point of strobing is to make sure that as your eye smoothly follows a "moving" screen object that the light pattern from a frame doesn't get smeared across your retina.

strobing each frame twice will just make moving objects look like two translucent copies instead of one blurry one (no strobing) or one sharp one (strobe Hz = content fps)

truth in advertisement:

>> No.57911112
File: 201 KB, 814x729, leGamingMonitorMeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that stock "muh Military game" Image

Literally pleb Tier of the highest degree.

>> No.57911255

>87% DCI-P3
I'll wait for 100% before upgrading.
ULMB has better motion clarity but it looks awful. 144Hz regular mode > 120Hz ULMB.
Mine does 165Hz just fine, don't notice any difference between 144Hz and 165Hz, and two sites that reviewed the PG279Q have stated that response times are worse at 165Hz, but both sites had slightly different results for response times across various refresh rates so there might be a variance. And I literally bought 4 of these monitors until I got a good unit. Fuck Asus.

>> No.57911269

>I'll wait for 100% before upgrading.
good luck with that

>> No.57911306

>ULMB has better motion clarity but it looks awful.
Where do you idiots come from?

>> No.57911335

A year or two maybe?

DCI-P3 is already outdated.

>dimmed and edited colors
>tearing more noticible
>you must have a divisible fps to reduce artifacts (example set 240fps cap in games)

>> No.57911351

What are you talking about?
Your a retard that has his monitor at max brightness.

>tearing more noticible
>you must have a divisible fps to reduce artifacts (example set 240fps cap in games)
All false.

>> No.57911394

ULMB on my monitor only does 100 cd/m2.

Why are you getting so butthurt? Did you read too much anecdotes at blurbusters? kek

>> No.57911415

I don't like missinfo.
Especially from kids.

>> No.57911421

>no i'm just not an idiot
but see anon, the thing is, you really are.

Taking everything you have written in this thread as evidence, the only conclusion we can come to is that you suffer incurable retardation.

>> No.57911425

ULMB shills need to fuck off, no serious competitive gamer uses that cancer anyway.

Yes, I can see the benefits, but it's not worth it.

Go back to blurbusters, kid.

>> No.57911426

>ULMB on my monitor only does 100 cd/m2.
I have my monitor at 50 cd/m^2

>> No.57911433

how do you see anything? i assume there are no windows in your mothers basement?

>> No.57911440

Listen kiddo. If you want nuclear bright monitors that kill white levels and look like shit. That's you. Please don't tell people ULMB is bad because you can't achieve your retardo level of brightness with it.

Same with the other wrong information you spouted,

>> No.57911472

>how do you see anything?
By not having shit eyes? What are you, legally blind?

>> No.57911482

100-120cd/m2 are the most commonly recommended brightnesses, you're just an autist who likes squinting to see anything/has zero ambient light in his parents basement

>> No.57911487

Why do you assume I use retard levels of brightness?

ULMB, visually has less motion blur but more visual artifacts. That is all, it's a trade off.

I'm done, stay butthurt.

>> No.57911506

>more visual artifacts
This is false. So is your screen tearing bullshit and fps assumption.

Cya, retard.

>> No.57911507

nice ad hominem. I have two windows in my room and they're both open, and I have my lamp turned on as well

But sure, justify your shitty eyesight and need to constantly blind yourself with marketing-tier torch mode settings

>> No.57911529

>forces himself to barely see his monitor content to be elitist on an anonymous board
you have an incredibly sad life and somehow i doubt your unemployment could even fund a decent colorimeter

>> No.57911549

I'm buying a monitor for a friend and he plays a lot. It's his christmas gift. I'll buy him something cheap because his graphic card isn't that good.

I'm undecided between ASUS VX238H and BenQ RL2455HM.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Maybe you have better monitors in mind at the same price range?

>> No.57911555

Not him but I agree with him that you're a fucking retard that likes floor settings over proper settings.

>> No.57911571

>falling for the 4k meme

>> No.57911574

He's right though, they even suggest even fps division or vsync at blur busters forums to make ulmb smoother.

>> No.57911601

>he actually thinks monitor brightness is about ELITISM
>he legitimately and unironically configures his monitor for nerd cred on an online forum instead of based on what's actually comfortable for the eyes

>> No.57911609

>and somehow i doubt your unemployment could even fund a decent colorimeter
ps. I own a Spyder 3 and an i1 Display Pro

>> No.57911613

>has no idea what he's talking about
>passes off his wrong opinions as facts

>> No.57911615

I think you guys are confused.

static 120fps with 120hz ULMB has no screen tearing or artifacts.

>> No.57911626

>has no idea what he's talking about
Actually I have 5 years of background in color science and develop color management software. I own multiple colorimeters and calibrate my monitor to the BT.1886 spec on a monthly basis, so you might want to re-evaluate your point of view.

>> No.57911637

i can also lie on the internet

>> No.57911640

he literally said that in his post you shill:

to make ulmb not shit, you:

1) vsync
2) cap at a multiple of the ulmb refresh rate, if you're at 120Hz, you can cap at 120, 240, 360, this is generally on fps games that don't need much system resources as opposed to AAA games

>> No.57911654
File: 181 KB, 922x1390, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Famn, I just tried it finally on my pg278q and it makes a way bigger difference than that extra 24hz, the graphics aren't affected it's just the monitor that's pulsing right?
And like I said I'll still use gsync for what doesn't hit 120fps, I didn't even think to try out ULMB until now
I hate to agree with /g/ but that other guy nailed it

>> No.57911663

That is basic ULMB shit. And not what he said.
Your ignorance is sad. But do try to parrot some more shit off google.

>> No.57911675

Vsync would make ULMB as well as normal monitor refresh better looking either way?
Isn't ULMB done 100% in the monitor side? How could it affect fps?

>> No.57911682

he said that, are you incapable of reading comprehension, he said that a multiple reduces artifacts, even the faggots at blur busters say the same thing

>> No.57911686

He's being a idiot and saying ULMB is trash because he can barely achieve 60fps in a game and he can't use 120hz ULMB effectively.

>> No.57911694

How fucking dumb are you? I mean really? The amount of ignorance you have about ULMB is just sad.

>> No.57911703

I mean having factors of your refresh rate (which would be 60 and 30 for a 120hz screen right, not 240 or 360?), that's normal with or without ULMB?
If he's saying you don't get to use gsync that's an argument but really the only one

>> No.57911711
File: 381 KB, 1500x1125, 20161209_083826s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he's so buttflustered that he thinks I'm making this shit up
why would I lie on the internet, anon? There's literally no gain from doing so

ps. my display cost 1500€, I bet that's more than your entire PC put together lmao

t. somebody who actually has a job :^)

>> No.57911725

where did he say that? you've been shilling ulmb so heavily now that nobody is taking you seriously

>> No.57911731
File: 204 KB, 740x550, 83aa9c99456a7a7b91b341aa1786a932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that contrast
>that screen door effect
>dusty screens
Holly shit anon end your life and don't give advice about displays ever a gain.

>> No.57911735

>he thinks his baby display is worth anything
>owns any datacolor colorimeter
>autismo level 4chan rice
you're retarded and need to end your life, plus the i1 display pro is cheap and doesn't impress anyone.

>> No.57911738


Oh and if you'd like please link me to one of those blurbuster articles talking about "artifacts" from ULMB.

>> No.57911739

Wow, doesn't it feel bad to be a "professional color scientist" and know less about displays than a random shitposter on /g/.

>> No.57911748

Forget G-SYNC, that does something entirely different, ULMB is designed to reduce motion blur, it's typically used for games that you can get a very high FPS on. And yes, there is more artifacts on ULMB but they can be reduced with some minor tweaking, even so I dislike ULMB and the shill in this thread is so fucking butthurt about it. Just laugh at him.

With ULMB you'd want a multiple FPS ideally. So it's the opposite of what you posted. Basically what I said earlier, if you can cap a game like Overwatch at 240FPS on a 120Hz ULMB monitor, it looks better.

>> No.57911749
File: 14 KB, 316x230, 1327177354093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, YES

feed me more of those sweet, sweet tears

>> No.57911767

>HDR for displays is different than HDR used in photos as the technique is hard-wired into the former, whereas HDR for cameras combines multiple images with different exposures to create the optimal results.
That's not the difference you fools. The HDR for cameras is exactly what is creating the images you will see on the HDR displays, the HDR displays just aid in displaying the HDR images in a realistic manner.

>> No.57911778


The grand shill himself suggests frame rate matching.

I've been playing FPS at a very high skill level for roughly a decade. ULMB is shit, just accept it and move on, kid. I'm outta this thread.

>> No.57911799
File: 1.79 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you so happy about your mom buying you a colorimeter that you have convinced yourself you're an expert on color calibration now?

>> No.57911801

"color scientist" sounds like one of those liberal arts studies meant for categorizing different kinds of gays and transsexuals.

>> No.57911812
File: 34 KB, 703x416, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still don't get why you need to be sending double or triple your monitor's refresh rate to your monitor?
I don't know about artifacts, I don't see any, just the normal tearing now and then from not using gsync, but for everything except erratic games like beamng where I basically need gsync, I'm completely sold on ULMB now that I actually tried it

>> No.57911815

>i1 Display Pro

That's how I know you all are poor.

>> No.57911822

Man thanks for linking me to shit I already know about and not the artifact shit you idiots are talking about. Good job.

>> No.57911824

Yours actually looks well calibrated with good tonal balance. Unlike that other retard.

Good job.

t. professional photographer

>> No.57911845

It's so hard to find a Dell with good uniformity, really need to commit to an EIZO someday.

>> No.57911929

Is that just a rebadged Colormunki?

>> No.57911955

It's a faster colormunki display, poorfag stuff.

>> No.57911960

>t. professional photographer
>making assumptions on the quality of the monitor calibration when you cant determine what the ambient lighting or the selected white balance on either photo is
Second looks slightly warm, first looks like it was dark and the camera over compensated blowing out highlights.

Neither is a good photo to determine how well calibrated either monitor is.

>> No.57912039

>Yours actually looks well calibrated with good tonal balance. Unlike that other retard.
You realize that's just a difference in the cameras, right?

As a “professional photographer” you should know what big an effect that has

>> No.57912113

>Are you so happy about your mom buying you a colorimeter that you have convinced yourself you're an expert on color calibration now?
You sure are projecting hard. I live alone and buy my own hardware (current setup is worth about 10,000€)

>you have convinced yourself you're an expert on color calibration now?
No, it's just that I've been maintaining color management code for several years now.

As of my knowledge, the software I write is the only fully color managed video player in the world, with support for ICCv4 profiles, HDR (PQ/SMPTE ST2084 and HLG/ARIB STD-B67), Panasonic VARICAM (V-Log/V-Gamut), bidirectional tone mapping (based on SEI mastering side-data), chromatically accurate desaturation (L*Ch clipping), constant-luminance encoding, ambient light measurement + compensation and pretty much the only spec-conforming BT.1886 implementation (including gamma offset and contrast estimation) apart from ArgyllCMS that I could find on the internet.

But don't get your knickers in a twist just because somebody actually know the words they put into their mouths.

>> No.57912127

AFAIK ColorMunki no longer exists, X-Rite bought them and reused their own sensor for the ColorMunki-branded devices they sell now.

>> No.57912141

you make all these claims yet you use a $5 smartphone to take a photo of your apparently extravagant setup and aren't even capable of setting it up properly

>> No.57912160

You can't tell anything from the """"""tonal balance""""" of a photograph of a screen because the camera software is applying white balance adjustments and additionally >>57911799 has closer to ideal exposure on the screen itself leaving the i1 lit by ambient underexposed where >>57911711 is overexposed for both screen and ambient. This is a pretty bizarre dickwaving contest though

>> No.57912174

>$5 smartphone
It's a Jolla Phone, the only phone that runs genuine Linux (SailfishOS)

If you think using some Android or iOS walled garden shit is acceptable, you simply do not belong on /g/

>> No.57912181

>It's a Jolla Phone, the only phone that runs genuine Linux (SailfishOS)
you really are autistic holy shit

>> No.57912196
File: 21 KB, 915x654, inxi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you make all these claims
I'm happy to back up any of my claims. I have zero reason to lie on the internet

>> No.57912204

>asrock motherboard
>gtx 970
why are you still posting?

>> No.57912242
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>le asrock meme
it's the only dual-socket SB-E mainboard I could find that had enough PCI-e lanes, S-ATA ports and a square-type ILM (required for compatibility with the silver arrows), apart from some 800€ supermicro board that I couldn't find stocked anymore

If you have other suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them.

>> No.57912247

you need to go back to /v/

>> No.57912271

Yeah, he's definitely playing dooty on a dual 2670 system running gentoo, it's the number one setup on steam after all.

>> No.57912277

>running a meme os with a shitty bsd ripoff package manager
freebsd or get off this board

>> No.57912285

>telling someone with a gentoo system to get off /g/
Back to whatever shit hole you came from faggot.

>> No.57912295

>actually falling for the meme
it's obvious who is new here

>> No.57912387

Install gentoo may be a meme but in all the years I have been here no one has ever suggested that someone who installs gentoo isn't fit for this board.

There is a reason why we meme install gentoo.

>> No.57912600

>freebsd or get off this board
funny thing is, I would be using freebsd if the package manager didn't suck ass

linux is getting shittier and shittier by the day, I give it about 2 years before it implodes

>> No.57912624

but gentoo is actually a legitimately good distro, I don't think anybody installs it because of the memes

I use it because nothing else gives me the amount of power over my packages that I want. I run about 100 custom patches (/etc/portage/patches), several dozen live packages, and micromanage USE flags for pretty much everything as well. Gentoo is the only distro that lets me do this

I don't even play video games, anon. The GTX 970 is there for realtime video postprocessing (jinc scaling, color management, interpolation)

>> No.57912750

fuck off haasn

>> No.57912768

>I would be using freebsd if the package manager didn't suck ass
except ports is vastly superior to portage or any linux offering

>> No.57912790

>except ports is vastly superior to portage or any linux offering
This is how I know you've never ACTUALLY used it

>> No.57912801

Also no other package manager even remotely holds a candle to Nix / NixOS. That shit is a dream come true

if there's one system I wish I was using instead of gentoo, it's NixOS. Shame the developer base is still small and the command-line utilities not very user-friendly (at least not as friendly as gentoo's)

>> No.57912897

actually its more.

The tv he uses for his pc is a low/mid one.
Also his 120hz "hack" is bullshit

>> No.57912928

oh wow, it's even a TV? yeah, that guy is full of bullshit through and through

he probably can't tell the difference between 60 and 120 Hz

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