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On a tight budget and wondering if anyone could recommend me a 600w + PSU at a cheaper cost?


Rate my specs:

intel i5 6600k - http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117561

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

HyperX FURY 8GB (2 x 4GB)




ALSO, could I downgrade the motherboard? im pushing my budget


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Define your budget. If you can't afford EVGA or SeaSonic I know for a fact that fsp (fortron) makes rather cheap but very good psus.

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>for that
Spend less by not buying a 600W power supply when you can get by with 450 or even less.

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I would like to spend less than $80 CA. thanks for the response

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I feel I need at least 600W because of ProTools. I'll also be gaming but i'm sure yes that requires less

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Haha this can't be real.

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yes your correct, I do not know computers well.. do you know running DAW's well though?

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There you go you stupid leaf. Now fuck off.

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I need to be able to run at least 48 tracks with plug ins up your ass...

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Question, would you say if I went cheaper than that..... the psu's will start to be shit?

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>H chipset

Get a regular 6600 or even 6500 dummy

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At least if it's shit EVGA has great customer support so they will send you a new one.

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K? H?

maybe 6600 would be enough... everywhere online says I should get atleast i7 for running large protools files

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appreciate the responses nigs

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Here, fuck off.

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thanks buddi guy:) im still skeptical of going lower than 500w though ...... are you assuming because i know jack shit about computers that I wont be using the PC for heavy shit nigga? i wanna run skryim on ultra sorta thing, bitcsh

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it's fine, just buy it and shut the fuck up you fucking leaf

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4chan seems uneducated in the PC audio production world

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430W is more than enough for what you're doing. Also you need a Z mobo if you want to overclock that 6600k CPU. Get a non-k intel if you have no interest in overclocking it and a B or H mobo to save some money that way.

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what about this ?

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EITHER spend more get a Z170 mobo so you can overclock which means you need a good cooler on it

OR get a i5 6500 and drop the h170 to a b150 or h110 and use the stock cooler with the 6500.

Your build is more than enough for modern gaming at 1080p 60 fps with either CPU which means its obviouslt good enough for Skyrim. If youre overclocking do not drop below a good rated 500w so you have trouble. A lower rated 600w is good too.

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thank you for your help. what does the B and H stand for? also, right now on newegg.ca the 6600 and 6600k have about a $15 price difference...

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He may not but I do, and the max power consumption depends more on the parts than the apps you run. You wont draw more power than the components can handle. Unless you've got a virus or some shit.

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ANY b150 or h110? don't know what it means but ill just search for those keywords...

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I want to know why you think a DAW is somehow going to change the maximum possible power consumption of your PC. A GTX 1060 and a 6600k is just not going to draw more than a few hundred watts.

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I don't know why. I'm just still to this second reading online that I need higher specs to run the kind of pro tools sessions I have.

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I doubt it, are you recording an orchestra or something?

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yes lol. I have access to other session files too

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so I should only get the 6600k if im going to overclock....... but if not get the 6600 or 6500? the 6600 is benchmarked as much better

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Right, so a 6600k will be more than enough for recording your mixtape to send to Drake.

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Only pay for the k variant if you are also getting a Z branded mobo to overclock that CPU. If you aren't interested in that at all just save your money and get a well rated B or H mobo that has all the basic features you'll need. Just get whatever fits your budget. Fuck the benchmarks, it won't matter to you for what you're doing.

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they're budget chipsets for mobos, h110 is the budget chipset for consumer grade mobos while b150 is the budget chipset for business grade mobos for whichever reason keep on being made into gaming mobos.

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how about this?

Intel Core i5-6500
EVGA GeForce GTX 1060
Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Gigabyte GA-H170-GAMING 3
SeaSonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze
Primary Storage
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB

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never buy gigabyte anything

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>ate] [Auto] 1 new post

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i just had bad experience with 3 of their mobos dying one after the other couple of years ago

Graphics cards cards arnt good for overclocking either

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noted. thank you

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>Intel Core i5-6500
why not the 6600? it's pretty much the 6600k without the overclocking.

>EVGA GeForce GTX 1060
unless you are going for a compact build, go with a graphics card that has 2 fans and a larger heatsink, better having two fans at low rpm than one fan at high rpm.

>SeaSonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze
if you can, try to go with a fully modular psu, it's annoying being stuck with extra cables you are not using.

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New games will use more electricity than your DAW no matter what you're recording because they'll load the CPU and the GPU at the same time, the DAW won't use the GPU at all. You're looking at a 200w load worst scenario from the computer while recording.

You should make sure that you have back-up storage so you don't lose your work as well.

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Yeah ill get a 1060 with 2 fans. What I'm stuck on is PSU... preferably less than $80 Ca.

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I also keep reading in reviews about PSU's dying after a couple of months.... comments on that? I want to just buy the cheapest 600w I find... but..

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any comments on "CoolMax" PSU's? Cheap af

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make sure to know what psu's the comments are talking about and unless it's user error, avoid those like the plague. to stay safe, go with reliable big name psu manufactures like EVGA, Cooler master, Corsair or whatever that are highly rated and rated a lot as you can put more trust in the product you are buying.

don't cheap out on psu's, because if it's fucked, your other parts might be fucked, and you will definitely be fucked.

this might help

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you are such a fucking retard, why doesn't your stupid ass listen instead of look for validation?

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because I'm using all of you for my benifit and I don't give a shit. I do appreciate it though :)

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>because I'm using all of you for my benifit
You're not even doing that because you ignore every piece of free advice you're given.

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MSI b150m mortar

Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H GSM Micro-ATX Motherboard

there you go, and here have some links



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Ive never met a mind reader b4, cool

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I don't think OP has the mental capacity to properly assemble a PC.

>comments on why it won't turn on???

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I guess I'm asking for problems if I say I wan't something cheaper?

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it's not hard to do, and your an idiot to think it is

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I would not recommend running ProTools. That shit is known for frying CPUs.

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BAM exactly why i thought i need better parts

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problems in function and likelihood of your whole computer blowing up? no, but other than just cutting off your ability to overclock, you start to corner yourself in what you can do with your pc. less fans, less SATA ports, less ram slots, less pci slots, but if you run the basics of what a computer needs, this will get you by no problem.


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also, if you are still being a cheap bastard, here, the cheapest ddr4, h110,LGA1151 mobo out there, it's also made by asrock, lucky you.


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would I be able to run heavily modded games with these?

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it would be difficult without a powerful cooler

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so low budget mobos require a cooler?

What's what the lowest/cheapest mobo I should buy that will let me run any game high mods/grahpics?? thanks

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mobos have next to nothing to do with in-game performance, the cpu and gpu would do all the work, these mobos can hold the latest cpus and ram. best you have a good cooler to keep your cpu from getting hot from stress.

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Stop spoonfeeding this mouthbreather, let him spend some time looking at build guides on youtube or something.

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it's all right to buy a cheap motherboard, but you'll need to get a cooler too. it's about balancing the budget in the way that will give you the best value for your money

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Sorry, the scent of retardation just came out of nowhere.

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that mobo is around $100 in canada :(

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you guys want a really retarded question to kek over?

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there are cheaper mobos out there, just not supporting new cpus and ddr4, you are what they call "shit out of luck"

give me a giggle

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>audio production

Just get a Mac

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>a fucking leaf complaining about prices

Someone has to pay sales tax for all those refugees!

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PSU is that last thing you want to go cheap on. Something very minor could happen and your entire rig could be fried. If it came down to it, I'd recommend going down on the gpu to like a 1050 and make sure your power supply is good. I personally prefer corsair or evga power supplys because of the looks and both companies are very reliable

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That's because your currency isn't worth shit, man. Don't assume that they're the same just because they have the same name.

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what makes you say downgrade to 1050? would the 1060 be too hard on parts?

>> No.57893698

1060 would overdraw the PSU, causing it to stagnate.

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could I run guild wars ultra hd with that?

>> No.57893726

shit.. unless if I get a good one ...?

>> No.57893731

The card can provide desktop quality ultra HD.

>> No.57893815

would this do the trick?


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Long story
I fucked up and bought a 1000watt psu
What should i do with it? What is the use of a 1000w psu that i will fully utilize it?

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For you? Nothing, other than hopefully learning a valuable lesson about trying not to be such an ignorant doofus.

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>mfw i just today built my new computer with the 600w version of that psu
>mfw first computer I've built in a couple years

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>tfw you fall for the seasonic meme
>Buy m12ii evo
>Fan constantly super loud, other people online have same issue
>GPU for some reason only works when plugged into a certain PSU output, caused me to waste £30 on GPU RMA shipping + processing after trying literally other possible troubleshooting step when GPU is actually perfectly fine
>Still under warranty but the shipping cost / hastle of RMAing /not being able to use my computer for 2+ weeks means it's probably easier to just buy a new PSU.

Don't fall for the seasonic meme guys. I paid over the average because I wanted a good quality product, and got cucked instead. My friends corsair PSU cost way less, works perfectly fine and has all the fancy fan idle at low usage stuff.

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This is the first time I've heard of Seasonic not working out for someone on /g/.

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alright fags, i decided.

MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

INTEL i5 6600

MSI H110M Gaming LGA 1151 Intel H110 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel

EVGA 600 B1 100-B1-0600-KR 80+ BRONZE 600W

Ballistix Elite 8GB Kit (4GB x 2) DDR4 3000 MT/s (PC4-24000) DIMM 288-Pin Memory - BLE2K4G4D30AEEA

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lol 600w power supply for that dinky lil machine. meme gaming ram, too. you're just a shitter.

>> No.57894253

what will be some future limitations with that mobo?

>> No.57894267

is the ram overkill????

>> No.57894282

it's overpriced non standard bullshit with a flaky overclock by who the fuck ever also
>bronze power supply in 2017.

>> No.57894298

.... should i do gold? i dont get it

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Why do you need a 600w+ psu? I'm going with an evga g2 550w for an i5 6600k + 1070 build and that will be more than okay, get a good quality psu at a lower rated wattage than 700w please

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6600K is only $4 more than the 6600

>> No.57894320

just change the ram

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Seasonic. Every other PSU I bought failed within two months of the warranty expiration.

If you wait and watch slickdeals.net, you'll find a good price.

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what ddr4 would you recommend? budget ,,,

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Crucial or G.skill. Seriously stop being such a god damn nigger and use logicalincrements and stop trying to save every fucking penny. You get what you pay for. This thread is an embarrassment to /g/.

>> No.57894395

>tfw my shitty shaw psu is still powering on with near the same setup

How long intil it fries my shit?

>> No.57894399

balistik are made by crucial you assfuk

>> No.57894405

>not having a future proof PSU
/g/ truly is the worst poorfag board

>> No.57894415

use this site

use the Search function to look for reviews on specific model numbers.


they also test psu's


for buyers guide. probably a good place to get top brands.

I recently brought the corsair rm750x


the lower Wattage PSU's in this line also have good reviews.

We are buying nearly the same system, except im going with a Z170 motherboard because there is no point in a i5 6000K unless you plan to Overclock it.

I went with the RM750x because it left some room to put more powerful gpus and higher overclocks in the future.


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File: 3.67 MB, 700x298, 1474444903642.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying I would know BALLISTIX is the gaymur variant of Crucial and not the gaymur brand of Corsair/Kingston/Mushkin

Literally who cares about SNIPER BALLISTIC HYPER branding. Just get something with good reviews you spoonfed gaymer babby.

>> No.57894429

whats a guy like you do here on 4chan?? Thanks man!

>> No.57894434

got it for $109 USD (w/ tax) a few days ago from newegg.

>> No.57894489

my method was looking for something around 100.
I was going to get the 500watt one, but after seeing good reviews, it seemed like it was a Quality product and if ever I get an AMD gpu.... id probably need the extra Wattage.

>> No.57894495

PSU is the last thing you want to save money on. Someone should post that psu guide, because i don't have it

>> No.57894597

are bronze series a no go ?

>> No.57894614


>> No.57894646

all i know is that the better your PSU is the less money you will spend on power because its more efficient at only drawing enough power to meet your rigs requirement.



>> No.57895163

I have been using a no name chinese brand for 4 years, should I worry?

>> No.57895224

Same, 17amp on the 12v rail. So 200watts really. Its powering a A10-5800K. Still not fried.

>> No.57895272

we are lucky then

>> No.57895752

I've had a corsair cx600m for 3 years. Should i upgrade now or wait till it breaks?

>> No.57895996

my current PC is an AM3+ system with AMD Radeon RX 480 etc

I have some scrap parts laying around, so to make another full computer, I would only need a new motherboard, ram, CPU and power supply.

What is better? Cheap out an buy a fucking AMD APU with DDR3 RAM and a 400W power supply.


upgrade my current computer to Intel 1151 with DDR4 and transfer my current AM3+ motherboard to create a second computer?

Wait for AMD Zen?

cheapo solution will cost $200

expensive solution will cost $500

(i live in scandinavia)

>> No.57896011

I want to get a be quiet brand psu, and the pastebin recommended the straight power 10. Only thing is its 160$ on amazon, and only $94 on Newegg, but completely sold out. It's the dark power the higher end version? Idk what the differences are.

>> No.57896306

I uave nothing but stability issues with my A10 apu. Never again

>> No.57897100

Looking at building the same

Cheapest z170
16gb ram 2x8gb
Some cheap decent psu

>> No.57897298

>I would only need a new motherboard, ram, CPU and power supply.

So basically an entire fucking computer?

>> No.57897318

If you're gonna get a k-series chip but cheap out on the mobo then don't bother as the cheapies won't oc for shit. Also k-series CPUs don't come with a cooler anymore so that's going to eat into your budget. Get a cheaper CPU/H-series mobo and put the money you save and get a 1060 and better PSU (seriously, don't cheap out on the PSU).

>> No.57898233

The motherboard in question was an asrock z170 pro4. Reviews says it oc's well.

>> No.57899080

It's the chip set of the motherboard, since you have a k skew cpu, you need a z chip set to overclock it. You have a h chip set, h170, so either get the 6500 or a z170. I would advise the 6500 over getting the z170, unless you wanted to overclock.

>> No.57899456

A K CPU will still be slightly more powerful, even without a Z motherboard, since their default clocks are higher.

>> No.57900217

Why not I just buy the 6600k and h110, that way if i want to OC in the future, i just have to upgrade my MOBO?

>> No.57900458

>that way if I want to get 10% extra performance from my CPU, I just have to buy a new motherboard that costs 50% of what I paid for my CPU

Someone get the leafblower.

>> No.57900494 [DELETED] 

Yeah, your right, but if you bought a k cpu, chances are you wanted to overclock, and if you bought a non z chip set, it's not going to let you go beyond the stock clocks by a whole lot. It only makes sense to buy one and the other as well. But op is free to do what they please.

>> No.57900512 [DELETED] 


Meant for this

>> No.57900521

This thread needs to be incinerated.

>> No.57900546


Yeah, your right, but if you bought a k cpu, chances are you wanted to overclock, and if you bought a non z chip set, it's not going to let you go beyond the stock clocks by a whole lot. It only makes sense to buy one and the other as well. But op is free to do what they please

>> No.57900607

it makes complete logical sense you hound. It's a $5 difference between the 6600 and the 6600k. so why not get the k now? should i buy the 6600 and then once i want to OC buy the 6600k? and possibly a new MOBO? your shit with money

>> No.57900625


Get a dual SMP workstation board and some Nvidia Titans. That should do it.

>> No.57900685

You can't possibly be this stupid.

People have tried to be very helpful throughout this entire thread to get your dumb ass to save money, yet you say shit like this that makes no sense.

If your attitude is "why not get the k now" then why not also get a Z motherboard now for just a few more dollars if you want to OC. Do you have any idea how much you're going to get ripped off trying to hunt down an obsolete Z170 mobo in 3 years? It won't be worth it and by then you'll be looking at starting from scratch.

Non-k intel - J U S T get a fucking H or B chipset motherboard since you can't really OC anyway (don't mention BCLK to this pleb his brain will explode)
k intel - J U S T get a fucking Z board so you have your options open

>> No.57900706

how does dis look g/angster niggers?


>> No.57900738

the 6600k runs faster regardless..... $5 more......

>> No.57900748

I wont get a Z board because it will cost me $70 instead of $5 for the k

>> No.57900819

hows dis?


>> No.57900903

Where are you seeing $5 difference between the two? Newegg.ca has $30 CAD difference between 6600 and 6600k.

>> No.57900911

>the 6600k runs faster regardless..... $5 more......

Their turbo limit is the same though and they both downclock during lighter loads. Your argument is invalid.

>> No.57900915

theres a difference in shipping costs

>> No.57900934

ok $15 dollar difference

>> No.57900951

The difference in shipping is $3.

Glad to see you're coming around.

>> No.57900956

great:) thanks for the info

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File: 1.36 MB, 1440x810, 1460902738802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or you could stop being a retard and just buy the better motherboard now and not spend an
additional 150 on a new motherboard after the fact so you could "save $5"

>> No.57901286

i found the one :') http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151094

>> No.57901499

Good choice, I have basically that PSU but 100 W stronger and with modular cables and it's very solid.

>> No.57902404

final update:

i5 6600

gtx 1060 6gb

crucial 2 x 4 8gb

SeaSonic S12II Bronze 520W

micro atx h110m

>> No.57902431

Get the 430W Seasonic you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.57902639

realizes he still has to buy windows 10

>> No.57903033

pirate os

>> No.57904222

So this... is the power of... videogames.

>> No.57904640

video games and hopefully pro tools

>> No.57906777

Anyone able to help with an error I'm getting on my fresh Windows 10 install? I'm building a brand new system and everything is booting and all the right hardware can be seen in the BIOS but when I go to install Win 10 I get a message saying "A media driver your computer needs is missing" which I assume is the SATA driver for the SSD/SATA. I only have that one SSD in there, no other drive.

My MB is a Gigabyte so I download the driver from here: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5720 and put it on a USB. The installation process can see the drive thats compatible but when I hit Next it then seems to install (I get a moving bar) but then get "No new devices drivers were found". I'm stumped.

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File: 121 KB, 660x600, seasonic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a mid-high end seasonic in my current build... the quality of everything was superb.

This system has been extremely stable and the PSU has worked flawlessly. currently at a 64 day uptime.....

>> No.57908374

>be me
>spend $70 on case because it looks cool
>accidently pull headphone jack out at slight angle
>headphone jack broke and doesnt work anymore

something bent on the inside i dont know, but now i have to use the back motherboard headhpone jack and its a bitch anytime i want to plug in or unplug my headhpones. i cant just plug it in the front now. feels bad man.

>> No.57909415

Take the thing apart and examine it.

>> No.57911474

should i use windows 10 education? it's free with my school

>> No.57911534

lrn 2 solder or buy an extension cable

>> No.57911842

This is either bait or you are just retarded.

>> No.57912322

>>>/g/pcbg/ or GTFO, faggot.

>> No.57914156

lol good idea. i had an extension cable, dunno where the fuck that went.

>> No.57915341

just pc retarded. thats why i posted here though. I just purchased what i now think to be a great build, partially to 4chans help!

intel i5 6600
1060 6GB
seagate 520w
crucial 8gb 2x 4
MSI H110M gaming

>> No.57915530

what kind of cooler should I get? CPU cooler?

>> No.57917506

Should i trade my r9 390 for a Rx 480 ?

>> No.57917874

water block

>> No.57918170

That's a first. I use a Seasonic Sl5g 500W to power an OCed FX-6300 + an OCed Sapphire Fury, bitch stays cool & quiet.

>> No.57918626


>> No.57918994

>for a fucking 6600 and a 1060

>> No.57919050

Fellow Furyfag here, how much OC did you get out of it?

>> No.57919226

1100MHz, too scared to go higher for fear of burning down house. Will check how far I can push it using Wattman + a stronger PSU

>> No.57919295

Same, I haven't tried pushing my Fury Nitro past that either. I did switch to the supposedly more aggressive BIOS though and granted it +30% on the power limit.

>> No.57920447

too much?

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