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Goodbye, Windows

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>ubuntu gnome

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>implying you didn't install it alongside Windows

Some people just want to get shit done, anon.

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>ubuntu gnome
>getting shit done

OP will probably enjoy fixing all the shitty implementations and installing backports and be rendered useless after a messy upgrade.

If he wanted to get shit done, he would've probably gone to Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, or Mint.

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Later, faggot

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Oh, I thought you were shitting on him for installing Ubuntu

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Hello, cancer

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xubuntu>ubuntu gnome

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Lubuntu with KDE here, just about any 'buntu flavor is comfy as fuck if you have even a basic level of competence and just don't want to mess with the likes of Arch or OpenSUSE.

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Install Solus

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have fun googling every little problem and never being able to get anything to work

Linux is so goddamn user unfriendly

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No. Different Ubuntu flavors have different implementations and problems due to the release schedule of the distro.

For example, Kubuntu is heavily fucked because it misses important patches and Qt upgrades, while Gnome doesn't get latest versions of GTK.

There's also another thing which is patches which each team prepares, for example, Xubuntu is not as plagued with regressions, as Ubuntu.

Stop spreading this "every flavor is the same" lie.

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>a fucking tablet interface
People who want to get shit done use Cinnamon fa m

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Hello disappointment

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Goodbye blog
*Down voted and unsubbed

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Just install ubuntu, I've been using it for years and pretty much all issues are really easy to fix, unless you're really stupid

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>have fun googling every little problem and never being able to get anything to work

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You'll be back. I'll give you 3 days.

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I use ubuntu gnome and it's great except for the fact that it often freezes when I move or uncompress gigantic files

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Not everyone is retarded winbabby

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you fucked up

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>using the native window wrapper in chrome

I guess you just like to waste space, huh.

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>Ubuntu with GNOME 3 made to look like Unity

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Linux applications have awful UIs. They're never consistent and are usually designed by someone who has no sense.

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Honestly speaking, windows in 2016 is way more inconsistent than Linux DEs.

Windows applications aren't any more consistent either. Photoshop's widget scheme is not ever going to match that of STEAM or Office 16

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>using Ubuntu with i3
>pic related

Feels good man

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Windows isn't even worth considering as a serious daily use operating system. I don't know why /g/ tolerates it.
macOS is my favorite OS

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sauce on those thighs?

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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Which thighs?

The Linux is more important than the GNU.

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>Almost 2017
>GTK and Qt are still garbage

Maybe someday Linux will have a GUI toolkit that's as decent as what Windows and OS X offer.

Don't worry OP, you will comeback sooner or later. Hope you enjoy your LibreOffice and Gimp. Tux Racer is the shit by the way.

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Yea right? XDXDXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDD Such an epic gooey tulkitty :DDD

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Linux is shit. Cope.

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>windows font rendering

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Aww wintoddler on damage control

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wincucc REKT

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Welcome to the secret klub

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elelel dumb wintard btfo

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>that disgusting theme
>those disgusting icons

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KDE master race

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>using shitnux

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I'm not even against the fucking 'unfriendly-ness' of it.

I'm against the everything breaking all of the time aspect of it.

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>>57877148 (samefag)

lel get a load of this buttmad wincucc

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>using micropoo winloo
hehehe LOL

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>actually resizeable window
>beautiful icons
>has a preview pane
>thumbnail icon size

meanwhile shitnux has none of that

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>mint toddler trying hard to fit in
heheehe who knew LOL

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I use Windows 8.1 not 10, but even then, the examples you post don't even come close to the abominations you find in Gnome, KDE and the other shitty 9321 Desktop environments out there.

That seems like a software problem, not a case of bad GUI. Also I use Windows 8.1.

Yeah one of the things I miss about Ubuntu is the god tier font rendering, while Windows has always been behind OS X and some Linux distros in that regard. Windows 8.1 is a nice improvement over previous versions in it works well.

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Every time a new release of Gnome 3 comes out I try to give it a new chance but it always pisses me off in so many ways. The fuckhuge retarded window borders were the last straw. Fuck that piece of shit, I have a desktop computer, not a fucking iPad

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KEK wincuckold autist lost his voice hehehehe

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>He didn't enable icon file preview

You can't even handle something easy like windows.

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>implying I use windows

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>Kubuntu is heavily fucked

seconded, literal disaster

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Stay man Street shitter.

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Sure thing LOL

But you do, pootella

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Nope, although I will say this: windows (although shit), is miles ahead of shitnux, Pajeet Prakit Raghunadella.

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That's not the file upload dialog, Raj Raghunadella.

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Toppest of the top kek, wincuck

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>not using comfy Windows 8.1

Man, sure it feels good to have a functional and good looking DE with a decent font rendering and unmatched software support.

I feel sorry for those guys who have to deal with Windows 10 bullshit or are stuck with a shitty Linux DE.

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>Winniggers are dumber than the pajeets that use Linux

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>he thinks I use windows
poo in the loo, Pajeet Pratikresh Nadakrishnadan

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Fuck off retard

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>linux subhumans fighting with wintoddlers
*clears throat*

Feels good to be part of the macOS master race.

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I'm sorry wincuckold stick to older windows because the newer one is absolute dogshit

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>Use OSX
>files get corrupted because HFS+ is a bad joke.

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>No guys I'm a homosexual pajeet instead

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>mactoddlers trying to fit into big boys' fight

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>Windows and Mac will never look this good

t. Mac user

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>tfw macOS master race
It's amusing you toddlers argue :^)

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>Too poor to afford KDE
Do you happen to use a Mac?

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What do you have against KDE?

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Nice holo but you need to go to >>>/fa/

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>Running out of arguments the shitpost
Go back to your mud hut Pajeet, it's over.

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Looks like shit (there's a reason we call it shitnux), Poojeet

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That's because the number of linux users is so small there's basically no statistical normal distribution of IQ, like with anything that has a huge number of users.

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Poorfaggotry, 90's hardware with rocking 800MHz clockspeed

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Windows 8.1 has a longer support lifecycle than the latest version of Ubanto.

Maybe by that time there is something decent for desktop use in Linux land.

But meanwhile that "older windows" is a superior desktop OS than whatever garbage Linux environment you are running.

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Daily reminder

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Dumb mactoddler on damage control

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Fuck you. This thread was not necessary. You should get a ban.

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You jelly?

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tf are you even talking about? You sound like a /pol/-/g/ bot.

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>mfw Windows 8.1 gets 20 years of constant telemetry updates.

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>that master race feel

>> No.57877482

>installing updates
why do this when it just werks

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12 Rupees and a plate of chicken tikka curry has been dispatched to your account, raja pajeet

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Try again. Your reply is evidence contrary to those chart stats.

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Unless you have experience actually using said environments, you have no place posting an "opinion".

>> No.57877496

Have a last (you)

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Are you that mac cuckold?

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>Pajeet in charge of security.

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>I don't know what Cygwin is

Also Windows 10 and upwards have this Linux userland/bash whatever the fuck built in.

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>shitnux user calling other pajeet

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>that master race feel when I eat shit with my faggot hands

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>anyone but yourself in charge of security
get out

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>comparing a slow as fuck compatibility layer with native coreutils

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EL OH EL Rajesh you are even dumber than Linux user pajeets

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>userland/bash whatever the fuck built in.
Lives upto the name of micropoo

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did anyone ever actually find this funny? does anyone actually care?

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>shitnux is shit (hence the name)
>n-no WINDows is shit, pajeet!

You're both right, both shitnux and windows are shit. You street-shitters may shut up now :^)

>> No.57877589

Well turns out I did use those environments.

Also I use Linux and other Unixes but not on the Desktop.

I recently tried the latest openSUSE and I was sad to see once again how a GTK app (LibreOffice) didn't integrate quite well in KDE.

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No one is taking your bait. Faggots belong to /lgbt/

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>shitnux users shilling their shit (literally) OS this hard

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>using GNLoo Shitnux

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>Rainbow from the macfag
Checks out.

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Office runs in browser, dumbshit mactoddler. Who are you baiting?

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this is the fucking reason i switched back to unity from gnome 3. fuck that massive waste of space title bar. and if you turn on the chrome compact style, you accidentally click the top bar and buttons on it. a handy little menu comes up on the "Chromium Web Browser" button that says only "quit" when the fucking close button is right there or you can accidentally click the calendar 15 times per day since the tabs are so close to the button. or if hit the activities tab on accident.

i tried to fix it with extensions but it just ends up being so glitchy and still looks like shit when you have 5 gnome extensions to put the window buttons and window name in the title bar and wrote my own to get rid of that fucking quit menu. then i just gave up cause they rejected my gnome extensions because they were modified versions of other peoples or some shit on extension.gnome.org. fuck those niggers. feeling comfy as shit on unity. bout to fix some bugs and make it as good as gnome.

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>GNLoo users in charge of understanding jokes

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>> No.57877636

>native coreutils
>bloated garbage GNU code

Wow dude, I am so jelly you can run that stuff natively.

Also most of the time I just ssh into my unix box, Cygwin is awesome.

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>GNLoo code

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they're all fucking glitchy as shit. i used it. check out that window button. you need like 5 different extensions to make it half decent and even then it still looks shit. 0 fucking customization if you don't add like 50 extensions and it's impossible to put your own and save it on extensions.gnome.org without a 50 day review process. it's just a piece of shit honestly

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>Wincucks think they are productive because they pirated PS and Autocad, probably doesn't even know to trim.
Why do you pretend Pajeet?

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>this thread
Don't you guys have a street to defile?

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>if he doesn't use GNLoo/Shitnux, he must be a wintoddler!

Nice try, Pajeet

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>dumb shit mactoddler thinking ls is BSD

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But faggots have a containment board

>> No.57877713 [DELETED] 

>trying to force the street shitter meme outside of Windows shilling.

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>> No.57877722

don't want that fucking stupid quit menu? well great you can use the extension i made! oh wait they rejected it because they're fucking garden gnome3 niggers

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lol mactoddler pajeet getting really mad over there

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Posting the better one.
Fuck that fat commie JEW.
t. Linux user.

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>still using GNLoo/Shitnux

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Reminder that all mactards are gay, even their CEO is a fucking homo LOL

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If you want to iinstall kubuntu, install kde neon.
So much more stable and usable.

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>outsmart a fat fuck
Good on him. I bet if he wasn't rich, Wozniak would use GNLoo/Shitnux.

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Dumb mactard. No wonder you are a degenerate cock sucker

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Take you faggot ass scat shit out of here, fag

>> No.57877816

>listing wow as a game linux users can't play

Anon... I assure you most linux users have played wow on linux.

>> No.57877877

Hang yourself now

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>I use Linux and other Unixes

You are obviously under informed and a liar and a douchebag.

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Just end it all man.

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BSDs are derivatives of Unix

>> No.57878021
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>not using windows 7 with classic theme for your daily stuff/work and a headless linux machine as a seedbox/HTPC/NAS with 1GB FTTH

Fucking plebs

>> No.57878048

Another Linux install thread. This shit is like the rite of passage for /g/.

>> No.57878063

>You are obviously under informed

Unless the Lumina DE turned out to be the second coming of Christ, I am not.

>and a liar and a douchebag.

I hope you feel better now, anon.

>> No.57878149

>Waaaa! you haven't tried each one of these shitty 634 window managers, you liar!!

>> No.57878157

Not him but his way if saying "Unices" gives it away

>> No.57878217

>Something happened...

>> No.57878243

who is this guy?

>> No.57879073

enjoy your bloat

>> No.57879077

See you next week, OP!

>> No.57879096

>And OP never came back to windows again

>> No.57879171

>doesn't know who Chief Keif is
fuck off numale nigger

Great choice, my man. Ubuntu GNOME is truly the patrician's choice. Well done.

>> No.57879559

So I see you're running GNOME. I'm actually on KDE myself.

>> No.57879618

I'd be more forgiving if it was Debian but you just went full retard.

>> No.57879648

lol no. Ubuntu is better in every aspect.

>> No.57879709

Just use Windows 10 you dumb fucks. You are online anyway, your ISP is keeping logs and your smartphones are linked to Google and Facebook botnets.

Linux is an illusion of security considering 90% of your other lifestyle is dependent on botnet products and services.

>> No.57879908

Tell us all how Ubuntu is so much better.

>> No.57879966
File: 29 KB, 310x326, 1461725060296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goodbye, Windows

>> No.57880052
File: 1.65 MB, 2880x1800, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not KevinOS?

Unironically quite a solid distro. The only thing that didn't work OTB was the WiFi but that got fixed with a update and some drivers (retarded broadcom piece of shit card...)

>> No.57880059

>this thread
I'm going to get off 4chan now

>> No.57880069

If you used Windows you would probably get even better battery life. Linux has shit power management.

>> No.57880079

>he isnt a neet

>> No.57880110

not OP but needed to install a new distro recently and wanted to try solus
then i saw multiple deep learning package arent available and installed arch

>> No.57880168
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>> No.57880183

it is resizable

and it's not his screenshot

>> No.57880223


>> No.57880347

With Linux you can run an old computer without issue.

Winfaggots BTFO.

>> No.57880367

>Some people just want to get shit done, anon.
People who "get shit done" use Windows for the most part.

>> No.57880373

It's true, MacOS is probably the best.

It's very stable and mature, and is well supported on the proper hardware. Plus it makes pajeet mad.

>> No.57880407

>Windows isn't even worth considering as a serious daily use operating system.
Yeah, maybe for braindead attention whores who only use their computer to shitpost on /g/, it isn't, but for most of the working world who use computers for getting things done it is most certainly a serious daily use operating system.
Go back to your circlejerk threads, you cancerous fucking piece of shit.

>> No.57880435

Ubuntu GNOME is a bad choice because Ubuntu fuck up the GTK with custom meme patches for Unity.

>> No.57880482
File: 457 KB, 696x938, 1478769136073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stable and mature

>> No.57880503

They fixed that a while back.

>> No.57880586

>Not having multiple versioned offsite backups.

>> No.57880948

KDE gets shit done

>> No.57880967


Well done, you chose the ome DE that's shittier than Windows

>> No.57881550

Hello, autism.

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