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Speccy thread: What would you use pic related for? (It's my old prebuilt)

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This is my first build had a 500gb hdd but upgraded to a 1tb, and fell for the 16gb meme.

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throw it in the trash

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>Windows 10

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Probably return my ram for some better ones. My HSF is huge and can't fit huge heatspreaders so I'm using bare ones at the moment.

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rate mine

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Get a bigger hard drive and turn it into a pc for media and old emulators that's my plan.

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It belongs in a museum!

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>first build

how old are you son

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>2x 480


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Couldn't afford a 960 I guess.

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Idk about him but I just bought i7 6700k and I'm 25.

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Muh first build. Cost me a shit ton here in Canada

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how was that my point? read my post again

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It's my first build you sperg

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Roast me

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looks like your bad overclock is already doing that

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>Implying that is my idle temp

Usually sits around 36C

Real talk though, is this a decent overclock? Is the voltage too high? Educate me, senpai

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Ridiculously I'm going to have to buy another 4TB drive when some after-Christmas deals start rolling out at local retailers. I really need to stop hoarding up on junk.

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Not that bad really but you should be able to get away with less voltage.

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I see. This afternoon I'll try to get it under the 1.33 mark. I'm gonna have this CPU for a looooong time, might as well treat it right.

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>windows 10

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I did that myself last year around the same time.

Bought a 5TB WD black for $160. About 1/2 full at the moment so I will probably be purchasing another drive by mid 2017.

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>all these drives
>not a single Seagate/WD
Good taste
Or maybe not

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i got both Goodram and Toshiba (or: Verbatim Store 'n' Go) for free. gifted horse mouth yada

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>always think about using old computer for some kind of a server
>realize it's hot, loud, and power hungry
Take it to the recycle center

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You're an idiot.

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>3x R9 390

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23, finally got around to building my first pc.

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3X the house fires?

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>windows 10

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my shitposting machine

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At least you have good taste in OS.

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Was that $12?

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this is dual booted with xubuntu, and adding an ssd soon (250gb samsung 850 evo)

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thanks senpai

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I actually paid like $150 back when it was still a relatively decent laptop. Probably too much but I got plenty of mileage out of that thing.

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Mine is older. Socket 478 3.0GHz P4-HT Northwood processor.

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>Windows 7

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Why not?

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It's actually only 768MB; I don't know why Speccy says otherwise. Works better than you'd expect but I'm gonna upgrade it to 2GB one of these days.
What chipset does that board have? Certainly not an 815 with that much RAM.

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Does it help if I say it's a pirated copy of 10? I also have 7 and xp if that helps.

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VIA Apollo Pro 133A

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because W7 will hog 1/3 of your RAM on good morning

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that's a shit ton of voltage for haswell, but you probably need that much to reach 4.6 ghz.

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How does it work?

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>16 GiB
>western digital
>windows 8.1
Nice meme machine.

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I don't understand the question. In what sense? It works like any windows 7 computer.

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Same thing I'd do with my Q6600 build, store it in a spare bedroom and very occasionally use it for something for a week or so.

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Does it run well, is what I was asking. English isn't your first language, is it?

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First timer in this kind of thread, should I upgrade anything else before I buy a gtx 1080?

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stuck with 600 ping internet and i literally cant do SHIT

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What isp?

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I was able to drop the voltage down a bit. Still holding up to stresstests.

No idea why I had it cranked that high in the first place.

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there are literally no memes

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First timer in this kind of thread, should I buy a gtx1080 or a rx 480? Anything else I should upgrade before that?

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Aero Theme? WTF

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Then why not ask "how does it run?". It ran fine, since the UI was GPU accelerated. Better than Windows XP.

But you're still talking about a Pentium III with a slow Maxtor hard drive from 2003-2004 so it's like what exactly are your expectations. It's less powerful than sub 200 dollar cellphones today.

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buy an rx 470 or build a new pc and get the 1080. that cpu will bottleneck anything higher than that pretty badly.

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If you have the money for a 1080 and want it, get it. The 480 isn't even competing at that price point.

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New monitor, ssd.
Don't get a 1080. 480 or 1060 is enough.

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There are literally no downsides to Aero on a toaster.

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I thought that was the *latest* in CPUs. How do I go about buying another?

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Screenshot for insight

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Nice. I thought about upgrading since some dual and quad cores would physically fit but the 915 chipset doesn't work for anything past 2005 Pentiums apparently.

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Oh shit just did some research

Should I buy an i5 6600k to not bottleneck the 1080? Help

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Rate my build.

First desktop of mine
Buds bought and built for me

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Looks like a decent budget build, how big is your screen?

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so a botnet for the KGB and NSA ?

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Maybe like a foot and a half diagonal? I'm not too sure since they got the monitor for me too. It's the first thing I plan on upgrading though because I hate the res

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>that model is apparently 19"

Yeah that's pretty small and most 15" laptop screens already reach that resolution.

22"-24" 1920x1080 should be a lot nicer.

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6600k is a solid choice that will serve you well for years to come

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not b8

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sure kid

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Why do I have the feeling that your RAM is actually 1600 or faster but you didn't bother activating the XMP profile for it in your BIOS?

>> No.57875657


I have this RAM, not sure if I want to overclock though

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lmao he was right. your ram should be at 800mhz.

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Is this risky to do?

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PC3-12800 is a JEDEC standard module, so I don't know why your shit isn't already at that. Probably because it's meme RAM but try seeing if XMP is stable.

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Never enabled. Will enable in bios and test.

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No, it's what 1600 MHz RAM is designed to do. All the faster 'high end'/'gaming' RAM modules need to be enabled in the BIOS to actually run at their advertized speeds unless you have a pretty fancy motherboard that recognizes your particular modules and does that automatically.

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will accept donations

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The DIMMs contain configuration data. I'm guessing they buy cheap chips and try to pass them off as higher end chips and hope most people don't actually use the advertised settings.

>> No.57875926

I enabled it and it set the speed to 800. Cpu-z lists it at 799.9

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Why are you butthurt about ASRock anyway?

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Oh lawdy it's just terrible

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Laptop? I have a shitty old Dell optiplex. Speccy in a bit.

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Vaio VGN-UX180P

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>Vaio VGN-UX180P
Oh nice, what do you use it for?

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Browsing, SSH, some old games

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>Windows 10

The pc is useful, I can play videogames in configuration medium and low, aside other task.

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You need to get a gpu and a new monitor.

>> No.57877029

I know

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r8 my meme machine

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Here's the Dell's speccy, idk what to do with it.

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Best in comparison with my laptop.

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What are you using for cooling have an almost identical set up but worst temps

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>Dual RX 480's
>FHD resolution

Why son, why? CF at that resolution? Do you even see any gains from it?

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I'm using the be quiet dark rock 3 and the antec p250

>> No.57880504

mine 4690 runs @4.70 with 1.25v

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Just built this recently. About one week old now.

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All this is sat inside a 250D.

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housefire coming through

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come at me bro

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It's nice.

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My current setup.
It's basically my friends old parts (mobo, gpu and cpu)
Looking to upgrade my mobo and cpu so I can stream with decent fps.
I don't need anything new and shiny since these parts are already pretty old.
I just want to stream without getting fps drops ingame.

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meh it's alright

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I found the drivers so It's usable now.

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you can choose only one, retard

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I need windows 10

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Need a replacement motherboard... One of my RAM channels is kill.

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