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You know what to do...

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>You know what to do...
Point and laugh at your poor purchases?

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>You know what to do...
Point and laugh at your retarded spyware operating system?

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I have a 5820k, not jelly in the slightest.

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You're just a fag, then.

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But i'm not a manchild so i don't need a "gaymen" gpu.

And while the hardware is nice you downgraded the whole thing by using spyware as your main operating system.

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Give me attention

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I'm not even OP, friend.

And just because I like to play sometimes, I'm not necessarily a manchild. But nice meemee, anyway.

And since when is OPs processor a "gaymen" cpu?
Actually, is there even what you can consider a gaymen cpu? lol

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Now who's jelly?

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>gaymen cpu
what the fuck are you talking about

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>"gaymen" cpu?
>Actually, is there even what you can consider a gaymen cpu? lol
No one said that you just can't read
>"gaymen" gpu.
Clearly says GPU

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Why would I be jelly?

I'm retarded, sorry.

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I like words with my (You)s.

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Nice temps OP. Liquid?

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>Why would I be jelly
Because while you'll be upgrading platform in 2-4 years I'll still be on my 5820k happily for the next 8+.

6 core 12 thread at 4GHz should last for a LOOOONG time. Unless we actually see a drastic shift in the way things are programmed.

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Except there'll probably be any new platform innovation/change that'll make you build a computer on the near future.

No such thing as long-term future proofing, no matter how many cores and threads you have.

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Only thing on the immediate horizon is 2.5/5gbps ethernet and 3DXpoint.

I can't think of anything else coming out in the foreseeable future that would require a platform upgrade.

I have X99 so I have plenty of PCI lanes if I want to add something later on anyway

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Hope it holds for 2 or more years, had a 680 OC'd wich was holding pretty well.

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Micron memory?

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nice processors

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>You know what to do...
filter "speccy"

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desktop and laptop, windows 10 high DPI scaling sucks

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Good enough i guess.

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r8 m8s

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