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What does /g/ think of Nova launcher?

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The guy who made it used to work for nissan. Some guy with a 86 nova back into his car. In a pissed off rage named his program Nova in remembrance.

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The best fucking launcher out there!!!

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no its not. go fuck yourself.

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>own a cellphone with internet connection
>worries about botnet

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Used it for 2 years with no issue

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<pre>it sucks</pre>

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It's pretty great. I still use miui though.

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It's pretty decent, runs ok on my LG L90, great customization

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>using any luncher

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Ain't shit compared to Smart Launcher

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It's great!!!

Sent from my XT1097 using Tapatlk

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very good

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yeah dinner is way better right?

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GOAT launcher
just wish there was a way to remove folder labels

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What are some alternatives to Nova launcher?

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It's like the first thing that i install on a new device

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There is though

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How? I mean the label when you actually have a folder open. You can make it blank, but I haven't found a way to remove the space it adds or the settings shortcut.

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i have never had any issues with it after 3 years

i would not want to go back to the stock android launcher

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Is a launcher and lockscreen basically able to see everything on your phone? Can I trust third-party launchers and lockscreens?

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Of course, goy

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>works just fine but I'm not using it so go fuck yourself

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what are you on about? i was disagreeing that it was a botnet. i use it.

are you retarded?

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Closed source shit.

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best launcher I have ever used so far

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I've been using it for years. Its the best launcher out.

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Ahahah. Please tell me that this is true.

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I kekd

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Theres probably some better launchers out there but I'm too fucked to look at them and Novas good enough

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If it isn't a botnet, show me source code.

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Best one out there. I use it all my Android devices.

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Closed source

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Nothing. It's so great I don't think about it. It just works.

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If it was'nt for Nova, I'd be a iKEK owner right now.

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Inferior to KISS

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Its true

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It's gud

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No it's not gordo, I know it's you fag

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SmartLauncher is better

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Perhaps one of the best, but it's closed-source. So no, thanks.

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Google Launcher is the best, everything else is meh

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>stock android launcher
The launcher your chinkphone/gookphone comes with by default isn't the stock Android launcher.

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It works quite well. I use KLWP for my launcher, though, I I basically only like Nova for its drawer.

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best available

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fucking kek'd

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I want payed Xiaomi shills to leave

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It has some nice features and you can tweak a lot of things.
I don't like that it is proprietary though.
I started using kiss launcher myself and find it to be much better.
In reality, I don't switch between all that many applications and when I use something special I would prefer to search anyway.

What sells it though is the "keyboard always on" feature which means I don't have to wait for the keyboard if I want to search.
That must be the slowest application on android. You would have thought it was one of the most important ones.

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Been using it since 4.0.4. i cant complain it just werks.

I've used Holo launcher befor that, also Go Launcher that became cancer from the very begining.

KISS is just as good if you are a "muh open source unbotened" twat.

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Someone Evie masterace here?

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the premade sking/themes with xiaomi widgets are comfy enough

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Harmful proprietary software

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You can't get any better launcher on the market right now.
The level of customization is just too good.

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