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>Headphone purchase advice

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.
If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Last thread:

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So it seems like the HD 598 CS is black friday bait and is actually a piece of crap.

Looking at alternatives, should I get the MDR-1A or the DT 250?

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Alright FRIENDS. My AKG K712 arrived yesterday so here come some HOT OPINIONS.

- open AKGs with actual bass wow
- largest sound stage of any headphones I've ever tried, no joke the stereo separation is ridiculous, you won't ever need crossfeed for these
- still a neutral curve, if you're into that like I am
- even better detail than the K612 without as piercing high range
- not very hard to drive (unlike the K612), doesn't NEED an amp

- the mini XLR connector isn't "mini" at fucking all and will poke my shoulder if I'm reclining in a thick hoodie
- the real deep sub-bass doesn't wob as hard as a pair of good closed cans, but I'm not sure open cans are physically capable of this anyway

pic related is my current collection. I've tried more than this, but these are the ones I own. As you can tell, I like AKG, but every one so far has something I'd like improved about it. I ordered the K712 expecting an upgraded K612 with more bass, but for the 50 euro price difference I got a lot more this time. If I could sum up these headphones with one word, it'd be "sound stage". As mentioned above, these do something magical in that regard. Combined with a typical AKG neutral curve, add some bass, smooth the characteristic peak around 1kHz, and you get some really believable sound for all genres. Previous open cans I've tried wouldn't sound as great with electronic music (and I'd switch to DT 770 for those), but these mend that balance and do just about every genre great. Definitely worth 200 euros.

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Officially worst general.

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maki a shit

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>neutral curve
Hot opinions is right.

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You're a flaming faggot. I'm sure that's been the common theme of your entire fat life.

>Cant talk about headphones I bought in a headphone general thread

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I don't see the issue.

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No bass and treble rape, Tyll's compensation makes everything look laid back in the treble.

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>So it seems like the HD 598 CS is black friday bait and is actually a piece of crap.
Seems like?

>MDR-1A or the DT 250?
What exactly do you want? These two are different sounding headphones.

Merely just tired of:

>How'd I do?
>Did I do good?
>Is it a meme?
>Is it worth it?


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>Seems like?
From the FR graph that got posted, the mixed reviews, and the feeling I've got in my gut that Senn have no values and are milking the black friday sales for all they've got. Some guys from Amazon are snorting coke right now for coming up with this shit.
Might just be the cynic in me though.

>MDR-1A or the DT 250?
Heard these 2 were good for the pricepoint. I'm just looking for something that performs well for the price. In terms of sounds I'd prefer something that's a good all rounder. Won't be having the best of sources either.

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Well, because he models closer to human hearing. I know what a flat curve sounds like and I can hear there's no treble rape on these. My older AKGs have more piercing (high-)treble, my beyers are strongly V-shaped with poor mid/high-mid.

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He models closer to his own hearing.

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Where'd you see a measurement? I guess I classify as a cynic in nearly everything technology related. MDR-7056 is a model to check out. If those headphone hadn't been measured enough times already, rtings.com posted a review.

More like his preference. I remember him saying in some seminar that he regrets using the ID target. It really makes very little sense to go with it, even if someone were to consider that as neutral.

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reposting hehe
100-150 usd
laptop or computer; i have a huge amp for large speakers that is currently connected to my computer, so if absolutely necessary i could use it for headphones too, but it's not ideal. i'm not exactly too fond of buying another amp, so i've mainly been considering headphones that don't need one
>Type of headphone
over ear
>Open or closed
closed, but only because i need them to not leak. sound quality of open/closed isn't my main priority
>Comfort level
very very high ;^) totally willing to do some modifying
>Sound signature
neutral or slightly warm. would like to be able to do some studio monitoring, and lots of general listening. do you think that's too much to ask at this price point?
>Past headphones
sony mdr xb500. decent, but they're a little too bass heavy and not super comfortable

i'm considering:
fostex t50rp
beyerdynamic custom one pro
sennheiser hd 280 pro
mdrv6 / 7506
akg 553
but, i'm really having a hard time deciding. any suggestions?

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get the Philips SHP9500

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those are open-back... i assume they would leak too much

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I gave you some short impressions on those models and the XPT100 as an alternative.

That's a bright open back headphone.

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Still waiting for my senny 598cs but just in case they suck I'm looking for alternatives. What are some good open back headphones with some thicc bass and good soundstage? Budget is 200.

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get cd900st

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oops sorry, i didn't see your post last thread. im apprehensive to the size and weight of the xpt100, but i have heard good things. ( >>57706747 )

i think custom one pro / t50rp are the main two that im considering now.

if i can use my non-amped laptop / phone with my 40ohm xb500s, should i expect to be able to use them for 50ohm cans?

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ohms are irrelevant

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Impedance is not important. Fostex is quite insensitive whereas Custom One Pro will likely be easily driven by the devices you have. Both of those devices act as headphone amplifiers albeit probably not as very powerful ones so you might need a more powerful amplifier for the Fostex.

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again get the K553

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Isn't akg going out of business because their headphones are shit

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the dt250 should be at the top

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mfw the dt250s are exactly the same as the v6 except the byers are made all of plastic and $100 more

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and they are more neutral and don't have steely highs that kill your ears like most beyers

7506/v6 are a meme

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/hfg/ FAQ
HD558s are tinny and veiled with no bass and poor build quality
M50s are meme phones with no soundstage and clamp like a bitch which causes them to hurt after 2 hours of use not to mention has nigger bass
DT660/770/880/990/10100 all have nigger bass with ear rape treble no mids
ETYs have no bass and literally rape your ears
MA900s are muddy and flimsy
MDR-V6/7506s are all bright pieces of shit
DT250s are ripoffs of the V6/7506 with a detachable cable and at twice the price not to mention it is compleatly made form plastic
HD800s are bright pieces of shit
HD600s look like my kitchen counter
AKGs are for weebo man children
K701s has skull bumps
Q701s aka K701 with shit colors
K812s and K712 has nigger bass and is as good as Beats
BAKA 1000s are rippoffs of the V6/7506 and even says so on the box
Fidelio X1s are ... wait what the fuck are X1s; who even owns this? Fuck it I'll just say it has nigger bass.
AD700/900s are >no bass, trebly shit, weird-wing-things, muh competitive gaymen, something like that.
AKG K7XX is a shity toy made in china from left over parts and sound like an 80 year old with parkinson's on cocaine
Schiits are shit hiss monsters
Any DAC over $150 is nothing but snake oil
Fiios are cheap chink shit
Little Dots are colored shit that runs hot enough to cook eggs and require more maintenance and cost more than the superior solid state amps
Ver 2.6

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you forgot the K702 being garbage in every way

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>anything beyerdynamic that high

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you're right k550/k553 should be at the bottom

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Are senns still tinny and veiled?

>> No.57707317

akgs are tinny senns are veiled

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that k55x whatever and fostex can be moved to their own category of "never recommend to anyone"

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So, I might as well get a second opinion:
up to 250€
PC mainly, but also TV, meaning 3.5mm Jack or this Audio optical link.
>Type of headphone
Wireless full sized
>Open or closed
preferably closed, but will accept open if sound quality is superior.
>Comfort level
Comfy, but they need to sit tight as well because I move my head a lot.
>Sound signature
even, but tending to bass is okay too.
>Past headphones
HD 424 can't complain, they still work, but they are not wireless.
HD457 kinda meh, also broke
(some wireless/wired that I forgot because they were meh)
RS120 - best wireless I ever had, but prone to interferences. In use for 8 years until they literally fell apart.

I looked so far at the Sennheiser RS 185, but I don't now how this digital lag issue really manifests.
Pro: it's currently for sale
Con: I fear the bang for buck isn't that good on that one, even for 240€
I might just get one and send it back if it sucks.

I'm also open for others.

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bose qc35

>> No.57707378

get the akg K 845BT

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Around $150
New Zealand
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
Doesn't bother me but closed is preferable
>Comfort level
Something I can wear for long spans of time
>Sound signature
Doesn't bother me as long as it has clear audio

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That's one cute Maki.

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Too expensive unfortunately

Will have a look at that.


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She would be cuter if she was getting fucked ;^)

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pro monitor headphones from jaycar, they're brainwavz hm5s

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>So it seems like the HD 598 CS is black friday bait and is actually a piece of crap.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>the feeling I've got in my gut

You've got ten seconds to beat it before I add you to the list of NSF casualties.

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>Do you have a single fact to back that up?
not him but see >>57703193

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so I looked over and need a final sell on any of these headphone. I would prefer Open or semi open so I can be aware of my suroundings. I looked at the SPH9500 and the AKG K240 both are around 50~60$ semi-open. Which of the 2 is better? Most importantly in comfort. Also was looking at the ATH-M40x which is 20$ more but I heard good things about. Only thing is that it's closed back. These are my first quality headphones I've only had gaymer styled headsets before.

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DT 880 or 770

>> No.57707650

Well the thing about the 598CS is that it was made to be sold at $99. So you're not getting a $200 headphone discounted by half, you're getting a full price $99. Which would be shit. That's what it looks like to me, and as the reviews start coming in we will see.

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I'm going to post here again, please don't shitpost.

Which cheap and somewhat portable (not self-powered portable, but small) amp + dac should I get for my hd 598s. My laptop is generally fine by itself but the jack input is faulty, and with my mp3 player or phone I can get volume but it's not the good kind of volume. My budget is around $120 Canadian.

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did hifiman change the plug on the re-400? the ones i see pictured go off at a 45 degree angle, and mine goes straight down at a 90 degree angle.

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X2 or K7XX?

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Whichever is cheaper, they're both great.

>> No.57708061

get the phillips AKG is shit

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X2 only because the build quality is much better [unless you want to change pads, but you shouldnt need to. they comfy]

>> No.57708309

SHP9500 are better.
K240's are a bit darker, but arent as comfy due to circle pads, rather than ear shaped pads. Both are built well

M40x are good, but only once you change the pads. The stock ones are complete dogshit. It'll cost a bit more so its up to you. SHP9500's are good affordable cans. I'd get em.

>> No.57708871

K7XX for dat soundstage. Philips QC is also shit.

>> No.57708927

i took the bait and i know nothing about headphones, how fucked am I?

i am currently using some $300 bose shit from 2013, am I at least upgrading? plz help /g/ before i just off bridge

>> No.57708983

k7xx are built like shit they fucking rattle

>> No.57708993

If they're already on the way just have a listen and decide whether to return them or not. Not really fucked, just could be inconvenienced.

>> No.57708997

Should i buy a pair of stax?

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You say built like shit as if you need them to stop bullets or something. They're light, the X2s are heavy in comparison and have cancer pads that dye the side of your head black.

>> No.57709179

Great description of the k712 there. I like your no nonsense back to basics style.

I would only add that apart from sound stage it also packs in a whopping amount of detail. Voices are rendered with extreme clarity, and can sound more life like than with most other headphones with a good recording.

>> No.57709262

Thanks! Gonna be getting the SHP9500 then

>> No.57709354

Maybe? What are you looking for?

In general, Stax:

-Require bias voltage to charge the diaphragms. This requires specialized equipment, as if the extreme voltage insensitivity didn't already suggest that.
-Have absolutely no isolation, and leak more sound than other conventional open-backed moving coil headphones
-Have a much stronger "house curve" than other manufacturers. The sound of Stax is more consistent throughout the product range than just about any other manufacturer, except perhaps Etymotic.
-Are electrostatic planars. Drivers should seal an air cavity (barring SR-007mk2 and later) in the enclosure, and they can crinkle a bit when putting them on. A tight seal is required for low frequency reproduction. They can do a great job with low frequencies given that constraint..
-Flat bass (ideally), boosted at 1-1.4 kHz, peak around 10kHz or so.

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>$300 bose shit
Wew lad, anything is an upgrade from that.
Walk into an audio store and try the snapheiser hd 600 if you can afford it.
Never buy headphones without testing them beforehand.

>> No.57709419

Opinions on Custom One Pros?
I can get a second hand pair for $120 USD, so I have no issue modifying them if they benefit from anything like that.

>> No.57709454

E10k, or Schiit Fulla
Both are small and pretty damn good.

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>> No.57709506

I got some custom studios before, if they're anything like that they're highly underrated. Pretty much Beyers without the treble peak and tuned for casual use. Not super resolving but much easier to listen to. Bass port is a nice feature.

>> No.57709507

good old /csg/
shitpost central of /g/

>> No.57709508

>testing them
wtf I just buy what ever pair my qt waifu wears and that happens to be the k701

>> No.57709535

Cool. I was looking into them since the DT770s are too sharp for my liking. Apparently the pads on the Custom Ones arent too great though. Might just put normal beyer/akg pads on them tho.

>> No.57709561

I've read that the E10k is lacking, but that might just be people that think bass roaring over everything else in the spectrum is a good thing.

The Fulla costs too much for what little it does. Is the M3 as good as I've heard? It's a bit too large to be usable with an mp3 player.

I'd buy a few if that weren't ridiculous given for that price I could get a really good portable.

>> No.57709642

Ur waifu a shit.

>> No.57709662

Nah, E10k is fine. Its pretty damn transparent, especially for the price.

If you want a cheaper alternative, you might want to look at the FiiO K1
Dunno if non self-powered DACs are gonna power whatever headphones youre listening to. I assume youre using a phone, so I'm not sure how that would end up.

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Planning on buying something in the middle of December. Need a bit of a recommendation.

$250ish USD for headphones, I don't mind going past my budget for an amp and dac though

California USA

ASUS z87-a motherboard

>Type of headphone
Full sized

>Open or closed
Closed. I have a fan in my room that I turn on in the summer that's quite loud, I'd also prefer not to leak noise to bother my roommates, or let them know when I watch porn.

>Comfort level
I'm at my computer 90% of Time while I'm at home, so I need something nice to wear

>Sound signature
Plan on using this to play games mostly. I also listen to a bunch of music, mostly rap, but I do like to listen to classical music pretty frequently too. Occasional electronic and dance music.

vocals and base are most important to me.

Currently looking at the beyerdynamic dt880 premium, it seems to check all my boxes. I find that the 600 ohm model is cheaper than the others, usually by about $20-30. the /g/ wiki already recommended that I grab a dac and amp with these headphones anyway, so I'd like some recommendations on those if possible.

>> No.57709724

880's are semi-open
not like T50RP semi-open either
they probably won't isolate as much as you'd like. I wouldnt worry about bleeding tho.

>> No.57709754

hd598s have 50 ohms of impedance, which doesn't need much power. A phone should be able to provide enough power although it will obviously brain the battery a lot faster. Maximum volume on my phone is half of what I can get on my laptop, but even comparing the two on those levels my audio played directly through my phone to my headphones sounds really compressed.

>> No.57709785

ur mum a shit senpai

>> No.57709800

Any opinions on the FiiO E18K vs Q1 for use with a phone and laptop?

>> No.57709824

Oh, 598's will be fine.
Impedance means nothing in relation of how difficult a headphone is to drive though. Some stupid speak that people keep parroting without really researching. Most people do it when they're fairly new into audio.

Read this:

>> No.57709859

the 598s sound like listening through straws

>> No.57709860

>Wew lad, anything is an upgrade from that.
phew, alright cool

for $99 how would you r8 that purchazse?

>> No.57709885

Not sure why youre replying to me, but okay cool.

>> No.57709887


>> No.57709981

How comfy are X2s?

>> No.57709989

Googled this and I found both for about $250. Combined with the dt880s that's way out of my budget. Anything cheaper?

>> No.57710003

8/8 m8

>> No.57710059

Schiit Stack

>> No.57710062

>and with my mp3 player or phone I can get volume but it's not the good kind of volume
Your phone must be pretty shitty then, mine can power my hd 600s in a pinch (It sounds pretty bad though).
You could consider getting a higher end phone I guess.

>> No.57710114

>(It sounds pretty bad though).
nice meme

>> No.57710159

external Dacs are the biggest snake oil ever

>> No.57710161


>> No.57710176

If you enjoy computer noise, sure.

>> No.57710179

whats the one in elder god tier? i ordered an akg k553...

>> No.57710225

MDR 7506
They're only good if you want incredibly revealing V-shape
They're only really god-tier for field monitoring.

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What are the comfiest headbones for <300 dollaridos?

>> No.57710253

HD 558's

>> No.57710276

HD 600s

>> No.57710279

mdr 7506 vs akg k553?

>> No.57710288

HD 650

>> No.57710289

553 if you can get them to seal properly

>> No.57710297

what is it called when the bass is just a punch versus when it flows with the music?

>> No.57710300

I'm still really new to this, the magni should be fine for driving a 600 ohm pair, right?

>> No.57710303

apple ear pods

>> No.57710305

average head, maybe on the smaller side, am i fucked?

>> No.57710310


>> No.57710316


>> No.57710327

No idea. Did you buy them already? if so, wait for them to arrive and see how they sound. If not, demo them in store. Other options exist too.

Yes. But impedance means nothing.

>> No.57710358

actually my friendo impedance determines the sound output

>> No.57710469

Just ordered a pair of HD600s, what is a good entry level (preferably <$100) amp/dac that could drive them? Looking mainly at the E10K right now.

>> No.57710503

E10k, SMSL M3, Micca Origen+
Micca Origen+ is the best though its like 10 dollars over $100

>> No.57710532

Neato, thanks anons

>> No.57710536

a magni 2 and uca 222 would be pretty good, it'd be a little over $100 though.

>> No.57710537

What is the best Beyer type pads that are cheaper, but the same quality or higher?
My 770 pads are getting a bit manky even after washing.

>> No.57710652

take a shower

>> No.57710700

I shower twice daily, and they're 7 year old earpads. Quit being a little shit.

>> No.57710882

An ohm is a unit of electric resistance, meaning more power is in-fact needed for a similar output to a pair with a similar quality but lower impedance.
No they don't, they're 'ethereal' for lack of a better word.

Plus, I got them for very cheap.
It is bad yes, I will be looking at a higher-end Android phone soon. My phone can power my headphones, it just has a very clear threshold between loud and not loud, and when it crosses it the sound becomes distorted and compressed.
I keep hearing bad things about the Origen+. Should I just stop being a pussyfaggot and order one? I like it's size a lot, my laptop on top of having a faulty jack input also has the input on the right-side for whatever reason and I'm right-handed. Before I replaced the wire it was 2 inches of crap I couldn't even touch with my wrist without tugging out.

With the Origen+ I could probably velcro it to the left-hand side right next to the keyboard which is also closest to my only free USB board (I have a hub but I'd rather not resort to that many cords.)

>> No.57710919

>meaning more power is in-fact needed
this is wrong. come back when you educate yourself.

>> No.57710937

>HD600s look like my kitchen counter
I don't mind to be quite frankly honest my head shaking family.

>> No.57710945

more power at once, however you want to be autistic about it there regardless needs to be more of it.

>> No.57710955

>I keep hearing bad things about the Origen+.
I haven't heard one, but then again I havent read reviews since purchasing.
Its a great DAC/Amp, and has a fuckin amazing formfactor
I've never had issues, but If youre worried the SMSL M3 has similar features, but just not in the same form factor.

>> No.57710971

I'll just get it then. Thanks.

>> No.57710999

are 712's good for enjoyable casual listening or should they be strictly used for a more professional setting?

>> No.57711007

they are not suited for professional settings

>> No.57711021

Casual listening is where they shine. They're a very relaxed sounding headphone. Similar to 558's.

>> No.57711028

The 558's have great build honestly. I've had mine for about a year and I barely have a scratch on them, and I'm not careful with them.

>> No.57711057

Ignore him. He's just shitposting.

>> No.57711066

Oh I understand he is. Just clarifying for others.

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File: 3.10 MB, 1805x1200, DSC_1396.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I do alright /hpg/?

>> No.57711088

Yes. What amp?

>> No.57711091
File: 122 KB, 610x864, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's on its way to replace my crapout DAC, thoughts?

>> No.57711269

Schiit modi/magni

>> No.57711408

100-150 usd
>Type of headphone
over ear
>Open or closed
depends if open headphones are an issue when using a modmic
>Comfort level
I need something I can wear at least 10 hours a day
>Sound signature
Something that's fine for classical and jazz
>Past headphones
None. I've been using shitty speakers for years but I got a modmic for free so I want to take advantage of it.

>> No.57711435

Just picked up a pair of beyer dt 990 pro's.
Tell me how shitty they are.

>> No.57711442

Open would definitely be better for classical and jazz, super dynamic stuff with lots of subtle high harmonics and such, but it can leak sound into your mic
I'd say get DT770s and a good EQ if it's for casual listening, an EQ really unlocks the better half of your headphones whatever they are

>> No.57711454

They're very nice and I hope you enjoy them.

>> No.57711459

770s are cheaper and basically have the same frequency response of the 990s imo, the 990s are just open
770s and 990s for casual listening, 880s for scrutinous studio work, at least from what I tried

>> No.57711487

I'll look into it, thank you very much.

>> No.57711490

Open is fine. A modmic won't make any difference to the sound.
Best option is 558/598
Warm sounding which is quite nice for jazz and orchestrals. Comfy as fuck too.

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File: 116 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course no responses, this thread doesn't know anything past yeti mics and Scarlett interfaces anyways

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>beyer dt 990 pro's
They still look the same as 1985 dt 990s.
>Tell me how shitty they are.
They look old fashioned.

>> No.57711521

I think its the fact that less than one percent are using a fucking mixer as a DAC outside of professional environments, you god damn fuckwit. No shit nobody knows anything about something that almost nobody uses.

>> No.57711548

Everybody knows that the better headphones look the worse they are

>> No.57711557

Subjective listening impression is that it's bass heavy but not overly bass heavy. Like a M50X with less bass (but still bassy overall) and less treble.

It also sounds a bit dull and lacking, the regular HD598 sounds much clearer going by memory. I've been doing side by side listening with my HD600 and it just spanks it in every area of the spectrum, unless of course you prefer boosted sub-bass albeit a bit boomy and muddy.

I'd recommend Beyerdynamic DT250 instead, if cost is an issue, get MDR-7506 or MDR-V6.

I've returned too many things to amazon, may sell off this HD598 Cs.

This shit doesn't make sense, V6 and 7506 should be in the same tier if anything.

I haven't been in this thread in a while. Any new hot memes that I should be aware of?

>> No.57711582

Mdr7506s are amazing studio headphones, really flat and unimpressive for casual listening without an EQ though
They're so standard and popular they're pretty cheap used

>> No.57711592
File: 22 KB, 640x640, 1473715755854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wearing ear fedoras

>> No.57711628

I'm not proud to admit that I've only used the M50s for 6 years
but hot damn, becoming accustomed to something with the shittiest soundstage known to man makes jumping up to anything actually good that much more orgasmic

>> No.57711678

>sennfag shilling during real pajeet hours
why am i not shocked

>> No.57711701
File: 34 KB, 480x320, 51de5d11_DSC_0048_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.57711712

K702, K7xx, K702 Annies are all better then the K712. The K712 is the worst of the AKG 7 series

>> No.57711735

semi open shit
K7XX = K712 = K702 Annie

K701 = Q701 = K702
Not like you can do better.

>> No.57711745


>> No.57711767


>> No.57711775

Have a 50 USD budget for a new pair of headphones. Would be a mix between gaming and music. Should I just go for an IEM instead of an over ear?

I can't seem to find a pair of headphones which are big enough for my head.

>> No.57711791

Nice shilling pajeet, but we are sorry to inform you that we don't pay on weekends, but we still thank you for your service to the sennheiser company

>> No.57711794

If you get IEM get cheap IEM, like JVC marshmallow, and expect how to be disposable. It's better than $300 IEMs with lifetime warranties and sounds decent either way (save your big money and big sound quality goals for over ear or even better, real monitor speakers)

>> No.57711826

They are decent, buy a K553 pro if you want closed then

>> No.57711843

K240 or Philips 9500 if you can still find it in stock

>> No.57711862

What >>57711843 said, otherwise Superlux 662 EVO if you cant extend your budget to 9500/K240's

>> No.57711865

So a 50 USD decent over ear headphone is unrealistic? If so, I'll just get the OEM IEM or whichever is cheapest i guess.

I'm in Taiwan if that helps

>> No.57711879


>> No.57711899

Is chinkshit just regular electronics store merchandise in Asia?

>> No.57711963

>So a 50 USD decent over ear headphone is unrealistic?
Open or closed?

There are some hidden gems that are amazingly good at the poorfag price points.

Samson SR850 is one example, an open headphone with velour earpads that's sold from $30 to $50. Paid $30 for mine which made it even sweeter. Price seems to have increased now and it hovers around the $50 range.

>> No.57711974

My old ones broke. I'm kind of an amateur and want the best bang for my buck, so looking for requests.

Less than $300, preferably under $200, but if there's something particularly nice about over $200 then I might be able to do it.
Desktop mostly, sometimes laptop
Definitely full size
>Open or closed
I don't really know, I definitely want something that doesn't leak sound out like crazy, but it doesn't have to be perfectly sealed either.
I definitely want something comfortable, but if it's going to seriously conflict with sound quality then I'd be fine with a bit less. Enough that I can wear them most of the day without pain is a must though.
>Sound signature
Don't really care, but something that has a good range. A nice bass would be good.

>> No.57711987

Oh yeah, also I'm a clumsy motherfucker, so durability would be good too.

>> No.57711990

Open or closed is no biggie for me. As long as it's comfortable.

>> No.57712011

You can consider

SR850, SHP9500.

Seems to be the best I can think of at that price point. The Samson is a rebranded Superlux and it's more comfortable IMO.

>> No.57712072

It has two stereo input channels (RCA and 3.5mm too) and two preamped mic channels (1/4" and XLR combo jacks), plus USB DAC output AND input, it has compression, a separate "effects" output channel and a seperate monitor channel with two searchable outputs, and a seperate headphone output, for $130
BUT it's DAC is 16bit 44KHz, I was expecting more bit depth
Now what do you think

>> No.57712089

Cool thanks.

>> No.57712490
File: 88 KB, 1000x1000, 61k+427N4oL._SL1000_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How badly did I fuck up /g/?

>> No.57712519

What are some anime headphones? I've already purchased Mio's AKGs. I'm looking for other iconic anime headphones to buy (which aren't nigger tier shit like beets).

>> No.57712554
File: 83 KB, 337x367, 1470031290626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



You fookin' wot, m8

>> No.57712563
File: 10 KB, 350x350, imageService[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think of the Bose® Triple Black QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones?
They're $214 at costco after a $25 discount.

>> No.57712576

What? It determines nothing of the sort.

>> No.57712591

If you really need the ANC they're alright, but otherwise don't get them.

>> No.57712627



>> No.57712652

Can you elaborate?

>> No.57712657

Just got some 9500s for 49 bucks off Newegg. What can I expect? First time buying decent headphones. How are the mids and bass on them?

>> No.57712692

They are sennheisers with the usual sennheiser veil

>> No.57712708


as with all of bose's offerings, the noise cancelling is really the only selling point. no one else even comes close to their anc

otherwise not much to write home about

>> No.57712729
File: 178 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.16_[2016.09.02_20.14.30].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's helpful.

>> No.57712733
File: 1.60 MB, 1000x6395, animeheadphones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>own 2 $300 headphones
>tfw half the time I just plug in my M50s from 2012 because I don't care if they get beaten up

I really need to get new beater headphones.

Here faggot, go wild.

>> No.57712747
File: 167 KB, 1920x1080, The_Idolmaster_14_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[17DF1A9E].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2016.11.13_14.58.46].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beyerdynamic DT 770s

>> No.57712798

Damn, been meaning to pick those up as a replacement closed headphone after selling my last one.

Now I guess I have to watch idolmaster

>> No.57712874

>An ohm is a unit of electric resistance, meaning more power is in-fact needed for a similar output to a pair with a similar quality but lower impedance.
If you keep everything constant but just rise the impedance by different voice coil wiring(thinner wire), you need more voltage(not power) for the same output level. This is what you see in Beyerdynamic's different Ohm options although in addition to wire gauge they have scaled the wire length and amount of turns too. Sensitivity which actually defines your requirement for voltage for a specific output level is not defined by impedance.

>> No.57712897

>Beyerdynamic DT 770s
HD558 owner, convince me to fucking get these

>> No.57712899


are these puppies any good?
When I saw them I thought something must be wrong because I remembered the recommended hifiman being way more than 100, but then I saw it's one of those massdrop exclusive cooperation things

>> No.57712951

I've heard they're VERY bright and that most people dislike them, some people do like them, but I'm pretty sure they're the minority.

>> No.57712961

They won't snap if you aren't retarded. I've the hd600 over 5 years.

>> No.57712975

so they're nowhere close to the 300s?
guess I'll avoid them then

was looking for an upgrade in that range

guess I'll just get hi2050s

>> No.57712990

Bass roll off similar to most open back dynamics, relatively flat across midrange with slightly less emphasized upper mids and a very prominent high treble peak around 5-6 KHz.

>> No.57713021

They're /okay/.
They're quite similar to HD 598's, except the highs are a bit more grainy.
Less comfortable, and you have to deal with Hifiman build and CQ
You can get HD 558's for $109 USD on sale on amazon, and mod them if you want the brigher 598 sound. Better comfort and CQ.

>> No.57713031
File: 81 KB, 630x489, f2be2feacb1b82d19383326999cd5355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i guess the sony's are good 3kHz resonation chambers, but for music listening i'd buy something else.

>> No.57713061

>perfectly flat until 3K
>still a better high end response than most headphones
>irrelevant decay length factor to make graph cool hip 3D model

>> No.57713067

You really shouldn't even look at those on GE.

>> No.57713112
File: 12 KB, 192x192, leffen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why? i'm genuinely curious

true. but it's a glaring compromise. original point stands imho

>> No.57713131

What original point? Show me any other headphones frequency response graph without the time variable and see how it compares, all headphones have their own imbalances at the extreme high end, the mdrs just happen to be more beutral than others up until that extreme high end
MDRs have been used for studios for decades and still are, it's no coincidence that they're flat

>> No.57713151
File: 19 KB, 753x374, b0l7vayiw00y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Came here to say this yesterday and i came to say this again:

I feel bad for the people that bought the HD598 Cs


>> No.57713166

Tiny time window, too much smoothing. It's not showing anything we don't already see from the FR. I highly question the importance of CSD entirely in headphone measurements regardless of the scales used.

>> No.57713167

Who's to say that isn't the response of the mic used to test the headphones?

>> No.57713182

jesus so dark
and that 3k
and that lower mid scoop

>> No.57713215
File: 1001 KB, 640x480, 1463620361522.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57713220

Last few threads I had some anon call Tascam TH02s dark. Is it true? Thoughts? http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/TeacCTH02.pdf

>> No.57713238
File: 119 KB, 960x960, 1478082863654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i guess the sony's are good 3kHz resonation chambers
3k isn't extreme high end. i agreed they were tonally balanced elsewhere, but that the 3k peak makes them unideal for listening to music. reading comprehension please

you trade temporal for frequency resolution though. and i think it's important to know if a headphone can be fixed by EQ, or that frequency is going to smear regardless of what you do

>> No.57713275

From the FR, they seem to be to an extent.
The scoop from 3k to 6k would lead to that, along with the same in the upper highs
Bass doesnt overshadow the mids like the 598C's seem to do though.

>> No.57713295

I doubt anyone would put a headset mic in there to measure FR and this is HD 600 with the same coupler:


Gives you some perspective.

Yep. Look at the FR.

To claim that any content in those decay plots is audible beyond the FR is a stretch. Altering magnitude response alters the decay time too but with that 2.68ms time window you can't even say whats going on. Also GE CSD plots are quite inconsistent.

>> No.57713370

-30dB is a 300x reduction in amplitude, which will definitely be noticeable with a sharp enough attack and decay after 2.5ms. ringing will degrade imaging and finer details too. a longer time window would be much nicer, but it still provides some good info imo. i don't know about the inconsistencies though.

>> No.57713375

What are some other open or closed-back headphones under $200 that are dark like the Tascam?

>> No.57713376

You have it all wrong
It provides no useful info as the use case is not what is being measured past the instant response

>> No.57713380

Yeah I mentioned that in the pros briefly. I'm already used to high detail from the K612, but this adds a bit more. I do wanna say vocals are a little de-emphasized compared to the K612 (in songs where there's many instruments) simply because the treble is smoothed out.

>> No.57713408

If you can squeeze in another $50, Fidelio X2's

>> No.57713422

Does dark mean they're boomy? Like Beats?

>> No.57713430

>It provides no useful info as the use case is not what is being measured past the instant response
you gotta explain this. the way i understand it, impulse response is useful because it provides the headphones time characteristics over the entire range of frequencies, and because headphones are reasonably linear systems.
t. undergrad EE student

>> No.57713539


Maki!!! Good thread desu

>> No.57713561

that's a good suggestion, so he can make two mistakes this weekend.

>> No.57713588

AKG K7XX's then?

>> No.57713606

probably, i'd say dt880s, they go down as low as 130.

>> No.57713660

>thicc bass
>dt 880s
Choose one

>> No.57713689


Just get beats.

>> No.57713695

/g/, I'm having some serious sound distortion issues with my etymotic mc3s
I bought these this summer to plug them into my LG G3.

For a few months everything sounded perfect, but now, often when I plug them in, the sound seems really distorted, like the jack isn't making contact properly or something.
If I push the jack with my hand and twist it in some ways it seems to work properly and after a bit of pushing around it generally stays in place without applying pressure, until I touch it in the wrong way after which it sounds terrible again and I have to repeat this.

I thought the phone's jack was broken, but now I noticed that with the etymotics this happens when they're plugged in something else too.

What's the issue?
Can it be fixed?
I don't want to lose the 70€ I spent on these IEMs just a few months ago

>> No.57713721

Its the cable/jack.
Just get a new 3.5 jack and solder it on.

>> No.57713729
File: 40 KB, 640x348, etymotic-mc3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.57713739

Don't I risk somehow creating audio distortion by soldering it myself?

>> No.57713751

no. just don't fuck up what you wire to what.

>> No.57713754

post a pic of the jack.

>> No.57713755
File: 67 KB, 230x230, 1437419295424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw getting em shipped right now

>> No.57713763

>Don't I risk somehow creating audio distortion by soldering it myself?
I don't think you understand how distortion works.
Its soldered on by somebody. Whoever does it means nothing.

Just buy a good 3.5 jack with good strain relief
Make sure its 4 pole since you have the button/mic thing

>> No.57713766

you fucked up, enjoy

>> No.57713770


Oh, i am canceling the order asap

>> No.57713865
File: 181 KB, 2000x1000, matteo-renzi1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw anyone calls K702 shit
> mfw I've been enjoying it greatly since when I dumped X2, aka no-mids
> mfw I listen to high-quality music, then I can't find any peculiar flaw about my K702
> mfw it's awesome for gaming too

>> No.57713941
File: 50 KB, 600x400, Sennheiser_HD_650_grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw you get hd650/hd6xx next and dump k702 in the trash

>> No.57713959

tfw you get the HE400i and throw the """"HD"""6xx in the trash.

>> No.57714001
File: 239 KB, 2550x3300, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posts no face when.

>> No.57714002

>mfw anyone calls K702 shit
its a samefag shitposter, ignore it

>> No.57714030
File: 674 KB, 2560x1536, matteo-renzi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57714048

I need good headphones for spoken word, I am hard of hearing and only have hearing in my left ear.

Any recommendations? My hearing loss is just amplitude, I have no real frequency loss.

>> No.57714074

lurk more newfag

>> No.57714092

Dark means lower treble amplitude compared to the rest of the response. Opposite of bright. These are just rough terms to describe the frequency response.

>> No.57714104
File: 20 KB, 440x302, mrenzi_leopolda2R439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> considering the shit K553 over the cheaper and better AKG K271

>> No.57714138

nigger have you eve looked at that things fr chart, there is a reason its never recommended

>> No.57714148
File: 19 KB, 512x323, 1412468299690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw deep down hoping I'll hate the memeheisers so I can return them and get my $100 back

>> No.57714176

Nominate a single website that offers always reliable and accurate measurements.

>> No.57714178

I have a K702 / O2 Amp setup and I've long been thinking of an upgrade.

First I really don't know if I should get the ODAC or not.
I can hear some noise when I turn the O2 up to very high volume but I don't generally need to do that, and I don't know if it's the O2 or my PC's soundcard (I have an asus sabertooth x79 mobo)

Here where I live it would cost me 125€ with shipping.

Then there's the headphones.
I could, if I really wanted to, get the HD800, but it feels like a waste of money, and then I couldn't afford the ODAC on top of that.

On the other hand getting something less also seems like a waste of money since I might eventually buy the HD800 and then never use the other headphones.
Also is the O2 not gonna limit the HD800?

As alternatives I've been thinking of the HD700 but it's too expensive considering it's not even top of the line, and I heard it's terrible.
So I'd like to get the HD600/650 maybe, but I don't really know which really.

I'm in a deep dilemma. Pls help me /g/.

>> No.57714201
File: 273 KB, 419x373, 1412290990823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy expensive headphones
>the entire music library sounds like shit

>> No.57714213

Your O2 can drive anything, don't worry about that. Before spending money on a different headphone, you should ask yourself these two simple questions: what are you expecting from your upgrade? What flawas does the K702 have according to you?

>> No.57714224

the HD700 is veiled and if you want the HD600 sound on a K702 just stick a bunch of cotton balls between your ears and the drivers

Just save up for a HD800/K812/LCD2 or something

>> No.57714236
File: 2.25 MB, 4160x2340, 20161127_130240_HDR[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57714240

Why did you even include the K812??

>> No.57714257

Why are you a faggot?

>> No.57714271


I feel you. Mine cracked straight in the middle. Pretty easy to glue them back in but still.

>> No.57714272


Literally almost identical

>> No.57714282

Thank you for your help.
I'll wait before buying new headphones.
But what about the ODAC then?
The problem is I have no way of verifying that the noise comes from my soundcard.
It's only there if I turn the O2 volume knob up to the highest quarter, but it's clearly there.
Nothing if the volume is lower.

>> No.57714296

Try combine the amp with another sound source? Like your phone?

>> No.57714353
File: 2.55 MB, 640x360, auditory_autism.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Literally almost identical


>> No.57714384

Don't use IF as reference measurements for fuck sake.

>> No.57714481

They look nothing alike, nice try though

>> No.57714513

>sennfag this butthurt

>> No.57714540


>> No.57714718

if i mostly listen to weeb music like

would the sph9500 be good ? or should i be looking for something with more bass ? going to be my first set.

>> No.57714884

How much is the SHP9500?

>> No.57714915

50 dollars on newegg right now. Lacks bass extension below 50hz tho.

>> No.57714927

That sounds like a good price. As an alternative, consider also AKG K240.

>> No.57714934


>> No.57715110

>Like your phone?
I don't think my phone could possibly be better than my soundcard
I tried, and the noises are actually worse.
Again, only noticeable on high volume.
Weird thing is I hear a sort of flapping noise now with the phone alongside the normal white noise.
It's not constant, it comes and goes.

>> No.57715223

Around $260/£300/350eur
pc through xonar essence st
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
Doesn't matter for me
>Comfort level
max level
>Sound signature
Not sure about this, I like classic rock and american country music
>Past headphones
my ATH-ad700 is kill, would like something with a little more bass though

>> No.57715254

Closed headphones tutorial (slight V shape / neutral signature)
M40x+hm5 pads > Brainwavz hm5 > AKG K553 / K550 mkII > Beyerdynamic dt770 > Sony MDR V6/7506 > M50x with any pads (le reddit army tier)

>> No.57715332

learn currency conversion

>> No.57715401


I've added 25% euro vat from the dollar

>> No.57715455

Would be 280 dollars, not 260, my mistake. But I have no problems ordering from the US, it just means that danish customs will most likely charge me 25% when it gets here, so.

>> No.57715505


>> No.57715677

Is there a speaker general? Can I fill out the form for speaker recs?

>> No.57715771

>-30dB is a 300x reduction in amplitude
That's closer to 32x amplitude, and a factor of 300x power.

>impulse response
I'd call it a weakly nonlinear system, but for most situations human ears are very bad at detecting non-linear distortions.
Impulse response does characterize LTI systems, but keep in mind that our practical systems are Fourier invertible. The typically preferred methods of determining the IR make use of this. What's more, single driver models tend to stick closely to minimum phase.

Goldenears introduces new issues with the time frequency analysis. The CSD itself isn't the impulse response, it's the STFT of the IR. This might not seem like much of a distinction to make, but we are bound by the uncertainty principle in our ability to resolve unknowns in the time-frequency plane.

Given GE's one-third octave smoothing, the most optimal solution would be to use a constant-Q type visualization instead of the STFT. The tailing and decay process that is shown in their CSD is the result of the window function tapering off sharp transitions in time, as well as excessive frequency resolution.

>> No.57715789


>> No.57715817


>> No.57715846


>> No.57715854


AKGs are not known for their bass, so ignore the one samefag trying to meme you who is about to respond to my post.

>> No.57715872

Why do you recommend headphones having piercing highs to someone wanting to listen to actually good music?

>> No.57715890

well I would be using them lying down most of the time so I don't think heavyness is an issue.
I currently have some shitty Fischer audio headphones and while they sound good, they are fucking killing my ears. So uncomfortable.

>> No.57715892

He had an ATH-AD700, so he'll be fine.

>> No.57716055
File: 85 KB, 294x258, 1471856397264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All right /g/. X2 or HD650?
I want something with good bass but not nigger bass. HD650 is a bit more expensive too. Is it worth it?

>> No.57716221
File: 238 KB, 1370x556, Screenshot from 2016-11-27 10-22-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody have any experience with these? Are they worth it over the m40xs, or MDR7506?

>> No.57716335
File: 22 KB, 333x500, 41g0eTsctML[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any good US based headphones manufacturers?

>> No.57716379


>> No.57716475

pleasantly happy with my 558s

>> No.57716508

They are bassy/warm with a high treble peak. Depends on what you want.

>> No.57716531

if you want closed for about same price you might like creative aurvana live

>> No.57716675


Is there a huge difference between 702 and 712? I really dislike orange.

Pro or premium?

>> No.57716865

I'm thinking about getting a dac and amp for my linux desktop, probably something cheaper like M3 or E10. What I'm wondering is if these devices normally need some sort of driver or if they normally just werk. I just don't want to buy something that is completely useless on linux because it needs some proprietary driver that the manufacturer only offers for windows.

>> No.57717103


>> No.57717227

neither, get a 400-i and eq it if you want GOOD bass

>> No.57717314

Get some apple earbuds dude. they're LGBT friendly.

>> No.57717409

You're freaking out way too much, most consumer headphones dip at those frequencies. Even the THX-00 that everyone gushed about dip at those frequencies and for good reason. Those frequencies are shit. 3khz is debatable but lowering it will reduce fatigue.

>> No.57717416



>> No.57717430


50 for the shp? go for it

>> No.57717487

I got some Monster ROC headphones for free with the Axon 7 I just bought. They're complete garbage, right?

>> No.57717521

Good bass? Yeah. But garbage midrange and treble.

>> No.57717566

April Fools is quite a while away

>> No.57717605

Both are shit anyway.

>> No.57717628

Get mad poorfag

>> No.57717640

Shure 535 or Etymotic ER4?

I'm leaning towards Shure for the 3-drivers.

>> No.57717669

>for the 3-drivers.

>> No.57717702

that's completely subjective, also just eq it

>> No.57717716

400i are very difficult to EQ

>> No.57717751

You tell me? I haven't tried either of them. Since the Massdrop Noble X got no interests because of 2-drivers. How about the Shure 535?

>> No.57717797

maybe you should go find out why driver count is meaningless before buying something based on that metric.

>> No.57717857

I'm wasting time. Black friday sales are ending soon. You didn't try either of them have you?

>> No.57717859

HD800 and K812 are shit, whether I'm poor or not is irrelevant.
Multi-driver is a meme. Etymotic ER-4 is designed to be flat response while the Shure SE535 is a bit dark and warm. Comfort is subjective between both as well, I'd estimate the majority will find the SE535 more comfortable but it's the opposite for me, dislike the shell in my ears. I happen to prefer the ER-4 for sound as well.

>> No.57717879

HD800 have unrivaled comfort and technicalities. EQ is a thing you know?

>> No.57717893

This is stupid. 400i can be EQed just fine.

If I were to pick one, the HD650 wins on comfort and durabilty and it's also flatter based on its stock response so it'll be better for EQ.

>> No.57717897

New thread:


I own both and prefer the ER-4 way more for multiple reasons. Find out what you want first, they are quite different.

HD 800 is very nice past the stock response.

>> No.57717913

No discontinuities, no notch filters, high linearity, moderately stable response.

>paying attention to driver count
Stop doing that. Focus on the sound output instead, something that the really large driver count models tend to fail at.
Which ER4 model anyway?

>> No.57717914

>400i can be EQed just fine.
no, the response is far too jaggy and non-linear

>> No.57717945


>> No.57717952

Gonna disagree on the unrivaled comfort and technicalities.

>> No.57717956

Poor. Can stretch to 100 American Dollars. Right now I'm between the Monoprice 8323 or Sony MDRV6. Wondering if the price difference is worth it.


>Type of headphone
Full sized, preferably portableish (can put in backpack and bike around with).

>Open or closed
Closed, but not a huge deal

HTC 10 because it has a better DAC than my laptop. Not really concerned with buying a USB DAC, but if it makes that much of a difference I'd definitely consider it.

>Comfort level

>Sound signature
What i really want are headphones that sound as neutral as possible. Whoever mastered whatever I'm listening to clearly wanted it to sound a certain way. I care about headphones because I want to hear that, not some manufacturer's shitty "MOAR BASE AND LOADNESS MEANS MOAR SHECKLES" meme.

>Past headphones
Shitty ten dollar Monoprice IEMs, Sennheiser 518s. I hate my 518s, they sound awful for anything other than electronic music, especially compared to my IEMs (which are almost as good for bassey music, but don't fuck up everything else I listen to).

>> No.57717966

name a more comfortable headphone

>> No.57718015

>muh HD800 comfort meme

MA900, AD900x

Comfort is subjective anyway. The HD800 is comfortable but it didn't feel different from the majority of comfy headphones.

>> No.57718061

now name headphones that fit around a man's ears, not just a woman's

>> No.57718125

Dumbo pls.

>> No.57718188

[insert quote about not knowing what that means]

tl;dr: ER-4SR+bass

Little bump around 2kHz, a drop around 7 kHz. There will be peaks and valleys above that to 16kHz, the exact nature is very tip dependent.

>> No.57718298

Around $300


Asus Z97-DELUXE motherboard

>Type of headphone

>Open or closed

>Comfort level
It can be of average comfy level and higher. Though I have a big fucking head. Every single one of my headphones have broken right on the slider. Something that is really fucking durable would be much preferred. I rather it never break than be super comfy.

>Sound signature

>Past headphones

They just felt really weak.

I'm really new to this so I have about fuck all idea of what to buy.

>> No.57718408

I didn't mean literal power you autist.

>> No.57718512

>I've returned too many things to amazon, may sell off this HD598 Cs.
Good idea, you could probably make a profit if you bought them while they were cheap.

>> No.57719228

>That's closer to 32x amplitude, and a factor of 300x power.

i've never heard of constant q visualization before. and i don't get why excessive frequency resolution is a problem. looks like i have some reading to do

>> No.57719618

wow, that pic is really cool

>> No.57719643

hd 6xx or hd 600 if you can afford it and an amp (Don't stress the headband too much, the snapheiser meme is true)

>> No.57720447


But they are overpriced. Europe and Japan have the best

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