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Year of the Linux desktop when?

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this year, last year, and every other year

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When the average IQ is 130

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Mac about to get BTFO

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Ask the fine bros for a teens react motherfuckers

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It was in 2012.

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My equivalent would be pdp-11 or similar though i wouldn't make much drama as i'm not from burgerland.

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>When the average IQ is 130
Are you fucking retarded? The average can never be over 100 in a given area, that's the whole point

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What did she mean by this

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I strongly believe that that was supposed to be a joke, good sir.

It was implied that the year of the linux desktop will be never.

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icewm with fake95 theme, the year of the Linux desktop is here, uh, thats pronounced GahNew/Leenux

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Do you really need all that ram with that processor? You even have slackware.

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You're right.

I should take out a few sticks and leave them lying around my house for the next 20 years.

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It comes down to your needs. I grew out of gaymes and whatnot when I had a job. I barely get enough time to sleep so I prefer to roll with Linux as I only need mpv for anime and firefox for checking email and exchanging data. So it made not sense to waste time on Windows 10.

To each their own.

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What font is that?

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i am pretty sure it is Terminus

xterm*font: -xos4-terminus-bold-r-normal-*-32-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

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The year of the Linux Desktop for me was 1998.

Linux is ridiculously better in comparison to how it was back then - if you wanted decent fonts, you had to rip them off of Windows disks, for example.

>software availability

Not a problem.

>software quality

Not a problem.

>Grandma compatible

REALLY NOT A PROBLEM. It's the 'computer illiterate' who have the fewest problems with a Linux desktop install - they have nothing to unlearn. The people with the worst problems are those who have learned how to wave particular dead rubber chickens at Windows to get it to do something - and know nothing about the general way computers work. You know who they are, they're "power users."

The only thing holding back Linux on the desktop is pre-installation by vendors. Because they haven't figured out how to fill it with crapware that's difficult to remove.

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>if you wanted decent fonts, you had to rip them off of Windows disks
fucking Linus drawing his own fonts in xpaint

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When you don't have to touch a terminal ever. Not to fix an error, not to install a dependency, not ever.

When it accomplishes this, then it will be the year of the loonix

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This, once you realize vidya is a waste of time Linux in general becomes really appealing, plus if you use a VM the software compatibility becomes a non-issue.

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i think you are referring to the autistic arch/gentoo people.

Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, Linux Mint etc all have installers like Windows that take care of everything.

You also have software updater application and store that installs things without ever touching the terminal.

So can you be specific about what issues you faced and what distro?

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>Windows is plagued with adware and Pajeet tier software update systems, people's computers are a slow and botnet filled pieces of junk.
People don't choose what to use.

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>tfw you see how young these people are you realise you're not a teen anymore

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>When you don't have to touch a terminal ever.
Most of the jobs can be solved with GUI frontend. It's not like i like them.

>not to install a dependency

Use flatpack and screw up it the windows way.

At least in chroot installation you know what will happen and if it's gone wild it means you made a mistake, not a graphical mumbo-jumbo installation that can screw up everything and you can't do anything aside bugreport, or pull request if you are into it and the development is REALLY open.

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>as in nine-TEEN-ninty-five?!

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Ubuntu minimal allows for cmd line install and selective package installation including DE of your choice.

I use that instead of the 1gb ISO installer as I am quite comfortable with it.

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2003 at my house.

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>grew out of games
>but still watches anime

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last year

chromebooks nigga
schools eat that shit up
if the consumer computer market was just schools, right now youre looking at 50% linux

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It is an art form. Slice of life comedy prevents me from killing myself.

I spent 10 years of my life playing Diablo II like an addict. So yeah, I am done with gaming.

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If my auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle

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Literally never you fedora-tier trash

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When scrubbing thru video doesn't stutter on a fucking i5 with a dedicated gpu.

Linux has shit video and graphics performance. Its worse than a fucking iPad.

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Take a note from /pol/ and use meme magic to achieve your dreams

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when cows go gome

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You don't know how IQ works do you

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How's it feel barely having enough time to sleep? You're literally a slave.

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Following current trends, 2050.

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I don't have to save up good boy points to get groceries and shit from my parents. I can stock up my fridge and pay my bills without being humiliated.

Worth the pain.

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The year Android became the most popular mobile OS

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Next year, every year

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It's whenever you'd like it to be; I'm enjoying it on my aging laptop.

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Linux is a kernel, not a desktop environment.

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is this the new desktop thread?

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When it becomes independent from the command line.

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Not even Windows or OSX are.

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Never. Linux will always have a place for nerds, coders and servers. Nobody else.

It will never even be the year of the desktop. The low end went to mobile. Phones are what plebs use now.

Sent from my iPhone 7

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I hope never. It would be death of this OS.

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What DE is this, senpai? KDE?

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Yeah, Plasma 5.

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I'm basically a computer retard and I've enjoyed ubuntu that it's to only OS that I run. Any tips for a visually appealing desktop? i'm extremely conservative with what i install on this computer but I'd like to be able to alter the appearance of my launcher bar and windows. also, I'd love to have some nice looking widgets for my desktop

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