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R8 me mates, want to pick up a NZXT G10 and cooler for the 290 next.

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I have the SEA HAWK EK X. Any word on when MSI will make a HB SLI bridge for this monster?

Also, any tips on overclocking?

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First build, cost around $640, I took one of the SSD(s), the 1tb and 500gb HDDs from my old pc.

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do it, idle temps are years better than with the stock cooler

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'Muh idle temps'
They literally don't matter. Ideally, idle temperatures would be the same as load temperatures.

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So this has been pissing me off for a good long while. My CPU's been going super hot for even the mildest of applications for a couple of weeks while the rest of my temps are fine. My GPU will be at like 41 degrees Celsius and my CPU will be 69-75 degrees C. I'm not overclocking, running with the stock fan that I got with the CPU, and I've got a Fractal Design R4 case that's pretty spacious. Haven't cleaned my rig in about a year but could it be dust that's causing JUST my CPU to heat up? I know that this isn't dumb questions but any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

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Right now I've got a stock cooler on the CPU, thinking my next purchase will be a closed-loop cooler that I could use for overclocking the 8350 now and then move it over to whatever rig I build next.

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you're going to custom cool your 290?

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Been upgrading this since I initially built it around a year and a half ago. Much better since.

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>running with the stock fan that I got with the CPU, and I've got a Fractal Design R4 case that's pretty spacious. Haven't cleaned my rig in about a year but could it be dust that's causing JUST my CPU to heat up? I
>running with the stock fan
There is your answer. Intel stock fan sucks.
The 212 evo also sucks. I used to get anywhere from 65-75 degrees when I put my CPU under 100% load converting videos, but once I got a big ass noctua dh15 I'm lucky to hit 60-65 when under 100% load.

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never goes above 60 under load

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Not sure if this is the right thread to ask but, Can any of you recommend me a cpu cooler? As mentioned, stock Intel coolers suck.

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How do you even fuck jpeg up that bad?

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1,38v @ 4Ghz is an easy one.

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noctua is my go-to now
there's scythe kotetsu
and cryorig
just go to pcpartpicker and browse cpu coolers

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Made a post in a Facebook group a while back and downloaded that to post since I'm not at my PC

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K, ty.

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why 1.38v? thats pretty high

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That's very high. 1.38V should get him 4.5 to 4.7GHz.

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fuck that shit

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speaking of Intel overclocking, how fast does cpu lifespan degrade when pushing over 1.3v nowadays?

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Professional /g/amer reporting in.

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stick a cheap ssd in there and you'll feel like you have a new computer

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It already feels new....
Its out-performing windows 10 from experience

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>doesn't mention voltage
post it
and update your speccy, it can't see the RAM brand

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RAM is G.Skill

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cheapest AIO, you get what you pay for but it's not going to explode.

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No clue. Probably longer than you'll use it for.

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Just a little all-around server.. (and I need NVENC)

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there's never been any research done on the lifespan. general rule of thumb is to not exceed 1.4v on haswell/broadwell. memelake is apparently okay upto 1.45v. i've only ever seen motherboards die from prolonged overclocks i.e VRM's burning out

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>single channel

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You're raping yourself on that.

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4.7GHz here

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>1050 ti
wew lad

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I know man. I need error correction and the NVMe is just me splurging. Low latency drives make feel good

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Why do you NEED ECC? If you do, go for an older DDR3 system. E5-1600s so you can use registered ECC DIMMs that are much, much cheaper.

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Ze best

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cpu is [email protected]
video cards boost up to 2088MHz with memory at 9GHz

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Eh, it's fine for me. It's a cheap upgrade over what I had before and that's all that really mattered to me.

I probably could have stretched and gotten a 470 or even a 480, but I'm fine with it.

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Can I bake an egg with it?

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I already have dozens of nodes in 2 big racks in the next room, I'm just using this to replace an old sandy bridge build to put on my desk as a main pc. It'll be isolated for the most part, but I need intercompatibility on this chipset just in case I need more compute power for a few applications.

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>exploding cpu coolers
anon pls my sides can't take it

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Those are some cold tri 390s. What loop are you running?

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I bet he plugged each monitor into each card.
That is one under-utilized system.

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Took a year but I finally finished my build by upgrading my gpu.

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how is that 4TB Hitachi? how old and what SMART status?

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>reddit smug anime girl

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they're actually pretty tame once you undervolt them. they're running on air

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chinkpad reporting n

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please don't tell me you get more performance out of those 390s by undervolting them like you do with rx 480s

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Upgrade time soon.

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My 6800k does 4 ghz at 1.25v

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Itll do for now

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autistic twat

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That's pretty awful desu

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