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Why does GIMP over complicate everything?

I mean yeah I can still get everything done with GIMP at the end of the day but it still feels like GIMP was created by turbo-autists.

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Would you say that it's fair to say that GIMP is... gimped?

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GNU Image Manipulation Program is GNU Image Manipulation Program'ed/GIMPed, indeed.

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>GNU Image Manipulation Program
I thought it was "Green Is My Pepper"?

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>using paint.net
I feel the same way

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funny and original
funny and original
funny and original
funny and original

hy do you faggots keep coming to my beloved messageboards and asking same questions?
go troll gimp forums

is it a rite of passage for you? Like when trout goes upstream? Discover linux, discover how shitty is gimp, go shitpost about it?

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Complicated how? It doesn't seem anymore complicated than Photoshop.

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I'm going to make a thread asking what the best Linux distro is just to spite you.

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that gets filtered on subconscious level now, so go ahead make my day

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No. You simply suffer from babby duck syndrome.

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Yes it dose, but it's free and i can barely afford to eat so...

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