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Rate, hate, suggest upgrades.

I think this is as far as I can really go with this Elitebook. Still running strong and it feels like a fully modern PC. I just got done reapplying some thermal paste to the CPU and GPU, I was getting CPU temps up around 75C under light load, that was no bueno. It hasn't broken 49C since reapplying the paste, feels good man.

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> generic pnp monitor
> 1600x900
> radeon 6470m

shitty laptop

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My time to shine

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Have you also invested in a fire suppression system?

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> server mobo
> radeon hd 5800

I got nothing against radeon, but that's a outdated card. Time to upgrade.

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I don't know if I've ever seen a Speccy for an older laptop that didn't list a "generic PnP monitor" for the attached screen.

I've never tried running a multi-CPU setup. I always get a bit jealous of people with multiple Xeon systems, but I don't really have any use for all of those cores.

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I hope you updated to the latest firmware and applied for a free thermal pad from EVGA before your card starts a house fire.


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>Slow ass RAM
>It's a fucking server
Get with the times, grandpa

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It'd not a server and it works fine. I might put a Vega card in it when they get released. It's not a toy.

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Mine isn't the version that's messed up.

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my penis can only get so hard

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>It'd not a server

You're using a server motherboard. Which typically has two slots for processors. What do you need two processors for anyway?

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there's no such thing as a evga 1080 that doesn't have overheating issues. But hey, it's your house, your card.

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OP here, this is the Speccy for my desktop.

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For a personal computer I have something more pedestrian and I think that's the way most people should go. Very few applications can take advantage of a dual socket machine and the ones that can aren't really used by the average Joe.
Almost 80GB/s of throughput hasnt harmed me, yet. When I get more RAM I might go for 1866.
Im thinking of either a 5820k or a 1650v3 for my personal machine, actually. We shall see what black Friday brings.
It's not a server, it's a workstation. I use it for CAE for my business.

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>Meme display

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5820K prices are on the up here since Broadwell-E released.

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Just bought this, rate?
Hard drives are a Intel 600p and 730
I need validation somebody pls

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you are like a little baby

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>chink backdoor: the computer

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>not making your computer a battleground of foreign states by downloading USAnian and Chink malware

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There's a new Speccy version available today lads.


>Improved Windows 10 Anniversary Edition compatibility
>Updated support for latest Intel Kaby Lake processors
>Improved 64-bit build architecture
>Improved localization support
>Minor GUI improvements
>Minor bug fixes


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>still doesn't recognize DDR4 RAM

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>not running linux
something went wrong

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Something bursting your little bubble world?

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All that Chinese spyware seems to be giving your CPU trouble, might want to get that checked out.

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>meme gpu
>shit sound card
>still using optical driver

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>edgelord detected
>running speccy on wine

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Shit CPU

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why doe?

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i5-3570ks are shit. Can't overclock, hot, i5s.

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oi m8s r8 me

thinking of upgrading soon

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Of what?

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Pretty nice back in 2012.

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that is most likely a quad-channel configuration, so it's still faster than your dual-channel gaymen RAM

I had a dual Xeon X5675 setup, but it was power-hungry and the aging Intel server motherboard with its PCI-E 8x slot was acting up with graphics cards. so I just built this system instead.

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Why would you buy a 2670 over a 1650 or something?

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because I got this 2670 cheap and with a 3-year warranty. if I'd have bought a 1650 I'd have spent a lot more money and got no warranty.

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How did you get a warranty?

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no bully :(

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bought the motherboard off a Supermicro retailer and they offered a 2670 with it.

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>inb4 64gb ram meme

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Is the 1050 PhysX or something?

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What is this machine for.

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help me /g/

i know for a fact i need new ram

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Got this old dinosaur working. I'm pleasantly surprised how usable it still is.

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any recommendations?

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What's the difference between a i5 and i7? is my processor faster than yours or is yours faster than mine?

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As much as I hate gnome, that is very comfy looking.

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it is. I hated gnome at first until i discovered you can turn the applications on and make it look like mate DE

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It would be very usable if the web didn't suck. I bet you could play 720p video on that, if not 1080.

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I need a CPU upgrade. Any suggestions? What's a good affordable i7 model?

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Locally, it could definitely play 720 and possibly 1080. On Firefox 11 with HTML5 player, YouTube only gives me 360p option, and even then the video is choppy. Aside from YouTube or very heavy websites (like Clinton News Network) it's handled everything I throw at it with reasonable speed.

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Get a i5 6600k
Or get a 980 if you NEED an i7

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If you plug the googlevideo URL into VLC it should work perfectly. I don't know what's wrong with YouTube. Even putting the YouTube URL into VLC yields worse performance.

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Battlefield 1 recommended specs asks for an Intel Core i7 4790.
I did find a i7-980 for $185 used, but I don't think buying used is a good idea.

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Thing is fucking ancient.

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Well, I see 2 4770k's on Ebay for $250 and $267 respectively. You wouldn't have to switch sockets or motherboards or anything like that, just swap the chip out.


They're claiming it's new and unused, but the packaging is a little bit fucked up. Even if you don't believe that, you can buy a protection plan along with it that will cover you in case it is actually is a dead/shit chip. If you're trying to save money here, and you want a quick upgrade now, then this is going to be the way to do it. Otherwise, maybe you can find a good deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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pls rate

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Memes incoming.

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>Z170 motherboard
>Stock speed ram
>Non-K CPU
Why did you buy that motherboard

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>future proofing

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mine, got an FX 8300 sitting in the closet ready to be dropped in once the current cpu dies or i need the extra cores.

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kill yourself, sell that chip before Zen drops and use the FX until you need to upgrade.

Or better yet, sell both and buy Zen.

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I bought this computer for college 5 years ago and its still kicking

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>and it's still kicking
>last digits are 666
Your laptop is kicking and screaming all the way to the bowels of hell, my man. It looks like it could at least use a dust out.

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Haha it kinda is in rough shape, but I've dusted it out, reapplied paste, but its still hot, at least its cooler now it used to idle around 85, now it hangs around the upper 60s to lower 70s

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All of this crammed into a 250D. I might never build an ITX ever again after this.
Also this is my first time buying myself nice things, and I got 3000MHz RAM, but Speccy is saying the max bandwidth is 2133MHz. Do I have to do something in my bios to get the most of my RAM or will it go up to 3000MHz only when needed?

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Does reapplying thermal paste on a laptop really work? I idle at 60 C

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Enable XMP in BIOS

Just open up the chasis and clean it out with compressed air

Just swap it already

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You want the unlocked Haswell i7 for your current mobo. There's only one

Pic related

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So our CPUs are both mobile but from different generations. Your i5 is newer and more power efficient, but is a dual-core, four thread CPU with a base clock of 2.6GHz and a turbo clock of 3.3GHz. My i7 is a quad-core, eight thread CPU with a base clock of 2.4GHz and a turbo clock of 3.5GHz.

The two CPUs perform roughly evenly in single-thread applications, but my i7 is much more powerful in multi-thread applications.

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Got the ssd nao.

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>titan x
>1050 ti

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rate my laptop

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>Enable XMP in BIOS
Thank you

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vfio gaming, I use the 1050 as the host gpu for linux and the titan for gaming.

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In my infinite wisdom I went out and bought an i7-6700k only to discover it's incompatible with my motherboard. Apparently my obsession with not making this exact fucking mistake caused me to make this mistake as a simple check on pcpartpicker would have shown me this but for some reason I did not check pcpartpicker.

So now I have to return it and get i7-4790K Devil's Canyon because that's the one that fucking works. I hope I get lots of laughing anime reaction images because I'm so fucking ashamed to have made this easily avoidable mistake.

Just fucking kill me. I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

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Haha, wow, what a waste. Could have done that with a 6700k.

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Wish this laptop had a better cooling and better CPU/GPU

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OP here, decided to run the Steam VR test on my laptop. Turns out the 2760QM is not the worst, but the 6470M is, as predicted, pretty much the worst.

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My SSD arrived today!

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Relatively new laptop with a relatively newer install.

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what's window server 2016 like?

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Pretty nice, but that's because I'm configuring it to act as a minimal version of Windows 10.

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How's the SLI?

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i have 2x 1440p monitors still packed up from moving last weekend but otherwise up to date

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well I dont just use it for gaming obviously, but thats the reason I have 2 gpu's.

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10/10 neat

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I want to upgrade my CPU mainly. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced mobo+CPU combo? Don't really wanna spend more than say 700 bucks.

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Get a second hand 8350 and a 990FXA-UD3.

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Ran the Steam VR test on my desktop, got this result.

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What terrible advice... Zen comes out in like 3 fucking months and you're telling him to drop money on a CPU from fucking 2012?

Kill yourself you AMD shill

i5-6600k or i7-6700k and a Z170 motherboard with 2x8GB of DDR4 RAM.
If you want to wait ~2months the kabylake 7600k and 7700k should release soon.

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That would fix my problem with GNOME. Tanks :3

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CPU seems to be idling at below ambient temp, any idea what's causing this? I tried RealTemp and it was similar.

The Fan is whirring away pretty loudly, so I was thinking of changing it to silent... if it is indeed that high.

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I just noticed.. 1066mhz? Something is messed up here.

Says in bios it's 2133mhz

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r8 h8 appreci8 my thinky

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Dual-channel = 1066Mhz x2

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*double data rate, sorry I'm exhausted

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1066MHz is the real clock rate. DDR memory works on both the rise and fall of the signal. It's effective 2133, not truly 2133.

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suggest upgrades please

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