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No Speccy thread? Let's change that.

>R8 other's rigs
>Something positive
>Something negative

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Here's my laptop. Getting old but still hanging in there.

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How much did the SSD increase performance?

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It's like night and day. It wasn't awful before installing the SSD, but when doing everyday tasks it feels like a fully modern computer. No lag whatsoever.

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Soon to get higher frequency ram and a 250gb SSD™

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nice 950 senpai

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just waiting for delivery.
tell me how shit my build is

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I have no idea what I could upgrade now that I got my monitor. The hard drives are Intel 600p M2 and a 730 SSD.
What next?

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Is that a psp

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It's a bit larger and quite a bit thicker. I can't find my PSP though so here's my Vita for comparison

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Get on my laptops level

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Good god I fucking hate HP I can't find their old PC drivers for win7 fuck

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I'll upgrade to an E5 v2 if cheap ones from decommissioned servers start showing up on ebay. might as well switch to faster RAM too.

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nice storage

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Xiaomi Notbook air 13.3

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It's Aiight.

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I only have a single stick of memory, should I ponder getting another one?

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>tfw first gen i5

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i'd say save up for a new monitor as well, but a bit more RAM wont help unless you're using all of your current RAM with what ever you're doing.

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serious epeen envy for that processor and gpu
>using that gpu and processor with a shitty monitor running less than laptop resolution

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how did I do /g/?

How does the fury hold up with the xeon? Im planning to pick one up myself.

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I decided to wait for the new monitor until Christmas so I can actually look forward for that day, and this current monitor has some sentimental value for me. Pretty comfy as well though.

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Keep it as a 2ndary then, but upgrade your primary to at least 1920x1080, but 2560x1440 should really be the next step.

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Budget video editing PC. Shitty video card edition.

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it's actually an R9 Nano. it has decent performance, but noticeable coil whine. I run Skyrim SE on ultra at 1920x1200 and get a stable 60fps, so I guess it's alright.

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here is my encoding rig

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Nice rig. Good call on the 32gb ram for encoding. Adobe Premiere eats up ram like nothing else.

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On phone so can't post speccy but

>amd fx 8320
>8 gigs ddr3 ram at 1600MHz
>gtx 780 stock clocks
>1920x1080 monitor x2
>1 wd black 1tb hard disk
>1 wd blue 1tb hard disk
>1 wd blue 500 GB hard disk
>1 60 gig hard disk I pulled out of my Xbox 360

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Will soon be changing some parts to
>intel i7 6700k
>16 gigs ddr4 ram at 3000MHz
And in the future
>gtx 1080 or 1080ti depending on rather or not the ti is a big jump or not
>120-250 GB SSD to go where the 60 gig drive is

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4,2ghz, 1,4ghz

give it to me

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rate! brand new 1050ti from yesterday

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I love you

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Happy with my rig.

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>6.0 GB


time to get a quadro to mach that xeon, eh?

>two xeons
>12 GB of ram

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Gone for the x5690's? Pricey. Ever thought about the x5698 chips? They're pretty rare but damn son, 4.4GHz stock clock

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>slow ram
>single channel config
>small SSD

Peripherals, like mouse, keyboard, XB1 Pro controller

>GTX 1080
I guess that's why they call it the 1080

No, you need a new monitor and an SSD way more

That 8320 should last you until 10nm CPUs
240GB SSD is the min

Nice m8


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It's a dell precision t7810
I'm waiting for a reasonably priced second processor to pop up on ebay, or might just splash out and get the v4 versions, for 10 cores a chip...

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