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You know what to do.

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deep learning or some shit?

With that many 1080's you've got GPGPU power of a mid 2000's university computing cluster.

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added 390 after years of jewing it on integrated

Really nice improvement desu

pic is load temps in a mini-ITX case

Pretty cool you're still rocking c2q, still decent after all these years.

Whats on all the hard drives?

is this real?

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And your cellphone could power all the computing needs of the world in the 70s but I dont see your ass on the moon or going supersonic.


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>Whats on all the hard drives?
Anime, movies, TV, and about 1TB of assorted other things.

I have a bit under 5TB free. Rest is full.

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Don't really understand the output of this prog but here you go I guess

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They make quality machines. All of my computers are Dell-made.
I have:
Dell Inspiron 6000
Dell Studio 1458
Dell XPS 8700
Dell Inspiron desktop (model number unkown atm)
Alienware 17 R3 (made by Dell!)

I also have an awful old StinkPad with a Pentium II in it which is not Dell but this computer is VERY slow!

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You could have bought a whole computer more if you'd made em yourself.

You save on average $100-300 on building your own.

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I buy computers as needs arise, it's not like I just buy a computer as soon as I have enough money. That's ridiculous. In my opinion it's worth it to have EXPERTS engineer my system because I know all the parts will work well together and they will be installed for me by a factory worker. I couldn't imagine being so poor that you try to save a few bucks by manually plugging all your parts together

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optioned out thinkpad = comfy
dust buildup in fan reaching critical levels = not comfy

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>people actually believe this

wow, I guess idiots do exist.

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Pls no bully

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For what reason did you get the RX480?

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I had a 6670hd before wasn't fast enough for nba2k17

I know im bottlenecked but probably going to upgrade to kaby and a new mobo when it hits in January

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Alright, excellent. I thought for once sec you were mentally challenged.

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ma nigga

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He's right, though. No one is validating your white box.

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afaik all Alienware motherboards are MSI made. Other ones are kinda random.

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Because it's mostly unnecessary with even some basic research. Just make sure everything is compatible and you slot it all in the right places and plug it in. Is that really worth a $200+ premium for someone else to do it?

They aren't using anything you can't buy yourself.

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Gayming power without the gaymer looks.

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Alienwares are from Dell dude

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Things slotting together != validation.

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>They aren't using anything you can't buy yourself.
False, they have their own versions of graphics cards and make their own motherboards too!

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Pretty sure both of my graphics cards are dead.

If I buy a mid-range one now, will I see much improvement (from when they were working?)

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Yea. Pcpart picker even tells you what is compatible, 2 ez

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>their own versions of graphics cards
No they don't.

The only thing they might add is slightly more vRAM, they aren't custom designed or anything, they just use normal reference coolers.

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And you pretending dell's validation is anything other than basic stability testing is a joke.

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Ok senpai. Clearly you are an industry insider who knows all the testing procedures. They hire all those engineers to do absolutely nothing.

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Jesus christ you fucking richfag

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You are going to see an improvement whatever you get. Probably do like this guy
>>57497987 upgrade your gpu to like a rx470 for now and replace the rest when you have money

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They hire the engineers to figure out the cheapest way to get things reliable enough to get the most units to survive their warranty period and beyond to keep the plebs coming back next time they need a computer.

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>No they don't.
haha I can see you never owned a Dell

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I know, it is just that they let MSI make the motherboards. Like how Apple let Foxxconn make the motherboards.

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XPS 400
XPS 8000
and several Precision series laptops from work over the years.

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here's my dankpad T430

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I have a bunch of new stuff but eh.

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How the fuck is your computer still booted? That mobo is basically on fire at this point.

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It's a misreported temperature, how have people not learned this by now?

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Do you really expect being intelligent from a random /g/aytard?

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Comfy rig reporting in.

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That does look pretty comfy, but it'd be comfier if you had more RAM

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Don't you mean pleb? C2Q's are comfier.
How unbearable is 10 on that thing? Is it like trying to run XP on a Pentium 1?

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It wasn't as bad as you'd think but it was basically usable for anything more than browsing a single 4chan thread. It has lubuntu on it now.

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evo 212 is blocking a ram slot otherwise i'd have 32. Need a good water cooler anyways.

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Your RAM slots must be really close to the CPU, or else you mounted it horizontally. If you mounted it vertically, have you tried moving the fan up to clear the RAM?

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I think your parents should've aborted you.

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I'm pro-life and even I agree with this.

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507 Passmark, its good enough for most things but 2gb ram doesn't seem to be enough for chrome lol

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Getting the XFX Radeon R7 250 2GB card

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This would be a worthwhile upgrade. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-2-Duo-Mobile-T9600-SLB47-2-80GHz-6M-1066MHz-PGA478-Dual-Core-CPU-/131997652665?hash=item1ebbac56b9:g:qUAAAOSwcUBYIkJy
Prebuilt pleb scum.

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>C.P. Technology

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i dont think of upgrading the hardware, more like I'll just cop a i3 5005u machine for the smooth playback and medium gaming on 720p

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About the same as any other mobo, The fans for the evo are lunky as fuck and it is mounted vertically. I'll post a pic.

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Jelly of my epic rig?

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Hey do you wanna be my sugar daddy???

I'm super duper cute. ;3

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fite me

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just applied new thermal paste to cpu and gpu


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kurwa kurwa kurwa
ja pierdole
papież polak

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I'm better than you.

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o kurwa

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What did he mean with this

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Shitty amd cpu, but free cause my dad is a amd employee. Trying for a 6700k or better a and ddr4

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>Those temps


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fake af

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Or its sitting next to an open window or similar source of cold air.

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>What did he mean with this
He wanted his CPU GHz to equal his VRAM GB

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got a shitty little acer aspire one. I'm retarded with computers and was thinking about learning a new OS. Assuming this can even run anything what's a lightweight and beginner friendly OS? I tried ubuntu a while ago on this machine and it didn't really work that well

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Whats the cpu OC at?

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Basic arch install with XFCE or similar.

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No games machine

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I like you.

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This guy knows what he's doing ^

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I had a Phenom x4, and that shit held back a 750 Ti. What the fuck are you doing?

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Sup bois

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why is SLI disabled?

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GTX 1080s only support 2 way SLI so it wouldn't matter.

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I just bought a gtx 1060 and I'm running it with a 2500k that auto overclocks to 4.3Ghz under load (ASUS motherboard software), do you think the cpu would be bottle-necking it significantly?

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significantly? No

But it is your bottleneck.

When you upgrade you'll probably want to upgrade CPU next but not long afterwards another GPU upgrade.

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ok thank you

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Depends entirely on the game senpai. Many games will not encounter a CPU bottleneck with the 2500k. >>57503402 is a stupid cuck as the 1060 would most certainly be your bottleneck running on 1440p or 4K monitors.

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What games are bottlenecked significantly by a GTX 1060 that WOULDN'T already be bottlenecked by the 2500k?

Dumb nigger, think before you type. Anything that would be demanding at 1440p or 4k would see drastic FPS gains from upgrading the CPU anyway, you're talking about a handful of games that are actually not bottlenecked by a 2500k and ARE by a GTX 1060. I'm sure there are a few games out there that fall into the middle, but the vast majority are either bottlenecked by both, or the CPU.

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What should I change? I'm sorta waiting to see if Vega is any good to see if I want to make the 1440p plunge. If it's not, then what kind of gpu should I be using?

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GTX 1070 or wait another generation.

I play CSGO and other such games at 1440p 60hz with a GTX 960 and it's just fine. You wont be playing witcher 3 at ultra or anything of that caliber however.

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>What games are bottlenecked significantly by a GTX 1060 that WOULDN'T already be bottlenecked by the 2500k?

At high resolution like I said? Pretty much every AAA game on the market, you stupid nigger.

>the vast majority are either bottlenecked by both
That's not how bottlenecks work, you stupid cuck faggot.

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yeah its mainly battlefield 1 at the moment, even on low it gets stuttery in places, I can run it on ultra and its mostly fine but it slows right down when shit gets intense, figured its probably the cpu. i have 16 gb of ram too which I had to upgrade to make the game run at all without crashing

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BF1 multiplayer is CPU intensive, so if you're playing at 1080p or 900p on medium or low settings and seeing dips when the action gets intense then I'd try to OC that CPU as much as possible and see if that helps a bit.

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Not all who wander are lost


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>4.5ghz 1.28V

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I do play a fair amount of AAA titles is the thing, and I reallly value keeping a stable 60 fps. I'm in an awkward spot with the 960 because it chugs in a couple of the titles I play, but the ones I spend the most time it, it runs like butter, like Overwatch, WoW.

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lol, is it not worth your time to spend 2 hours building it yourself? also its easy to see which parts are compatible so idk what u mean. are u stupid or wat?

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It's bait. No sane /g/uru would ever buy a prebuilt if he could help it.

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you are the bigget retard on this site, kid

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>OW/WoW/owning a 960

Could you even be more pleb if you tried?

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Bored and waiting to justify a new ssd.

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I swapped my old pc into a define case other week, with a new power supply and gpu. Took me 6 hours to finish

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>All this fucking win10shit

>> No.57506059

>Took me 6 hours to finish
are you mentally challenged?

I can physically build a computer AND properly route cables in ~3 hours, add another hour for windows installation and installing drivers and getting a basic OC.

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>Doesn't Game Edition


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No optical drives detected

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>2x1080p 60hz

N-nice CPUs I guess.

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I'm hoping VN248HP will be on sale again soon, so I can finally have triple monitor setup.

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