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Why are you all obsessed with your font rendering?

As long as you can read it and is a decent font it's fine.

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>Wants to be able to read the fonts

You Linux ricing fags disgust me, reading is for faggots.

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because this shit is magic doublenigger.


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is this the new font rendering thread

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Because if my job involves looking at text all day, I might as well have no issues with it.

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It reduces eye strain.

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nice font rendering.

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post dick :3

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i will never understand how people argue over which form of font blurring looks the most appropriately blurry

let them be sharp, crisp, and clear

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That doujin looks very, very interesting

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They need a reason to justify their autism.

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Because people here use pleb screen resolutions and have to make up for it by scaling things in autistic detail. Before /g/ I never heard ClearType being bad.

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>let them be sharp, crisp, and clear

This isn't possible when the letter spacing doesn't match the screen pixels.

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ClearType is ESPECIALLY good for low dpi screens.

But you have to configure it properly.
Which is something the average /g/ poster can't do.

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Any of you guys using mactype on Windows 10?

I selected tray loading, but I've noticed some applications have a little delay before mactype kicks in. What's the best loading mode?

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Font is 90% of what you're looking at on display. It has to look nice if you want to have nice visuals overall.

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>As long as you can read it and is a decent font it's fine.
That's why I'm obsessed with it.

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>what is hinting.

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how do I get good font rendering on linux?

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Can you read?
If yes read Registry
>for the most seamless experiences

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try infinality

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>Why are you all obsessed with your font rendering?
>As long as you can read it and is a decent font it's fine.

Linux cucks actually believe this

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How do you configure it properly?

You are not talking about just going through windows native config and just "pick whatevurr looks gudd" right?

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Its Linux users that are obsessed with font rendering.
Its windows' fonts that are fucking horrible.

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How would I make a tiny font like this? I tried downloading some free font editors but none of them work and I can't get them to work after moving them to the fonts folder either.

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I don't have to be. I have a high PPI monitor.

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People like things that look nice

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Anyone else really loving the windows clear type sub pixel anti alias look?

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That's not tiny, m8

Go subpixel or go home imo

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it is ok if it looks mediocre, but it is easy to make it look nice so i did it and now it looks nice

hope this helps you understand OP

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>Wants it to look good
>Doesn't want to decide based on what looks good

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hinting is making shit blurry

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>-t. Fedora-User

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I don't like how mactype rendering's look in HiDPI, so I don't use mactype now.

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I don't think you quite get it.

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i think there is basically no point to it in HiDPI, so that's the correct choice.

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Why is it "better"?
Most of the time it looks blurry.

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That's the point. To smooth out the edges of fonts and improve kerning.

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It's one of those things that once you notice you can't un-notice.

I'm not obsessed with fonts but I certainly notice the ugly ones and change them.

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Install Ubuntu. Not even memeing.


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thought i didn't have my glasses on/10

every device will be cucked by os x + rmbp

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>as long as you can read it, it's fine
>windows user detected

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>Install Ubuntu. Not even memeing.
I am using ubuntu. I am noticing that the font rendering looks alright in some programs and terrible in others. Lollypops font rendering for example looks awful.

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Hinting is making things look distorted. But it doesn't matter, because the "correct" undistorted appearance is purely the opinion of designers, and they're all Macbook using Hillary voters so you can safely ignore them.

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The anon i responded to implied that there was a way of "properly" configuring it.

Stop projecting your own brainlet ways, retard.

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I'm currently just using Noto Sans + the Manjaro font config somewhere on the manjaro wiki. I think it looks alright, but pls r8.

I haven't really noticed any differences between mine and other font rendering, so I haven't had to go full autist over it.


If you really wanna get autistic about it, but in my experience you're better off with infinality, or with the ttf update, you can get away with a good preconfig.

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It is annoyingly good to be fair, even my vanilla Ubuntu install is jelly.

Holy shit never noticed that before, maybe I'm just lucky. I only regularly use like four programs anyway.

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fug forgot pic

Higher DPI can make such a difference. I use the same font on my desktop and my phone, and it's like night and day. No amount of font configuring can ever make that kind of difference desu.

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Hello, /pol/

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>thought i didn't have my glasses on/10

Ubuntu 16.04, how fix

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Am i doin' it rite?

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Cleartype is pretty much chromatic aberration for text.

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thats what happens when you put a grey font over a gray background and try to apply rgba rendering.

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Any idea on how to fix it? I tried installing infinality but it didn't fix the fonts like the one in the picture.

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How do I improve font rendering in windows 7?

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terminus everywhere please

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did you configured infinality
iirc it needs a local.config in /etc/fonts

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sure upscaling on higher res is nice for fonts but i would still like nice font rendering on low DPI instead of scaling everything 200% on a high dpi.
My point is if i would have a 4k display i would like a bigger one and with 125-150% scaling with nice font config or something instead of scaling to 200%

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its not really fixable desu. the pinkish color comes out because its a not-to-dark-gray to not-so-bright-gray scale so the renderer is out of color depth to make it smooth imo. you could try switching to another theme, numix or something.

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eventually using gray subpixel rendering will not make it look so pinkish. Try what >>57499984
suggested too.

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People too poor to have high PPI argue about font smoothing

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I hadn't changed my style in /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh.
Now it works and it looks a bit better but still not the best. This is the win7 style.

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>As long as you can read it and is a decent font it's fine.

This is surprisingly difficult to pull off sometimes.

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bump for sanity

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Yes how the fuck do your fonts look so nice?

Is it bad that awesome font rendering is quite high up on my list of life goals right now? I'm not sure. I mean I use my computer so much (for work too) that it kinda balances out the amount of pathetic. Sort of. Maybe.

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simple faggot, you turn on chrome on Ubuntu, scale this shit up 300% and boom, macfags fucking mad

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also gimp-upscale linear the x close button to 43x43px on the right side , and paste it so its fucking sharp as fuck like >>57499759

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but seriously though its just plain ubuntu with new libfreetype6 from the infinality ppa (without the infinality fontconfig), and upscaling if you fancy it.

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H-how is it
W10 + Mactype

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me in Formerly looks like shit. also various spacings are shitty. Ubuntu (>>57500009
) beats that easy. Not to mention general blurriness

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Awesome, thanks.

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It's called pixel fonts

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Maybe start with something like FontStruct. Its pretty useful for quickly knocking out a pixel typeface.

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while i like terminus for the terminal, using a monospace font for UI looks bad. I would prefer a serif font to monospace.

>> No.57502168

>using a monospace font for UI looks bad.
that's just like, your opinion, man

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well maybe bad was a wrong word, but GUI needs to fit most shit into a smallest place and sans fonts are just more fit to it. Btw does anyone know whats that one X.org serif font called? I think its monospaced too, appeared once for me when i started purging all packages from my system for teh lulz on debian/gnome, looked kindof cool.

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but pixel fonts are the densest you can make readable text

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is this the font rendering thread

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they take much more place on GUIs than serif/sans fonts, pic related.
Granted they are much more readable when really really small, and my pic is not the best representation of what a well configured monospace font would look like (because unity) but it usually looks more/less like this when you read it. Sans/serif ttf can be hinted and cramped and stay readable.

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It is, and yours is fucking garbage, you brain damaged cross dressing mountain of faeces

>> No.57502548

>cant even spell 'feces' and expects anyone to take her seriously

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yes but you could make that pixel font smaller and it would still be readable

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haha owned

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true ,but sometimes you need a font that is X pixel high and takes little horizontal space. I get what you are trying to prove, that a good font is readable even when extremely small or from a distance, and you have right to like it that way, it just always looks off and hard on the eyes to me.

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>Why are you all obsessed with your good food?
>As long as you can eat it and it doesn't kill you, it's fine.

>> No.57503041

nothing wrong about this, contrary to what OP asked. Literally most of people eat shit food and live to old age , unless cancer/heart attack or stabbed/killed by a car.

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If it was bad for you they wouldn't be selling it to you!

>> No.57504905

>food analogy

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Anyone using custom MacType profiles?

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>"Eh, whatever. It works, I guess."
That kind of mentality is the arch enemy of good design. That type of shit is how you get Pixel.

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As resolutions climb and pixels get smaller font rendering will cease to be an issue

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what is a font resolution for low res low dpi ubuntu

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Meanwhile designers want “it doesn't work but it looks good”

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cleartype >>>>>>>>>>>>>> mactype

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How is this true at all

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Looks like super mario bros 3 world map

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Looks like my shitty font rendering

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Doesn't font rendering looking good depend entirely on the monitor you see it on?

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Rate mine.

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r8 r8 r8

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They look the same

>> No.57507030

Mine is DejaVu.

>> No.57507110

IMO It looks good on my xubuntu.

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Forgot the screenshot like the idiot I am

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anyone else find that liberation-sans renders better than noto?

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/g/ autism cannot be faked.

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>not using screenfetch -t
kys loser

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