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Anons i have problem with iphone 4 i wanna go into DFU Mode problem is my home button dont work... how to go DFU mode without home button?

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help me please

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Burn your iPhone then burn yourself.

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>bumping after less than 2 minutes
Who does this?

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this is dynamic forum mate why not
How to do DFU MODE WITHOUT HOME BUTTON come on guys

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You're obviously not ready to graduate from /b/ yet.
Go home newfriend, while you're still a friend.

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Probably someone from a fast board like /b/ or /v/.

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nah mate im old fag xD
I just need a help you get me?
why no one answer for my question?

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Because you're retarded and you should kill yourself.

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Im so sorry ;_;
but i need help why you not help me huh?
whats the fucking problem with it?
come on guys i need fix my mother phone
btw i can give picture of my gf tits come on faggots

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Because you're desperate and we love leading you on.

Let's see that feminine dick boio!

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Who is this semen demon?

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You are supposed to throw away your phone and buy a new one whenever apple comes out with a new one. Why would you hold on to a phone that Apple deliberately has made slow for years?

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I dont give fuck man xD
I just need a help and you and other friends should help me
this is my mother phone she dont need new this one was good but now is "iPhone is discabled.."

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Kill yourself.

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this is to easy way my friend xD

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So you don't want help then?
Okay :D

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when i kill myself i cant fix this phone you know
help me if you can

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Just buy a new phone.

This looks better and performs better than an iPhone 4 in almost every way.

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