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ITT: We recommend changes for others PC's and what we would like to change ourselves.

Me personally, I would like a new motherboard.

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How the fuck are you supposed to reccomend changes if you don't also state your use case?

Ffs op are you retarded?

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not sure if i want to get a 1050ti or get a better CPU

i only use this PC for second life

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that setup is fine for second life. 1050ti is going to be a side-grade.

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I want to replace my CPU cooler.
Once my Intel SSD gets terrible I want to replace it with a 512GB/1TB Samsung 850 pro and switch the 256GB to OS/application duty.

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I'm getting a SSD and a GPU soon. Debating between picking up a 970 or getting a RX 470

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Want another 1070, more/better SSDs and an i7.

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I fell for the 144hz meme and spent too much on the motherboard. If i hadn't been an idiot I would've bought a 6600k.

Otherwise i'm pretty happy with it, what do you guys think?

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it literally couldn't be any better.

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Just upgraded to Skylake from an i7 2600k, really impressed with this i3's performance. Got pic related motherboard CPU and DDR4 RAM for $150 from Micro Center. I would like to get an OC motherboard and eventually sell the i3 for an i5 but is Z170 the only chipset currently capable for overclocking?

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>Intel Processor @ 3.20GHz

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Speccy doesn't appear to detect broadwell-e properly. If you had a point to make, you didn't articulate it very well.

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Probably upgrade your monitors to 1440p? Can't think of anything 2bh.

Why not wait a while then pick up a used i5 or i7 from some pleb who upgraded after his motherboard died?

Replace your thermal paste bro.
Also probably pick up a cheap 1TB HDD to hoard data.

Get the 8GB 470, you won't regret having the vram in a couple of years.

>dual 1070
>1080p monitor
At least get 4k or 1440p 140hz first.

Why so many people not using hard drives anymore?

Also probably check if your mobo supports non k overclocking?

Get a CRT like a real man.

Lot of unkowns there.

Pretty sure b150 and h170 have limited oc capability, but double check that.

Alright now someone do me.

Cpu @ 4.1ghz, cbf getting a better cooler for 4.3

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Get a 1080.

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lets hear it boys

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Get a 1080

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i have a 1080

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Upgrade to Windows 7.

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Second life still exists?

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Upgrade to Windows 7.

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I`d upgrade to vista if software didn`t cock block it.

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>people still buy x70 cards
Just buy a x60 or x80. x70s are just gimped x80s.

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Build is about a year old. I fell for the AMD meme. It's been ok though. So far I've just added 8 GB of RAM and that's about it.

I need bigger SSD's and to start dual booting Linux

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ayy same monitor
fuck thats an awesome setup thats actually my dream build except for the 111gb ssd

as for mine motherboard and 3000mhz ram
and a xeon processor would be nice aswell ;^)

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I could do with a new processor.

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It`s actually a pretty well performing SSD overall for what it cost at the time. Sold as 120Gb, but you obvsiously never get what they claim. Use it as the boot drive. Want to get at least another 16gb of ram because muh quad channel, possibly more for ram caching. Though 16gb would likely be enough..Need a case, but can`t decide on one. Oh, and my GPU cost as much as my CPU+Motherboard combined. Amazingly low cost system for the performance.

If it weren`t for the sound card, I would swear I fucking knew you in person.280(x) or 290(x)?

That CPU:gpu pairing. WHat in the world, anon?

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I bought a new GPU for an old build but I still get ~100 fps on high settings so I don't really feel like upgrading. I might get a 6/7600k though.

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Just finished my sleeper, sitting pretty in an IBM Thinkcentre A50 from 2004, before they started adding that honeycomb mesh stuff to the front.
Made as cheaply as possible from my old system and parts that were on sale.
Also don't really need a 1080 and I'm fine with win10 as I have it.

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More ram, 144hz monitor, probably a 2nd hdd too

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I do have a second drive, but I overestimated the size of this case and can only fit in 1 + an ssd velcro-ed in at the moment, the other's in an external drive enclosure, I don't really use it as I still have more than 500gb on my 1tb drive.

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Secondlife benefits from a quadcore
I recommend a CPU upgrade to something like an i5 4460

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XFX 290. Not a bad card.

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>thinkcenter sleeper
My nigga

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gpu r9 280x

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My dude

never really liked the mesh thing going on on the newer ones, preferred the flatter old ones

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Really interest to know

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I want a SSD to run the OS on. A 1440p 144hz monitor as well, but I would have to upgrade my GPU as well and I just got a 1060.

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How badly is my CPU holding back my GPU?

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I'm fine with what I have currently but some games eat up a ton of VRAM so i'm probably upgrading my GPU in the future. Kinda want to replace my monitors with a good 1440p/4K IPS monitor and get more RAM in the future aswell.

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I fucking hate my motherboard, everything continuously crashes. Probably gonna go for

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*for an Asus one with Windows 7

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>dat waste

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need a new GPU (470 or 480, current 270X)
probably another SSD/HDD too

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>need a new GPU (470 or 480, current 270X)
>probably another SSD/HDD too

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Request advice
general 4chan machine

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I'd like a better CPU and faster internet speed. It currently is 15mbps down and 5mbps up. Otherwise PC does the job perfectly.

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Looks pretty solid for that purpose

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How does the hd 6900 series gpu run in todays gaming environment? I just got one used online for 30 dollars for a pc im building

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can get a new monitor so you can shitpost more efficiently

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I've got anons covered

>get a better monitor, you giant faggot
>get a ssd

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Mine, any thoughts ?

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The card is what, 3 generations old now? It'll show it's age even more so since yours is used.
Solid card though, won't die that easily.

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>2 Shitgate ST 2000
Enjoy your hard drive failure

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Rate away.
Another 2TB drive is imminent

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I'd like to throw a 1060 in there and get RAM with a higher clock speed, but no money for it.

Plus, I don't really need it either.

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I lost my job so I bought this and a 1440p 144Hz monitor too
What do I get next? almost everything looks like a dead end for upgradability, for now

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>What do I get next?
Common sense, this should enable you to learn how to take a screenshot

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>actually posting on /g/ using Winspy10
posted from my iPhone

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All in a Nzxt530 case with a h75 watercooler and the sli bridge is the optical one.

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watch, now he's gonna say that's his temps at idle

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>1600MHz DDR3
You made that setup to come in first place, and you failed

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Actually you can clock them up but I didnt bother. I dont need to
they are idle temps yes.

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Can someone explain to me why does every game I try to play run like shit no matter the settings? Is the PC that bad?
It was put together by idiots I guess.

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I know, I know. The GPU... I'm poor, okay?

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You need to clock bulldozer has high as you can however you aren't going to go very high on that motherboard.


Overclock everything.

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Too afraid of frying my CPU. And I think on demanding games it already overheats as it is.

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Use an anti-housefire fan™ and crank that shit up.

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Could use a new quadro and a swap SSD but out of sata connectors.

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CPU is sitting at 3.8GHz
GPU core is @ 785MHz, GPU mem @ 862MHz

If I clock the GPU higher I just BSOD.

Admittedly I don't need a crazy GPU because I'm only running a 1280x1024 CRT but I can't play SFV or DaS3 with the current setup.

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I guess it's not what this thread is all about, but you could recommend changes for a build that I'm thinking about buying!


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give it to me

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its shit my dudes

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>1080 for 1080p

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i like to crank settings my man

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Seeing how little developers optimize nowadays I don't blame him, some people don't get these cards to run higher resolutions, just to get more FPS.

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Could be 144Hz

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do me do meeee

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this is mostly my reason, i'd love 1440p but it'd mean i'd have to upgrade sooner anyways.
it isn't, but i have considered 144hz 1080p for the longest time

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>buying a gimped series
Other than that pretty good.

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Bought it for $400 4 years ago. Big regret.

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Some saltyness from anon there.

>> No.57484084


More voltage.

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I think mine is pretty alright. Maybe a better case, new graphic card, and more HDD.

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You are aware that as a rule 1080p is still cpu bound (in DX11)? There was a kernel of truth to Nvidia's boasting that the pascal titan is so fast no cpu can keep up.

>> No.57484192

I'm aware, but I don't think that'll change his opinion

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I want to get a better graphics card but I have no idea really about what is the best value for money or what stats are particularly important.

I was thinking of getting a GTX 1060, my budget is around £240.

>> No.57484247


Scan do a 6gb 1060 for that price range.

>> No.57484278

I don't the relative respectability of the different brands like EVGA, Gigabyte, Asus etc in terms of graphics cards.

Is there anyway to get an idea on how they differ?

I also found a cheap mini

I noticed the wattage required is low, is this just a stunted version of the actual card?

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probably buying an ssd soon (850 evo 250 gb)

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They are smaller versions yes, Designed to fit in smaller systems/cases and are not as good as the normal sized cards.

Brand wise EVGA generally come out top. There was an issue the other week with them but thats been sorted.
In saying that I previously had a Zotac and never had issues with it

>> No.57484307


>In saying that I previously had a Zotac and never had issues with it

Zotac also tend to make some of the highest clocked cards you can buy when they feel like it. Their AMP! lineup for maxwell (haven't looekd at pascal) often have higher clocks than anyone else. Their top AMP! 970 for example is as fast as a 980.

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I want to get a larger SSD. I thought I'd be OK with the small SSD because I don't usually keep a bunch of games installed at one time, but I'm pretty much out of space.

>> No.57484346

Even their 10-series GPUs have some of the highest core clock speed out of the competition. The only two higher clicked cards are by Galax and Gigabyte. And Gigabyte's is $100 more than the AMP! Extreme.

>> No.57484369

>10GB of RAM.
Explain this sorcery, please.

>> No.57484376

Thanks for the help, just one more question on looking up the specs of my motherboard


I have:
>1 x PCIe x16
>1 x PCIe x1
>2 x PCI

The cards says:
>PCIe 3.0 (x16)

I am unsure how to get more detailed information, are my slots acceptable? I don't know how to tell if they are "3.0"

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So many AMD + ATI combos ITT. Here's mine.
I wouldn't want to change a thing, but if you disagree be my guest.

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File: 21 KB, 485x411, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Yes thats boards fine & the slots are ok for any gpu

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File: 34 KB, 659x524, 2016-11-12 16_51_31-Piriform Speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw laptop

>> No.57484548


>So many AMD + ATI combos ITT

That is because sometimes /g/ isn't retarded and plays it smart.

>> No.57484646

Upgrade from BackDoors 10 to a better OS.

>> No.57484655

Sorry for the question, but what programming is everyone using here?

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I'll pass.
It's pretty comfy without botnet or bloat.

You mean the program used to collect and display PC specifications?
Piriform Speccy.

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Thinking of upgrading my mobo, cpu and a new set of 32gb ram.

Cant decide between 1080 vs 1080ti

>> No.57484984

>Windows 10
>without botnet
So this is the power of placebo.

>> No.57485057

Unless M$ infiltrated multiple independent routers to never display their traffic I'd say it works.
But let's not derail the thread.

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What should I upgrade /g/?
I've just bought an RX 480 because my 290X can't handle the dual 4K screens banter

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>4gb 1080

>> No.57485819


Since when is a 480 an upgrade from a 290x?

>> No.57485850

You did good. i5 6600K is meme

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r8 me /g/

>> No.57485914

the 290X has 1 DP 1.2 and 1 HDMI 1.4, which means it cannot do 2 4K screens at 60Hz (which is why one of mine is running at 30Hz)

The 480 doesn't have this issue

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