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4790k @4.7ghz & 4.4ghz cache pushing 1.31v adaptive.

Temps are looking good, AIDA64 Extreme for 1 hour, averaging 60C with a H110i

It idles around 25C, gaming its about 50C.

Am I looking good or is 1.31v too high?

>Post your OC's.

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Nice man. Thats insane. I got my 4790k up to 5ghz today, but had to push my voltage to 1.51v. Scary as it was my first real attempt at overclocking.

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G3258 @ 6GHz

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Lol what

But seriously 7ghz? Is that shit stable? How are you cooling it?

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dat sweet, sweet 2500k

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can't push much more without a crash

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I will use this until it explodes and then I hope there will be a feacible AMD desktop cpu at the market. It's nice how well pretty old computer still works for me as I don't do professional e-sports, ultra-high-definition video editing etc.

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can any of you please tell me if this OC is OK?

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>4.4ghz cache

1.3V is fine for 4.7GHz. Probably about average or slightly better.

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you can oc the cache but i dont think it actually improves performance

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That's weird. Cache and core clock speeds should ideally be synchronized.

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i7 4790k [email protected]
My Buttfenix Prodigy M case PC is real dirty tho. Has pet hairs cake layered on dust filters and always on 24/7 with Noctua PPC fans. I gotta spring clean the shit out of it later.

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