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Speccy thread? Speccy thread.

What went wrong with my brand new $900 build lads?

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>windows 10 home
>windows 10 pro
>computer illiterates too retarded to pirate the far superior Enterprise LTSB edition

enjoy your spyware.

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Try installing newest nvidia drivers on LTSB and get back to me.

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That was $900?

I built a 6700k + 1070 rig for under $1150 recently, wish I waited until Black Friday because I probably could've squeezed it under a grand.

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I already did.

>NvTmRep.exe has attempted to connect to the internet
>NvProfileUpdater64.exe has attempted to connect to the internet

why would you allow any program on your computer to access the internet without your permission?

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My 1060 says the same. It's speccy. Under your nvidia software its labeled correctly

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I think he's talking about the Nvidia drivers being not install-able on the LTSB 2015 edition. You'll get an error message if you try to install the newest drivers for Pascal cards on 2015.

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so did nvidia fixed pascal drivers so they run on 10240 build not only on 1511+ build? If so i'm reinstalling this shit right now.


Fuck your dumb ass for installing that experience bullshit

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the nvidia spyware is included in the drivers themselves now, I never installed geforce experience.

also read his speccy again. you need Enterprise 2016 LTSB. get with the current year grandpa.

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You can upgrade the 2016 version over the 2015 version with setup.exe from the newest iso. It's a seamless upgrade and you get to keep all your files and settings.

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Where did you get your iso for LTSB? I found a torrent for one and tested it in a VM and it seems fine, but it still makes me nervous not using Microsoft's iso

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>Windows 8

most of the botnet of Windows 10 with none of the DX12.

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Piratebay "Generation 2" version.

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Check the hash of the ISO with MSDN.

https://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/downloads/hh442898.aspx#searchTerm=windows 10 ltsb&ProductFamilyId=0&Languages=en&PageSize=10&PageIndex=0&FileId=0

Alternatively, search the file name that page shows and you can find direct downloads to it (still, check the hash after).

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MD5: e39ea2af41b3710682fe3bbdac35ec9a
SHA-1: 031ed6acdc47b8f582c781b039f501d83997a1cf

doesn't matter where you get it, just check the hash.

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What is the difference from 15 to 16? If I'm installing fresh should I just go 2016 to begin with?
I'm using an AMD card so Nvidia's drivers don't concern me

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I'm pretty sure that's the one I had and the hash didn't match. Mine might have been modified though.

Thank you, anons

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I think the 2015 version is Windows 10 RTM (1507) so pretty old by now.

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all these 60hz people

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>using windows 10

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Just get the newest version for less pain.

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Intel HD Graphics
> top kek

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When will this meme die?

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Muh gayming pc.

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Your CPU is from some trash tier batch

My 4690K runs at 4,4Ghz on like 1.15v

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Once I save up some money I am building an i5/1060 rig I think

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Yes it is. I got a fucking lemon. Wanted to do OC it a bit further but at this point I'll just get marginal increments.

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we know ur ip now faggot

fear us

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Geting an AMD Radeon R7 350x tomorrow

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Its a laptop...
Also, enjoy your Windows 10 experience ;)

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>1366x768 laptop
>criticizing others for anything

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boy you're really mad
>thinkpad mustard base reporting in

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shut the fuck up andrew

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as soon as Vulkan stops being a meme and actually outperforms DX12.

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Expecto patronus.

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im so sick of poorfags shitting up the thread if you dont have an i7 then dont even bother posting ffs

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pls no bully

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>sharing your ip
>in 4chan

enjoy your DDOS

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>amd cpu
>nvidia gpu

literally the worst combination

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feel the red-volution jewcucks

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to be fair his gpu is so shit it doesnt matter

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>doble canale
u some kind of mexican?

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>not using windows 10

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So are Zen fags ever going to turn up in these threads like ever?

I hope so boy'o

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Lol not even him but there isn't much you guys can do, it's a university IP. Maybe Andrew isn't so stupid.

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4ghz? laym

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Rate my aged like-fine-wine build

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Just installed a GTX 1070.
Finished the build a year ago, but I've been waiting for the 1070/1080 line to get cheap enough.

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$900 could have got you a 1080! What the fuck for $400 you could build something with more power

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Temps are bit high because I was unarchiving JAV collection.

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Shit specs

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I was about to tell them I am on university Internet and it takes a new one every 15 minutes....

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Yea lol they are stupid.

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Nothing new.

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Left & mid: deep learning rigs
Right: chink laptop

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archey -s screenshots you know

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Only if you have the scrot dependency.

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>Not Windows 7 Ultimate
Like you're one to talk

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Whats the deep learning rig for? Personal stuff or work/education?

Also what type?

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sub par?

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>installed pirated software on your computer
>worried about spyware
Good one.

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Will someone get upset at this again?

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Wena ql

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>doesn't know how to check a checksum

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I feel it!

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Year after year I can't come up with a reason to upgrade this thing, even though it's older than dirt.

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I'm trying but failing to understand that drive compliment.

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spooky / 10

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>we know ur ip now faggot
>fear us
What has happened to /g/
You see a reserved IP and still thing you can do anything? Being in x.x.254.x you can make the assumption its a company network. So he'd be in a vlan with 0 access to anything.
Track my IP please

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GPU is Fury X from XFX.

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werks for me, though :^)

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>and still thing you can do anything?
Anything but spell-check, yes.

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cool computer

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was a good price

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I doubt I'll be upgrading my processor anytime soon.

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Now you have to tell me how you got Speccy to show your overclock and voltage.

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I bought a desktop with 8GB of RAM and an i7-2600k for $80 CAD, do you think I could resell it to make profit or should I just keep it?

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can u post the cpu and board to me pls

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You could grab a a cheap X6 on Ebay, and then grab either an RX 480 or GTX 1060 on Newegg. The upgrade would be pretty significant for around $250-$300.

OC the CPU, put a decent "VR ready" GPU in it, stress test the fuck out of it, and sell it for $800 in a fancy GAYMEN case with garish red LED fans. It'd probably outlive a brand new Dell "gaming" PC...

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I just bought a 1440p 144hz g sync monitor, I can't think of anything left to upgrade, am I set after my monitor gets here?

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Don't tell me you have a video cable plugged into your mobo

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>> No.57448714

Well I could push it more but I'm comfortable giving more volts to it.

>> No.57448718

Fuck.. I meant that I'm not comfortable giving it more volts

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Cpu is i7-2600k, the board I'm not sure (I don't have a keyboard so I can't really use the computer right now) but it's an Intel motherboard

>> No.57449128

It should be fine up to around 1.3v, but it's your chip.

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r8 pls

>> No.57450222

run of the mill gamer build

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how did you spend that much money on those?

>> No.57450393

lmao poor

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You're so fucking retarded I don't even know where to start

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im not a windows user so no speccy

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I got my new PC 4 weeks ago. Did I do it right?

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r8 m8s

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looks alright to me anon. why no 1920x1080 though?

>> No.57452793


No money left, but more importantly, it wouldnt fit my desk. Stupid, I know.

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Why's HWMonitor picking up such a ridiculous figure on the temp? Nothing's OC'd and I've got decent airflow I'd say. A bit cramped, possibly but shouldn't be this bad.

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Meh, gotta do what you gotta do. I have a 22'' that works well. Cost me about $180CA.

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What would be a good upgrade to my GPU? i don't want to go with something in the 900 series because for the money, I think it would be better to go with a 10 series. Just mostly worried about my mobo being compatible. I feel that my processor can probably handle a bit more than what i have right now.

>pic not related

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