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Macbook Pro still functions after being dropped from a helicopter at 1000 feet. How will PC fags ever recover?


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yea but can you use wifi and a USB device at the same time with it?

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Not the point of the thread

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so you can't use wifi and a USB device at the same time, and you can't do anything with it without an adapter, and it has no functionality what so ever

but at least you can drop it 1000 feet from a fucking low flying Cessna which is unlikely to ever happen because you don't know how to fly single prop planes, you blew all your money on a MBP so you don't have the money for a plane, and you can't drop it out of a jet at 38000 feet either, not that you could afford a ticket on an airliner because its too expensive becuase you blew all your money on a MBP

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Wait, what?

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Being able to throw macbook pro form a helicopter and having it still work is more important for macfags than having usb slots?

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how fucking useful if I need to off Mexicans in the desert from my chopper and ran out of sniper ammo

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I'll make sure to not drop my pc from an helicopter

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thinkfags btfo

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go to 3:20

he tries to use a USB camera and wifi at the same time and the computer cuts off power to the wifi card because it doesn't have enough power to use all its ports and devices at the same time

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Finally I can buy a computer which can survive being dropped from 1000 feet high. This happens to me all the time and they are always breaking... Thanks for letting me know OP :^)

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>PC fags
>Implying MBP is not a pc.
It's still not a toughbook.

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Not impressive. Just about anny laptop with a SSD and a fanless design would have survived with similar damage.

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>he doesn't know about the wifi/usb problem

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>Macbook Pro

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Why is their a guy riding a bike indoors. You cali rich people are crazy !!

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