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So now that Trump is going to win what can we expect of privacy and net neutrality? Are we gonna be alright?

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ctr shills are on /g/ too?

trump will win

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Better than if we were with Hillary.

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Fuck off back to /pol/ Jesus Christ.

But he'll be 100% better than Hillary, a 69 year old woman who thinks /b/-tier memes are people trying to incite racial hatred.

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>Trump winning
>you being a shill

pick 2

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>Accepting that Trump's chances of winning are slim = ctr shill

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He will stop large telecom mergers and give us more choices. Comcast is running scared right now

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Where did you find this? Genuinely curious since everywhere is saying shillary is narrowly ahead

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its fake

drumpf has no chance

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fuck you, faggots. you can't deport me.

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this poll was one of few which accurately predicted the 2012 election FYI


kys ctr shill

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>Donald "we need to call Bill Gates to shut down the internet" Trump

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> privacy
Privacy is just a meme 2bh
> net neutrality
Also a meme.
www.mykittentumblr12345.WordPress.tumblr.com shouldn't gave the same connection rate as important sites as YouTube or even Pandora

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I see a dumbfuck who does not know what he's doing

And I see a witch that knows exactly what she's doing

I find the latter scarier. I'm sorry.

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Trump is not gonna win I have insider information that Hillary Clinton is gonna win I don't need to prove it I mean they're showing you to your face she's gonna win but I work in IT have access to shit you guys wouldn't believe.
I mean not like I couldn't fake the shit and claim it's legit.

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>Privacy is just a meme 2bh
Even though it isn't.

>tfw China makes the inflation great again

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>The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times "Daybreak" poll tracks about 3,000 eligible voters until election day, asking on a regular basis about their support for Hillary Clinton
>3,000 voters only
>This much indecision and second guessing reflected in the graph
>Not fabricated
/pol/tards being gullible and retarded yet again.

>kys ctr shill
>everyone who disagrees with me is a shill!


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Vote for me you fucking losers

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LOL seriously, does it matter? He is gonna bulldoze all the niggers and spics into the pacific

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Memery aside, either candidate is pretty fucking bad on the internet as far as this board is concerned. Hillary has called for a Manhattan Project level project to break encryption, and Trump's position on net neutrality is obvious.

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>CTR shills

Kind funny considering how hard OP is shilling Trump here

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Anyone is deluded if they don't think Hillary will go after the internet after all the grief the hackers and Pepe gave her these past few years. The internet needs to be controlled and censored from a leftists viewpoint

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netneutrality is a trojan horse.

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HRC and DJT are the worst for America and /g/. What we need is Julian Assange & Edward Snowden to take the oval office.

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The funnies part is
Few hours ago Trump wife had official statement. She said tah she will end internet bully.

It will be ridiculous to watch how trump will kill 4chan at the end

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i read the methodology. 1/2 were participants from '08 polls. 1/3 were participants from '12 polls.
>i.e. many are the same people they always poll

Its the same people, over and over again, quite odd.

Its a panel, not cross sectional.

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did i really need to look at the name?
Just like the tranny known as Michelle promised no sodas and health food in schools?

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I think Trump is gonna be just fine for us. His intentions are to strip down many of the overbearing alphabet agencies, which can only mean good things for us (i.e. the removal of govt agencies that make stealing from the people a "legit" business)

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Annnd the thread is derailed.

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those are oversampled polls of Democrats

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WTF I love Trump now.

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The soda machines at my school had 4 buttons for mt dew and they were refilled twice a day.

If they took that shit away a good chunk of the school would go through bipolar rage tier withdrawls. I still don't understand how that shit can give you coke tier withdrawls.

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I hope all redditshits go back to plebbit once the elections are over.

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>first thing Hillary does as president is try to pass legislation that gives authorities the right to shut-down or otherwise block sites that promote "hateful and devisive rhetoric."
>passes the "Unity Act" that creates a public database of people who've posted "hateful, racist bigoted" message on social media sites.
>business can look your name up in a public registry and see you called Da'quan a nigger on twitter 2 years ago and deny you employment
>an entire generation of white men are unable to secure jobs outside sanitation

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agreed, mostly. I have seen something of a push for internet id's. The internet is too powerful for politicians, it has to be controlled somehow and brought down.

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Let's just throw away any sentiment right off that bat that Hillary has any consideration for the well-being of anything or anybody but herself and the globalist establishment. She is actively against every one of us (unless George Soros is lurking in the thread)

With that said, as a pretty strong Trump supporter, I must admit net neutrality and digital privacy are major concerns for me in considering a Trump presidency. He already doesn't have a great record; has said Snowden should be executed, iPhones should have backdoor, etc. Trump openly admits he doesn't know shit about technology, and his only real experience is using twitter on his phone, and even half the time he just has an assistant tweet things for him. I think Trump is a good man, with American, and human interests in mind, but his science and technology platform will be entirely dependent on whoever is advising him. I think it would be very easy to manipulate his ignorance, into a disastrous policy platform.

Just remember, Hillary's eldercare policy for Syria(see 'no fly zone') would nearly guarantee (nuclear) war with Russia. Yeah Trump could continue fucking us, just as Bush and Obama have, but so will hillary. Trump at least doesn't hate us.

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*declared policy** not "eldercare"

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Lol no. Under Trump, it's actually going to get a lot worse.

Both are absolute shit-tier (and if you suck either of their cocks, you should move to Haiti just to stay out of the first world forever), but privacy is the one issue that Trump is actually worse than Hillary.

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Trump has a saving grace though, he LISTENS to the people. While he may not know shit about tech, he has great people advising him that do. I really trust him not to do anything stupid (*cough* Obama ICANN) under the table without consulting the populace.

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Haiti eh. I think the people there know a thing or two about the Clintons....

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>Based on 3,004 respondents

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>mentioning icann

go back to /pol/ where everyone will play along with you having no idea what you are talking about

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explain to me the motivation behind icann. Not sarcastic, I'd genuinely like to know.

Is it bad? Is it not bad but has the potential to be bad?

How does the previous holder, USA, benefit? Is there any benefit at all?

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>he LISTENS to the people
Are you fucking serious?
It's a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder.

*Essentially* he only listens to himself. He pretends to listen to the people, to find out what they want to hear, so as to use this to manipulate them like a proper demagogue.

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You won't shake my alignment one bit by spazzing out like a retarded liberal. I'm far too well informed on this entire election to give one solitary fuck about your 'rhetoric'.

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>diagnosing someone you've never met
>diagnosing someone without a doctorate in the appropriate field

Well, hey, you're a textbook case of "dumbass."

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we never fucking owned it or had real control, it was already determined to be more or less a 'world' type of ownership. we never fucking owned the internet even though we created it, this change was literally nothing.

it was just tried to be spammed here and elsewhere by fucking idiots unaware of how the internet already worked

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She did "revamp" the school lunch system as I was on my way out.

They weren't allowed to serve bread that wasn't multi-grain (even in pizza and breadsticks), and anything with sugar in it was made zero calorie.

If the intention was to get me to pack my lunch, it worked.

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What liberal mate, liberals are the scum of earth and the whole republican party is very very liberal: po-market, pro-corporation and anti-regulation.

Trump himself is a fucking corporate for fuck's sake, capitalising on the free markets and using every means possible to increase his wealth. You can't get more liberal than that.

>You won't shake my alignment one bit
I don't blame you. Demagogue tricks obviously work. Demagogues are routinely described as trustworthy, charismatic and charming, a testament to the efficacy of their tactics.

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I'm not convinced. If it was nothing, why spend the hours drawing up the agreement, discussing it with other nations, and passing it via executive order.

If something is worthless, why spend time on it. If the USA did not benefit, then why was such a deal committed to?

It raises more questions than it answers.

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obviously using the word 'liberal' was a mistake, there are cronies and cucks in both parties.

Unless you are accusing him of illegal practices, then you are hammering on the guy for being a successful businessman. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Lets say there are 10 businessmen, all in the same situation with the same prospects. All adhere to the same tax code. All have the same opportunity to 'abuse' that tax code, where such abuse is perfectly legal.

The one that doesn't will be outperformed by the ones that do.

You may not like the rules, you may not like the players. Dollars and cents.

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>wanting to eat mud cookies
>wanting to drown in a hurricane
>wanting even more corrupt government
>wanting to be DR's Mexico

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Not that anon but no it doesn't raise more questions than it answers. It's something which has been legally ambiguous that's finally bubbled up to the top of the list of "things to deal with". That's literally it.

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>Why would the media make things out to be closer then they really are

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That may be so, by I've yet to read one single thing that objectively shows it was a good decision.

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Not even if it was discovered on the day of the election that Hillary created ISIS would it change the outcomem go smoke fumes somewhere else /pol/

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The best thing the media could do for Hillary's campaign is make it look like Trump could actually win.

Most dems and some repubs are hardly voting for Hillary, they're voting against Trump. Fear of Trump winning will drive higher voter turnout.

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He's anti-net neutrality

Bernie was our best hope

>> No.57376120

Cos it was barely a decision.
>Shall we make this international thing legally international?
The only people making any fuss are people who don't understand what it was.

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They're gonna all fucked up


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>Lets say there are 10 businessmen, all in the same situation with the same prospects.
The problem is, these businessmen were more or less in the same situation 300 years ago, not now.
Now we're dealing with the great-great-great granchildren of those businessmen, that still run the family business, only with 300 years of former successes or failures added up. The businessmen are no longer equal, at least the top level ones, and as the ability to create money rises exponentially with your already established wealth, the situation is self-sustained and relatively stable, kinda unlikely to change.

In practical terms for instance, Trump (and other magnates I'm sure) managed to unilaterally cut the amount he owned (and had signed contracts for), because he threatened to outsue his contractors to bankruptcy.

And yeah obviously I hate the system, not the players.

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no. Nothing is done for no reason. You, my friend, are full of shit. You have no idea what it is, and what the implications of ICANN will be.

And yet, you spread bullshit with hive mentality to be accepted by the group.

"hahahaha" look at that guy he questions the group what an idiot. Fuck off mate. I don't know whether it was good or bad, and I won't believe shit until I can prove it to myself.

I suggest you do the same.

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I think he's probably the worst option honestly. He seems like the kind of person that would demand congress draft up a law to forbid the FCC from "interfering" in the "free" "market" of the internet if he became president.

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>So now that Trump is going to win

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Bernie Sanders is so pro net neutrality, his face is probably on dart boards in Verizon and Comcast offices across the nation. In 2014, he gave a fiery Senate speech in support of reclassifying broadband under Title II, even saying that fast lanes “were grotesquely unfair.” Sanders also led an effort to go after fraudulent cable and broadband pricing, and he’s openly stated that Broadband access “is a necessity, not a luxury.”

The Vermont senator’s own $1 trillion infrastructure plan is the closest of any candidate’s promise to the American Society of Civil Engineer’s own $3.6 trillion estimate needed to repair America’s deteriorating infrastructure by 2020. (However, some economists have questioned the Sanders campaign’s math.) Of that large chunk of change, Sanders would spend $5 billion a year for five years improving connectivity and speeds in the US. The only question is whether Sanders can pass such a costly plan without Republican interference.


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Not like it'd change anything, the FCC lets comcast fuck you murrikans up the ass instead of suing them for a billion goybucks for costumer abuse.

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>tfw to intelligent to use the internet

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for every person that started out rich, and became successful, there are 1000s that pissed their fortunes away.

I bet you can list several people in your own life that had all the advantages in the world, but 0 heart. 0 will.

The man started out with 10 mil, and now he's nearly 10 bil. That's impressive dude. The man is smart. He's also human, and makes mistakes. But he always came back to succeed.

I really like him.. I think theres a lot the average joe could learn from his attitude and willpower.

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>I won't believe shit until I can prove it to myself.
You're gonna spend your life pretty confused then my friend.

>> No.57376221

I might never know. But I'll be damned if I take part in the arrogance that comes with shitposting my opinion on things I can't speak intelligently about

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>the "Trump is pro privacy and net neutrality" meme is still being shilled on your favorite technology board

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Trump will be a lot better than Clinton, who used a personal e-mail account to share classified info. To all my Trump bros, thanks for not being a pussy on Nov 8.

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If your so fucking dense that you can't come to your own conclusion then your fucked. If you actually gave 2 shits about you'd go look it up you fucking cunt. I explained to you the gist. You want to believe there's a conspiracy and your too scared to find out because you know you'll be wrong and i'll be right. Fuck yourself and the kill yourself fuckstick.

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"trump will win"

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That's the correct chart. Any reason chances of winning increased lately? I like the 85:15 better.

>> No.57376549

>being this delusional

>> No.57376561

I really hope net neutrality gets canned, makes no sense to me, everyone jumps on board because neutrality couldn't be a bad thing

>> No.57376578

thank you for correcting the record

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Be prepared for the great firewall of America.

>> No.57376634

> I don't understand it so get rid of it

>> No.57376642

why even try

>> No.57376658

Net Neutrality I don't think he'll pay much mind to, but he'll almost certainly want greater surveillance powers.

>> No.57376687

He's not a good libertarian candidate but he can at least win some recognition for his party and increased funding for the next election.

Note that the graph only reflects his chances of winning not his overall popularity. In some states he hovers around 10%, which is pretty good for a minor party. He's actually popular enough to act as a spoiler for either of the two main candidates.

>> No.57376772

he'll be forgotten about in 2.5 weeks

>> No.57376788

He cant even manage to "listen" during the debates. It appears to be a physical struggle when he genuinely tries to. But most of the time he is just too eager to interupt

> "No No"
> "Wrrrong"

>> No.57376790

Fuck you buddy, fucking telecom plant.

>> No.57376841

>American politics aren't actually about politics, just about who can hide their criminal background best and spouts the best memes

what a time to be alive

>> No.57376859

Trump listens to what he wants to hear, he actually takes criticism really poorly.

He acts like a giant babby.

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No he won't, he'll lose and accuse the clinton campaign of "stealing" or "cheating", and then will take all of his retarded followers and buy HSN network and turn it into trumptv

>> No.57377431

>net neutrality
Nice memes Hillary

>> No.57377979

expect NSA cuckery to worsen and net neutrality to get canned

>> No.57378071

Trump and Hillary are both terrible. They both want state mandated backdoors in encryption, and they will both continue to increase the power of the surveillance state, just like Obama and Bush.

Trump even said that he wanted Snowden executed for upholding his oath to defend the constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic.

>> No.57378103

>(((Net neutrality)))

>> No.57378198

I'm gonna need some sources on that.

>> No.57378216

The most ironic part, he readily and willingly uses stolen information provided by the same website Snowden did his releases. Can't really blame he candidate for being a charlatan and bufoon since it is gus profesion, but i do blame all the idiots that can't see through his bullshit--the real suckers of the election.

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>mfw all the /g basement manlets get drafted to Syria to help ISIS.
Keep shilling Hillary you beta faggots.

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As your average Trump-tard, I have very little knowledge about his platform but I hold the firm belief that he stands for everything I stand for even if that goes against statements he's made in the past. Therefore, Trump's America will be a privacy haven.

>it is literally impossible for someone to disagree with me without having ulterior motives
When will you fucking idiots take your medication?

>Trump wants to shut down all terrorist communications channels
>Hilary Clinton made no statement for or against Internet spying
>Obviously we're better off with Trump
Refer to the first part of my post.

>> No.57378443

If Trump had used private servers for classified information, /pol/tards would have been kissing his ass for showing contempt for state secrecy. But because Hilary did it, she's literally Hitler.

>> No.57378451

He wants to make the internet a utility so it can't be capped and can't be shut off for no reason

>> No.57378498

So? G would be good again and no v fags would be here cuz it'll take a private DNS to get here

>> No.57378585

> 2 months before election of Obama, Bush corresponds with him. Signing Obama as "Mr President"
> About 2 months ago, Obama says Trump won't be president on a TV show
Make what conclusions you will from this

>> No.57378625

lol enjoy your thought police and twitter monitoring 24-7 I am from a country ruled by a similar bully and there is no way you are getting off this ride any time soon.

>> No.57378664

I am concluding that you're a retard willing to take anything as a clue that the system is rigged.

>> No.57378683

90% of the country will vote for Trump.

We'll be fine.

>> No.57378857

I took leaked emails on wikileaks as a clue. More reliable that your dumb ass.

>> No.57378859

My grandma said so.

>> No.57378886

I know this post won't matter, but screw it.
Donald Trump is like that guy who sits at a bar and makes up tons of bullshit stories. Problem is, half the country actually believes him because they've been brainwashed by Rupert Murdoch's media empire that every non-conservative media company is in some vast conspiracy to lie to you.
His success is based on being too-big-to-fail, but you should realize that the United States is not too big to fail. If we put an insane retard like Trump in office, we will fall like Rome fell. Difference between the United States and Rome is that there are plenty of other developed nations which will happily take our place when it happens.
I find it amusing that one of the biggest perpetrators of pay-for-play politics (who even bragged about doing it), effectively rigging the political system in his favor, is now crying about the election being rigged (so long as he loses, that is).
And don't forget he actually asked a foreign power to commit acts of espionage against other American citizens; his political opponents. You may hate Clinton and the democrats, but those remarks should be considered treasonous.
And the twitter shit...holy hell. It really should be a rule that anyone running for or holding political office should not be allowed to have social media accounts. It's just a narcissistic shitfest and it distracts from whats really important.
But the biggest reason of all as to why Donald Trump is a bad choice is because he has not held political office before. President of the United States should not be your first political office. I understand that Donald Trump doesn't know shit about anything and is going to depend heavily upon advisors. You probably know that too. But the President is supposed to be the person who can weigh the options and make important decisions. I don't want a loudmouthed village idiot who struck it big by swindling people out of their money to be the leader of the free world.

>> No.57378920

It's the conclusions you draw for them that are retarded.

>> No.57378939

A single contextless email. Great job bro.

>> No.57378972

Well considering hillary wants a nuckear war with Russia anything will be better

>> No.57378987

Time to consider suicide

>> No.57378999

>Hilary Clinton made no statement for or against Internet spying
I am sorry what? Both candidates are god awful on this front. Have some light reading.

News sources:

Hell, her own site:

>"....Hillary rejects the false choice between privacy interests and keeping Americans safe. She was a proponent of the USA Freedom Act, and she supports Senator Mark Warner and Representative Mike McCaul’s idea for a national commission on digital security and encryption...."


>> No.57379357

>it's a ameritards don't realise that both candidates are shit and the usa and quite possibly the world economy is fucked episode

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>> No.57380060

Maybe Americans, at least the ones able to tell the difference between a potato and a tomato, know this but since their political voting system is corrupt beyond repair, they're (and I hate to say it) trying to pick the least-smelly bowl of shit.

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That's a very nice meme

>> No.57380116 [DELETED] 

"We're going to open up libel laws"

Yeah, we're good.

>> No.57380421

why the fuck would we get privacy and net neutrality under trump?

he doesn't care about that shit and neither do the people voting for him.

even if he did care do you think the POTUS can actually just click his fingers and make these things a reality?

fuck off

>> No.57380436

have you even seen the internet in the last 12 months? it's blind fanaticism on both sides, facts such as the one you pose do not influence this one iota.

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File: 126 KB, 903x619, KPKsZxpMvaBqBukElB0V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>my tripcode has trump's name in it but you're the shill

>> No.57381372

>he LISTENS to the people.
believing this shit, stop being retarded, /pol/ washed your brains, he doesn't give a shit about you or anything else.

>> No.57381425

>implying you wouldn't sacrifice 4chan if it meant showing those leftist the true meaning of fascism.

>> No.57381451


you guys are pathetic

>> No.57381481


But he didn't, and she did.

>> No.57381504


>> No.57381512

the deep state will be very hard to eliminate

>> No.57381513
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>implying sane people would sacrifice for a degenerate of questionable intelligence

>> No.57381528

That's what makes him great. If the globalists order him to do something and he fucks it up on purpose (or not) he has the excuse of
>hurt durr you knew I'm retarded

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What color is who.
in my country, red is used for lefties and blue for righties.

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>> No.57381614

I try my best to not think Jews are fucking over whites but they have a knack of always proving me wrong.

>> No.57382134

>trump will kill 4chan

nigga, 4chan gave the biggest support to Trump

>> No.57382215

Do you honestly believe your retarded memes matter to them in any way? Your priorities are nowhere on this person's radar.

>> No.57382238

Think for a second which candidate has been affected most by Internet freedom and you've got your answer.

>> No.57382264

Why /g/ so cucked?

>complains about pajeet stealing his job
>goes out and vote for Hillary

>> No.57382279

Hillary funded by same money as isis fraction magic is how they will steal election anyway we can lock them out of this program so the polls will run off votes?

>> No.57382287


>> No.57382297

The clintons are also responsible for sending jobs to china. Removing tariffs, making trade deals, globalisation wasn't a natural process- it was crafted. And the clintons got millions and millions of dollars from the chinese in the 90s.

>> No.57382332

"I had to hide my erection as I left the election booth" said Rupert Humphreys

A tear dropped down my face, a drip of cum dropped down my leg. I had just voted Hillary. I had just voted for my country to be subjugated by 196 other countries. Yet I entered the polling booth fully intending to vote Trump. Why you ask?

I entered the polling booth, was about to tick Trump. Then I looked at the Hillary option. At first I was angry that such an option existed. Angry that we had to vote on whether to be an independent country. Angry that some people would even consider voting for her.

I asked myself why people would vote no to being a country. I put myself in their shoes. That's when it happened. I noticed myself getting an erection for no reason. The more I imagined myself voting remain, the larger the erection grew. I imagined $350 million a week being transported to China and it grew yet more. I imagined unelected UN bureaucrats deciding American fiscal, social and health policies and my cock began to bulge with one of the firmest erections I've ever had.

I closed my eyes, ticked one of the boxes. Opened my eyes. I had voted Hillary. I put my voting ballot in the box and walked out, the tears dripping from my face, the cum down my leg.

Later that night when I saw the result of the election, I immediately came, then started crying. The day after I bought a chastity cage which I wear to this day.

My name is Rupert Humphreys. I am American; I am a cuckold.

>> No.57382350


TL;DR fantasy writing


The main question is are we gonna be alright so now this is a /pol/ thread in disguise since no tech needs to be discussed

>> No.57382362
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>> No.57382437
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Even the cucked, liberal mouthpiece BBC's poll is showing them as neck and neck now. It's literally happening, friend.


>> No.57382444

Go back to Tumblr faggot

>> No.57382460

Hillary literally gave an entire speech on Pete you retard

>> No.57382461
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>trump is going to win
please explain in detail why you think fivethirtyeight's statistical models are wrong

>> No.57382468

The polls generally assume that turnout among different demographics will be the same as in 2004-2012 when the primaries have shown that not to be true.

>> No.57382469

Monster vote.

>> No.57382488

Please explain why you think that one specific source is reliable because it agrees with your world view, at the expense of all others, such as >>57382437

>> No.57382492

You're gonna use the guy who's been wrong at every turn this election cycle? Ok

>> No.57382503


>> No.57382536
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>> No.57382545
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because he's been wrong this entire time

>> No.57382580

>we will fall like Rome fell
You've already fallen, my friend. I mean, I'm a fucking indian, and you guys poke fun of me and my terrible country every day - that's irrelevant right now. Caucasian people are angry at themselves for some reason. Everybody else abuses that guilt and you get the mess that is the contemporary USA.

>Countries are born stoic and die epicurean.
Where are your stoics, my friend? You're totally epicurean by now, my friend.

>> No.57382589

Trump's name is literally a synonym of win.

>> No.57382605

A highly intellectual Trump would be the dream candidate.


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