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No Speccy Thread, so here you go.

I built my desktop back in 2012 and haven't touched it since. Only just now is it starting to become noticeably weaker with newer games.

I'm really only interested with 1080p at this point in my life and along with a much better case I'm going to buy a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

Is this a good buy for my needs and should I upgrade anything else? Maybe the motherboard?

Thanks for your help guys.

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No reason to upgrade anything else desu

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Thanks senpai, that's what I was hoping to hear

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Why everytime I type to be honest in short form it becomes desu? 太莫名其妙了

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1060 6gb is maybe a bit overkill but it probably shouldn't be bottlenecked by the CPU anyway, future proofing I guess

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My current rig, but a 990FX build with an FX8350 is coming, part by part.

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1060 is far from overkill, it's pretty reasonable

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well it is an upgrade from that shitty c2q at least

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Based Dell Precision.

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Not it isn't, it's only more cores, the single core performance is basically identical to the Core2quads if they are OC'd

I had a Q6600 that died, bought an FX 8320, got worse fps in some games and slightly better in others, but overall a little worse. Finally upgraded to a 5820k and holy shit was it an actual upgrade.

FX 8320 is NOT an upgrade from a C2Q, it's a sidegrade at best unless ALL you do is encoding or something which can use the extra cores in the AMD.

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I use a lot of Sony Vegas and Hrandbrake transcoding, so it'll be good, I know the 8350 is a shit with a 1252 tdp, but it's almost 4x faster than my current pc without an OC. Plus, it will get rid of my CPU bottleneck on GTA V, the only modern game I play.

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>1252 tdp
125w tdp, wew.

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Everyone in speccy threads is a /g/amer, right?

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ummmm hello do you want to be my sugar daddy??

I'm super cute!

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He got the 6850k not the 6950x, he's not THAT rich.

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Sure. You can use my laptop and we can play 2 player.

If I bought that buying that $1,400 monitor would be tight.

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Thanks anon. Some old guy wanted to recycle it because it didn't post.

>It was bad ram

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>shittier resolution on your desktop than your laptop
>not even using at least 2 monitors
Anon what are you doing?

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I'm using DSR on my laptop. I have a 55in curved 4K TV. I'd much rather have 3440x1440 at 100 FPS than 4K at 60 FPS.

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Where do you live?

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Seeing such builds makes me want a workstation with a couple of old xeons. Then I remember I don't need a space heater.

4.4, 390X

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>2 high res 16:9s and a glorious 16:10
>Enthusiast board
I'm jelly

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Want to replace all with 3 new 40" UHD (same brand) when I can afford it.

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I'm waiting for 4K 120/144Hz monitors, hopefully HDR too. CPU is OC'd to 4.7GHz and does a fine job. I almost feel the itch to upgrade but there's really no point, the GPU bottleneck hits hard at 4K.

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Wouldn't hurt to boost it up to 16 gigs of RAM.

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install gentoo

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980ti @768p

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i may want to replace my CPU, is it worth?

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If you bought a gigabyte Z97 on cheap or something and 4790k it would be sweet, skylake hasn't brought us much.

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im kinda on fence between 4790k and 6700k

im going to US soon and since hardware is way cheaper there, im thinking about buying 16 gb RAM and a motherboard + CPU combo

but im kinda illiterate about CPUs and Motherboards, so im clueless

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If money is a thing and you want yo go fast, get a Z97 and 4790k, if you have the monet for DDR4 and wanting something a little newer, get the Z170 chipset and 6700k, the 4790 does slightly outbench the 6700k a little.



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thanks anon

really appreciate your help

just one thing, can i use my current Motherboard with 4790k?

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I think you can because it's the same socket, but you couldn't crank up the multiplier and overclock it, which is what the 4790k is all about.

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>Where do you live?

Why do you ask? I live in New Jersey near 25 miles of preserved land and trails. It's pretty sweet.

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I wanna know where you live so I can grab out that X99 gear for myself.

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You ain't grabbin shit. My puppy will bite you to DEATH. >:(

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Is this the new Windows 10 thread?

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Still banging windows 7 here, and will keep on until the hardware won't allow for it.

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Made mine around the same time. Only things I added since then was a decent CPU heatsink and newer RAM.

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I prefer the ZX Speccie.

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Ivy B was such a good architecture, the boards had 6 sata 6GB/s ports, not that 3rd party crap like Sandy, you could really drag it into 2016 no problem.

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bump for future speccy DDR4 support.

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>Dual USB3 headers
Cool fukken board.

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Rare as fuck too.

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Finally have 8GB of RAM in my PC. Now all I need is a cheap graphics card and I'll have myself a pretty decent budget gaymen build desu

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You can go with
R9 270x
R9 280
GTX1050 or GTX1050ti
I would suggest the GTX1050Ti.

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That depends of this psu has power connections on it, he should get a 750ti if it's an oem.

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the GTX 1050/1050ti have the same power requirement as 750ti plus delivers more future proof performance.

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Cause Japajew don't like nigger talk.

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Planning on getting a 1070 for my birthday/christmas.

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You should hold off and buy a 4790k, that'll put you right up against a 6700k.

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Damn nigga, reminds me of my Turion II P520 2.3GHz, thing ran in the 90s for the 3 years I had it and wouldn't die, even discolored the bottom panel where the Windows 7 COA was.

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Wow we have close rigs!! . I have a 850 samsung 500gb ssd arriving today for it.

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I'm wanting to buy a FX8350, from what i've seen it has +30FPS boost compared with my current processor.

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You'd be replacing a CPU made in 2009 with a CPU made in 2012....in 2016, almost 2017.

Wait for Zen or buy Intel, buying a CPU from 2012 is just retarded.

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>the joke
>your head

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temp retard

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Dell BTX machines

My dad still uses my old XPS 430. Has a Q9650 in it

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sl8, gr8, constip8

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Asus Z170-AR
16gb DDR4 @ 2133mhz
GTX 970
250gb SSD (Crucial 250?)
2tb HDD (WD Blue)

from, Asus Generic 1080p @ 60hz
to, Asus MG279Q (1440p @ 144hz IPS, 4ms)

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upgraded my GPU and PSU a few days ago

waiting for skylake to drop and I'm probably going to switch to Intel and get a new motherboard + ram

I play mostly Planetside 2 and AMD seems terrible for CPU intensive stuff like that

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Kaby Lake, rather

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Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity!

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computer built in 2014 with 600 dollars

rate me sempais

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>AMD Athlon II X4

holy shit grandpa

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I hope you're oced. That mobo cpu combo is great. I got a 3570k, oced to 4.4ghz since 2012. And 980sli. Still strong.

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So for whatever reason my 1070 shows up as 4gbs when its 8 and speccy says i have 32gb of ram when i only have 16.

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Mmm I want those 3TB spinnerz.

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i dont even need the 2nd one :/

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I've got 17.75TB with ~12TB used at the moment.

Anime and movie add up

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im a filthy streamer, so only have about 1.5tb of movies

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rate pls

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>32nm i7
>good amount of ram
>shit tons of storage
>efficient GTX kepler card
I like it.

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