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>jagged lines: the software

how can people defend this trash?

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Its free, you can't complain

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Jagged lines?

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zoomed blur is annoying as fuck.

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>jagged lines
You are doing something wrong.

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because all i need it for is making memes and occasionally cropping shit for wallpaper usage.

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Crop by hand instead of using auto-tools and then complaining about them. Unless you know a better way of getting a clean crop?

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how to remove white background


>select bg with magic wand, maybe fiddle with tolerance a bit
>export as png


>select bg with magic wand
>ugly jagged lines everywhere
>redo but now tick the antialiasing box
>antialiasing does nothing
>do a "quick fix" by selecting borders and applying gaussian blur
>image still looks like shit with blurred jagged lines now
>uninstall GIMP and install photoshop


looks like shit even with pen tool

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You can do that with Paint.NET as well.

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Use AA or a selective gaussian blur on the layer after you stroke it from a path or shape

GIMP is pretty shit, but if it's all you have make it work

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does the latest Photoshop work with Wine yet?

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GIMP cant into 16 bit grayscale.
Also rotated text looks like shit.

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>use AA

doesn't even compare with PS AA

>selective gaussian blur

again, a "quick fix" that will make your jagged edges blurry instead of soften them

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It's been a whlie but you can shrink/grow the selection and apply a feather to it that fixes the jagged lines IIRC

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Just pirate photoshop

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I love Paint.NET. I wish I could get it to work in Linux.

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They don't anymore, thing's dead as a doornail after Krita came into the scene. Years ago, when it was the only FOSS image editor sure, nerds would defend it, but now...

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>walking down the street
>see someone give a homeless man a free meal
>ingredients are the highest quality but it will definitely sustain the man for at least a day
>that meal isn't quite as good as my $800 meal
>smack it out of his hands
>stomp it into the ground
>tfw morally superior

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Its like you guys dont even appreciate free software

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So is torrenting Photoshop.

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gratis doesnt mean libre

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"Feather" dumdum

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you can fix libre software yourself instead of complaining
you cant fix all gratis software because you dont have access to the source code

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so Linux users are homeless bums who need charity software? Noted

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Free as in free shackles

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pretty much...

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It's kind of like a self-sustaining, underground commune of homeless bums

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How is Krita relevant in a discussion about GIMP? Are you really this dense?

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sour grapes

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Why not? Sure, GIMP developers have no obligation to give a shit. But you can complain.

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this argument might work on /v/ where you actually have to pay for something to experience it, but I can guarantee you know photoshop fanboys on here actually paid for photoshop and everyone using the GIMP are perfectly capable of acquiring ps

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no* lol

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Gimp font aliasing for any color but black is broken by default. You see those colored pixels where they should be white or gray for aliased stuff? That's not an issue with the font-rendering on your system, that's how gimp actually colors in those pixels.

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set colour to alpha.


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This is a bug in gimp with a simple fix.
Save this as ~/.gimp-2.8/fonts.conf:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
<!-- Enable sub-pixel rendering -->
<match target="font">
<edit name="rgba" mode="assign"><const>none</const></edit>

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Can gimp draw circles properly yet?

y or n answers only please.

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Then why can't the developers implement that simple fix?

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Because they are retarded.

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>GIMP cant into 16 bit grayscale.
t. the biggest liar on the Internet right now

64-bit grayscale in GIMP 2.9, pic related

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What's the icon theme?

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Default GIMP 2.9 theme
They have vector icons too now, allowing for arbitrary scaling. Too bad it's still shitty GTK, not Qt

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But GTK is better.

I need to try out 2.9.

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Grow the selection first, or use a higher tolerance on your selection tool.

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They also integrated MyPaint brushes through libmypaint

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Doesn0t work on linux though, unless you wine

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>But GTK is better.
No, it's not.
It's inferior in all aspects.

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Qt looks like shit.

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What aspects?
It's easy to program in, it has many decent themes, it has a small memory footprint.

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Use fucking Inkscape if you want straight lines and perfect circles.

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>Free software that developers update and maintain out of the goodness of their hearts.
>Douchebags still find the time to COMPLAIN ABOUT IT

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>Pro graphical editors

No such thing

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Is that a trick question?

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>how do you green pepper?

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It supports high dynamic range RGB too of course.

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Found a version of cs4 that was modded for Linux, no wine.
Before you ask I can't remember where I got it from

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How long would it take to make this in GIMP?

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