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Literally perfection for 1080p.

You can't prove me wrong.

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>caring about 1080p
>no CUDA
into the trash it goes

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>no proper OGL 4.5 support

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I'm building a new pc,what would be better:a gtx 1060 3gb or a rx 470?

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TITAN X or you are a pajeet

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Or you can just go with a GTX1050ti and enjoy less power draw, less overheating and similar performance for less money! Now you will even have money for games!
Thank me later ;-)

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if you're buying something like a 1060 or 480 you're buying performance that was available two years ago, the GTX970 was available for $250 for 1 year after release which is what those two cards the 1060/480 go for right now.

The 1070 has performance similar to the 980Ti for $200 less than what the 980Ti used to cost even at the lower price including sales.

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I'd rather buy a 3gb 1060 than that piece of trash

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>I would rather gobble dicks than actually eating real food

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Mainstream cards needs to have a ton of features that's available on high end cards. Those include social features such as Shadowplay so the average dudebro and underage can share their epic frags on their networking sites and also include features for the frugal but serious prosumers - the folks looking to work on Adobe suites and general CAD/3D modeling with CUDA.

AMD fails at doing both of those things and the only thing it can really do is core gaming, which fails at also with poor and delayed driver support.

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Sucking off multiple guys at once is my fantasy though.

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>tfw poorfag here, bought a GTX 950
>It has the power saving bug
>No returns because I got it on sale

I'm closer every day.

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Not OP, but building a new system to do some gaming after many many years I have some games that I need to play.

I have 1 problem with Nvidia, which is called G-Sync.

Why do those monitors cost atleast 150 bucks more than a monitor that supports Freesync?

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Nvidia would rather use their own proprietary scaler sync method over Displayport's standard adaptive sync, which was never an AMD technology to begin with, AMD just refers to it as Freesync in their drivers, since each vendor is responsible for making it work with their cards. There's more money for Nvidia if they just make their own that requires their own special hardware in the monitors to pull off

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Will it run the witcher3 on ultra 60fps solid?
Nope didnt think so.
Thats a gpu for the fat dribblng kids who still live at home with mum, theyre a bag of shit

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Which makes it quite bothersome desu.

If I buy a G-Sync monitor, I am gonna be stuck with Nvidia.

If I buy one that supports Freesync, I will be forever bound to AMD.

Why isn't there a monitor which supports both?

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You "accidently" forgot to point out the fact gsync is in each monitor so if you have multiple each one can work on its own to do its stuff.
Freesync wont. Also freesync is nowhere near as good as gsync.

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amd vce works pretty good i dont know why you think amd has nothing that serves the same purpose as shadowplay

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because nvidia is jew

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>fat dribblng kids who still live at home with mum, theyre a bag of shit
Wow, are kids in school picking on you this hard?

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Why not the Rx 480?

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Nope. Unlike the majority im actually quite old so Im not posting on my phone from school.
You want to discuss how shit your AMD card is?

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adobe uses cude bacause ayyymd poojeets never bothered making shit for opencl easy

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You make very sad impression about yourself then. Why are you so mad? There must be a reason you're so assblasted, this is a consumer product why are you even insulting anybody? Are they forcing you to buy anything?

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Who says im mad? Im literally saying the 470 is shit.
The 480 is actually (for its price) a nice budget card,
"assblasted" ? by whom? .

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It's even good for 1440p

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for people not looking to spend above 200 bucks the rx 470 4gb is actually a really good buy as its way better than the other nvidia cards at that 170~ price range
i personally wouldnt want a 4gb card in 2016 but many people dont care

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Best OEM for RX 480?

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>you should pay 150$ instead of 180$ for 2/3 the performance.

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no its not. Unless you like console fps rates

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>Who says im mad
>fat dribblng kids who still live at home with mum, theyre a bag of shit

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Those are good framerates. With some settings turned of that would be +10-15 fps. And for the older games would be perfect because modern are all shit.

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>theyre a bag of shit.
I was referring to the gpu
The kids part. Yes I stand by that as they are annoying cunts.
Sorry Im not posting a picture of some bloke in a garish shirt in some attempt of humour

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Would a RX 470 be a viable upgrade from my old GTX 770?

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Sapphire Nitro / xfx gtr for performance, msi or xfx for cooling (xfx needs good airflow) can't comment on the Asus strix other than I know it has the beefier vrm configuration out of all the rx 480s, and even taking their shitty coolers for amd, with the monster heatsink it has one would assume it runs relatively cool.

You should learn how to tweak settings instead of just running the highest possible preset. Witcher 3 visual quality scaling from low - and ultra is pretty shit.

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Hard to say.

RX470 becuase it's fucking cheap.
2x GTX 1060 because DX12 multigpu is a thing an 2x 1060 beats a single 1080 whilst costing almost $200 less...

If they don't suit, wait for Vega10 (Q1 2017) release, new hardware and pricedrops on older things.

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Nice meme.

There's absolutely no vantages in Ultra settings as of 2016 AAA games. They are all resource hog shit that barely impacts the quality in the end. You are much better served by setting everything on High.

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I run on 1080sli on 1440p 144hz so I kind of have an idea how to have my settings.
I run at rather more fps than those.

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Because there's barely any difference in performance between those cards, you'd be paying extra $50 for 10fps more.

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Of course its a meme, It would be as your pc cant run on those so it has to be all a lie.
I mean why do they even bother putting that setting in all the games anon? what a silly waste of time

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Nigga, just look for any Digital Foundry Low/Medium/High/Ultra comparisons in the past 6 months and show me once that there's a glaring difference between High and Ultra.

Hell, some games like the new Deus Ex and Dark Souls 3 look exactly the same in Medium and Ultra.

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Rx460 outperforms the gtx 770 in bf1 1080p ultra on dx11. The 470 is twice as powerful than the 460. Just a single example though.

You have a 1200+$ sli setup and are commenting on how bad gpus that cost less than 1/4 of that are. Nice. Considering you don't need to tweak anything if the game supports sli I'm inclined to say you don't.


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>Recording you gameplay,cause you vocabulary fails to execute people's emotions

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>I run at rather more fps than those.

Really now?

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>Similar to 980ti


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>Rx460 outperforms the gtx 770 in bf1 1080p ultra on dx11. The 470 is twice as powerful than the 460. Just a single example though.

Very nice

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Why do people never mention screen resolution and hz? If it's 1080p 60hz panel, then something like GTX 1060 6gb will suffice.

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it's everyone's fantasy, anon.

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barely any dx12 games have multi-gpu support though, has to be coded in by the devs and the amount of people playing with multi-gpu setups is small so they usually don't bother. plus iirc Nvidia jew'd the 1060 so it can't SLI

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>Its Nvidia so its just better!
this is how a company gets away with charging twice as much for the same tech

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>Im so fat I look at computers and see food

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Actually it might have been on dx12. It's in the gamers nexus 1050ti review. But gamers nexus bf1 review takes place before a performance update for the game and literally copy pasted their old bench results onto the 1050ti review. Also, guru3d has significantly better performance across the board in their bf1 bench given a 4.4ghz 5960x vs gamernexus' 3.8ghz 5960x. All I can say about that is maybe average the two because this is a running theme where GN's benches seem lower than reality. While G3D's may be a little more liberal.

Yes. That was why the anon was talking about Dx12's mgpu capabilities. But you're right, the only one I know of right now is ashes that supports that feature.

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Normally I would join in the anti AMD shitposting here but he's right.

WoW has a bunch of meme settings that appear to do nothing but substantially reduce your frame rate. AAA shit puts such features front and center for some reason.

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I stopped reading right there.

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>Can't refute him
>Better come with some bullshit excuse

I'll repost it with something more to your liking:

Dear anon, just look for any Digital Foundry Low/Medium/High/Ultra comparisons in the past 6 months and show me once that there's a glaring difference between High and Ultra.

Hell, some games like the new Deus Ex and Dark Souls 3 look exactly the same in Medium and Ultra.

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So you are saying amd have the better cards?
Do all the results charts on the internet mean nothing? theyre made up?
If AMD had a card better than the 1080 i would buy it.
Its not very easy buying the best stuff when theres only two brands to buy from so you saying that is a bit fucking dumb

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Why am I only looking at digital foundry?
You said AAA games.
Bullshit excuse? are you black? do you want to be? or are you just pretending by using words they say.

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Massive difference

>> No.57353836

WRONG. Radeonsi got 4.5 with the latest release. Also vulkan with radv.

>> No.57353860


That's far from massive, but at what cost can you run W3 smoothly with everything set at Ultra, though? I hardly think anything less than a 1070 can pull stable 60fps, with Hairworks on at 1080p.

>> No.57353876


It's better actually

>> No.57353888


Literally who cares? It looks like shit and cripples performance.

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Cost was never brought into the question.
Yes I can run it at a decent framerate with everything on and set to the highest setting.
It has cost me money yes, Im not rich, I work hard for a living and this is my main hobby so I cant see a problem in what Ive spent

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>Cost was never brought into the question.

So you come to a mid tier GPU thread and say that cost was never bought into the question?

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Is for

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Since when is a 470 mid tier?
I came into this thread to disagree as I do not believe is as OP said "literally perfection for 1080" .. its not.

>> No.57353977

not him, but 470 is pretty much a definition of mid tier

460 - lower end
470/1050 - mid end
480/1060 - mid-high end
1070 - high end
1080 - enthusiast

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Bollocks it is.

470 lowend
(even a 970 is better.)
480/980 mid
980ti mid-high

Sorry the 1060 and 480 are classed at the mid not the higher mid.

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I hope you're trolling, because the alternative is that you're retarded.

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i'm in the same boat as you, fampai. my 770 is starting to show it's age, but i think i am going to hold off on upgrade until hbm or gddr5x is the industry standard.

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It's slower than my 970

Haha fucking AMD cucks

>> No.57354268

You people with the lowball gpu's trying believe they are actually in the mid bracket.

>> No.57354286

Which is slower than my 290X.

Checkmate nVideist

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Why you need photoshop for 1080p?

>> No.57354322

Which is the sickest jet engine and heater in the world

Check mate

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GET REKT GREENS <------ lmao that was a dank meme i r89 r9001 390/3.5gb of v for vendetta ram, novidiots be like do a 1080 and walk awayy lmao, 144 wayy sli novideo grillforce gtx 480 clocked at 3.5hz 1080p 3.5 fps gimpworks edition, human eye can see only 3/5 ram anyways, water boiler titanal xp at 3.5p, shitan rascal 1080shiTi at 87.5% GTX(GetTheXtinguisher) (pisscal xp malware experience thermi burning sli bridges edition) + krappy fake shintel gore iSemen end of life cooler not included in a box edition. 8GiB? What do you need 4GiB for? Im not giving you 3.5GiB!

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So is the xfx the best OEM for rx470? I heard bad things about XFX in the past. I'm upgrading from a hd7770 and I just need to know which OEM is the best for this card.

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>460 and 360 are practically the same
Why is the 460 so awful? What was the point?

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You are wrong. 4gb will be useless in the next year or so.

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AMDGPU Pro has ogl 4.5 right?

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>470 lowend
>Guaranteed 60fps at 1080p

>980ti mid-high

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Only if you play Triple A games made by devs who can't code for their lives, like Ubisoft or Eidos.

>> No.57354829

yeah for the next 4 months lmao

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>EVGA housefires
>best anything

Stop trying to kid yourself that you made a good purchasing decision, anon, and start thinking about planning escape routes for when that thing goes up in flames.

>> No.57354952

If it was a serious problem don't you think they would have issued a recall?

>> No.57354956

Lmao 3GB, 1 fan

>> No.57354970

I would go with the dual fan option. The single fan isn't enough for most setups.

>> No.57354973

>implying they would admit their mistake to that extent

Oh anon, they just expect you to take the thermal pads and suck that dick.

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>EVGA housefires
only on 1080s :^)
also EVGA, Zotac, MSI, whatever, pick a different partner it's all the same shit
plenty for 1080p now and the foreseeable future at texture settings you'd reasonably expect out of a $200 card
They barely break 80 degrees under full load, dual fan would probably give you 78 instead of 80 literally who cares

>> No.57355043

>plenty for 1080p now and the foreseeable future at texture settings you'd reasonably expect out of a $200 card
lmao i play 1080 (gtx970) and 3,5gb is on the very limit, 3gb is not enough. most games maxed take 3-3.2gb like GTA V (even on 2x AA)

>> No.57355046

>only on 1080s :^)

Pretty sure the 1070s are also housefires

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I'm not poor

>> No.57355064

and to add, one fan is a fucking jet engine dude, thats the problem, not the temps

>> No.57355066

This, just pay a bit more for a 6gb, don't cuck yourself.

>> No.57355075

Except we have something for OpenCL.

>> No.57355120

shill the product you bought :^)

>> No.57355165

>Paying for overpriced shit solely on brand name

Good goy

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File: 424 KB, 1920x1080, ZOTAC-GTX-1060-MINI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought this

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>intentionally cucking yourself to "support muh good guys"

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I was JUST watching this benchmark, holy shit


But why is the 1060 winning so hard on the 470 like that in pretty much all games?

>> No.57355298

how is it?

>> No.57355308

Yesterday I bought a GTX 1060 6gb for $260. Buyers remorse kicking in.. Did I fuck up?

>> No.57355316

I would assume my response to the 480 applies to the 470s as well. Xfx has a good user warranty that actually allows user end modifications as long as you keep the original hardware and didn't damage the card because of said modifications. They'll even work with you as a consultant and be willing to install anything you desire at the cost of shipping without having to worry about voiding your warranty through negligence. My 480 gtr given adequate airflow runs just as cool as the msi 470 I sold.

Power straps kept them from producing a full 16cu Polaris 11 chip for the rx 460. So instead it's only 14 cu. The revamped cards might get the full chip with improved power draw.

>> No.57355320

Because it supposed to beat even the 480, and it does in everything but DX12.

>> No.57355323


No, it's a good card

>> No.57355341

>The revamped cards might get the full chip with improved power draw.
Are you saying there's a 460x or something in the works?

>> No.57355389

GTX 1060 6 GB is good for [email protected]+ fps.

>> No.57355694

I bought one a couple a days ago and I love it. I returned my MSI RX 470 gaming x card if that tells you anything.

>> No.57355718

Won't know till I get off work.

>> No.57355983

When the fuck can I upgrade my r9 290 housefire?
>Just go Nvidia
Pascal will be gimped by next year.

>> No.57356223


Rumors claiming 50% improvement in performance per watt. Would make running the full 16 cus and even a higher clock rate doable in the 75w package.

Considering the 290x is starting to fall behind in some modern titles to even the rx 470. You could technically "upgrade" right now. But Vega won't release until sometime H1 of 2017.

>> No.57356339

RX 480 or GTX 1060?

>> No.57356436



Enjoy your shit FP32 performance.

>> No.57356459

GTX 1060, 480 is a little better in technologies that still don't matter, you'll have new card to pick from by then.

>> No.57356468


Pretty sure they removed SLI for the 1060 for that exact reason.

At least I know they did on the 6GB versions.

>> No.57356499

Warranty senpai

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File: 2.27 MB, 360x270, 1476975899822.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still rolling with a HD 7870, I guess it's time to upgrade my shit. Though there isn't any game that I really want to play that needs the extra power from newer cards, maybe only Xenoverse 2.

>> No.57356648

>Literally perfection for being outdated in a year when games are all using 6gigs of VRAM

>> No.57356666

>Being this mad

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>Games using 6gb of ram
>in a year

>> No.57356816

>3.5 gb meme card is still super popular
>most people have even weaker cards than that
>half the cards being released today have 4 gb VRAM or less, the ones that have more are pretty expensive
>alienating all those potential customers so you can make your textures slightly higher res
not happnin

>> No.57356823

>comparing € 233,90 gpu to € 195,90

>> No.57356825

Buy the 8gb model.

>> No.57356955

On top of aforementioned, if you own a 144/165 hz monitor, the VRAM issue is even less of an issue, since by lowering textures, you gain fps, so you don't stand to lose on both ends, which you likely will if it's a 60hz panel.

>> No.57357011

>>Literally perfection for being outdated in a year when games are all using 6gigs of VRAM

Its already happening. Maybe not a full 6, but its common to see 3+ to ~4.5

>> No.57357030

>thinking games will ever use 6GB
it will either be 4 or 8, 6GB is retarded

>> No.57357047

For real? Can't count that many games requiring 4.5gb of vram. I'm running full HD. You?

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> EVGA GTX 1060 + 144 Hz monitor
> my house hasn't caught up fire yet
> VRAM temps don't worry me
> people still cry on /g/ about this false issue
> mfw

>> No.57357059


Show me a game that I can't get solid 60fps with settings on High with a RX 470.

>> No.57357105

what video card should i get for 1440p 144hz

>> No.57357125

Intel HD 4000

>> No.57357725
File: 424 KB, 157x157, 1407899680528.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>false issue

Ha ha

>> No.57357743
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>only on 1080s :^)

22 models, across 1080, 1070 and 1060 cards.


>> No.57357746

But it is

>> No.57357855

Deus ex mankind divided

>> No.57357936

Thats not a gtx 1060

>> No.57358033

Every single game has noticeable differences from high to ultra
Of course frames > detail but it's definitely noticeable

>> No.57358050

They're incredibly close, the 1070 edges out the 980ti like 60% of the time but they're really extremely similar

>> No.57358284

So is this ONLY EVGA? There's virtually no difference between their cards and others that run at the same price, other than the other cards not exploding if that is the case. There was no real reason to buy EVGA over Zotac or whatever before, now there's reason to avoid it.

>> No.57358327
File: 521 KB, 600x594, wew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zotac's gets pretty toasty too. Nvidia cards are just inherently housefires I guess.

>> No.57358329

>eurabian prices

>> No.57358355
File: 27 KB, 500x570, witcher3_1920_1080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>avg framerate under 60

>> No.57358425
File: 28 KB, 500x570, rottr_1920_1080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 980 Ti at 1500MHz+ edges out a 1070 at 2100MHz by a good 5-10% across the board. The 1070 only looks good compared to the thottling reference 980 Tis used for benchmarking purposes, because GPU Boost 3.0 is much more aggressive than 2.0.


>> No.57358465
File: 64 KB, 744x278, 2323523423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Witcher 3 has terrible scaling though


>> No.57358479

save your money and go for the 1070

>> No.57358565

cherrypicking what the 470 is still under 60fps

dont start the AMD vs Nvidia optimizations competition no one cares its clear that nvidia gives devs money and resources to make games work better with Nvidia and there is nothing we can do to change that.
Protest buying isn't going to make AMD cards any better.

t.full AMD system owner


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File: 27 KB, 274x569, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was this a good price for a GTX 1070?

>> No.57358583


The 12gb Titan X dipped to 60 fps there, 2015 or not that's just ridiculous, HW was off even.

>> No.57358647

Are you trying to convince me that the titan x is an over priced piece of shit with more memory than it will ever need


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File: 95 KB, 311x837, Nvidia housefires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. assblasted falseflagging Nvidiot

>> No.57358705

>When you don't have any arguments so you resort to memes

Ahh, the average pajeet.

>> No.57358716

I wish then I wouldn't be stuck with FX meme cores and a thrice re branded 7950

>> No.57359015

Fuck you I'm getting the 460 4GB to play on 1080p high medium I don't have 200 and seen every 470 at 180 out of stock I'm triggered I don't give a shit

>> No.57359121

Will 1080's be reasonably marked down on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?

>> No.57359166

Only EVGA ones

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>> No.57359586

Who makes the best 1070 card right now? I've been saving and black friday/cyber monday is n three weeks.

>> No.57359704


>> No.57359726

How? It doesn't do every game at 60 FPS with max settings now, much less in a year or two.

>> No.57359862

Got an ASUS 280x

Thinking of a 480 8GB

Should I get one or wait til the 485/490?

>> No.57359894

>costs more than an equivalent GTX 1060 for worse performance

Why the fuck would I spend $220 on a 4GB 470 when the 4GB 480 is barely any better but still costs the same $220 and the 3GB GTX 1060 costs only $200.

Okay, you don't like 3GB, that's fine. The 6GB 1060 is $250, while the 8 GB 470 and 480 are both in the $260+ range and both perform worse than the 1060 in most situations outside of isolated examples.

You're paying more for less you fucking retard.

>> No.57359900

What store is that?
You fucking bitch at least give us the store.
Fuck you.

>> No.57359908


A 3gb 1060 is fine, check this >>57355289

>> No.57359944

On this note, don't fucking get the 1070 or 1080 FTW from EVGA. They're blowing up more than fucking Samsung phones.

>> No.57359960

The 470 is a fucking joke product. The 4GB and 8GB models are priced almost fucking identically to their 480 counterparts, and even then the 4GB and 8GB variants of all 4 cards barely perform any differently.

>RX 470 - $220(4GB)-$260(8GB)
>RX 480 - $220(4GB)-$280(8GB)

AMDfags might have a point if AMD just knocked down the price points so Nvidia isn't absolutely fucking curbstomping them in terms of value.

>> No.57359977

When do you use 8GB? I'm still good on a 2GB card.

>> No.57360010

>I'm still good on a 2GB card.

There are only 2 examples I can think of: Watch_Dogs and Forza Horizon 3.

The latter absolutely refuses to run smoothly on a card lower than 4GB, making sure to constantly spit out "low video memory" errors at you.

Even then though, 4GB is pretty well adequate.

>> No.57360450

Jet.com probably.

>> No.57360622

>I'm so fat that I call other people fat on a Filipino sign language website.

>> No.57360678

>Nvidia isn't absolutely fucking curbstomping them in terms of value

Needing to buy a new card every 12 months when Nvidia drop their last architecture and the cards suddenly perform like complete shit sure is great value.

>> No.57360748

>There are only 2 examples I can think of: Watch_Dogs and Forza Horizon 3.

Wew, good thing I don't play shitty games like that

>> No.57361012

How are the other aftermarkert 1080's? Like Gainward, PNY iChill and Galax?

>> No.57361029
File: 49 KB, 524x700, comfy-cat[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw MSI GTX 970, i5 2500k overclocked to 4.2GHz and 4gb ram x2
>only play Counter Strike: GO and FIFA 17 at 1920x1200
>beat Mankind Divided with average 60fps

Maximum comfy. Have only needed to buy a new gpu since 2011.

>> No.57361071

Vega will be here around January.

>> No.57361127

Yeah, jet.com. I found the deal on slickdeals.

>> No.57361147

Upgraded my little bro's uatx pc to 8GiB of RAM and swapped out his old 1GB R7 260 for an XFX 4GB RX 470.
>tfw my own pc is an i7+GTX1080 monster but I'm honestly jealous I don't have his compact, efficient, cube as my daily driver

Also AMD control centre >>>> the current turd that is GeForce Experience

>> No.57361289

>XFX 4GB RX 470

Was your lil bro happy with it?

>> No.57361407
File: 35 KB, 602x338, remove_spurdo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still guzzling +40W to idle two monitors

>> No.57361477

He was since he had previously moved to 1080p and it put even more strain on his old 260 which was struggling with low settings GTAV.
It's that freeing sensation of going from low-end to a modern standard that I haven't been able to experience again for myself for years now.

Card itself looks great, hasn't caught fire or destroyed the 450w PSU, and is relatively quiet.

>> No.57361553

I have the card, and yes it does run 60fps ultra completely solid,faggot.

>> No.57361587

>I have the card, and yes it does run 60fps ultra completely solid,faggot.

Prove it.

>> No.57362310

sooo gay...

>> No.57362430

>not being gay
What are you, a faggot?

>> No.57362698

choose one senpai

>> No.57362710


allahu akbar, brother

>> No.57362718


That's hot, but still within spec range

>> No.57362747



>> No.57362754


>> No.57362855

>most MOSFETs are rated for about 115°C, and hitting 105°C leaves very little room for hotter ambient temps. imagine someone without AC in the summer with a room at 30°C, with a shitty chip. it could easily pass that 115°C barrier

>> No.57362878

>470 is low end
>Can be OCed too 480 mid tier

Well, 470 is best quality card then.

>> No.57362899
File: 41 KB, 777x598, ss (2016-11-02 at 10.47.32).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not 290
>bought mine used for cheap when 970 came out
>won't need to upgrade for another 2-3 years

>> No.57362905


That's a quote? Thought i saw somewhere they were rated at 125°C, i might be wrong then

>> No.57362915

>CAD/3D modeling with CUDA.
CUDA rendering is for far behind, nobody fucking uses it.
Only reason to have GPU for CAD or 3D modelling is 3D view.

>> No.57362940

I don't know why I put green text, my bad. it's just me

I guess it depends. some are 115, others are 125

>> No.57362949

OpenCL works about 3x better on AMD. Dark Souls 3 was made in OpenCL and that's why it runs like shit on Nvidia

>> No.57362962

I would even say 4k and vr, but I play at 30fps

>> No.57362970

What do you mean DS3 was made in OpenCL?

>> No.57362992

ya but that 10 fps can make all the difference if you are trying to hit that 60fps target in some games.

>> No.57363022

there is some audio production plugins that use cuda like nebula 3 pro

>> No.57363271

>Why isn't there a monitor which supports both?
Because Nvidia just has to wave their hands and say that Displayport 1.2a, 1.3, and 1.4 are wholly-optional specs to include on G-Sync-ready monitors, as it'll just werk with 1.2, and panel manufacturers will go along with it since it means they don't have to do anything drastic in terms of spec adoption

>> No.57363277

>1 dvi input

people actually by this poached dog shit>?

>> No.57363288

lol if i turn the nvidia hair trash setting off i can run the witcher 3 60fps on ultra

>> No.57363296

That one only has one fan.
Buy a better 470.
Also an 8GB one unless you want to buy a new card next year.

>> No.57363352


there i proved you wrong

>> No.57363858

1050 ti or 470?

>> No.57364240
File: 58 KB, 600x600, Help.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck that.
I have a GTX 1060 and I wish CUDA would just die already so everyone can move to OpenCL.
Also G-Sync, fuck that shit. I just wan to be able to use regular VESA adaptive sync like AMD and Intel, but Nvidia is literally, intentionally stopping me from doing so by just not enabling support in drivers. Fucking jews.

>> No.57364267

>anon asks about sub-$200 cards
>recommends $400 card
I know we say it jokingly around here, but... Are you really, literally retarded?

>> No.57364350

>mid end
Do you not understand what words mean, dumbass? There's a high and a low end. There's no end in the middle.
Say "mid range" or something like that.

>> No.57365171

gtx 1080 is perfect for 1080p, prove me wrong faggots

>inb4 overpowered
>inb4 meant for 2k/4k resolutions
awnser to these is: yeah.. if you want to play in peasantly 60 fps

>> No.57365234

24fps is enough for gaming uses.

>> No.57365241

Not in quake.

>> No.57365575
File: 310 KB, 580x282, this is not fine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57365633

that's gondola you memeless swine

>> No.57365685

lel the 970 gimping has begun

>> No.57365705

>24fps is enough

nah mate

>> No.57365734

Who the fuck plays at 1080p though

>> No.57366889

IPS and Freesync suck. You heard it from the horses mouth here first.

This is my reply from AOC concerning the Agon monitor on G-Sync getting the IPS treatment while the Freesync version gets TN only.

'You’re close to the truth indeed.

There is no proper IPS model in the market with Freesync, because of the Freesync refresh limitation (90hz) that panel has.

If we did introduce one, we would face the same issues as the ASUS model. It wouldn’t work for its intended purpose.
What we did instead is introduce the feature with a TN panel. The colours of the TN have been improved and look close to an IPS. Of course the viewing angles are still limited.

Right now there is no IPS panel available, in combination with freesync 144 hz that works as intended.

We hope this sheds some light on the situation.

Kind regards,

AOC Europe'

>> No.57366914
File: 4 KB, 251x201, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was gimped from factory anon

>> No.57366926
File: 1.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (8).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this graphics card :O

>> No.57367789
File: 88 KB, 217x316, poor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A nice 470 is the save price as a cheap 480. what one should i get?

>> No.57367829

XFX is good too, get it.

>> No.57368330


Care to give your opinion on its perfomance so far?

>> No.57368370

Still too expensive you can get the MSI RX480 4GB right now for the same price or cheaper after rebate than a lot of the RX470's out there

>> No.57368389

Good, just wanted to give this rig a little extra lifespan (upgraded from a GTX 660) and the low power requirements for the 470 were a large part of why I chose it. My Dell-supplied power supply has 6 pin connectors but not 8 and the 470 seemed to fit the bill the best and draws less power than the 660 so I knew it would work ok.

Performance in games has been fine. I play video games somewhat rarely but all the games I've tried have played at 1080p on the highest settings at 60+ fps. In Titanfall 2 I leave the textures on Very High instead of Insane because I guess 4 GB isn't enough to stop occasional stuttering at insane. In Forza Horizon 3 I had to turn off MSAA as it led to framerate hiccups. Otherwise all games at max settings run great at 1080p.

>> No.57368415

Honestly, there's so little difference between the RX 470 and the GTX 1060 that I just picked it for the cheaper freesync monitors.

>> No.57368543

>Still using 7970ghz
>Still supported
>Still handling 1080p pretty well
>Still no midrange card worth upgrading to

>> No.57368621


I see, thanks for the reply. I've been thinking about upgrading from my 7850 lately, not that I play a lot of AAA games anymore, but it's always nice to have a GPU good enough to play some games.

>> No.57368709

Just bought this beauty. 250 euros well spent. The 1060 6GB goes for 400 euros in my country.

AMD Async compute here we go.

>> No.57370770

like 99% of ppl

>> No.57370799

95% of people
>he fell for the 4k meme

>> No.57371095




>> No.57371108
File: 42 KB, 640x480, 1442449405913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw I just paid $480 for my 1070

>> No.57371135

What is that suppose to prove, you dumb faggot? There's not even a 980 Ti in that video period, much less one running with a decent overclock.

>> No.57371262



>> No.57371291

>perfect for 1080p gaming
>can't max the more demanding titles

Not even a 480 is perfect for 1080p gaming, much less a 470.

>> No.57371461

>maxing games with a 150 bucks GPU

High is fine

>> No.57371662

The 1070 actually beats the 980ti and titan x

>> No.57371685

Can you play on a 4k monitor in 1080p? Since 4K is exactly 2x width and height, nearest-neighbor scaling should render perfect image, right?

>> No.57371701

>AMD 380X performing worse than 970

So does that mean AMD gimps their previous gen cards as well?

Or could it be? Developers have just completely stopped giving a shit about the quality of their software and write bloated garbage that requires a new rig every year?

>> No.57371734

Is it worth it to spend 50€ (20%) more to get 1060 6gb instead of 3gb?

>> No.57371779

>zotac 5 year warranty
>break it in year 5
>get a free new card

>> No.57371804

>actually using geforce experience 3.0

>> No.57371824

wait another year. I'm sitting on my 780 and nothing right now is good enough for 1440p 144hz

>> No.57371927


If you can afford it, why not? it's not like 50 bongs will make a difference anyway.

>> No.57372311
File: 138 KB, 974x726, speccy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I built my desktop back in 2012 and haven't touched it since. Only just now is it starting to become noticeably weaker with newer games.

I'm really only interested with 1080p at this point in my life and along with a much better case I'm going to buy a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

Is this a good buy for my needs and should I upgrade anything else? Maybe the motherboard?

Thanks for your help guys.

>> No.57372398

upgrade video card and overclock cpu if you havent already. i dont get why u would need to upgrade the motherboard, if you need usb 3.1 just buy a pcie card.

>> No.57372454


Alright thank you for the info.

Mostly just wanted to know if I could just upgrade the GPU and be fine. I'll look into overclocking since I never really messed with it before.

>> No.57372508
File: 919 KB, 170x196, hows it hanging.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 750ti

ive been looking at rx480s and msi seems to be the best choice but should i go for 4 or 8gb

my current plan is to get the 4gb and overclocking it to make up the difference in speed

>> No.57372915

Aren't the RX cards simply a better future investment? I mean, the GTX cards seem to get pretty shit over time while AMD ones get better or stay the same.

>> No.57373029

I can't decide between the 470 and 480. I want my PC to last as much as possible. I can get the 470 4GB for 200-225€, 8GB for 250 I believe and the 480 8 GB for 280€.

>> No.57373042


>> No.57373070

Yeah no thank you. It seems the Nvidia cards last you 1-2 years tops. I need the PC to last at least 5.

>> No.57373122

Wait for rx 580

>> No.57373166

What setup is this exactly ?

>> No.57373191

Any sources for those claims? Because the benchmarks I saw earlier put equal gen AMD and Nvidia cards from older product lines on level with one another.

>> No.57374131

since when the 380x competed with the 970?

>> No.57375659

Are the XFX RS coolers as bad as people say?

>> No.57375767

The 380X was always a tier below the 970, you retard, and priced accordingly. The 390 was AMD's 970 equivalent.

>> No.57376009

Fuck my HD6850 can't run shit anymore now that I got a 1440 monitor. What do I buy considering I probably wont get another card for 5+ years? 470? 480? Do I believe the shills and buy nvidia? Is dx12 a meme? Please advise.

>> No.57376653

>What do I buy considering I probably wont get another card for 5+ years?

If you want it to last that long you are better off buying a 1070 instead.

The RX 470/480 will last you 3 years top and only if you are okay at playing with settings on High.

>> No.57376711

I don't mind having to turn everything down to the lowest settings. I just want to be able to play shit without stuttering or huge fps drops, graphics don't matter that much to me. The rx 470 sounds like godly value so I might go for that and plan to upgrade in 3 years instead of 5.

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