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How many people hereon /g/ collect old tech?. Computers, Consoles, Stereo equipment, Studio gear etc.

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I find technology older than 5 years old embarrassing. My desktop is just over 5 years old, and it's somewhat embarrassing, but not really because it's an i7 with 32nm technology by Intel.

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I have a small amount of PPC macs stashed away in the corner

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Same here, upgraded to Skylake and GeForce 1080 recently.

Anyways, retro tech is cool, I love my shitboxes.

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OP here, I've never owned a Mac. Are the iBooks comfy?.

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iBooks are comfy af

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If it's good I'll use it.

No budget monitor can match the blacks of my crt, plus it's 75hz which is better than the 60hz you'll find on a budget panel.

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That is a great looking display

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why? 12" is way comfier.

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Woah, do you know what model of display/pc those are in the image, anon? If that's your setup I'm jealous, it looks fantastic.

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No, it's some hipster drawfag.

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That's an OK CRT, there are better ones from NEC and LaCie tho, not to forget SGI ones.

>only 75hz
What res?

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>some shit ass portable with external screen
>fantastic setup

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my fathers friend visited a waste dump today and recovered an mmx 200mhz processor still in its original shrink wrap

these things are selling for ~$100 on ebay in original packaging

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That was a good score.

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>these things are selling for ~$100 on ebay in original packaging
keep dreamin

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Show me one "sold" of this shit on eBay

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>"Grandmother, what big screen you have!"
>"All the better to see, my child."

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>make retro thread
>does not dump
>4 hrs old thread, 19 replied
why even bother?

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Most retrofags aren't your average nolife /g/ slobs, they're enjoying Halloween and not sitting in front of a computer.

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> dumb terminal posters
orange 4 Halloween edition

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what's it connected to?

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a shitty slackware pentium III box ; sometimes other things

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but 1024x768 at 14" is almost as bad as 1366x768 at 15"

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1024x768 was the default res for 17" LCD's for years

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I know. And even the 15" one in my G40 hurts my eyes a bit to look at.

Speaking of that laptop, i need to get it a new HDD and somehow clone over it's XP install

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What good consumerist drones you are.

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Am I the only one who things orange is comfier than green?

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>What good consumerist drones you are.
I like gayming, you know, costs money, same like this retro shit.

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What is the software used in the first photograph you took?

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>the color of the matrix
>the color of green phosphorus

>the color of oranges
>the color of a taco bell diarrhea shit

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doesn't matter, they're all unusable.

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>de facto standard for high res monochrome graphics for years
>doesn't matter, they're all unusable.

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I am sure there was a reason why they were used, I don't know what that reason is, perhaps something to do with cost. I have however used them, the green and the orange.

No1, they're not high resolution no more than a 14"CRT at 320x240 is high resolution.

No2, they're unusable, they don't just burn on screen they also burn on your eyes.

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>I am sure there was a reason why they were used, I don't know what that reason is
Perfect for text/table editing what these machines where made for.

>perhaps something to do with cost.
Sure thing, they didn't bother making 4k IPS panels back in '82, too costly.

>No1, they're not high resolution no more than a 14"CRT at 320x240 is high resolution.
It's 720×350.

>No2, they're unusable, they don't just burn on screen they also burn on your eyes.
Turn the fucking brightness down faggot. Also, false, no more harm than any other CRT based shit.

I rate 2/8, some hipster fag might trigger.

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The delusions in this thread are amazing

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obviously not his picture newfriend

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>No1, they're not high resolution no more than a 14"CRT at 320x240 is high resolution.
monochrome displays generally were much higher resolution, and also much crisper than color displays

and if they were unusable they wouldn't have used them for decades, they're just not intended to be sat at for 8-9 hours at a time like modern displays

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>and if they were unusable they wouldn't have used them for decades

ever heard the expression "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" ??

Plus the people who bought equipment back then more than likely never had to use it. And i wasn't around n the 70s and 80s to know what the alternatives were. Do you know what the alternatives to green screens were?

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I can also do [email protected] but 75hz feels much nicer

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>ever heard the expression "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" ??
wasn't just an IBM thing though, monochrome phosphor monitors were pretty much universal in business
>Plus the people who bought equipment back then more than likely never had to use it.
not really true either, and even if it was the case, they'd still get feedback from it, no business wants to pay that much out the ass for unusable garbage that saps employee productivity
>Do you know what the alternatives to green screens were?
blotchy low res televisions and color monitors you could only run in 40 columns if you wanted to actually read anything, there's a reason MDA was so ubiquitous and Hercules was such a hit, color displays were fucking ass for information processing work up until around the late '80s really

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I have one of these beasts as well but mine is Intergraph branded. The Intergraph model number is 21sd115. Hitachi model number is CM803U. Unfortunately mine needs service. It pulls in from the side until warm. I ssupect failing Capacitors. There is info on my monitor here: http://www.ceu-inc.com/intergr_4d.html. The SUN and SGI branded Hitachis of this era should be similar.

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Why are you both so triggered? It's a pretty clean setup, doesn't look any different from any of the other hipsterstations that get reposted here.

Luggables are nice.

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I really like the aesthetics of these old machines but I can't imagine what I would use one for should I ever buy one.

At least when i buy a model m it will be useable for daily tasks. Could someone explain to me what they use their machines for? Sorry if there is some really obvious point im missing, I haven't really thought this through.

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get on my level

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I'm not as retro as most of you (my oldest system is an non-working Tandy 286 from 1988.) But I did this a while back.

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You know it.

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I try to put a lot of my old shit to work on the same stuff they did when they were new. It's a hobby, after all, most of us aren't really using it because it's inherently more practical. It's just fun.

I'm using my old SGI box mostly for just development and information processing stuff, going to give it a spin for VRML content creation too.

I've got a little collection of tricked out PPros going, love the fuck out of those things.

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PPro's are an interesting breed. You got any dual/quad PPro boards? I'm interested in how well they perform when paired.

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>tfw not falling for the flower meme
>tfw still fully vascular
>tfw seed-cucks will never know the beauty of spores.

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I've got a pretty nice dual 512K setup I pieced together from spares and lucky rescues over the years, a dual 256K and two single 256Ks (all 200s) as well. Dunno what I could tell you about the performance comparison though unfortunately, since I haven't used the single-socket boxes enough. I might be able to give you some benchmarks under NT4 though if you're interested, would just have to get it back out of storage when I get home and clear a space for it.

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I like that tape drive and CD changer. Where in the hell do you live that you can stumble across two 512K Pro's and a board to boot? I've been collecting this shit for years and only ever come across one PPro, and that was just a couple months ago.

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It definitely seems enjoyable to use the machines, I wasn't implying that they must be practical to be fun.
But if I had an old machine I would find it immensely satisfying if I could still use it in a way that is as productive as modern technology. For example using an old CRT as a second monitor or using an old beat up pc as a web browsing/ word processing machine. The machines in this thread are far older than both examples I have given so I was wondering if you guys get use out of them beyond the enjoyment of using them.

But just going through this thread again it seems all this retro tech is very well cared for, still functional and being put to some kind of use beyond decoration so that pretty much answers my question.

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There's always the fallback of setting up an old system as a dumb terminal, letting you get use out of it while running everything on a more modern machine. You'd want to do that for web browsing on pretty much anything older than a Core 2 Duo, unless you're running some kind of proxy server that strips or prerenders Flash and Javascript.

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Thats pretty sounds pretty cool, thanks for the information anon.
Enjoy the comfy pape if you don't already have it.

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I don't want to see a dump of the same old shit.

Let the thread breathe.

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Seconded. I want to see updates on people's cool retro projects, not the same 15 images we get every thread.

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HAHA how cute! If your looking at the spore game everybody knows you go with funigi.

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Over the last 8 or so years I've been surfing the recycling pallet at a distribution hub for a big thrift store chain and have gotten lucky every once in a while, pretty much. I'm in the middle of nowhere but there's a lot of tech companies (HP was one of the biggest employers for a while) so I think I'm ending up with a lot of run-off from people taking home old toys from work.

>It definitely seems enjoyable to use the machines, I wasn't implying that they must be practical to be fun.
Of course, I know what you mean.

Old gear will do many of the office-y things you alluded to just fine, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, whatever. I think the biggest two things I miss in old MSO versions is mostly Excel features like unlimited conditional formatting rules and custom fill colors (which maybe they do have and I'm just retarded) but they're more luxuries than necessities, I guess. For most problems you'd like to solve as a home user or a hobbyist, you can probably accomplish it if you put your mind to it. I've also done a lot of stuff with Mathematica, Photoshop, and Visio.

Web surfing's a little different, and it really depends on what you do. Surfing sites that absolutely depend on JavaScript takes a bit of patience past around early Pentium 4-era gear, and it's pretty much a no-go on Pentium II and older in my opinion. For text stuff though like imageboards and Wikipedia, I've gotten around on PPros/PIIs and a later Pentiums too just fine, you could probably go even further back with enough RAM to throw at it.

There is webrender.py for that kind of stuff, I've never tried to set it up though, I think it still only works on OSX for whatever reason.

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Ah yes, office-y is probably the best way I would describe those things and it makes me happy to hear that those things are still doable provided one is willing to go around certain limitations (which is part of the fun of the hobby is it not?).
Thanks for the insight, I might keep an eye out for some retro tech in local shops or on ebay and see what happens.

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>it actually is a hipster drawfag
nobody's triggered m8, just telling you

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Since I learned my old desktop CRT monitor was a twin to a monitor used with a SGI Onyx system I decided it would be interesting to see what it would look like with the period appropriate OS for when the monitor was made.

SGI used an operating system called IRIX for its MIPS workstation. This monitor was made in 1995, and it would have seen IRIX 6.0 being used on it, and later IRIX 6.5.

I could not find a screenshot of IRIX 6.0 through a cursory google search, so I went ahead and used 6.5. The screen resolution here is 1280x1024, which would have been a good working resolution and considered very high res. The monitor itself can go up to 2048x1536 if you have hardware which can drive it.

Apology for the poor image quality as I don't really buy much electronics as you might guess, so my digital camera is just an old HP cam I found in a thrift store.

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kek, that picture is way older then that

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What do people do with their computers nowadays? They are useless facebook machines for most people

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I collect old pc's for retro gaming. Got a good LAN setup with lots of 90's stuff.

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The monitor has three color modes. I don't know what they are because there is no on-screen display. However, it is my guess they are 9300k, 6500k and User defined.

I have the monitor set to 6500k here, as is my preference. This will look very yellowish a person who is used to the default 9300k color temp of many modern devices. But after a few moments your eyes will adjust and it will look normal.

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>he can't even spell 'fungi'

Take your stupid chitin and hyphae and go back to >>>/b/

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>no actual updates
>thread would have died ages ago without shitpost bumps

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Is that a GDM-FW900?

>> No.57331216

There's a difference between bumping and dumping.

>> No.57331219

>I have the monitor set to 6500k here, as is my preference. This will look very yellowish a person who is used to the default 9300k color temp of many modern devices.
modern devices are neutral, warm or cold profiles are only used when needed

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As I said, no actual update dumps, just shitpost bumps

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>they think those old green monitors are high res

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Neutral can be 9300k and "cool" will be even higher than that.

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The early-season GDM-F520 has matured to a GDM-FW900. The grower may harvest now for optimum flavor, or allow continued ripening into a WEGA or Grand WEGA should your recipe call for it.

>> No.57331280

They were high res compared to color displays of the time, and that's what they mean.

>> No.57331337

Yup, we know it's shit.
Also, no beige pls.

>> No.57331378

what are you browsing on? a computer from the donation center?

>> No.57331799

in context they very much were my dumbshit 2D slutposting man, PC monochrome adapters ran at 720×350 while CGA could hit 640x200 at best, that's a big difference at such low overall resolutions

>> No.57331818

SE/30s are pretty great though, I'd kill for one to run A/UX on.

>> No.57333422

There may be three, possibly four of us.

>> No.57333462

It was advertised as warmer and easier on the eyes at the time. I'd probably prefer it if I hadn't grown up with a green screen IBM PC.

>> No.57334125

My first XT came with an amber display, kind of found it uncomfortable. Maybe it was the contrast filter, or general quality of the display though.

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some of my retro shit, I'll be selling most of it as I need the money. Anyone want a Kaypro II?

>> No.57334383

How are you gonna sell it? Kind of want to try getting rid of some excess but shipping is a bitch as much as finding a good home for it it seems.

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I've been in a retro computer group on facebook for awhile and it seems people will pay decent money for certain stuff. I know the Kaypro's can go for hundreds of bucks since they are pretty rare. Shipping is indeed a bitch so asking the right amount will pretty much be the biggest factor. If no one bites on facebook I'll try on eBay as there are a lot of collectors who browse there.

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i have a mac classic on my desk, in pieces. the motherboard had rotted away due to the power supply caps leaking, so i pulled that shit out, giggled briefly at the 68000 soldered to the motherboard, and i'm trying to wedge a tiny Lenovo netbook into the shell. as soon as i can work out a way of turning the thing on without having to open the netbook and press the power button i'll have something to take to Starbuck's and pretend to write novels on that will make the millennials die of envy.

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File: 1.11 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_3453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.85 MB, 4000x6000, DCSF0009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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You where doing so good, sad to see you sell it.

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4chan BBS server, WHEN?

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Are you aware that there's a huge rat on your desk, anon?

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68000 where normally soldered onto, even '020 and '030, socket became a standard around when '040 hit the market.

How badly was it corroded? I have fixed some pretty fucked up boards.

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Where do you live?

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I own a hacked Xbox and PS3, I got Linux running on both of them. PS3 makes a good server.

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OP said old tech like consoles and both those machines are more than a decade old.

>> No.57335761

OP said retro tech also
unless you're 15

>> No.57335770

PS3 is retro now

>> No.57335777

Keep tryin, it might stick

>> No.57335783

whatever, nice trips grandpa.

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>piece of shit that came out at the same time when Core Duo

>> No.57335790

>PS3 makes a good server.
how did you manage to add more memory to it?

>> No.57335795

PowerPC may as well be retro at this point

>> No.57335801

It is, it's also 15 years older than a PS3

>> No.57335809

ppc is even retro by /vr/ rules, so what?

>> No.57335818

making use of the SPEs and dual NANDs on a fat PS3

>> No.57335834

i mean, how did you add more ram, a server with 256mb is not a "good server"

>> No.57335841

Depends on what you use your server for and how you optimize it on PS3s kernel

>> No.57335857

I mainly use my old machine for backing up shit from floppy. There are still a lot of people I know (mainly grandpas at this point) that have old documents on floppies.
>why not do the same thing with current hardware?
The old drives I have just won't work under Linux on my current machines after trying literally everything to get them to work.

>> No.57335860

Have you tried Winblows?

>> No.57335870

>The old drives I have just won't work under Linux on my current machines after trying literally everything to get them to work.
funny, thats usually what loonix fags brag about, compatibility with old hardware

>> No.57335880

ps3 uses ppc cell

>> No.57335887

G5's use PPC architecture too, but they ain't really retro

>> No.57335898

isn't that like really inefficient for a server? you could get a single board computer with more performance and 10x less power usage for just pocket cash

>> No.57335905

it is, that's why its retro.

>> No.57335911

no, that just makes it garbage, people here don't try to seriously use their machines for things that have better alternatives

>> No.57335923

I have the feeling that the hardware itself is broken. I used to have a similar problems with a legit broken DVD drive, that ran fine under 95 but not Linux, nor any Windows past 98.

>> No.57335939

it was good back in 2006 with the right software, but its garbage by todays standards of course dumbass.

>> No.57335953

glad you agree with the dumbass

>> No.57336173

the contents of the large power caps had eaten through the board, and the caps had fallen out and were rattling around inside the shell.

a friend had had this machine sitting in his *garden* for a couple of years and then asked me why it wouldn't power on. "probably the rain," i told him.

>> No.57336223


>> No.57336483

Any Apple II's?

>> No.57336934

Pics of the rotten board?

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I have some old shit. Not pictured is the gigantic IBM 386 tower stored somewhere.

>> No.57337412

Why isn't that A1200 hooked up to a neat setup in this picture? This is insulting.

>> No.57337448

What do you use those little boys for?
I've always wanted to have such computers but I don't know what I'd use them for in the end

>> No.57337450


>> No.57337499

I've seen your posts before

>> No.57337542

>i7 by Intel
Wew almost thought you meant the ones transmeta made. Yeah that would have been embarrassing.

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File: 2.06 MB, 2000x1500, IMG_0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stereo equipment you say?

>> No.57337699

old stuff should be thrown in the trash unless you are using it and/or it is somehow superior to modern technology

>> No.57337713

>unless you are using it
>somehow superior to modern technology
I agree, that's what this thread is about

>> No.57337723

so all the posts itt are unrelated?

>> No.57337727

It was the time I took everything out for cleaning.

>> No.57337731

Dunno what you're on about, most posts people seem to be using their old shit

>> No.57337842

I'm building a collection of old stereos and old consoles. It's a pretty cozy hobby.

For stereos I mostly like the "silver age" stuff from the late 60's, especially Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, Sansui, etc.

For consoles I like to find the hardware in top condition. But I don't collect cartridges and CDs because of cost. Instead I buy things like flash carts for the cart-based consoles (e.g. Everdrive series). The PS2 has Free McBoot, the original Xbox and Wii have softmodding, the Dreamcast and Saturn have FPGA-based optical disc emulators, etc. All my older consoles are connected to a Sony CRT TV, except the Dreamcast which was really ahead of its time. That one is connected to an HDTV with a VGA input.

Repairing stuff is pretty hit or miss since I'm not a full time repairman or engineer. Old stereos and amplifiers can be pretty simple. Sometimes Audiokarma will have communities of people who own the same piece of hardware so you can narrow down what the issue might be. If it's just a bad component, I can easily look up a replacement and solder it in. But if you need things like an oscilloscope to diagnose the problem, it's over my head at the moment.

>> No.57337859

Was ment for >>57337723

Pic of the A1200

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>> No.57338539

Transmeta would have been awesome, Intel is embarrassing.

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I'm selling some old tech, mostly computers, 8 and 16 bits, got lots of bids already.
But I feel slightly bad, I sell them "as is" and "untested" I actually know they have fried IC's or other problems, but I mean, under "untested" that is to be expected?
Feel like of shit that people bid such high prices though, I like the retro scene myself too.

>> No.57338649

dog. you got a working copy of 7.6 lying around by chance? 1.4 Floppy tho. I don't have SCSI CD drive.

>> No.57338690


Install 7.0 or 7.5 and update to 7.6

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I got this shittnugget for my Quadra 650, 18GB 15K RPM and 8MB cache, slightly overkill.

Still waiting for the 68-pink to 50-pin adapter.

>> No.57339880

speaker power?

>> No.57340032

Pics of Mac

>> No.57340171

You know they stopped making retro computer threads on /vr/ for a reason...

>> No.57340555

Probably because the /vr/ threads were just a boring, stale 8-bit/nipshit circlejerk. Good riddance.

>> No.57340587

The big-box AT clone and ICL notebook are pretty nice desu, have a very "industrial" feel to them

>> No.57340808

300W, that's why they are called S-300

>> No.57341737

This, I love that industrial look.

>> No.57342449
File: 461 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161101-211910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57342536

Gonna buy ?
I know a few places who buy kidneys if you're interested.

>> No.57342580

There have been only 4 sold on eBay, going up to 17000€ or $21000, this is the 5th, I wonder what price it will go for.

>> No.57342618

motherfucker tech has to be old before it's retro

>> No.57342622

Funfact: i have 3 kidneys... But no.

>> No.57342647
File: 31 KB, 267x185, wt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57342658

It has two SID chips...

>> No.57342817


>> No.57342826
File: 15 KB, 1432x766, Clipboard01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Windows 3 and Paintbrush are old.

>> No.57342919
File: 99 KB, 800x535, 800px-C65-open.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

senpai notice me

>> No.57342934

>it still works
thanks to the messy compatibility layer

>> No.57343199

no, I will not sell a kidney...

>> No.57343214
File: 9 KB, 342x342, 4743748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dumb terminal posters

Stop insulting us.

>> No.57343316
File: 80 KB, 688x547, 1246742283427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>using shit from 2006
>it is 2016
>calling it retro

>> No.57343339
File: 2.73 MB, 3672x4896, 161016-IMG_20161016_0120478-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's nice but it needs some work...

>> No.57343416

It's amazing, pic of it working?

>> No.57343490
File: 277 KB, 1600x1190, C2717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got one of those. Local variant of Soviet tech made shortly before the fall of Union. Still functional, but I don't have the any programs for it or a way to load them if I had any.
Image from museum.

>> No.57343493

Not at the moment. Pretty much disassembled. Some hinges and connections need some work and I had not enough time in the last two weeks.

>> No.57343508

It's a 8080 clone, doesn't it have tape input?

>> No.57343772

Nope. There was several versions. This one is not intended to have any disk drive of its own. They were classroom / research machines so normally you had network of 5 - 15 of them connected to 'server' with disk drive or tape and everything was stored/loaded through network.
It's probably possible to rig something that will emulate the storage server.

>> No.57343821

>8MB cache
you could play doom fully from the cache

>> No.57344282

Pics of the screen when turning it on?

>> No.57344443

A/UX on a SE/30 would be stupid as fuck.

>> No.57344816
File: 147 KB, 1200x900, 08_teaching.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


according to this, it could boot from a network, or an external ROM/tape drive

without finding a functional tape drive for it, your best bets are either;
- just stick to the internal BASIC interpreter
- create or get someone to help create something that works in place of an external ROM (they're often quite simple in design, though it would be much easier if you can find some specifications for it)
- reimplement the network interface and server, good luck with that

of course, even if you did get a way to load CP/M or other software on it, you'd still need to actually find a copy of said software

ps. a comment on there links to a set of photos of the machine/server/peripherals, which is nice

>> No.57344872
File: 199 KB, 946x1200, 29_motherboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57344873

If it had a tape interface you'd be able to rig up something with audio-out.

>> No.57344911
File: 87 KB, 1200x900, 10_Consul_2712_back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


at first i assumed the tape interface was referring only to one on the server, but these photos show an round connector with a tape symbol on it, suggesting it could potentially be an audio interface

in which case that may be the easiest way, again, provided you can source yourself some software

>> No.57344926

>"Hello, computer"

>> No.57345023

12 euros is a pretty good deal

>> No.57345063

Spotted the american. It's 12050€.

>> No.57345230


Any pics of the silver age stuff from the 60's. I remember lots of equipment from that era lying around when I was a kid, it would be nice to see some of your collection.

>> No.57345422

Why? It's no different from running it on a IIx, and the interface is no different either.

>> No.57345494

>giving a fuck
There's still 100+ posts to go before the bump limit is hit, ignore it if you don't like it, it's still old shit.

>> No.57345685

Now that's kind of interesting. Looks like they run a terminated network right off the system bus. I wonder how they handle addressing.

>> No.57345746

it looks like that at first glance, but from what i can tell/have read, the machine has two expansion slots, so what you see there is actually three slots, first two are expansion, and the last appears to be just for the network (if the czech guy can translate the text on the ports that'd be neat)

i'm guessing the device in the first expansion slot is some kind of network boot ROM

>> No.57345789

Friendly reminder that every computer worth a damn uses periods for decimal.

>> No.57345814

You mean country? Sorry, master race European countries use a comma for the decimal, and periods for the thousands. Like this: 65.536 KB = 64 MB.

>> No.57345828

That's cute, when you guys start contributing to the development of computers you can have a say.

>> No.57345979


>> No.57346145

doing it first != doing it well

>> No.57346260

OK. Enjoy your (you)

>> No.57346422

>what is google translate

The rightmost slot on the back with the cable in it is clearly the keyboard. You don't even need a translation to figure that out.

The other two ports just say "system bus"

>> No.57346566

but really, what the fuck did he ultimately contribute to modern computing as we know it other than being the first to build something that worked based on existing theories and discoveries he didn't make? what was his actual influence on architecture? algorithms? anything?

>> No.57346824

It couldn't give much obvious influence, because of Germany is evil. Especially at this times. IBM blocked his patents so they could take use of his achievements.

Btw. mp3, plotter, scanner, phone, magnetic tape, TV... German inventions.
Babbage, Turing, Leibnitz, Bool... European.
Why do I even answer? You are still counting feets for measuring.

>> No.57347146

I'm not here for the dick waving competition fuccboi, I'm just picking on the "they did it first!" fallacy horse shit.

>It couldn't give much obvious influence, because of Germany is evil. Especially at this times.
Hurr. Then it didn't mean shit then, did it? Cry more.

>IBM blocked his patents so they could take use of his achievements.
And those were?

>> No.57347242
File: 188 KB, 1869x1181, apple-mac-mini.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>de facto standard for high res monochrome graphics

whatever you say

>> No.57347288
File: 328 KB, 1092x1575, perqfullmid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least post the Mac II or even a fucking Plus if you're going to tell lies on the internet

>> No.57348836


>> No.57348855

That shitblock didn't even exist then

>> No.57348975

>"high res"

the hercules pc graphics card that came out 2 years prior could do 720×348

>> No.57349543

Does anyone else feel sort of sad if they spend too much time with their retro hardware? I feel like I should live in the moment more.

>> No.57349644

It's just an object, if you feel like you want to play with newer shit then play with newer shit too, nothing's stopping you.

>> No.57349779

The new stuff that's interesting costs a fortune.

>> No.57349827

Then keep on doing what you enjoy instead of stressing yourself out over shit you can't/don't want to do anything about for fear that some retarded hipsters on the internet might not approve of your hobbies.

When you're dead, ultimately nobody's going to give a shit whether you spent your spare time jerking off to VR porn or jerking off to beige shitboxes in your garage.

>> No.57349871

You have assumed the issue is caring what other people think when it is actually something that comes from within.

>> No.57349982


Fuck the moment. Playing with retro hardware reminds me of better days. Days with more hope and potential. I wish I would start playing with a retro computer and stop to realize I had slipped back to the time when it was new.

>> No.57350005

Then to summarize my point: if there's nothing you can do about it, there's no point in worrying over it. Do what you already enjoy and keep enjoying it, you've got many more years ahead to "live in the moment" or whatever the fuck.

The moment is kind of boring technologically anyway, as you said, the only interesting shit is too expensive and the consumer end is just bland as fuck, the same shit since 2003 with bigger numbers and no innovation or care for design whatsoever, computers are just appliances now like a fridge or stove.

>> No.57350405
File: 1.25 MB, 1008x756, BST20161102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's my setup, actually. It's actually a Cintiq and a monochrome monitor hooked up to a shitty Acer Aspire Revo that's taped to the bottom of the desk. Amusingly it does everything I need it it to do for shitty pixel art game dev junk, so I use it for that day in and out.
The thing on the right is an old Magnavox Videowriter that I use for scripts and notes, that's all.

>> No.57350996


>> No.57351025
File: 140 KB, 1440x810, 20150907_084259-Optimized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, but I need the money. And these days I'm too busy to use any of them so I'd rather find them a good home anyways. Things change.

I'm in Canada.

Nope. Always wanted one myself.

>> No.57351272

IIx would suck too

>> No.57351282

'Murifags getting butthurts

>> No.57351292

Wew. Not gonna even ask about that G3 iMac. Shipping it to kansas would just be too much.

>> No.57351299

all modern computers own their roots to wartime europoor inventions
you make us seem bad


>> No.57351312

>shitty pixel art game dev
why not something like Deluxe Paint that was industry standard game pixel shitart dev?

>> No.57351323

Do you have any NuBus video cards or PPC accelerators?
Genuinely interested, in Canada.

>> No.57351331

>Not gonna even ask about that G3 iMac
they are common as fuck, can't you really find one near you for $10?

>> No.57351552


>> No.57351823

if that's true then you're fucking disgusting

>> No.57351832

No. i actually cant. There is literally nothing here

>> No.57351841

That sucks. Even living in yurop I can find that Apple shit by tons for pennies

>> No.57351919

Thats because you dont live in an area where unless it can be bought at walmart or a farm supply store here in town you have to drive 40 miles minimum one way to get it or ship it in.

>> No.57351920

best goyim you should be embarassed not updating yearly

>> No.57351936

>drive 40 miles minimum one way to get it
I usually have to drive more for most of the shit.
Don't you have a car?

>> No.57351945

No. cant afford that and tendies on neetbux.

>> No.57352011
File: 2.54 MB, 320x240, ed2l.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to do a rich man's hobby

>> No.57352057

Lmao it didn't use to be. Scalpers have latched onto it in the past 2 years or so after they stopped finding old videogames at yard sales.

>> No.57352084

Good to see anon was happy at least once in his life.

>> No.57352099

oh boy, circlejerk hit its high point

>rich man's hobby

delusions of grandeur

>> No.57353084

>that picture
Enjoy your botnet.

>> No.57353256


>> No.57353768

>he does not spend lots of cash on hes retro machines
why even bother?

>> No.57354271

the whole point is that it's cheap, faggot

>> No.57354327

you're like one of those faggots who brags with a unexpanded amiga

>> No.57354757

When you start to feel that it means it is time to move on from that particular bit of hardware and pass it on to the next enthusiast. We don't really own these things, we just take care of them for a time.

>> No.57354800

Kek, you wish, I'm gonna inherit all my machines to my children one day.
I paid for them I own them, even if I sledgehammer them on YouTube, you're like one of those commenters who cries like a bitch.

He was just baiting anyways, to make luddites seem like idiots.

>> No.57354826

obviously you're not a "enthusiast" then

>> No.57355159


>> No.57355599

What's the point of keeping something around once you've had your fun with it? I don't need a basement full of computers I haven't turned on in years. I can use that space for the next project.

I find. Get the experience I wanted with it. And then pass it on to the next guy. And then I look for something else.

>> No.57355614

Your children won't care. They'll just see them as dollar signs and sell them off on ebay. And that's the best case scenario.

>> No.57355633

Tell that to them, they can't keep their grease mitts of them.

>> No.57355657
File: 311 KB, 1200x1600, 160820-IMG_20160612_1332064-1200x1600-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And suddenly a wild disagreement appears.

>> No.57355684

I can't do that, I want to tinker with them till I die, I'm not talking about dozen machines in my basement, I'm talking about 5-6 of my favorite machines what are set up in a nice warm room

>> No.57355729

3 minutes later he wants to play different game

3 minutes after that he's up doing something else

I've been on this ride before, buddy

>> No.57355756

Kek, stop making implications anon.

>> No.57355786

Kids just don't give a shit once the novelty of seeing an old computer wears off in 5 minutes. It's a mistake in general to think your kids will have the same hobbies you do.

>> No.57355823

Seriously, stop that, it makes you seem close minded.

>> No.57355941

Mine has a loose hard drive controller or some shit.

Fails to recognize the disk most of the time unless i press down on the left side next to trackpad.

Sucks, cause i liked to use it for little things.

>> No.57355965

mid 2005s go for $30-40 on ebay anon.

>> No.57355975

Put the motherboard into a oven, it's not like you can fuck it up more, I bet it will do the trick
or just use a heatgun on the controller if you have one

>> No.57355977
File: 430 KB, 1600x1200, 160814-IMG_20160703_1725588-01-01-1600x1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek. Yeah, kids... But she really likes bubble bobble and older games in general.

>> No.57355991


I wanted one of those so bad so i would have to switch discs less when playing games.

>> No.57356112

Its on my list of things to do.

Ive gone without a notebook for so long now, its no longer a high priority.

>> No.57356320

wat, would it actually be useful as a everyday machine?

>> No.57356348

Not him, but yes. As long as you dont use any video streaming services. My mid 2005 with maxed out ram quite is usable with usual web shit like posting on 4chan and reading news. I kind of want to get a SSD for it.

>> No.57356362

No youtube? well fuck that

>> No.57356374

I mean you can probably play 480p or use something like youtube-dl

>> No.57356888
File: 437 KB, 1023x767, Picture 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course downloading shit makes it work. 720p dies though. I cant get livestreamer or youtube-dl to work, but that is probably because im on Tiger.

>> No.57356906

That's nice, no 480p in browse?

Also nice digits.

>> No.57356930

I havent pissed with it in years, but it was one of the last ibook models.

Im not sure how ppc support for apps are these days, but baseline install would be decent for browsing and shit. Might be able to install linux to get better support for some shit.

Like i said though, ive done without it for so long and i have shit like my smart phone and tablet with keyboard docks that can do most of what i used to do on it, so getting it working is no priority for me.

My main thought on getting it working would be to install os9 on it. My only other apple hardware is a iisi (i think... its in my closet).

>> No.57356954

Why is it in a closet? Get it out and show us!
That's sad that it's just sitting in a closet.

>> No.57356964

Nope. 360p lags like shit

>> No.57356975

Didnt have room to set it up and im not sure if it works.

>> No.57356986

>one of the last models
OS9 wont install on it natively. IIRC there are some hacked installers/guides on how to hack installers. I have a TiBook and a dual 450 tower so i dont need another os9 machine and Classic still works anyways.

>> No.57357186

Oh. I dont know. I read on some site that os9 would install on some ibooks. Maybe it was the workarounds, i didnt bother reading into it too much since it doesnt work atm.

>> No.57357276

Yes, workarounds. But nothing hard.

>> No.57357299

>Pirated BY Software

>> No.57357313


>> No.57357469

Man, I would kill for these amber CRTs. Where did you get them?

>> No.57357524

Where do people get retro shit in general, same places

>> No.57357546

Where? I can't find shit on ebay.

>> No.57357574

You can even find this shit on eBay but that's the worst place to look.

>> No.57357610
File: 120 KB, 500x351, 54123741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57357629

>Where? I can't find shit on ebay.
then you don't deserve it in the first place, stick to typewriters and other hipster shit

>> No.57357640

Just fucking tell me, you elitist hacks!

>> No.57357656

Holy shit, you lack common logic?

>> No.57357659

Why are you such a cunt, anon? All I wanted to know where I should look for retro tech.

>> No.57357703

>altec mousepad
>SATO desk

>> No.57358057
File: 370 KB, 2048x1536, 1986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My father's Mac and my Grandmother's Zenith, together in my shrine to 1986.

>> No.57358104


Moar pls?

>> No.57358129
File: 2.04 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Mac was kind of a mess when I got it. Had to literally debug the RAM.

>> No.57358133

I got my amber things from ebay. [Amber monochrome monitor] / [amber monochrome terminal] should be all that you need.

>> No.57358140

What model Zenith?

>> No.57358144

>Man, I would kill for these amber CRTs.
Just the CRT? You know you need a PC with MDA/CGA or EGA graphics to run it?

>> No.57358161

Oh boy, more like de-wasp it

>> No.57358195
File: 2.17 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zenith Z-150. Different monitor than the one that usually shipped with it, though. Pic related is how my grandmother had had it set up for ages. Note the labels on the keyboard showing all the MS Word shortcuts.

>> No.57358225

this ain't unix boy

>> No.57358264

I have a old Pentium 4 with the blue port

>> No.57358269
File: 1.98 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No wasps, just ladybugs and millipedes for the most part. Shown here is what fell out when I first opened it.

...then again, there was a bunch of mud or something packed in one of the upper screw holes under the handle. Insect bits did fall out when I excavated it, so I guess there might have been a mud dauber wasp or something at some point. Long since dead, though.

I know. I had absolutely zero knowledge of DOS commands at that point, though, so I was fumbling blindly.

>> No.57358347

Ah, thought it might be. I have the portable version, Z-160. I wonder how hard it would be to configure them for 3.5" drives (I misplaced the 5.25" with the terminator and can't boot).

>> No.57358392

Pics of insides? Impossible to Google.

>> No.57358410

Maybe I would enjoy writing a hdmi to EGA/MDA converter fpga?

>> No.57358412

>I wonder how hard it would be to configure them for 3.5" drives
It should register them as 360 or 720kb drives out of the box when you connect one

>> No.57358428

No need, just get one of those cheap chinese converter boxes with VGA-CGA

>> No.57358449

>there are people on retro threads who 3 months ago didn't have any clue about DOS
No hate, it's just fascinating

>> No.57358476

stick to analog-analog, they can't display HDMI resolutions and conversion would add useless response time

>> No.57358515

Wouldn't that make me feel silly. Now I just need to remember where my ribbon cable adapters are.

>> No.57358522

It would be a fun project, you plebeians.

>> No.57358539

Probably not that hard. Mine has a 3.5" drive in it, and if my grandmother could install it you probably can too. I just haven't actually used it for anything given that the only other floppy drive that I have that's set up is the one in the Mac Plus, and, well, Apple floppies were weird.

That wouldn't do you much good, since CGA cannot be easily converted to MDA. Different scan rates, color/intensity channels, and so on.

>> No.57358546
File: 169 KB, 836x1192, ttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just took these, one on the right is used, the left one is in mint condition, have all the manuals, original box, cds, etc. Came with Irix 6.3 install tools and overlays/applications. I have since found all the irix cds online. Currently got 6.5.22. Installed using 6.5 foundation with 6.5.3 install tools, then installed the 6.5.22 overlays.

pic related.

>> No.57358587

You could also get one with composite input. I have a green one.

>> No.57358598

>That wouldn't do you much good, since CGA cannot be easily converted to MDA. Different scan rates, color/intensity channels, and so on.
Those monitors support CGA input. But just 4 colors.

>> No.57358606

i have a hardrive and processor collection

the processors are

a pentuium 4 and 4 HT

a i7 860 and 2600

>> No.57358633

actually the monitors itself support far wider range of grayscale colors and inputs, the standards don't

>> No.57358638

Kek. I have a modern Win10 laptop with a VGA port too. They often still include it on business oriented models since many companies still have projectors that use it.

>> No.57358666

so do these things hold any value or what? If so, then why didn't anyone stop them from being recycled? You would think there would be more of these, nobody at the recyclying centers knew their values or what? Explain.

>> No.57358668
File: 2.04 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0501[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only one I have, sorry. Plenty of ISA slots, though.

>> No.57358696

Nobody gave a shit about them at one point, now they are gaining retro value, that's why they rarely even reach recycling centers anymore and are usually just snatched right away.

>> No.57358697

I use scan converters, personally. VGA -> BNC / Composite

>> No.57358714

CGA and EGA work on a MDA monitor.
MDA will work on an CGA monitor too.

>> No.57358730

Saved, thanks.

Now get it online! Stick a NIC into that little ISA port and go!

>> No.57358770


Pretty much this.

Even old pcs hat I see thrown on the side of the road, I end up taking most of the time, not for recycling but looking for specific rare processors, or riser cards,and or proprietary stuff cause those are the ones that end up becoming collectible. However, just as anon said, becoming harder and harder to find.

>> No.57358777

retro electronics have too niche an audience to be worth doing that for, combing through thousands of donations, researching each little thing and putting it on eBay is a waste of fucking time when considering the hours put into it

it isn't just electronics that get tossed like this either, it's pretty much everything old, I've seen some incredible shit just casually thrown out/destroyed/mishandled like its nothing

>> No.57358784

I was planning on hooking one of my Pi's up to a serial port and using it as a dumb terminal, but you've piqued my interest. Any idea on the best place to hunt down ancient network hardware? I never had much luck tracking down Localtalk adapters for the Mac.

>> No.57358835

Just get a Etherlink III 16-bit ISA card, they work fine in 8-bit slots and there's shitloads of them.
Also Google for the 8088 compatible Etherlink III package driver.

Just check eBay for Etherlink III, check that it's ISA, they don't go for much at all, few bucks usually.

>> No.57358884

I just realized I'm on an old computer because of the satisfying clicks of the old optical drive

>> No.57358891

Interesting. My Z160 looks identical, except the motherboard is just a rectangle with ISA slots, and the CPU/RAM/VIDEO cards are in three extra tall slots where those three screws are next to your PSU.

>> No.57358896

wat, your drive must be broken

>> No.57358897
File: 178 KB, 1024x955, lc-about.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old Apple stuff was pretty durable. This 1990 LC was out on someone's unenclosed porch for at least a year -- they used it heavily and put it out there when it died.

The problem was apparently a dead PSU. It's a proprietary and at least somewhat model specific PSU and I couldn't quickly get a replacement, but modern ATX ones have all the voltages it needs. So I removed the dead board from the PSU and replaced it with a couple plugs to deliver power from a modified ATX PSU that sits behind it.

Apart from that I just had to clean out a bunch of dead leaf fragments and remove a leaking PRAM battery. The motherboard has some fairly minor corrosion and the HDD sounds like it has a bad bearing in its motor, but it works fine.

>> No.57358901

How does one get one's hands on some aesthetic as fuck looking comps and comp accessories?

>> No.57358914

Also get an MFM drive with it's controller card.
Hard drives are always good.

>> No.57358935

If you can't figure that out yourself then you probably not interested enough to actually have some.

>> No.57358954
File: 416 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20161102_224050-01-1600x1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please, do it with style.

>> No.57358961

Real neto, more?

>> No.57358981

Shouldn't it be color?

>> No.57358994


They are rising in prices. This is coming from someone who collects mainly SGI/Unix machines, before you could find a working SGI o2 for example, memory with harddrive, used for 60 to 100 bucks. Goodluck finding anything near that now without it missing memory. drives, broken skins, no specs at all, no psu.

The thing with SGI's are they are very brittle and break easily and the parts they used are all proprietary, so finding memory for it is expensive, it's not just any ordinary memory, it's an actual "o2" memory type of deal.

>> No.57359022

Not him but my LC always defaults to monochrome for some reason, maybe his does the same thing.

Doesn't seem to make much of a difference in max resolution or anything though so it's beyond me as to why.

>> No.57359029
File: 501 KB, 2297x1328, lc-atx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where I hacked in the ATX PSU. One plug is a normal molex. The other is a molex minus one pin, for 3.3V and the green wire so the switch on the back of it still turns it on and off.

Also the ports on the back are slightly corroded.

Not this model, or at least the monitor they had. I think everything but the keyboard and mouse are original.

>> No.57359047

>Not this model, or at least the monitor they had. I think everything but the keyboard and mouse are original.
All LC are colors, LC means Low-cost Color

>> No.57359072

nice hack bro

more pics from the back? does it have AAUI or ethernet?
or neither?

>> No.57359215
File: 477 KB, 2592x1456, lc-ports.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, and nope. Only display, 2 serial, SCSI, ADB, speaker and mic. It has an option card connector inside but I don't have any of the cards for it. And if I did, I'd probably want the CPU upgrade one, since it has an 68020 in it, which doesn't have an MMU and therefore can't run a lot of 68k Mac software.

Serial and floppy are the only ways I can get data in and out of it. The 40 MB HDD is SCSI and I don't have anything else that can read it. I've used serial for it, connecting it to a modern Mac. I used a USB to PC-serial cable, a PC nullmodem cable, then pieces of wire stuck into the holes to connect the right pins together since I don't have a PC to Mac serial adapter.

>> No.57359275
File: 854 KB, 2592x1456, lc-corrosion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opening it up, here's the most corroded area of the motherboard. It's just behind the display output, around the video DAC chip, probably from rain getting into it. I didn't clean it more thoroughly because it looks fragile, I don't know how deep the corrosion goes in some of those pins, and I don't want to break it.

>> No.57359312

When you upgrade the CPU you're still without ethernet thanks to the low expandability of the machine...
Kind of sucks.

>> No.57359417
File: 505 KB, 1412x1956, lc-insides.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, you can have one or the other.

>> No.57359799
File: 2.23 MB, 2000x1500, IMG_0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

68k Macintoshes are fun though.
Still waiting for the SCSI 68-to-50 pin adapter and also ordered a 18 and 20 MHz crystals to chip the '040.

>> No.57359851
File: 35 KB, 768x624, lc-shutdown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. I just wish mine were an LC II or III. It's got System 6 on it now, but iirc 7 is supposed to be the best choice for it. I think it had 2 MB RAM when I got it, but I got a cheap upgrade to 10 MB from eBay.

When I tell it to shut down, it almost instantly goes to this dank screen. No "shutting down...", just straight to safe to turn off.

>> No.57359890

>I just wish mine were an LC II or III.
>I think it had 2 MB RAM when I got it, but I got a cheap upgrade to 10 MB from eBay.
Well, you do have a pretty nice system for a LC

>When I tell it to shut down, it almost instantly goes to this dank screen. No "shutting down...", just straight to safe to turn off.
Yeah, the systems where much simpler, nothing really to safely quit, just checking disk cache and that's all.

>> No.57359923

The keys really trigger me

>> No.57359985

all old mac related stuff is gay, if you got one, kys fool.

>> No.57360001
File: 6 KB, 390x470, 1478109550871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never heard this before

>> No.57360301

Old Mac stuff is pretty cool really. This was at a time when PCs required at least some DOS knowledge to use. They were limited to 8.3 filenames. They took 5 minutes to boot up. System files made the filesystem a bit messy, and programs usually required parts installed into the Windows folder. To install Windows, you had to fdisk, reboot, install DOS, reboot, then install Windows. Drivers were hell and very often required messing with config.sys, and sometimes jumpers on cards to resolve IRQ conflicts. Many games had to be run in DOS mode with a customized config.sys and autoexec.bat to ensure there was enough conventional memory and all the right drivers and shit was loaded. Making computers talk to each other was a mess of 3rd party programs, cables and settings.

Macs booted straight to a GUI in under a minute since lower level parts of the OS were in ROM. Filenames went up to 32 characters and didn't require an extension. The OS just 'magically' knew what type of file something was. Installing programs was often as simple as dragging the program's icon from the install disk to where you wanted it on your hard disk. All OS files were contained in the System folder. The OS itself could be copied to a new drive by simply dragging the System folder into the root of the target drive. Making Macs talk to each other wasn't much more complicated than plugging them together with Mac serial cables.

>> No.57360362

>Computers for the rest of us

>> No.57360421

Yeah. It's similar to how Linux is compared to Windows or OS X today. If you got a PC you'd have to learn some stuff about computers to make it work well. Hardware and software upgrades were quite fiddly and often had quirks specific to an OEM or model. If you wanted something that just worked you generally got a Mac.

Difference is you had to go with the fiddly option if you wanted good compatibility with business stuff.

>> No.57360648

Nice thread everybody, thanks

>> No.57360818


Everything Jobs was involved with was bad ass. Yes, he was stubborn and could make stupid mistakes that hampered a machine. But you still have to sit back and admire the things he did right.

Early Macs were easy and comfy as fuck.

NeXT was simply bad ass.

The Power Macs after he came back. iPod. iTunes. OS X. The Intel transition. iPhone. iPad. All just worked. All were gold.

Now Tim Cook is being a SJW and fucking things up. I miss Steve.

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