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>tfw I'm still waiting for zen

Is /g/ waiting for zen as well?

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No. I sat on an FX 8150 literally for 5 years and upgraded last month to an LGA2011v3 build. AMD had there shot and lost me when they pushed Zen farther AGAIN.

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it's hard because this CPU is shit for what I do now and I already have the money set aside

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You're not alone

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I would post a speccy if I had a working computer. I'll just phonepost until Zen releases.

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yes I am waiting for zen. Hoping price will be at least 40% cheaper than Intel equivalent otherwise AMD is finished

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I gave up on the wait and got an E5-2670 instead

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I'm calling it, Zen kept me waiting for so long. Gonna grab Skylake anyway.

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Pls help. What do i upgrade? Also r8

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Considered it when I first heard about it (coming from a first gen i7 in 2015) but gave up once I heard about delays. "One of those platforms, huh."

Glad I picked up the 5820K when I did, both CPU and motherboard were on sale from the same retailer. Lucky. Prices are hiked now the even more expensive 6800K is out.

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I need moor space, Comfy as fuck otherwise.

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I'm sitting on an FX 8 coire waiting for 8 core 16 thread Zen chips, they should be fairly cheaper than X99 offerings

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Not really, my CPU at 4.4 ghz is not a bottleneck at 1440p

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Nope, I'm waiting for the Talos OpenPOWER workstation

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This wait will not stop.

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are you overclocking?
i have an 8350 at 4.6ghz, runs great

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aint the evo nice?

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I somehow completely forgot about Zen when I saw a 6600k on sale for 195 usd. I kind of regret it now because I hate to support Israel.

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Nope, I'm waiting for Kaby Lake.

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Just get intel, because you know AMD will end up disappointing you yet again with Zen

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I love my system but I'm gonna have to upgrade by next summer

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At least tell me that your CPU is overclocked. Buying K-spec intel and you're running the stock clock?

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I'm holding onto a thinkpad for now, I want to make an mitx amd build so I'm buying the case, power supply and peripherals with every month's salary until the new motherboards and cpu are out. Might hold off for rx5xx series gpus too

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>cucked phoneposter
Just upgrade your graphics card for now

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4.4, speccy doesn't read overclocks.

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>tfw not poor and can afford Intel

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At least it's the X6 :(

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Man am I fucking glad i went for an i5 sandy bridge instead of some shitty phenom piece of shit. I used the k7 then switched to Intel and never looked back.

If Zen is gud I will gladly change back but this i5 just won't give up.

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