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How much RAM do you guys have in your System?
>16GiB reporting in
>Pic not related

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I've had 16 gigs for four years now and I never maxed it out

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Recently made the move to 32GB on my laptop.

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16 GiB in my desktop, running GNU+Linux
8 GiB in my laptop, running GNU+Linux
16 GiB in server #1, running GNU+Linux
16 GiB in server #2, running GNU+Linux
1 GiB on my Raspberry Pi, running GNU+Linux
1 GiB in my phone, running Android+Linux
128 MiB in my router, running Busybox+Linux

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>measuring bits with the metric system

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32GB at the moment, will be upgrading to more soon (I have 4*8GB and 4 unused slots, but I'll probably rip it all out and do 8*16GB).

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i have had 16gb for years but i have probably never went over 8gb, and maybe few times over 6

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My previous work desktop had 32, and was never maxed, but also didn't dip below about 20G while working. Current work laptop has 4, and it's so fucking painful. Pain! 8 is livable, 16 is pretty optimal between cost and use. 32 keeps you from ever feeling RAM based pain.

Of course, that presumes you're doing work like I do. If it's a Facebook & gayman machine, who knows how little you could get away with?

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>ambiguous units are a great idea
t. American who still measures the world in feet and armpits

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24gb on gaymen desktop cause Space Engineers suck up 7+ gb of RAM.
12gb on laptop.
2gb on Samsung Chromebook

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gram barns?

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>How much RAM do you guys have in your System?

128GB in my workstation
32GB in my game rig.

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Too many vendors were misusing units for marketing purposes for far too long. Making GiB explicit, they can't play those stupid games anymore.

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Not the anon you replied to but:

Except they are using the metric conversion of bit units to fool the unaware and charge the same for less data.
The metric system is great (I live in a country which uses it) but trying to force perfectly reasonable base-2 units into their base-10 counterparts has little to do with standards and more to do with jewing you out of *bytes

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32 GB DDR3 on desktop
32 GIB DDR4 on laptop

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8GB on my desktop and 6GB on my laptop

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The autism in this one is strong

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Muh conspiracies

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because triple channel

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16 GiB master race reporting in

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except it's true

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guys i have 8 and i've never reach 8

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What are you running that needs that much RAM?

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16gb though i've barely gone over 12

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24GiB. Only ever get close when using a ramdisk.

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KIll yourself my man

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I upgraded from 8 to 16GiB for SE. Those big ships absolutely kill your RAM

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Its literally all you'll never need. I'm running all my games from 1999 in HD

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16 GB in my main desktop.
8 GB in my media desktop.
8 GB in my laptop.
128 GB in my primary server.
64 GB in my secondary server.
32 GB in the rest of my servers.
16 GB in my data storage server.
8 GB in my pfSense server.

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>16GB ram
>32GB Swap partition
>128GB SSD

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2GB. I use an SSD and I'm constantly using swap space. Been doing this for four years and the SSD has over 5TB of writes. It's at 97% remaining life right now, according to SMART data.

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8 GB. Haven't really found myself needing more, but I'll likely get 16 GB anyway when I upgrade(sometime after Zen comes out).

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How big is the ssd?
Why brand?
And how much are you giving to swap?

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64GB. I've only ever used half of it at most.

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What the fuck is GiBibyte?

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so you assume that you are stupid ?

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I probably am, I don't claim to be smart

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oh ok sorry you have the right to be stupid

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You as well friend.

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8, never needed more
Would 16 be better so I can disable the pagefile ?

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8 is alright

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I use VMs a decent amount and don't close tabs for weeks on end.

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You don't really need more than 8 except for very specific situations that you're not likely to encounter.

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>12 GB (3x4GB as it's an LGA 1366 machine with a triple channel memory layout)
I don't think I've ever used more than 8GB except when playing games with memory leak issues and one time when an application I was developing had a pretty serious memory leak issue that reared it's head when processing big datasets (damn thing would eventually consume all the RAM, then the swap and finally crash).

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32GB in my PC. max for MB.

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>buy "8 GB" RAM module
>it's actually 8 GiB

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OCZ (Toshiba) ARC 100
Also, my memory is failing. I just looked up the release date of the SSD and it came out about two and a half years ago. Also, I've written more like 4+TB (pic related).

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>using over 2GB RAM passively

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It's cached memory anon

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>can afford an SSD but not ram

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4GB at the moment (temporarily), not counting VRAM
I accidentally ordered the wrong type of ram for a build I did a month and a half ago, so I had to take one of the two DDR4 sticks from my main build.

I literally noticed no difference until I tried playing Euro Tuck Sim (max settings) while streaming video. This was a couple of days ago, I ofc ordered another 4GB right away.

Rocket League and Minecraft was no problem, same goes for everything else I do. Running arch with i3wm

>tfw have as much ram inside my video card as outside

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I got a gift card for christmas that year. They only had new computer parts at the store, so there wasn't any DDR2 for my laptop.

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>Buy 8gb of RAM
>Actually get 8gb of DRAM

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8GB, it's overkill and I only bought it to play Fallout 4 once. 512MB on my phone.

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6GiB in my desktop
5GiB in my laptop
4GiB in my server
24GiB in a server I don't really use at the moment
1.25GiB in my secondary laptop
2GiB in my netbook
1GiB in my SBC
512MiB in my UMPC
2GiB in my phone

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pic related

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retard erveryone knows that

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8 GB RAM on my PC
3 on my phone, probably going to switch to a 5x

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My mushkin died after like a year and now I kinda don't want ssd's anymore

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I have 8gb (2x4gb) 1066mhz Ripjaws

If I buy another 8gb (2x4gb) Ripjaws but it's not 1066mhz but actually 1600mhz, will they work?
It's hard to find the 1066mhz and 1333mhz ones

If I enable XMP, at what speed will they all run? The lowest common one?

I asked a friend and he told me to throw my current 8gb in the trash and buy a new pair of 2x8gb or something to be sure, because it's highly likely they will not be entirely compatible and I will have problems

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They should just run at 1066 MHz.

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You can mix RAM just fine but all of it will run at the clock of the slowest module.

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Running 64Gb right now, soon to go to 128Gb. I do 3D modeling plus I like running game with no hard drive access.

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Not using GNU+BSD.....

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>32GB Swap.

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12gb because fuck the rules.

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It'll work fine, but it's a waste since both will run at 1066 MHz. Just buy another 1066 MHz set for less.

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>using ganoo

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>I like running game with no hard drive access.
Are there any performance improvements?

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Do you install it to a ramdisk every time you want to play?

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All you have to do is copy a few gigabytes of files to the RAMdisk. 2-3 minutes at most depending on how bloated the game is.

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ITT: Plebs showing off their Non-ECC-wastebins

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8GB in laptop, no swap... I really should make some swap space, because having only 8GB sucks

>he fell for the swap=2xRAM meme

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So which opteron or xeon do you own?

Actually doesn't piledriver support ECC as it has the same memory controller as its opteron versions?

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Xeon E3-1226v3. Piledriver should support ECC yes.

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Nevermind I am dumb, I actually have 2x4gb 1600mhz Ripjaws and the only ones I can easily find are exactly similar 2x4gb 1600mhz Ripjaws

I just ordered them

I own this PC since 2012 and I had not enabled XMP. I had it running on "auto".

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Intel gimps the ram speed you are allowed to use unless you mess with your bios.

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XMP makes your RAM go to its actual advertised speed instead of the boring, slow, standard default speed that all RAM runs at.

I thought I had XMP enabled back in 2012 and never looked at it again until now.


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>He fell for the 8GB ram meme.

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>he fell for the 16 GB ram meme

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Laptop: 4gb soldered + 8gb in the only slot.

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32 jigbits

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>16 gb ecc
>not a single autist using ecc
Shame in you /g/

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Ayyyyyyy. What up my brotha

Only have 2GiB tho. 2 sticks are coming in soon for me to upgrade up to 16

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>I'm a lazy fuck who can't read the thread or even use ctrl+f

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Yeah man you totally didn't think he meant gigabyte. No no, I'm sure you were genuinely confused.

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96GB on my server
12GB on my desktop
6GB on my main laptop

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>If it's a Facebook & gayman machine, who knows how little you could get away with?
Facebook-tier: 4GB
Gaymen-tier: 8GB

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I'm using 32GB of DDR3 2666Mhz

On my devils canyon system

at the time it costs something retarded like 350 dollars for this ram.

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8GB I think, don't really remember

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16 GiB checking in

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When the next gen of video cards comes out, I'm gonna buy new cpu, gpu, motherboard and ram. It'll probably be 32gb then.
Might get a new case, too.

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Futureproofing is a meme. And it's a fucking retarded one at that.

Go ahead, spend a bunch of money on stuff that you can't utilize, just to avoid spending less money in the future. Good goyim.

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year 2002 is calling. Wants it's swap back.

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>96gig ram

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2gb, I could use more but I don't understand why so many people have 16 or more. Editing video, 3D or a VM I can understand but what else do you fags do that requires so much ram?

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8GiB in my T420. Considering maxing it out with 16, but i rarely use more than 6.

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opening en entire /hc/ thread's linked images in separate tabs with img2tab

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2GB in my phone.
8GB in my laptop
16GB in my PC.
32GB in my workstation.

Never ran into any problems with that.

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>Mfw just ordered 64GB for my new build.
>No more RAM pains

Going to be getting into 3D modelling with that thing.
At the moment I have 24GB and it's really not enough for my current Photoshop use.

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I use 6 gigabytes of dual-channel DDR3 RAM

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desktop 1: 16gb
desktop 2: 8gb (will upgrade to 16 eventually)
laptop 1: 16gb
laptop 2: 8gb
laptop 3: 4gb (will upgrade to 8 then I'll sell it)
nas: 16gb
server: 20gb

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850 Pro ultrarace stronk, stay pleb gentlemen.

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>I can't use proper settings in Photoshop

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I have 16gb in my desktop and the most I have used is 10 when I had a shit ton of tabs open and was live steaming something to a friend.

8gb in my laptop (only one ram slot) and I have actually been bottleneck by it several times.

I have 3gb in my phone and it just works.

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The only thing stopping me from 32GB is my Xboxhueg heatsink

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16GB in my laptop
64GB in my server

>> No.57224129

>12gb desktop
>4gb laptop
>512mb phone
>32mb router

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